Star Wars: The Clone Wars s04e09 Episode Script

Plan of Dissent

Invasion in peril! Republic forces struggle to take Umbara, a hostile planet completely enshrouded in darkness.
Jedi General Pong Krell and Captain Rex lead a battalion against a constant attack by a brutal enemy.
Krell's aggressive and reckless strategies backfire, killing many clones.
Despite the Jedi General's dangerous tactics, Captain Rex's squad successfully captures a critical airbase.
This further fuels the mistrust of Krell's leadership, dividing his men.
The insurgents have stepped up their attacks, sir.
They want their base back.
We cannot let our guard down for a moment.
Have all Umbaran security re-configured and locked down.
Interrogate the prisoners if you have to, but I want this base under our complete control and I don't want excuses.
Sir, there's a transmission from General Kenobi.
I'll take it in the tower.
Hey, how's it coming? Tricky piece of hardware.
Krell's got Jesse stacking ordnance.
I'm still waiting for Krell to thank us for handing this base over to him.
Where is he? General Kenobi, do you read me? Congratulations on your capture of the Umbaran airbase, General.
It's refreshing to have good news.
There will be time for celebration when we've taken that capital.
Well, I'm afraid that's going to be more difficult than anticipated.
Their attacks have increased and their long-range missiles are forcing us to retreat from our positions.
I was hoping we cut off their arms shipments and supplies when we took this airbase.
It seems they're receiving new arms shipments directly from a supply ship orbiting General Kenobi? We've been having difficulty transmitting They must be jamming our signals.
Can't we destroy the supply ship? We're trying, but with little success.
Their fleet outnumbers ours and the extra ships we were promised have not yet arrived.
We'll just have to take that capital regardless of the missiles.
My battalion will meet you at the rendezvous coordinates.
We cannot expect I'm trying to get him back, sir.
Don't bother.
The enemy is jamming our transmissions.
We are on our own.
Have those containers searched and all weapons prepped and loaded.
Have the battalion ready to move out in 12 hours.
We're advancing on the capital.
Sir, shall I try to get a message to General Kenobi? Shouldn't we coordinate our attack, especially in light of the recent threat? General Kenobi has his hands full, same as us.
We need to throw everything we have at them, now! We'd be marching into a blast zone, sir.
Blasted insurgents.
I realize you haven't agreed with all my strategies, Captain.
But you are smart enough and loyal enough to obey my orders.
Now, prep those troops! Those missiles have 100 megaton yield.
We won't even make it to the delta.
What can I do? I've tried to reason with him.
Those are the orders.
Another suicide mission.
The capital is too well armed.
Why does it seem like he has it out for clones? I think you're all overreacting.
Obviously, General Krell knows what he's doing.
Do you really think he doesn't care if he loses men? I'm not saying that.
But I do think his desire for victory has blinded him to the fact that there are lives at stake.
I've never seen a general with these kinds of casualties.
He's out of control! He's not acting like the other Jedi.
He has no respect for us.
Listen, I don't agree with him either, but I don't have a better plan.
What about using these starfighters to destroy the supply ship? Our fleet has been trying.
The Umbarans have it as protected as the capital.
But we've got their access codes and their own hardware.
You were able to crack it? Mmm-hmm.
We can sneak right past their blockade, get where our ships can't.
If we take out that supply ship, then we cut off arms to the capital.
Sir, with all due respect, might I suggest another option to help us secure the capital? What would that be, Captain? My men have cracked the Umbaran codes.
With the starfighters, we can sneak past the supply ship's defenses.
We take it out, we cut off the arms to the capital.
And who do you propose would fly these starfighters? Are your troops now pilots? My men may not be pilots, sir, but they are able to learn and adapt quickly.
A few of them have already demonstrated that.
I'm afraid I can't afford to waste any clones on frivolous adventures.
We're going to need everyone to take the capital.
Sir, incoming.
Sector delta.
Long-range missiles.
The assault on the capital will continue as planned.
So that's it? We just march into those missiles? Oh, there's another option.
We go ahead with our plan, and suffer the consequences.
You would be court-martialed.
If it were up to me, and we had the time and the training, I would say, "Do it.
" But it's out of my hands and the truth is, you are no pilots.
Come on.
If Hardcase can fly one of these things, we all can.
Yeah, he wasn't really flying.
More like avoiding crashing.
We'll be blasted out of the sky before we get anywhere.
Not if we're in their fighters.
No one's gonna be shooting at us.
Here comes Dogma.
Uh What's going on? Er Nothing.
This is about more than just following orders.
It is.
It is about honor.
Where is the honor in marching blindly to our deaths? It is not our call.
We are part of something larger.
We're not independent of one another.
I'm sorry.
I cannot just follow orders when I know they're wrong.
Especially when lives are at stake.
You will if you support the system we fight for.
I do support it.
I do! But I am not just another number! None of us are! Fives, where are you going? To round up some pilots.
All right.
Okay, there.
Try that out.
It should be a little easier.
I got it.
Whoa! Hardcase, what are you doing? If I knew, I wouldn't be doing it! Look out! Great.
This can't get much worse.
Sir, there appears to be a disturbance in Hangar 9-4.
Trooper, what's going on down there? Hey, hey, I got this.
Report, Trooper.
