Star Wars: The Clone Wars s03e07 Episode Script


The future has many paths - choose wisely.
Criminals Captured! Jedi master Plo Koon and padawan Ahsoka tano Successfully thwarted an attempt on mace windu's life, Killing bounty hunter aurra sing In the process.
Since that time, young ahsoka has grown strong in the ways of the force.
Now, after several harrowing adventures alongside her master, The two jedi have returned to the temple on coruscant to receive their next mission.
Welcome, padawan.
In order congratulations are.
Shown your courage and strength yet again you have.
Job well done, Ahsoka.
And now onto more pressing matters.
To balith you must go, Skywalker.
There's a large-scale civil war on balith.
They have requested our assistance.
Anakin, you will leave immediately to command The third legion.
I've never been to balith.
You will stay here, padawan.
We need your full report.
As you wish.
Ahsoka, I sense you're uneasy.
What is it? I Nothing.
Master, let me come with you.
If I'm not with you, who else will have your back? Stay here, finish your studies, get some rest.
You've said it yourself.
I learn more in the field than I ever do here.
Think of this as a chance to prove me wrong.
And stay out of trouble.
She will die, and there's nothing that you can do.
Have a seat, young padawan.
Troubled you are, padawan? Yes, master yoda.
I've been having dreams.
Dreams, you say? Yes, dreams.
Or visions.
I don't know.
But they're so real.
Telling you something they are.
I know I reported otherwise, but I believe that aurra sing Isn't dead.
She's still alive, and she's preparing to kill someone close to me.
So you begin to see the true power of the force.
Visions they are.
Underestimate them, You must not.
Meditate to see clearly.
More experience you need.
These should help you with your studies, dear.
I should be out there fighting, not in here studying.
- Kill her.
- With pleasure.
Senator amidala is in danger.
Padawan ahsoka tano is here to see you.
Senator amidala.
Ahsoka, It's so good to see you.
How have you been? Honestly, I've been better.
I'm worried for you, senator.
I sense you are in grave danger.
What makes you believe that? I've been having dreams Bad dreams.
Padme, I know you're in danger.
I just know it.
what kind of danger? I believe that a very dangerous bounty hunter is out to assassinate you.
This is troubling.
Captain, please take all necessary precautions.
You're leaving? Yes, Bail Organa and I are leading a conference, concerning the refugees from the war.
I leave for alderaan In the morning.
But the threat to your life Ahsoka, the refugee situation is much to crucial to ignore.
I called this conference.
It could make an enormous difference in policy.
It's vital that I go.
Yes, senator.
I'm sure now that it is senator amidala who is in danger.
Senator amidala, you say? Yes, master.
I've seen it in my visions.
Choose, you must, how to respond to your visions.
But remember, always in motion is the future, and many possible futures there are.
Yes, master.
Senator! Ahsoka, what is it? I can't just stay behind knowing about the threat to your life.
Allow me to come with you, please.
Well, I suppose it couldn't hurt.
Besides, I enjoy your company.
Of course you can join me as extra security.
Thank you, padme.
You'll learn to play in time, Ahsoka.
Someday you'll even beat me.
It's not that.
what's on your mind? I've been mostly unsure about my abilities on my own.
Usually master skywalker is there to guide me.
When I was queen, I felt the same insecurities as you do now.
I had my advisors but, it was ultimately up to me to run the entire naboo system.
And I was very afraid at times.
Really? You felt unsure? Oh, yes.
I've learned to trust In myself, and you will too.
Thank you.
- One more game? - Absolutely.
it's begun.
Padme! The assassin's inside! - Ahsoka.
- Stay down.
What's going on? Nothing.
False alarm.
Forgive me, senator.
- Are you all right, my lady? - Yes, captain.
I'm fine.
- Padme! - Bail, It's so good to see you.
Thank you so much for hosting this conference.
Dealing with the refugees of this war needs to be Our number one priority.
Your presence here is greatly appreciated.
Senator mothma and I will take you to your quarters.
Senator, might I have a word with you in private? Of course, padawan tano.
If you'll excuse me.
I know I made a mistake last night.
But that doesn't mean the threat to you is any less.
I haven't lost faith in you, Ahsoka.
I know.
And I appreciate that.
I don't mean to interject, but now is not the time for this.
Senator amidala must prepare for her summit.
But I believe the attempt on your life is going to happen tonight.
Why tonight? I had another vision, and it was much clearer.
I could see more than usual, even a location.
It was large room, you were giving a speech.
This room, could you recognize it if you saw it? Yes, I think I could.
So es anything look familiar? Yes.
This is it.
This is the place I saw In my vision.
Where would the assassin be? That's the part I'm not sure of.
We are taking all the necessary precautions, correct, captain? Yes, milady.
But aurra sing will know what you plan to do.
She'll find a way in.
Ahsoka, in your vision, does aurra succeed? I can't tell.
