Star Wars: The Clone Wars s05e09 Episode Script

A Necessary Bond

Pursued by pirates! While on a rite of passage, six Jedi younglings and Ahsoka Tano are ambushed.
Protecting the young Jedi, Ahsoka was captured by the nefarious Hondo Ohnaka and taken to the planet Florrum.
Marshalling their courage and training, the younglings infiltrated the pirate stronghold and rescued Ahsoka.
Now we find our heroes in a race to their starship, with the pirates closing in.
I know.
I see them.
They're gaining on us! Uh, I think they're still upset that we tricked them.
They'll get over it once we're off their planet.
I wouldn't be so sure about that.
Ganodi, we need a quick evac.
Come in, please.
Maybe the pirates are jamming the signal.
Where could she be? Ganodi.
Come in.
Attaching your head took a lot longer than I thought it would.
It is appreciated, youngling.
Mobility is paramount, especially in an emergency.
Ganodi, where are you? I'm here.
I was in the back fixing Huyang.
That's great.
But we're all gonna need repairs if you don't have the engines running.
Where are you? Ganodi, it's Ahsoka.
Padawan Tano! We've rescued you.
But we need you to get us home.
Are you ready? Just tell me what I need to do.
Okay, fire up the engines and head to these coordinates.
We'll be right there.
There they are! Artoo, hold her steady and lower the boarding ramp.
Come on! Looks like our ride is here.
Everyone get topside and stay down.
But who's going to pilot the tank? Katooni, grab that mask.
Uh, that'll have to do.
The steering must have come loose.
We got him! Hang on! Oh, no.
No, no, no! They're coming back! Artoo, get out of there now! Everyone, let go! Jump down now.
Nice try, little Jedi.
But it looks like you're coming with us.
What the-- Droids? It's an invasion.
Boss! Boss! We're all in trouble! Gah! Hondo.
General Grievous, I presume? What a surprise.
Have a seat.
What, may I ask, is the honor? You can dispense with the pleasantries, pirate.
This planet is now under Separatist control.
And what do you suppose that means? It means you have a new master, pirate scum.
Hondo Ohnaka, we meet again.
As I recall the last time we met face-to-face, I was your prisoner.
Uh And you attempted to barter me off to the highest bidder.
But can you blame me? I mean, a Sith Lord.
What a handsome price you would-- - Silence! You are going to pay the price for your treachery.
Well, I'm a reasonable man.
Name the price.
I'm sure we can reach-- - There will be payment, but no deals-- only demands.
Your entire arsenal will be melted down.
Everything you own is now property of the Separatist Alliance.
Now you go too far! Unacceptable! This is an outrage.
This-- Hold on.
We can make a deal.
This is not good business! This isn't good.
Those scrappin' droids are looting the place.
They're dismantling our ships.
The fact that Grievous is here with his entire fleet means that Master Kenobi must have been overrun.
This entire system is now in Separatist controlled space.
What should we do? There's nowhere to run.
You're not running anywhere, skug.
You're still my prisoner.
Maybe I can trade you to the Separatists in exchange for my freedom.
Not likely.
Grievous didn't come here to make deals.
He already controls the planet and the system.
If you hand us over to him, he'll kill us and then you.
We have a common enemy in Grievous.
Together, we can get out of this.
You must have some other ships somewhere.
You are pirates.
Hondo's got a private fleet, but only he knows where the ships are.
Then we'll have to rescue him.
I know Grievous.
And I know droids.
With my help, you stand a better chance.
You got yourself a deal, Jedi.
You captured this tank? Not bad for an astromech.
What's your ID number? Hey, do not get smart with me.
I outrank you.
You just watch yourself.
I could have you melted down with the rest of this junk.
That's right.
Now take it over to Hangar 12.
And no detours.
We'll be watching you.
And here I thought you made your escape, no? No.
There were complications.
Now, we have to put our differences aside and be friends, or else we're all gonna die here.
Ah, very diplomatic.
Ha! I knew you did not come back to rescue Hondo, how do you say it? Out of the goodness of your hearts.
No, no, no, no.
You need something from me.
A ship, to be specific.
Ah, yes.
A ship, a ship.
Ah, but where would we find one of those? My new friend General Grievous has destroyed my ships.
We know you have one, a whole pirate fleet.
And one of my old friends, apparently, has been talking too much.
Ah, what does it matter? We'll never reach the vault anyway.
Grievous' army is way too big.
Don't give up.
We can fight.
If I may, sir.
I have instructed younglings for over 1,000 generations, and these are among the best I have ever seen.
Well, then, show me.
Show me your swords, tiny Jedi.
Show Hondo you are ready to fight.
And you, child.
Where is your saber? It's not finished.
I never finished it.
I've done everything right, but it won't work.
You must trust that the components that form your lightsaber are meant to be together.
There is no other way.
It is the Force that binds them.
Yes, I was just going to say that.
Finish it now.
Finish, finish! This is worth the price of a ship.
To see the construction of a Jedi lightsaber, this--this is priceless.
Finish it, and together, we can defeat Grievous.
That is truly amazing.
Well, cut me down, little Jedi.
It's time to leave.
So why the big show? You didn't really have a choice.
You know we have to work together.
Because, Jedi, you know what we are about to attempt is very dangerous.
And I may be a pirate, but I do not like taking children into battle.
That didn't seem to bother you when you attacked us.
Well, today is a new day, and lucky for you, today, I like children.
Now, let's free the rest of my men.
This is OOM-87, General.
The prison area is under attack.
There are several miniature Jedi here.
What? You aren't making any sense.
What Jedi? The little ones, half the size of normal Jedi.
They're freeing the prisoners and-- my knees! Prepare to open fire.
We will bring the building down on their heads.
I got your back.
I feel so safe.
They run.
After them.
They went the wrong way.
Don't worry.
What about the others? We can't just leave them.
You are welcome to come, small one.
You may join our merry band of pirates.
I won't just run away.
Ahsoka trusted you.
We all trusted you.
Artoo, do something.
I don't know.
We have to shake Grievous off.
Get aggressive.
Ah! Too aggressive.
Far too aggressive.
Yes, well, it was an effective strategy, but not what I would recommend.
So many lightsabers to add to my collection.
Hurry! Come on! Run.
All of you run! Ha! Ahsoka! Come on! Ahsoka, come on! You will never defeat Grievous.
Never! I wouldn't be so sure.
Did we get him? I can't tell.
Show is over, kiddies.
Let's get out of here.
And let me see.
Oh, the cost of the fuel.
I had to use a lot of fuel.
The general wear and tear on my men and equipment.
A couple of them died, I think.
Believe me, Kenobi.
Staging a rescue is not an inexpensive proposition.
So you mean to tell me you were staging a rescue, not attempting to hijack a Jedi starship? You're welcome! Oh, the thanklessness! What an accusation.
I am gone! I will send you my bill! Ahsoka.
It's good to see you're all safe.
Yes, Master.
We had quite an eventful mission.
The most eventful since the time Master Yoda went to find his lightsaber crystal.
What? Oh! - Tell us! - What happened then? I'm afraid that story will have to wait.
For now, be proud.
You have survived an ordeal few your age could.
Welcome home, young Jedi.

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