Er Yes, sir.
Everything's fine in the hangar, sir.
Nothing's out of control down here.
Then why have the alarms been triggered? It'sjust a drill, a safety drill, sir.
Safety check occurs at 0600.
Who authorized this drill? Uh We are decrypting the alien hardware, sir.
Standard operating procedure.
That didn't work.
Who is this? What's your CT number? Trooper, identify yourself! Okay.
How about this? No, no, no, no, no.
That's gonna leave a mark.
I'm going down there.
Got it.
I got it.
It's easy.
Just level your hands.
What, are you crazy? You could've gotten us killed.
Not to mention ruining our hopes of flying this mission! It's a malfunction, no harm done.
Explain this.
Sir, we were decrypting the enemy craft when what appears to be an enemy booby trap went off.
A booby trap? Yes, sir.
The fighter went haywire and had I not been able to get control of it, and aim the missile at the doors, something worse might've happened.
Is this true? Yes, sir.
That is what happened, no doubt.
Well, Captain Rex, looks like I was correct.
The Umbaran fighters are dangerous and not fit for flight.
But, sir, we now know how they work.
We just need practice! Lock down these fighters.
I don't want anything else exploding.
Nice work.
Now we know how to fly them, and we won't be able to get near them.
Oh, come on.
That won't stop us.
It's just procedure.
We can sneak in and be out before Krell knows anything.
I thought the plan was to destroy the enemy ship with the fighters, not blow up our own hangar.
Look, I agree we should go through with this.
So, are you two volunteering to be my pilots or what? I'm in regardless of the consequences.
Flying these fighters beats blindly walking into a bunch of missiles, so, I'm in.
We just need a plan.
Already got one.
General Skywalker blew up a droid control ship when he was just a kid.
And he told me the trick was hitting the main reactor from the inside.
Well, that won't be so tough.
I want a full perimeter sweep.
Be on high alert.
Fives, what are you doing out here? You should be in the barracks.
I found my pilots.
We're going after that supply ship.
Are you out of your mind? It's a suicide mission, not to mention against orders.
It's the right thing to do.
We have to try.
It sounds like you intend to go through with it.
If you're going to try to stop us, we need to know.
I can't help you when you get caught.
I understand, sir.
Hey, Tup.
Wake up! What? I'm trying to sleep.
Where are they? - Who? - You know.
Don't tell me they're going to disobey orders.
Well, I didn't say that.
You know we have to tell the General.
No, no, no, you can't.
We have to tell him.
If we know what they're up to, and we keep our mouths shut, then we'll be complicit in their insubordination.
Do you really want to be court-martialed? Look, sir! These things are trickier than I imagined.
I hope this is a good idea.
Well, it's better than Krell's plan.
I'm only doing this because I don't like him.
That's reason enough.
I'm just doing it for fun.
Whoa! What the Try to fly steady.
We're going in! I'm really not liking this.
Easy, Hardcase.
Don't get an itchy trigger finger.
Looks like they think we're Umbaran, all right.
There's the supply ship! Follow me! Let's do this.
Captain, my flight officer reports the launch of three starfighters.
I thought I ordered those ships locked down.
Sorry for the confusion, sir.
I authorized the recon of the delta in preparation for your attack on the capital.
You took it under your own authority to launch such a reconnaissance? Oh, yes, sir.
I'm sure the report will make your strategy more effective.
I want that report as soon as they are back.
Hey, where are you two going? I asked you a question, troopers.
We are going to speak with the General, sir.
Regarding what? A personal matter.
Why don't you tell me, and I'll report it to the General? On second thoughts, sir, it's not important.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Break time is over.
Get back to work.
Hey! Clones? Intruders! Uh Sir, there are clones in the main hangar.
The probability of that is 10,003 to 1.
Why do they have to go and do that? Uh, sir, we have confirmed that there are three commandeered starfighters heading toward the main reactor.
Strengthen our defenses.
Reactor core locked, prepare missiles.
Fire missiles! Activate ray shields.
Roger, roger.
Ray shields.
Hit the deck! This may have been a bad idea after all.
Intruder alert! Our shields are sure taking a beating.
We can't turn back now! Cover me! Hardcase! Get back on your ship! Trust me! I've got a plan! This is for the 501 st! Don't wait for me! Hardcase! No! You've disobeyed enough orders today, sir.
Follow this one.
Get out of here! If I know Hardcase, we'd better leave.
Live to fight another day, boys.
Live to fight another day.
Come on.
Come on! They did it.
Where's Hardcase? He didn't make it.
We couldn't have done it without him.
General Krell would like to see them in the tower.
You want to see them, sir? Indeed.
It seems they have accomplished a very brave act.
Unfortunately, they've also committed a serious crime by directly disobeying my order.
With all due respect, sir, the order to attack the cargo vessel was mine.
If there's a punishment to be given, it should be directed toward me.
I'm their commanding officer.
General, sir, Captain Rex is attempting to take the blame for actions that were clearly mine.
Fives! I request that his admission of guilt be denied and full blame placed upon me.
Oh, do you? You willfully countermand my direct order, and now you have the audacity to request who should bear the punishment of your insurrection? Let me be clear about the punishment for the treason committed by ARC trooper and CT-5597.
They will be court-martialed, they will be found guilty.
And they will be executed! Make no mistake.
For crossing me, you will pay the price.

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