Star Wars: The Clone Wars s06e02 Episode Script


A flaw in the plan! While in the middle of a heated battle, clone trooper Tup lost his senses and killed a Jedi General.
Seeming to have no awareness of his actions, Tup's health began to deteriorate rapidly.
Fearing the illness was linked to a Separatist plot, Anakin Skywalker has dispatched Captain Rex and ARC Trooper 5555 to escort Tup back to the cloning facilities on Kamino for an intensive evaluation.
You will have to say good-bye to your friend now.
Yes, Doctor.
General Shaak Ti.
Captain Rex.
Fives, am I correct? Yes, General.
You've served with Tup? Yes.
You must come with me.
With with all due respect, General, I can't just abandon him now.
You must let the doctors do their work.
Do not be afraid.
Your friend is in quite capable hands.
Doctor Nala Se is the Chief Medical Scientist on Kamino.
She was one of the primary engineers of all the clones.
Now we must take care of you.
Me? There's nothing wrong with me, General.
I'm perfectly fine.
We can't be sure of that until we've completed a full exam.
If a virus was the cause of Tup's breakdown, you have more than likely been exposed to the contagion.
You haven't entered the advance stages yet, as Tup has, but any information we can gather from you could help to find a cure for Tup.
All right, General, if it'll help Tup.
Captain Rex, General Skywalker has ordered you back to the war zone.
You are to leave immediately.
I'm sorry, Fives.
I wish I could stay, but duty calls.
It's fine, sir.
Fighting a virus is a nice change of pace from all those clankers.
Take care of yourself and Tup.
Let's begin the tests.
Administer the stimulant.
Remove his mask.
What are they doing to Tup? Remain calm.
Out of my way! Oh.
Please return to the examination table.
His reactions are normal.
What's going on? General! General! No, no, no.
Please return to the examination table.
Come on! Remain calm.
Please return to the examin His reaction will subside.
The patient must be awake for the next round of tests.
I am not fond of these hyper tests.
Yes, but they do give us all the information we need in a timely fashion.
There does not seem to be any sign of infection in the blood.
How curious.
The subject has tested negative on all accounts.
This clone seems to be in perfect health.
We must be missing something.
Why am I here? Is he conscious? Follow orders.
Kill Jedi.
Kill Jedi! Are you finished with your tests? For now.
Sedate him.
Yes, ma'am.
Follow orders.
Follow orders.
Follow orders.
It appears this clone has orders to kill a Jedi.
Perhaps the Separatists found a way to brainwash him.
Look, is Tup going to be all right? Have they found anything out? Please sit down.
We are using hyper tests, so we should be getting the results very quickly.
We need to complete more procedures on you.
Why? Ow! Hey! I said I was sorry.
You must understand, organic beings are so much harder to analyze than droids.
Well? Everything seems normal.
Oh, great.
Well, that means they can let me out.
I am afraid that is not possible.
You must remain quarantined until we have pinpointed the exact cause of the other clone's breakdown.
We cannot risk any further casualties.
Look, I am not a threat, and neither is Tup.
Are you certain? Eh.
You're just a droid.
You don't know about real duty, about what it's like to have a brother.
I am sorry.
I always wanted to have human feelings, but I do not.
Maybe whatever is causing his aggression is psychological.
It seems to be an isolated case.
The other clone has yet to display any symptoms.
I need an answer now.
This isn't just a physical manifestation of psychosis.
You must have missed something.
Might I suggest a second brain scan, an atomic-level brain scan? This is unnecessary.
The phase 1 and 2 scans we did are sufficient.
He's too weak for a phase 5 atomic-level scan.
I calculate the beneficial knowledge we could gain from a phase 5 atomic scan is worth the risk.
The only way to discover what has happened to this clone is to terminate him and do a full-scale autopsy on the molecular level.
We must be cautious.
I do not believe this is a physical ailment, but a mental condition caused by possible Separatist brainwashing.
I do not agree.
This is a virus of some kind.
I am in charge of this examination, and I will decide what is best for my patient.
Actually, since the Republic and the Jedi commissioned the clones, it is our responsibility to oversee their care.
Every clone and their genetic makeup is property of the Kaminoan government.
Now, as a client of ours, I will respect your wishes, but as to the fate of this clone, I will speak to our Prime Minister, Lama Su.
And I will advise the Jedi Council on the atomic brain scan and see how they would like to proceed.
Very well.
What's going on? CT-5385's condition seems to be deteriorating.
His name is Tup.
Tup? What is a Tup? Tup is my friend.
He's not a number.
Yes, he is.
We all have numbers.
My number is AZ-345211896246498721347.
His number is CT-5385.
He has a name.
No clone uses a number, not anymore.
But you are a number.
No, I am Fives.
Call me Fives.
But five is a number.
No, not five, Fives.
The difference is minimal.
Not to me and not to any clone.
It appears there has been a preemptive execution of clone protocol 66.
How did this happen? I do not know as of yet.
However, I recommend we terminate the clone and do a full autopsy to discover how the inhibitor chip was activated.
And what of the Jedi? The Jedi Shaak Ti is proposing an atomic-level brain scan.
She has gone to the Jedi Council to seek their approval before proceeding.
We must contact Lord Tyranus.
I've been expecting your transmission.
I have heard of the malfunctioning clone.
How widespread is the problem? It seems to be an isolated incident.
However, this is a delicate situation.
We need to terminate the clone as soon as possible in order to extract and analyze the inhibitor chip that you provided to us.
Very good.
