Star Wars Resistance (2018) s02e07 Episode Script

The Relic Raiders

1 You called for us, Father? Yes.
We're approaching a trading outpost on Ashas Ree, and we want the three of you to go on a supply run.
Buy as many supplies as you can with the little money we have left.
Here's a credit disc and a list of everything we need.
How challenging.
It's the only civilization this far out.
We don't have much of a choice.
Kaz, get your shuttle prepped and ready.
You got it, sir.
You can count on us.
Don't worry.
I know what you're thinking, but don't worry.
CB? Was that you? - Hi, Kaz.
Where did you two come from? Don't sneak up on people like that.
Sorry, Kaz.
So, um, we heard you're going down to that planet.
Any chance we could come along? Uh, yeah, I-I don't think that's a good idea.
We've been cooped up in Engineering ever since we left Castilon.
We haven't seen trees or grass or rocks or anything in a long, long time.
Doza and Yeager wouldn't be happy about it.
But sure.
I'll sneak you aboard.
Just don't get spotted by the other Aces once we're down there, okay? Oh-ho-ho! You got it, Kaz.
What do you mean, CB? It'll be fine.
What could possibly go wrong? [WARBLES.]
Approaching the planet.
Have you guys made contact with the outpost yet? Negative.
No response.
Let's touch down, see what we can find.
Looks like whoever lived here just abandoned this place.
I wonder why? Good question.
Maybe we should fan out and take a look around.
I thought I said to stay out of sight.
Where did everyone go? It's like the entire village was deserted.
I don't know! I'll find out.
Just stay put.
Look at that.
Wow! Wow.
So beautiful.
Look at these warnings.
Get away.
" Yeah, let's not stick around any longer than we have to.
Kaz, you and your droid go that way and look for supplies.
No sense letting all of this stuff go to waste, huh? We'll head out this way and meet back in an hour.
Okay, Kel and Eila, now you can come out of hiding? Ah, great.
Yeah, I know you told me we shouldn't have brought them along.
You know, you're very opinionated.
I thought I told you guys to stay with the ship What is this place? I think it's a temple of the Force.
Let's go inside.
I don't think that's a good idea.
I'm supposed to be looking for supplies.
Hey! Hey, wait! [WARBLES.]
The tour is over, kids.
Back to the ship.
Kel, this place reminds me of our temple back home.
But much larger.
And I don't recognize all of these symbols.
Are they Jedi? I think so.
Jedi? The Force? Yeah, I never really believed in any of it.
Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it's not real, Kaz.
Help me! Did you hear that? Help! It's coming from that door! We have to help them, Kel.
Kel! Eila! Wait! - Hurry! - Hold on! We're coming down! [WARBLES.]
Doesn't really look like we're in the temple of the Force anymore.
So where are we? Hurry! Down here! Yeah, not sure if this is a good idea.
We don't know who that is.
Kaz, there's a lot of corridors down here.
Maybe she fell or or got stuck.
Come on.
This way.
No! No! Eila! Are you okay? Yeah, we're we're fine.
Stay there! And don't move.
I'll try and find another way around.
Kel, let's go.
All right, just watch your step! This place is like a tomb.
Are you picking up anything, CB? [WARBLES.]
A single life-form? - Which way? - [WARBLES.]
Ah! [MOANS.]
Yeah, I'm feeling kind of funny [WARBLES.]
CB! Slow down already - [WARBLES.]
Of course I'll watch my step! Ooh.
What's that? CB, do you see that? It's beautiful.
I'm here! Can you hear me? How did you get inside that tiny jar? Look for the symbol with the Don't worry.
I'll get you out of there.
Wait! Don't go near the relic! It's okay.
I can help.
No, no! Don't touch the relic! Ah! [GROANS, COUGHS.]
CB-23! If you can hear me, try and find Kel and Eila! Hurry! [WARBLES.]
You just had to touch it, didn't you? Who's there? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Almost finished.
Where's Kaz and the ball? Kaz.
Come in, Kaz.
That's strange.
He's not picking up.
We don't have all day.
He'd better move it.
Uh, Torra was your father sending additional ships here? No.
Kaz, if you can hear me, you better get back here.
Kaz! No.
No! No! No, no.
Hold on.
Don't come any closer! [WHIMPERS.]
Who are you? What are you doing here? I'm I'm I'm nobody.
I'm just I'm just trying to find my friends.
Are you a spy? No? Yes? [MOANS.]
Do you work for the First Order? Answer me! No! No, absolutely not.
I'm just a pilot.
I'm trying to find my crew.
Eila, we're lost.
Let's try this corridor.
We have to be getting close, right? [SIGHS.]
I-I'm telling you the truth! My friends will find us.
Please don't hurt me.
Do not move from that spot.
Understand? Definitely.
Not a problem.
Won't move a muscle.
And be silent! Oh, I know your kind.
You're the type who talks too much and knows too little.
Me? Talk too much? [CHUCKLES.]
No, not really.
