Star Wars: The Clone Wars s02e13 Episode Script

Voyage of Temptation

Male narrator: A royal welcome! Sent to investigate Allegations that mandalore Was joining count dooku's Separatists, obi-wan kenobi was Reunited with an old friend, The duchess satine of Kalevala.
While satine claimed Mandalore's intentions were To remain neutral during The war, an attack on the Capital city led obi-wan to the Discovery of a terrorist Organization known As death watch.
Now the duchess travels to The senate so she can Plead her case against her Involvement in the war, as The jedi prepare a defense Against her opponents.
You know your Marching orders.
The safety of the duchess satine Is of the utmost importance.
The death watch will stop at Nothing to assassinate her Before she pleads her case to The senate.
The death watch may be Backed by the separatists, So stay sharp.
Artoo? Use your scanners to Probe for any suspicious droid Activity.
[r2-d2 beeps affirmatively.]
Anything else, sir? No, that will be all.
Yes? The duchess and her retinue Requests your presence.
Very well.
I sense some anxiety From you about the duchess.
She couldn't be in safer hands.
Yes, i know.
Then why Never mind.
It's all in the past.
Oh, so you're close to her? I knew her.
A long time ago.
All secure here.
Let's move on to the next Sector.
Beep! [eerie whirring.]
War is intolerable! We have been deceived into Thinking that we must be A part of it.
I say the moment we committed To fighting, we already lost.
Excuse me, your grace, Are you suggesting we Oppose the war on Humanitarian grounds? I'm going to oppose it As an affront to life itself.
As the designated regent Of 1,500 systems, I speak for thousands Of worlds that have urged me To allow them to stay Neutral in this war.
And yet some might Argue that the strongest Defense is a swift and decisive Offense.
You are quite the general Now, aren't you, master kenobi? Forgive me for interrupting, Your highness.
I meant no disrespect.
Really? Senators, i presume you are Acquainted with the collection Of half-truths and hyperbole Known as obi-wan kenobi? Your highness is too kind.
You're right.
i am.
Allow me to introduce My fellow jedi Anakin skywalker.
Your servant, my lady.
I remember a time When jedi were not generals But peacekeepers.
We are protectors, highness-- Yours, at the moment.
We fight for peace.
What an amusing Contradiction.
What master skywalker Means is that we are acting At the behest of your highness To protect you from the death Watch and the separatists who Don't share your neutral Point of view.
I asked for no such Thing.
That may be so, but A majority of your court did.
I do not remember you as one To hide behind excuses.
I do not remember you as one To shrink from responsibilities.
I am certain we all agree.
Duchess satine and general Kenobi have a proven there are Two sides to every dilemma.
Now, in regard to the senate Vote, we think-- I think a multitude makes Discord, not good counsel.
Right again, my lady.
There may be two sides to Every dilemma, but the duchess Only favors hers.
[r2-d2 chirping.]
I'll check out the south Quadrant.
Careful over there.
It's dark.
Yeah, very funny, mixer.
[r2-d2 chirps frantically.]
Stop messing around.
That's not funny.
[r2-d2 beeps.]
Thud! [gurgling.]
A republic military Presence is the only sure Defense against the separatists.
Even extremists can Be reasoned with.
Perhaps, if one can Be heard over a the clanking of Their battle droids.
The sarcasm of a soldier.
The delusion of a dreamer.
Duchess, master jedi, It's been a long trip.
I think we could all use A little rest and refreshment.
Hear, hear.
Now let us put politics Aside until after dinner.
fine! Stand by for lightspeed.
My side's secure.
What have you got, redeye? Redeye, you copy? [eerie whirring.]
You and satine Have a history.
An extended mission When i was younger.
Master qui-gon and i spent A year on mandalore protecting The duchess from insurgents who Had threatened her world.
They sent bounty Hunters after us.
We were always on the run, Living hand-to-mouth, never Sure what the next day would Bring.
Sounds romantic.
[eerie whirring.]
[r2-d2 beeps.]
A civil war killed most of Satine's people, hence her Aversion to violence.
When she returned, she took Rebuilding her world alone.
You didn't stay to help her? That would have Been problematic.
My duty as a jedi Demanded i be elsewhere.
Demanded? But it's obvious you had Feelings for her.
Surely that would affect your Decision.
Oh, it did.
I live by the jedi code.
Of course.
As master yoda says, "a jedi Must not form attachments.
" Yes.
But he usually leaves out the Undercurrent of remorse.
Beep! Yes, captain? General, something's wrong With skywalker's astromech.
Scared him a real good, sir.
I've also lost contact with Two of my men.
I'm on my way down To assist you.
I'll go, master.
If there's something dangerous Down there, the clones and i Can handle it.
Deep-fried nuna legs.
Mmm, delicious.
I beg your pardon, senators.
Our men are investigating A situation below decks.
I respectfully ask you to Wait here until it is settled.
All right, men.
What's the problem? I'm missing dinner.
We're not sure yet, sir, But there's still no sign of Mixer and redeye.
What's the matter, buddy? [r2-d2 beeps.]
I know.
i know.
But i'm here now.
Use your scanners.
See if something's out of place.
Well, what've we here? Looks like the contents of This box are missing.
Or it got up and Walked away.
All right, fan out.
Separate squads.
I'll contact obi-wan.
Beep! Please excuse me.
Anakin, what have you found? There's a large open Container, and the contents are Missing.
And i still have two men Unaccounted for.
That's not good.
Keep things quiet.
I'll stay with the senators.
Got it.
[r2-d2 beeps.]
What's up? Did you find something? There you are.
Redeye, where have you been? You've had us all worried.
