Star Wars: The Clone Wars s04e07 Episode Script

Darkness on Umbara

War in the Expansion Region! As the Separatists tighten their grip over vital but isolated supply routes, the Republic launches a lightning strike into a remote, ghost nebula, to control the strategic system of Umbara.
Republic forces smash through the Separatist blockade in an effort to claim the shadowy world.
Masters Krell and Tiin will be supporting my troops in the south, while Anakin's battalion comes in from the north and takes out enemy reinforcements.
It is imperative that we conquer the capital city as quickly as possible, and hold it.
Our biggest problem is gonna be the local militia.
The Umbarans have aligned themselves with the Separatists and are heavily armed.
ARC Trooper Fives will be assisting my units on special assignment.
Ready to do my part, General Skywalker.
- Nice to have you on board.
- Just like old times, Rex.
Remember, Anakin, Cody and I will be We're counting on you to take out those local fighters, or, I'm afraid, the capital will never surrender.
Does my battalion have to do everything? You seem to always volunteer.
All right, let's go! There's a lot of surface fire.
They ain't got nothing we can't handle, sir.
- You hanging in there, Tup? - So far so good, Captain.
General Skywalker, I've turned the lights out.
Our night vision sensors are having a tough time in this chop.
I hope we don't overshoot the landing site.
Just get us as close as you can.
Time to lock and load! - After them, boys! - All right! - Let's go! - Let's do it! Go, go! Go, go, go! Give it to them! Go, go, go! Take them out! Take them all out! That's the stuff! Incoming! That's it.
Give it to them! Let's go, let's go! Go, go! Go, go, go! The planet has a ridge at 23 degrees, north-northwest.
We can use it as a staging area.
That's it! Take them around the right.
Keep moving.
We've gotta claim that ridge.
The other battalions are counting on us.
Let's go! Don't stray too far.
The enemy could have the whole place rigged with traps.
I can't even see the enemy! That's why they're called the Shadow People, Tup.
Everybody, take cover! Go, go, go! Look, it's just a vine.
Keep moving, Hardcase.
Yeah, I got it all under control.
That's not right! Nice work, Fives.
- Hardcase, right? - Yeah, that's what they call me.
General Kenobi's battalion, sir? They're pushing towards the capital.
We'll need to move out as soon as the men are ready.
All platoons have reported in, General.
- Get some rest.
- Thank you, sir.
I'm fine.
The General's giving you an order, Dogma.
Of course, sir! He's wound tight, but he's loyal.
He kind of reminds me of you.
Maybe, back in the day.
- What is that? - Look out! Ambush! They're behind us! The enemy's circled behind us.
Everybody, we must defend our backs! Call in an air strike on the enemy positions.
Let's hope they're not too busy helping Obi-Wan.
There's an opening to our south.
I recommend we move all platoons off the ridge in case the air strike overshoots.
Good thinking, Rex.
Everyone, move out, now! All here, sir.
Stay covered.
We have to hold the position.
Are you sure those bombers are coming? Good old Odd Ball.
Always on target.
- Glad we got off that ridge.
- Yeah.
That'll teach them.
General Krell's here? Something big must be going on.
Master Krell, my thanks for the air support.
Indeed, General Skywalker.
The locals have proven to be more resourceful than we anticipated.
But that's not the reason for your visit? No.
The Council has ordered you back to Coruscant, effective immediately.
What? Why? I'm afraid a request was made by the Supreme Chancellor, and the Council obliged.
That is all they would tell me.
Well, I can't just leave my men.
I'll be taking over in the interim.
Don't worry about a thing, sir.
We'll have this city under Republic control by the time you're back.
Master Krell, this is Rex, my first in command.
You won't find a finer and more loyal trooper anywhere.
Good to hear that.
I wish you well, Skywalker.
Your reputation precedes you, General.
It is an honor to be serving you.
I find it very interesting, Captain, that you are able to recognize the value of honor, for a clone.
Stand at attention when I address you.
Your flattery is duly noted, but it will not be rewarded.
There's a reason my command is so effective, and it's because I do things by the book, and that includes protocol.
Have all platoons ready to move out immediately.
That is all.
Quicken that pace, battalion.
This isn't some training course on Kamino.
The new general has a way with words.
He's just trying to keep us on schedule.
By raising everyone's ire? Either way, he's in charge, and we've got a job to do.
Just treat him with respect, and we'll all get along fine.
Do you see that? Yeah.
