Star Wars Resistance (2018) s01e112 Episode Script

Short: The Rematch

This is not a race, Kaz, I'm helping you test the Fireball's boosters.
- That's all.
- I appreciate the help.
Look, the Fireball's probably not gonna fly and if I beat you, well, that'd be But you won't beat me, Kaz! Because I'm helping you.
If this turns into an actual race you will not beat me.
Ugh! I can't believe he took out my ship again! Ohh.
Just follow the lead.
Platform's ahead, you better pull up! Kaz! - Kaz, uh you gotta pull up! - I can't! I-I got no throttle No throttle! Ohh! Whoa! Come on, stay in one piece.
Stay in one piece! See? It's all in one piece! Heh, hah Ow!