Redeye? [eerie whirring.]
[lightsaber igniting.]
[deep chirruping.]
[blaster fire.]
The lift! Obi-wan.
There's assassin probes Down here.
One made it up the lift.
I'll try to hold the others Here.
Quickly! Secure the lifts! [lightsaber igniting.]
Ah! help! [droid sputtering.]
There might be one left.
Let's spread out and find it.
Watch it! [screams.]
[blaster fire.]
They're everywhere! Get behind me! Agh! get it off! Agh! agh! [r2-d2 chirps.]
[electricity crackling.]
Zap! Zap! Do you always Carry a deactivator? Just because i'm a pacifist Doesn't i mean i Won't defend myself.
Now you sound like a jedi.
Zap! Good work, men.
You too, buddy.
[r2-d2 beeps triumphantly.]
Assassin droid.
How did that monster end up In the hold? Question is, Who smuggled him onboard? Just like that Swarm of venom-mites On draboon, remember? How could i forget? I still have the scar.
Begging your pardon, duchess.
I distinctly remember Carrying you to safety.
I meant the scar i got after You fell and dropped me.
I'm looking for the droid That services the cargo bay.
Uh, yes sir, Are all those creatures dead? That's what i'm Trying to find out.
You're in charge of the cargo Manifest, right? Uh, yes.
I have it right here.
Well, where did they Come from? It is right here, On the manifest.
"for immediate delivery To coruscant: One container marked 'medical supplies.
' There's no name on this chart! There is no indication of Who shipped it.
No, sir, Just the senate stamp Always accepted For transport here aboard the coronet.
one of our four distinguished senators appears to be a traitor.
i sense it too.
it looks like one of our little visitors is still alive.
i have an idea how to expose the turncoat.
return to the hull of the ship.
destroy the last assassin droids.
i'll find out which of the senators is the traitor.
duchess, you are not eating.
i have no appetite.
begging your pardon, you must keep up your strength.
by all means, be my guest, senator.
if you insist.
ah! dessert! excellent! this morsel might prove too much even for the legendary appetite of orn free taa.
on second thought, it wouldn't agree with me.
my theory is our little friend will attack the duchess and anyone who defends her.
anyone, that is, except the traitor who programmed it.
take it away! please! obi-wan, this line of questioning borders on torture! oh, i assure our pacifist duchess that all is under control.
i'm a trying to expose a bigger threat.
the droid displays unusual hostility toward the honorable kin robb but it seems to like you, senator merrik.
well, prince? really, general kenobi, you're quite clever.
[lightsaber igniting.]
you're coming with me.
Anakin, tal merrik Is the traitor, and he's Taken satine hostage.
Copy that, but i've got Problems of my own right now.
Cody, rex, have you Found anything? All quiet over here, sir.
Wait a minute [blaster firing.]
[electricity crackling.]
Thanks, little guy.
Well, we found the Little ones.
What about the mother? Haven't seen it.
[mother droid shrieks.]
[blaster fires.]
[blaster firing.]
No, please, i beg you.
[blaster fires.]
Monster! You're a horrid monster! Get used to it.
Did you find them? No, but i've stationed Troopers at every escape pod.
Merrik will try to signal His allies for help.
We have to find him.
This may not be the Time to ask, but were you and Satine, ever I don't see how That has any bearing on the Situation at hand.
Death watch command.
Tal merrik here.
Senator merrik.
Have you completed your mission? Yes, sir.
I have the duchess, but i'll Need help getting her away.
Very good.
Reinforcements Are on their way.
I'll take care of this, Obi-wan.
You? Go find your girlfriend.
Uh, no, anakin, she's not My [blaster fire.]
[lightsaber igniting.]
Come in, kenobi.
You're expected.
Tal merrik, you are Under arrest.
Release the duchess.
I took the precaution Of wiring the ship's engines To explode.
I press this remote, And we all die.
Obi, if you have Any respect for me, you will Not take such risks with so Many people's lives at stake.
Satine Don't.
Beep! This is merrik.
Stand by to disengage.
Say farewell, duchess.
Obi-wan, it looks like I may never see you again.
I don't know quite how to say This, but i've loved you From the moment you came to My aid all those years ago.
I don't believe this.
Satine, this is Hardly the time or place for All right.
Had you said the word, I would have Left the jedi order.
That is touching.
Truly, it is.
But it's making me sick, And we really must be going.
You have the romantic Soul of a slug, merrik.
Ow! And slugs are so often Trod upon.
Interesting turnabout, But even if i do not Deliver the duchess alive To the separatists, i still win.
The second i'm away, I'll hit the remote and blow the coronet to bits.
I will not allow that.
What will you do? If you shoot me, you prove Yourself a hypocrite to every Pacifist ideal you hold dear.
And you, kenobi.
You are no stranger to violence.
You'd be hailed as a hero by Everyone on this ship Almost everyone.
Come on, then.
Who will strike first and Brand themselves A cold-blooded killer? Anakin What? He was going to blow up The ship.
Obi-wan, i General skywalker, The last of the droids Have been defeated, sir.
Very good, cody.
I must get back to The business of diplomacy.
As you say, duchess.
Some other time.
A job well done, Master jedi.
Thank you, chancellor.
Your excellency.
How ironic to meet again, Only to find we're on Opposing sides.
The needs of your people Are all that matter.
They couldn't be in a better Hands with you to guide their Future.
Kind words indeed from A mindful and committed jedi.
And yet What? I'm still not sure About the beard.
Why? What's wrong with it? It hides too much of Your handsome face.
What was that all about? A very remarkable woman.
She is indeed.

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