Star Wars: The Clone Wars s03e18 Episode Script

The Citadel

Captured! Returning from a perilous assignment in The Outer Rim, Jedi Master Even Piell's cruiser has fallen under attack, and been boarded.
Seeking vital information he carries about secret Hyperspace lanes called The Nexus Route, Separatist forces have taken him alive.
Now the jedi are preparing a stealth mission into the heart, of separatist space in an effort to rescue Master Piell.
From the deadly prison known as, The Citadel.
As you are aware, The citadel is their most.
Isolated and impenetrable.
Detention facility.
No one has ever escaped.
There's a first time for everything.
Indeed there is.
Their security has prevented our probes from obtaining recent reconnaissance, so we've been forced to construct a crude map based upon data from the archives.
And since the data is extremely old, the map will be difficult to rely on.
So we're essentially going in, blind.
Beg your pardon, General, But how do we know Master Piell is still alive? The Separatists won't dare kill Master Piell until they have what they need.
He obtained the coordinates of a secret Hyperspace lane Known as The Nexus Route which travels into the heart of both The Republic and Separatist homeworlds.
They could prove vital in maneuvering our forces deep into remote Separatist sectors.
Or the enemy could use them, to slip through our defenses.
And attack Coruscant.
These Hyperspace lanes are of immense interest to both our sides and could tip the scale of the war to whomever is in possession of them.
That is all.
Based on the archive schematics, we've narrowed it down to Three possible locations they could be holding him at.
My greatest concern is, infiltrating their outer security.
The life-form scanners will not.
Be easy to fool.
- I've got a thought about that.
- Master.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I just heard about the briefing.
We're going to rescue Master Piell, right? You two have much to discuss.
Ahsoka, I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, but you won't be coming along on this one.
Not coming? But you're breaking into the Citadel.
No one's ever done it.
The citadel wasn't designed to hold common criminals.
It was created to hold Jedi if any of us lost our way.
It's not a place for Padawans.
You're just being protective, again.
That's not fair.
How am I supposed to learn if you won't let me share the risk? This isn't a mission for learning.
You either do or die.
And that's not a risk I'm willing to share.
Artoo, look out behind you.
You're being followed by Battle Droids! These are your troops? They're Battle Droids.
What do you mean, they've been reprogrammed to follow your orders? We are awaiting your word, Commander.
You heard him.
Move out.
Don't you go thumbing your.
Gears at me just because you.
Have a bunch of dim-witted.
Droids following you about.
Oh! Really.
We're trusting those droids.
To get us into the citadel? It's the only way.
We're flying right into the.
Heart of separatist territory.
Droids won't be detected.
Artoo, make sure they don't.
Stray from the flight plan.
It's all under control, sir.
I was talking to artoo.
Master Plo? May I speak with you? What is it, little 'soka? It's about the mission.
Master Skywalker doesn't want me.
To go.
That is his choice.
I know, but I think he's.
Being overly protective.
He's picking and choosing which.
Assignments I can be a part of.
He is your master.
Yes But it's not for him to decide.
When and how I should put my.
Life in danger.
That should be my choice.
I've never been carbon-frozen.
Before, general.
It's the first time for us.
This is your idea? Carbon-freezing? Hey, you wanted to shield us.
From the life-form scanners.
Are, uh, we sure this thing.
Is safe? I don't want to end up a wall.
Try to relax.
We'll be unfrozen as soon as we.
may the force be with you.
citadel command has.
Contacted us.
this is central command.
Please identify yourself.
This is shuttle 81572.
Requesting access to citadel.
Make sure every part of that.
Ship is scanned for life-forms.
Yes, commander.
Make no mistake, the jedi.
Will be coming for their.
Imprisoned brother.
They're not about to let one of.
Their own be tortured in the.
Handing over information that.
Will help the separatists win.
The war.
What is your cargo? What is our cargo? Um Supplies and frozen rations.
Do not deviate from your.
Current course until we have.
Confirmed your cargo.
They're scanning us for.
I don't think this is.
You're going to blow it.
the shuttle has no.
Life-forms, commander.
Scan complete.
You may proceed.
A jedi spends his whole life.
Training against it, but at the.
Citadel, breaking jedi is our.
