Star Wars: The Clone Wars s03e15 Episode Script


Mysterious message! A transmission has been intercepted far beyond the outer rim, deep in the crelythiumn system.
Why the call has been made and from where cannot be established.
But buried in the message is a jedi distress code that has not been used in over 2,000 years.
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and his padawan ahsoka are sent to investigate.
Fearing a separatist trap, they are to meet with a heavily armed jedi cruiser.
Rex Rex, do you read me? We're at the rendezvous point awaiting your arrival.
Where are you? Sir, we are at the rendezvous point and there's no sign of you on our scanners.
Oh, come on.
That's impossible.
Something's wrong.
We're at the exact coordinates where the distress signal originated, but there's nothing here.
Rex is at the exact same coordinates and he's not here.
This is getting interesting.
Unable to find you.
Where are you, sir? Something's blocking the signal.
Not good.
Everything's dead, even the life support.
Hmm, this is really strange.
See? Nothing to be concerned about after all.
Then what's that? It's pulling us towards it.
Everyone, strap yourselves in.
Looks as though we're going for a ride.
I must have blacked out.
Then who landed the shuttle? Not me.
Mm Where are we? Some kind of organic mass.
All of our readings indicate that it's bigger than an asteroid.
But at least the atmosphere is breathable.
Well, this is getting more unusual by the minute.
I can't even lock down where in the galaxy we are Or if we are even in our own galaxy.
Well, the ship's systems seem ne but for whatever reason, nothing's working.
Hey! I saw something.
A reflection, up on the hill.
I don't see anything.
Are you the one? What the What? Did you hear that? I didn't hear anything.
Are you the one? Hello.
Who are you? I am daughter.
Are you the one? Uh The one what? I will take you to him.
Him, who? Did you bring us here? Only he can help you.
There is little time.
Follow me.
We must have shelter by nightfall.
And we thought the planet was strange.
How about this one? We'll be fine as long as we stay together.
Have you noticed the seasons seem to change with the time of day? Yeah.
And there are no animals.
And you sense it? Mm-hmm, since we arrived.
The force is very strong.
An intersection unlike anything I've ever felt before.
Be wary.
Excuse me.
Who are you taking us to? The father, of course.
Of course.
And what exactly are you? We are the ones who guard the power.
We are the middle, the beginning, and the end.
Glad she cleared that up for us.
Hey! Look out! Thank you.
You're welcome.
It is forbidden for you to touch me.
I was just saving your life.
That was my brother's work.
You are in great danger.
Wait for me.
Do not leave this place.
Hey! Wait.
Anakin, are you there? Are you all right? But our friend here has run off! Go back to the ship and try sending another distress call.
I'll follow her and find out how to get off this rock.
And if this is a trap? Then I'm not gonna wait around to find out.
Anakin, stop! Wait for us to find another way around and meet you.
Anakin? So reckless and impatient.
He'll find her.
Yes, and what else? Storm's coming.
The ship's gone.
Yes, I see that.
It was here, no question.
And look.
Everything's dying.
Did you lose something? You didn't do as you were asked.
And what was that? My sister said to wait! Did she now? Well, we were unfortunately separated.
We'd like our ship back if you don't mind.
Not Yet.
Is it true that he is the chosen one? What do you know of such things? What is about to happen shall occur whether you like it or not.
You are sith.
Sith? Yes And no.
The storms here are quite lethal.
If you want to live, I suggest you find shelter.
What in the universe was that? I'm not quite sure.
There's a cave over there.
Whoever I'm looking for is in that monastery.
Welcome, my friend.
What is it that you want from me? To learn the truth about who you really are, one that maybe you have known all along, one you must believe in order to fulfill your destiny.
Enough with the riddles, old man.
Tell me what's going on here.
As you can see, there is nowhere else to go.
It is late.
You will be my guest tonight.
Obi-Wan, have you done as I asked? Have you trained the boy? Master qui-gon.
How are you here? I am here because you are here.
No, I don't understand.
What is this place? Unlike any other, a conduit through which the entire force of the universe flows.
Are we in danger? This planet is both an amplifier and a magnet.