I mean, I do tend to get a little chatty Silence! Um So what are you doing, in an ancient temple, in the middle of nowhere? Are you some sort of archeologist? Are we still in a Jedi temple? No.
We are not.
So, uh, where are we, then? If I tell you, will you be silent? We're in an ancient Sith temple.
Sometimes, you find them buried beneath Jedi temples.
Why would the Jedi do that? It's a purification of suppression.
But ultimately, you'll find these things always rise to the surface, and that's what I did.
I raised this temple to break inside.
Stop! You're moving again! You want to set off another trap? [WHIMPERS.]
Ugh! [SIGHS.]
Let's face it.
There's no way out, Eila.
We're lost.
We need a miracle.
- What did she say? - I don't know.
So how long you been trapped down here, exactly? Almost two days.
The villagers fled after I excavated the temple.
They thought evil forces would be unleashed.
Superstitious fools.
But I suppose I am the fool, getting trapped down here with you.
I must be getting careless in my old age.
At least let me help you find a way out of here.
You're moving again! [ROCK SCRAPING.]
Fool! You just doomed us both! [RUMBLING.]
Oh, no.
Oh, no! This isn't good.
Is it? [GROANING.]
Help! Kel! Eila! CB! Somebody! Anybody! Help! Help! Kaz! Kaz, can you hear us? Kaz! Get us out of here! Look around! Do you see the Sith hieroglyphics? [WARBLES.]
We see them.
Now, press the symbol that looks like a star! Hurry! That one! We did it! Ah! That's great! But we're still spinning! We're about to be ground into tiny bits! Girl! Stay there! Keep holding that symbol! Boy, you need to find its counterpart and press it at the same time! [WARBLES.]
Ah! Ah! Oh! Whoa! [GROANS.]
Oh, great job, you two.
I owe you one.
Well, despite your foolishness, it looks like my quest is going to be successful after all.
Okay, and what are you planning on doing with it? Making sure no one else gets it.
I didn't mean to! - [GRUNTS.]
- Run! Ah! [PANTING.]
- Oh.
- Ah! Watch out! [PANTING.]
Too close.
Search the area for more trespassers.
See what else you can find.
We've got prisoners at bay.
Shutting the droids down now.
Oh, great.
The First Order.
Situation under control.
If you move, we'll neutralize you.
Who else is out there? Nobody.
It's just us.
So who arrived in those ships? No idea, creepo.
Back off me! Just my luck.
I thought I lost those bucket heads back on Vargos 9.
We gotta do something.
Those stormtroopers have our friends.
They're not just any stormtrooper.
They're First Order raiders.
They hunt down relics for their leader.
So what do we do? [SIGHS.]
Follow me.
My ship is on the other side of the outpost.
I don't see how that's gonna help my friends.
You'd be lucky if they haven't found your ship by now.
So, um, was that your ship? I guess we're gonna have to come up with a different plan, then, right? Right.
So, Kel, and Eila, you distract those troopers and lead them that way, while creepy old lady and I go for Freya and Torra.
Hey, what's your name anyway and she's gone.
Looks like we're on our own now.
As long as we lay low and they don't spot us, we'll be fine.
Ah! You there! Hold your fire! We're unarmed! Move! All right, all right, already! Don't get pushy.
Get up.
We were just picking up supplies! No big deal! Really? Because my scans indicate someone's been inside that temple.
What did you find? They don't have what you're looking for! But I do.
It's her! Took you long enough to catch up with me! Hand over the relic.
Now! Oh! You mean this? I know your precious Supreme Leader won't be pleased when you come back empty-handed.
Now, give it to us, and perhaps we'll spare the children.
You want it? It's yours.
What is she doing? [GRUNTS.]
Deactivate it, quickly! Run! Into the temple! Now! [WARBLES.]
I've been looking for this relic for two and a half years.
I finally find it and end up destroying it.
Do you know what the lesson is here? Uh be careful what you find in old temples? No.
Be careful who you find in old temples, because they can ruin your day.
What was that? Some kind of weapon? Some kind? Yes.
A power source from an ancient time.
One beyond all of your reckoning.
But it doesn't matter now.
On to the next problem.
How am I getting off this wretched world? You can come with us! It's the least we can do.
Uh, yeah, well, as long as you're not bringing any people-vaporizing power sources with you.
Trust me, seeing the trouble you caused back there, I'd be more worried about you.
Fair enough.
I deserve that.
What's your name? Mika Grey.
Where do you all come from? The Colossus.
It's a wonderful place, you'll see.
I don't know she seems like trouble to me.
But she did save our lives.
And who knows? Maybe we can learn a thing or two from her.
Kaz, sorry we caused so much trouble, but it was nice to get off the Colossus for a little while.
Eh, no problem.
Next time, let's not wander into any creepy old temples, okay? Maybe.
Um, Mika Grey? Yes, child? You seem to know a lot about the Force, right? I know a bit, but if you're wondering if I'm a Jedi or a Sith, I am neither of those things.
The Force doesn't belong to any one person.
It is something that is inside all of us.
We just find it in different ways.