Terminate the clone immediately.
However, send the chip to me for analysis.
And what if the Jedi ask for the chip and the results of the autopsy? You must remember the chip is a safeguard against betrayal from rogue Jedi.
Master Syfo-Dias was the only Jedi who knew of this.
But with his passing, we alone know of this secret, and you must keep it that way.
Yes, Lord Tyranus.
These Jedi are a curious cult.
Too spiritual for my taste.
I will terminate the clone immediately.
The Kaminoans have suggested that we terminate the clone and do a rigorous molecular autopsy to discover the virus.
I believe this solution is ill-advised.
My belief is that Tup has been brainwashed by the Separatists using some new process we do not yet understand.
Brainwashing? How could that be possible? General Skywalker reported Tup missing on Ringo Vinda, but after five rotations, he turned up again.
That event preceded this episode.
Perhaps he was compromised at that point.
We must find the truth behind this situation, or we could find many more clones turned against us.
I would like to implement a level five atomic brain scan to see if his thought processes are still functioning normally.
And what do the Kaminoans think of that? They feel Tup is so weak, the level five atomic brain scan will damage his neural tissue and possibly kill him.
Their approach would be to terminate him, thus leaving the brain fully intact for the autopsy.
Bring clone trooper Tup back to the Jedi Temple.
Examine him with the Force we shall, and unravel this mystery we will.
Yes, Master.
I'll bring him back immediately.
There's too much procedure and protocol here.
Tup is a soldier, he risks his life every day, and I know he would risk it now if it meant finding a cure for what's wrong with him.
I recommended an atomic brain scan, but that request has thus far been denied.
Then we have to get the results of that brain scan ourselves.
But that is against protocol.
Think about it.
It's your duty to save the patient, right? That is correct.
And you recommended this atomic brain scan as the best way to save the patient, right? That is correct.
So, by not performing this scan, you're letting the patient die, willingly.
That is against my programming.
That's not the way it looks to me.
I cannot perform the atomic brain scan without disobeying orders.
Check your programming.
I thought saving the patient at all costs was fundamentally your highest order.
You are correct.
Then let's get to it.
Let's get to work.
The scan is almost complete.
Everything appears to be normal.
Wait a second.
What? What is it? It appears this clone has developed a tumor.
Is that even possible? I have never witnessed anything like this in your kind.
Then what is it? I cannot be sure without a biopsy.
You're gonna take it out of him? What was that? Do you think anybody heard that? The probability that somebody heard that is high, yes.
It came from this room.
Hello, Doctor.
What do you think you're doing? I was only following protocol.
Save the patient.
Doctor, I have found something unusual in this scan.
It appears to be a tumor.
Perhaps you should take a look.
You performed a second scan without my authorization? As I stated, I was following my programming.
Then you are like this clone defective.
You will be put on report for deactivation.
But the tumor this tumor seems to be blocking neuro-impulses from communicating within the brain.
We should scan the rest of the clones to see if this is a problem with their base genetic model or a mutation with the current models.
There is no tumor.
Your scan is incorrect.
But this clone clearly has a virus that remains undetected, but I will find the cause once he's terminated.
Now leave.
I can't believe it.
They're going to kill him.
In a case like this, it is the logical course of action.
No, no.
We were not created to be disposed of this way.
Perhaps you were.
CT-5385 will be terminated so that others like him could survive.
There aren't others like him! Tup doesn't have to die.
You found a tumor.
I'm sure that's the cause of all this.
It's the only thing that makes sense.
But how can we proceed? Do your biopsy.
I'm sure what you find will prove Tup does not have to die.
But Nala Se does not believe We're not going to Nala Se with whatever you find.
We'll go to the General, to Shaak Ti.
She helped me once as a cadet.
I know she values the life of a clone.
But we will be disobeying direct orders.
Yep, for the second time today.
Can you hack into the medical center's mainframe? I do possess that ability, yes.
All right.
Well, here's what you need to do.
It will be a painless death.
Soon, all our questions will be answered.
You may proceed.
You got it? Are you in? Got it.
Intruder alert.
Intruder alert.
All nonessential personnel report to a safe room for lockdown.
Master Jedi.
Status report? Scanners have picked up an intruder in section C-6, but we have no visual confirmation.
It could be the enemy looking for our patient.
I'm on my way.
Please report to a secure room.
Ha! Good work, AZ.
You better get started before they figure out it's a false alarm.
Right away.
You might want to turn away for this part.
I want a report.
It appears to be a false alarm, triggered from the medical bay.
Medical bay? It's Fives.
Come on.
Is it done? It is now.
What have you done? We've saved my friend's life.
This tumor is the cause of his illness.
Give me that! You can't be trusted.
Stand down, trooper.
General! I have evidence.
It's right here.
I'm free.
The mission Free Tup? The mission Free.
The mission.
What is he saying? Brother, what mission? You you know the one.
The the mission, the one in our dreams that never ends.
The one in our dreams Oh, brother.
This is the end.
Forget the mission.
Oh, the nightmare.
I'm free.
I thought I saved him.
Sir, the clone CT-5385 has died.
Such a tragedy.
I recommend we do further tests on this tumor at the Jedi Temple to see if it is the cause of the problem.
Or even better, have the tumor sent to the Grand Republic Medical Facility here on Coruscant.
- The Jedi Council requested the clone.
- I think the Chancellor is correct.
The Grand Medical Facility is state-of-the-art.
If we are to find an answer to this puzzle, we will find it there.
- We are in agreement, then? - Yes, sir.

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