Three are here who seek Skywalker.
They, like me, believe him to be the chosen one.
You were right.
The force within him is stronger than any known jedi.
I have trained him as well as I could, but he is still willful and balance eludes him.
If he is the chosen one, he will discover it here.
And if not? Then you must realize with his power, this is a very dangerous place for him to be.
Wake up, my son.
I must tell you a secret.
Who's there? Who's there, I said.
It is me, ani, your mother.
What kind of black arts is this? You're dead.
Nothing ever really dies, my son.
I have a secret to tell you.
Then tell me.
Everything you have done, everything you have learned has led you here.
Whatever you are, my mother is Is dead.
And you blame yourself.
Your jedi training has served you well, ani, but you are more than a jedi.
Tell me, where is your pain, so I might take it away.
I was too late to save you.
I failed as a jedi and I failed you.
How so? I tasted only vengeance when I slaughtered so many to avenge your death.
It is time you realized that your guilt does not define you, my son.
You define your guilt.
The only love I feel in my heart is haunted by what would happen should I let go.
Then it is not love.
It is a prison.
But I I have a wife.
You've met her.
She's everything to me.
She is not your destiny.
But I love her.
No! She is a poisoner! What are you? Your fate! Are you happy, child? Your master, does he treat you well? What concern of it is yours? I am your future, your potential.
This is a trick.
There is a wildness to you, young one.
Seeds of the dark side planted by your master.
Do you feel it? No.
He is like no other jedi.
Passionate, impulsive, but I trust him with my life.
There are many contradictions in you And in him.
Be warned, you may never see your future if you remain his student.
Leave this planet! Ahsoka.
I had a vision.
I think Anakin may be in trouble.
Cannot sleep? To strike an unarmed man is hardly the jedi way.
You're a sith lord! You have a very simple view of the universe.
I am neither sith nor jedi.
I am much more And so are you.
I see through your spells and visions, old man.
Tell me what is going on here.
Some call us force-wielders.
The jedi have never spoken of this.
Few still know of our existence.
In that room, my mother came to me, but it was not her.
It was something else.
My son, I suspect.
We can take many forms.
The shapes we embody are merely a reflection of the life force around us.
You carry a great sadness in your heart.
My children and I can manipulate the force like no other, therefore, it was necessary to withdraw from the temporal world and live here as anchorites.
As a sanctuary? And a prison.
You cannot imagine what pain it is to have such love for your children and realize that they could tear the very fabric of our universe.
I don't understand.
It is only here that I can control them A family in balance.
The light and the dark.
Day with night.
Destruction replaced by creation.
Then why reveal yourselves to us? There are some who would like to exploit our power.
The sith are but one.
Too much dark or light would be the undoing of life as you understand it.
When news reached me that the chosen one had been found, I needed to see for myself.
The chosen one is a myth.
Is it? I should very much like to know.
Why don't we find out together? Pass one test, and I shall know the truth.
Then you and your friends may leave.
The longer we stay here, the stranger this place gets.
It appears the planet is renewing herself.
What about master Skywalker? Anakin will not be easy to deceive.
It is time to face your guilt and know the truth.
Roar! Whatever he wants, don't do it, master! Let them go.
I will not play your games.
Oh, but I think you will.
I have ordered my children to kill your friends.
The question is, which one will you choose to save: Your masr or your apprentice? You must now release the guilt and free yourself by choosing.
No! Their powers are too strong for us, Anakin.
Save ahsoka.
Let them go.
Only you can make my children release them.
Anakin, the planet is the force.
Use it.
You will let them go! Down! On your knees! And now you see who you truly are.
Only the chosen one could tame both my children.
I have taken your test.
Now fulfill your promise and let us go.
Ah, but first you must understand the truth.
Now all of you, leave us.
Do not trust him.
You think? I said leave us.
Do you feel your destiny? You must see it now.
I am dying, and you must replace me.
Replace you? I can't stay here.
But this is yours.
It has been foretold.
The chosen one will remain to keep my children in balance.
I cannot force you to do this.
The choice must be yours.
But leave and your selfishness shall haunt you and the galaxy.
Ready to get out of here?
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