Within these walls, they will.
Learn to fear us.
And if not, they die.
hey, snips.
Hey, master.
I must have carbon sickness.
Because I could swear that's.
Your eyes are fine.
It's ahsoka's hearing that.
Needs help.
I received orders to join.
The team.
I thought you knew.
Orders? From who? I discussed it with.
Master Plo.
He didn't tell me.
You were already in.
Well, I gave you a specific.
Order not to come.
If there's one thing I've.
Learned from you, master, it's.
That following direct orders.
Isn't always the best way to.
Solve a problem.
I see anakin's new teaching.
Method is to do as I say, Not as I do.
Welcome aboard.
Guard the shuttle, artoo.
We'll contact you when we're.
Ready for takeoff.
I see the entry point.
You were right.
The wind conditions are too.
Strong for jetpacks.
Yes, we'll have to do it the.
Old-fashioned way, with.
Ascension cables and a steel.
I don't think so.
What do you mean? Electro-mines.
There's nowhere to put.
A grappling hook at that height, And we hit one of those, the.
Mission's over.
They'll know we're here.
I suppose that means we.
Free-climb it.
you hanging in there, snips? Couldn't be better.
I could do without the wind, Though.
The entry point is just.
A few more meters.
They locked the door.
It's ray-shielded.
Ray-shielded? That wasn't the plan.
Well, it's in the plan now.
There's an opening up there.
We know.
They're ventilation ducts, But they're far too small.
For us to gain access.
Too small for you maybe, but I think I can squeeze through.
Well, we hadn't planned on.
Ahsoka being here.
Perhaps she's right.
See, I can handle myself.
After all.
Sir, one of the cargo.
Shuttles was cleared for.
Landing but never arrived.
Charger! Zap! Well, they know we're here.
sir, a mine in sector 9-g.
Was just detonated.
Mindless droids! Activate all security protocols.
Lock everything down.
Where are my special units? They are here, sir.
Take out their surveillance.
The walls are electrified.
Go! Go! Go! Go! Longshot! We must keep moving.
you're weakening.
You decide when the pain will.
Just give me the information.
No droid will ever break me.
Say good-bye to your one good.
Ah! Secure the entrance.
Master piell, are you.
All right? Obi-wan.
What took you guys so long? At least your sense of humor.
Is still intact.
It takes more than they got.
To break me, young Skywalker.
So you have the coordinates.
For the nexus route? I got them, all right.
Half of them anyway.
My captain's got the other half.
I erased the computers when we.
Were boarded and had both of us.
Memorize part of the intel.
That way, if somehow I cracked, The information would be.
Useless to them without the.
Other half.
Where's your captain? Being held with the other.
Officers, I assume.
We're going to need a new.
Plan for getting out.
ugh! Ah! We need to keep moving.
anakin! master! You fools! I hope you enjoyed the reunion.
With your fellow jedi, because.
You're going to be my guests for.
A very long time.
They're magnetized.
Oh, no, you don't.
are you all right, sir? Yeah, let's get out of here.
I hear something.
Captain tarkin.
I never thought I'd see you.
And you brought friends.
Tarkin, this is obi-wan Kenobi and anakin Skywalker.
Now that you've found us, how.
Do you expect to get us out? If they've locked this fortress.
Down, there's at least ten.
Squads on their way.
It's going to be impossible to.
What if we split up? My team will create a diversion, While anakin leads the others.
That way, if one of us is.
Captured, the enemy will only.
Have part of the information.
And not all of it.
General kenobi, I think it's.
Better if we stick together.
A stronger force would have.
A better chance of protecting.
The information.
Not in this situation.
But surely we'd have more.
Strength in numbers, Rather than divide us.
Obi-wan has a point.
I'll go with him; you go with Skywalker.
they escaped, sir.
Captain, show this droid what.
Happens when we use that word.
Sir, they've been spotted.
Heading for the upper levels.
They're trying to steal.
A transport.
Seal the landing platform and.
Send all battalions to their.
Bring 'em back alive.
Hey! Boom! Everybody in.
This is one of the original.
Fortress tunnels.
The advantage of old archive.
The tunnel's clear.
Looks like obi-wan's.
Distraction worked.
Things seem to be going as.
It's when things do not go.
As planned that concerns me.
What then? It's when things don't go as.
Planned that we jedi are at our.
Trust me.
I reserve my trust for those.
Who take action, general Skywalker.
Then let me remind you, we.
Rescued yov back there.
And I reserve my trust for.
Those who understand gratitude, Captain tarkin.

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