Ready your weapons.
Anyone else wanna stop and play with the animals? Didn't think so.
Now keep moving! Sir, we've been keeping this pace for 12 hours now.
The men are getting worn down.
We should rest.
General Krell, the top of this ridge will make a good place for the men to make camp.
The men don't need rest.
They need the resolve to complete the task at hand.
- But, sir - CT-7567, are you reading me? Excuse me, sir? I asked you a question, CT-7567.
Do you understand the need to adhere to my strategy? Sir, the terrain is extremely hostile.
Despite the difficulty of the conditions, the battalion is making good time.
- These men just need a little break.
- Captain, do I need to remind you of this battalion's strategic mission in conquering this planet? Look back.
See those platoons? Their mission is to take this city and take it swiftly.
Time and rest are luxuries the Republic cannot afford.
We are the key to this invasion.
The other battalions are counting on our support.
If we fail, everyone fails! Do you understand this? Do all of you understand this? Now, move on! Sir, we're ready to bring our forward platoons in for a surgical strike on the city's defenses.
- There won't be any need, Captain.
- Sir? All platoons will execute a forward assault along the main route to the city.
But, sir, General Skywalker's plan was to surprise them with multiple attacks.
If we come in from the main route, they're likely to engage us in a full frontal assault.
Change of plans, Captain.
I'm in command now.
With all due respect, General, we don't know what we are up against.
It might be wiser to think first.
Are you questioning my order? This battalion will take the main road straight to the capital.
You will not stop, and you will not turn back, regardless of the resistance you meet.
We will attack them with all our troops, not some sneak attack with a few men.
That is my order.
And you will follow it explicitly.
Do I make myself clear, CT-7567? Yes, General.
Now, engage! So, why aren't we sticking to the original plan, and probing the city defenses first? We can do this.
Let's take them.
Yeah, leave it to Hardcase to dive in head first.
The General's new plan is reckless.
You ever think that maybe the General knows what he is doing? I know you think this is a bad idea.
I raised my objection to General Krell's plan, but he didn't agree.
So, this is it.
What if he's wrong? Then what? This isn't the time for a debate.
Right now, we have to stay alert.
Eh, it's too quiet out there.
Mines! Nobody move! Oz is down.
So is Ringo.
Can you sweep them? There are more over here.
Looks like the whole road's been booby trapped.
Everyone, watch your step.
We're completely exposed.
Hold your ground! You want a piece of this? Uh-oh.
I think Hardcase made them mad.
We're blown! The Umbarans are advancing.
Make them eat heat.
They're coming from all directions! We don't have any cover! We need to pull back.
Get them to follow us.
If we can draw them out, we can see them.
If we can see them, we can hit them.
All squads, pull back now! This can't be good.
Feeble minded clones! Get in there and save their necks.
Get ready.
Here they come! Stand back.
Hit them with everything you got.
Where are you going? Get back here! They're pulling back.
Do you have a malfunction in your design? You've pulled your forces back from taking the capital city.
The enemy now has control of this route.
This entire operation has been compromised, because of your failure.
General Krell, in case you haven't noticed, Captain Rex just saved this platoon.
Surely you won't fail to recognize that.
ARC-5555, stand down.
Yes, sir.
Sir, if I may address your accusation, I followed your orders.
Even in the face of a plan, that was, in my opinion, severely flawed.
A plan that cost us men.
Not clones! Men! As sure as it is my duty to remain loyal to your command, I also have another duty.
To protect those men.
You have a spark of tenacity, Captain.
I'll give you that.
I know that I don't command like the Jedi you're used to serving, certainly not like General Skywalker, but I have my way.
It may be difficult, but these are difficult times.
And it's proven effective.
And I suppose your loyalty to your men is to be commended.
They seem to admire this.
That's important to an effective commander.
All right, Captain Rex, your opinion has been noted.
I think he almost complimented you.
It's hard to tell.
Incoming! Get back! Get back! The Umbarans must have regrouped for a counterattack.
Everyone, we must hold this position! You think General Krell still intends on taking the capital using this strategy? I don't know.
I'll get back to you on that if we survive this battle.

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