Well, then, at least we have a fighting chance.
Isn't it just beautiful? I really must insist you go back inside.
It's not safe for you out here.
Ahsoka, I can't stop living my life.
You forget, I'm a friend of the jedi.
I'm no stranger to taking risks.
What is it? I'm confused.
My visions are telling me one thing, but reality is telling me another.
I don't know which to believe anymore.
Maybe I'm wrong.
Maybe no one's out to kill you.
As the conflict that divides our galaxy escalates, We cannot lose perspective, on the value of life and the price of freedom.
No one knows this truth more Than the distinguished senator padme amidala of naboo.
Thank you, senator organa.
I wanted to first thank you all for coming.
This is a cause that is very important to me.
I can remember after the illegal blockade of my home world, Naboo, by the trade federation, how many lives were thrown into chaos.
True, in the grand scale of things, it was a small conflict.
And true, there was only one battle fought during the occupation.
But t us examine the cost of that one conflict: Hundreds of naboo were forced from their homes, Naboo secuty forces and the Gungan army both incurred heavy casualties, And the life of jedi master Qui-gon jinn was lost.
And yet now I find myself a party to and witness of a full-scale war that has divided our great republic in two.
Already, more than 100 jedi have given their lives Get a medical droid.
We need a medic.
The senator will be fine.
It was only a flesh wound.
- I'm sorry.
- For what, ahsoka? You did all you could.
Did you find the assassin? She ran off before I could get her.
- She? - Yes, she.
I am positive now that it is Aurra Sing who is out to get you.
Please return to coruscant immediately, for your own safety.
Padme, I agree with the padawan.
It is far too dangerous for you to give your speech tonight.
If someone wants me dead, They will follow me wherever I go.
But you know my visions are all mixed up.
What if what I saw was the attempt that just happened? Padme, I'm not willing to gamble with your life.
Wait a minute.
I think I have a way we can get around putting you in jeopardy, And have you [.]
All clear, sir.
The upper levels are cleared, captain.
Sweep complete.
The area is secure.
Fear, in these times, it is the Greatest weapon wielded against those who would stand up for truth and justice.
We have a responsibility as the elected representatives of the republic to face our fears and challenge those who threaten the safety of its people.
I stand before you today bruised but not beaten.
The voices of the people shall be heard.
And together, we shall represent them.
- The homeless shall no longer - Aurra's not here.
- What do you mean, she's not here? - The soldiers who so valiantly, Fight to protect us must also be protected once their job is done.
She's not in this room.
We need legislation to defend the displaced from slavery, to protect our soldiers from feeling as if there is no future, beyond their warfare, and we must open channels through diplomacy, So that we can end this war.
I know there are those among the separatists who would end this conflict.
And I know there are those individuals in the galaxy who would seek to promote fe and spread chaos.
To those that act as agents of chaos, I say this.
I stand resolute and unyielding.
And if you strike my voice down, Know that a chorus of thousands shall rise up in its place, For you have no dominion over the righteous.
We are the defenders of truth.
You! I remember you, jedi brat.
Stand down, assassin.
You left me for dead.
Luckily, Hondo pulled me out of the wreckage.
Surprised you're back to work so soon.
Well, a girl's got to make a Living.
Get this door open, now.
Why are you doing this? Killing me will not stop the relief effort.
Honey, this isn't about your cause.
This is about revenge.
My employer wants to get even with you, simple as that.
Who hired you? Enough talk.
Time to see what you're made of, kid.
Nice shot.
I told you, I'm no stranger to taking risks.
- Senator.
- Captain, She's stunned.
Are you all right? Without ahsoka's foresight, I fear things would have gone quite differently.
Serve you well, your visions have, young padawan.
Thank you, master yoda.
But we still don't know who's really behind this.
What do you see? I see Shapes.
Large Devouring.
I hear Laughter Bizarre laughter.
And Purple? I see a color.
I don't know what it means.
None of it is familiar to me.
It is to me.
I've been thinking.
Aua sing said the person who hired her simply wanted for something I did to them.
Well, that could be a lot of people.
But with ahsoka's added details, I know someone who fits the description.
You must be anakin skywalker.
Have you met my padawan, Ahsoka tano? Padawan.
I believe you have a grudge against senator amidala.
and what makes you say something so utterly ridiculous, youngling? it's because of senator amidala you're locked up in this place.
The bounty hunter aurra sing attempted to kill the senator.
I believe you hired her for the job.
I did no such thing.
We have aurra sing in custody.
She told us everything.
Waitshe told.
She told you what? Impossible.
I should've hired someone Better.
you just aranteed yourself an extra-long vacation in this lovely establishment.
Do you see the conditions I'm living in? That insipid senator put me in here.
She deserves to die for leaving me to rot in this squalor! Well, thanks to you, ziro, and that little confession, you've just officially failed.
You'll never get away with this.
You have no idea what I'm capable of!
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