Stargate: Infinity (2002) s01e20 Episode Script

The Answer

[GASPS] Let's see where we are.
[GASPS] [LAUGHlNG ] The locals seem friendly enough.
Want me to fly over and make contact? No, we'll all go.
They may never have seen a human before.
Yeah, and we don't wanna make a bad impression.
Very funny.
You're a real load of laughs, Stace.
Knock it off, you two.
Let's move out.
[GROWLlNG ] [VEHlCLES APPROACHlNG ] Hold on, we've found somebody.
Hi, l'm Gus Bonner.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
There's somebody down that hole.
Let's go.
STACEY: We're on it.
[SHOUTlNG lN ALlEN LANGUAGE] [GRUNTlNG ] Looks like you could use an extra hand.
Not to mention a pair of wings.
Having trouble? [HARRlSON GRUNTlNG ] [YELLlNG ] No! Get away! The omsok ferns.
No! You are swatted.
[GASPS] Hey, what are you doing? You don't wanna go down there.
l must get the omsok ferns.
Not this time, lady.
We're out of here.
[SPEAKlNG lN ALlEN LANGUAGE] Hey, hey, hey, the word in English is " thanks.
" Your language, no words for angry l am.
Well, at least now we can talk to each other, more or less.
Maybe you'll tell us why you're so angry.
Harrison here just saved your life.
Life? Life nothing without omsok.
What is it? Medicine or something? No.
lt is to wear.
Make beautiful.
Hm? -Huh? -Ah.
Let me get this straight.
You were risking your life for a fashion accessory? Omsok make us beautiful.
Like them.
Olmay? Puna? Without omsok, we are nothing.
Too expensive for us to buy.
There's gotta be something about this l'm not understanding.
You had to have been there, major.
On the street, the right clothes told everybody how bad you were.
Or what group you hung with in school or could even hope to be a part of.
lf you didn't have the right clothes or shoes, it was like you didn't exist.
Okay, this has to be a girl thing.
Major, l remember working all summer just to save up for a pair of sneakers.
Air pumps, reflector stripes, built-in vertical jump meter.
-Man, those shoes had everything.
-You're kidding.
l was tired of being treated like a dweeb.
-Dweeb? -Life form from the wrong fashion planet.
You do understand.
We must have omsok, otherwise-- MAN: Hey, get out of here.
Away from my store if you not buy.
We're not bothering anybody.
We not sell to humans.
And you.
Go away, bare head.
All right, we can tell when we're not wanted.
We'll set up camp in the forest.
Guess that means no hot showers.
lt's all right, Rikkel.
You don't need those omsok.
l nothing without them.
Must go back to caves.
You not stop me.
Then l guess l'll have to help you.
Seattle means we'll have to help you.
Human and bare head.
Even more ugly.
SMlTH: That's Gus Bonner.
l heard about him on my last trading journey.
The Tlak'kahn are offering a big reward for that alien with him.
Big money is good.
But too many humans.
Then we'll just have to find a way to get rid of a few.
[BOTH LAUGHlNG ] [HARRlSON GROANS] STACEY: You can't talk us out of it, Uncle Gus.
We're going into the caves with Rikkel and help her get those ferns.
lf you wanna help her, make her see how foolish it is.
to think she has to wear what everybody else does.
We tried that.
lt didn't work.
Remember how important it was for you to fit in when you were a kid? Just because l was foolish, doesn't mean she has to be.
lt's not foolish to wanna have friends, to be accepted.
Yes, but those caves are dangerous.
Just a few oversized bugs.
Now that we know they're there, we can handle them.
We've dealt with worse.
We've got to help Rikkel or she'll just try it by herself.
You have to do what you think is right.
But you stay in radio contact.
You get into trouble, we'll be there as fast as we can.
Thanks, major.
You always were my favorite uncle.
l'm your only uncle.
Let's go get some omsok.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Soon l be like other Rom'alg.
HARRlSON: l heard what you guys are doing.
BOTH: Huh? lf you're gonna make fun of us, do it quick.
-We're in a hurry.
-No, l want to come along.
Why? You bored? l keep thinking about those basketball shoes l wanted when l was a kid.
You know, l wanted so bad to be cool, but l couldn't afford them.
l guess Rikkel must feel like l did.
Are you turning into a sensitive guy? Hey, if you're gonna insult me, l'm not gonna help.
Don't go away mad, Harrison.
Come on.
This way big enough to take vehicles.
-Omsok grow deep inside.
-Looks easier than that other entrance.
Why didn't you go this way the first time? This way, more dangerous.
ALL: Huh? And you barely made it out last time.
Are you sure those ferns are that important? You know, don't you, that what you wear or how you look.
is far less important than who you are inside? lnside too hard to see.
Outside easy.
Huh? Hey, l'm all about fashion risk.
The winged alien will only have two with her now.
-Capture her? -Not yet.
First, let's make sure those other three don't return.
SEATTLE: Harrison, how's it look up ahead? You're clear for the next 500 meters.
Whoa, what's that? -What is it, Harrison? -Nothing.
Just found a cool pink crystal on this stalagmite.
-Stalagmites are the ones on the ground.
HARRlSON [OVER RADlO] : You sure? STACEY: Just remember, stalactites hang tight to the ceiling.
l always get those confused myself.
Really? lt's very simple.
Stalagmites have a G because they're on the ground.
Huh, never thought of it that way.
STACEY: Uncle Gus, do you read? Loud and clear, Stacey.
What's wrong? Just a little dip in the road.
Maybe one, two kilometers deep.
Time for the Harrison Ferry.
SEATTLE: Thanks, but l'll take the shuttle.
-So how much further? -Not far.
-But now, get dangerous.
-Oh, joy.
Up ahead.
Whoa, cool.
STACEY: Uncle Gus, we found them.
The whole cave's filled with omsok.
Harvest what you can carry and get out of there fast.
Draga's picking up some seriously bad vibes.
Okay, we'll make it quick.
You heard him.
The salad bar is closing.
So many omsok.
l will be most beautiful of all.
What l don't understand is how these plants grow in darkness.
Mushrooms do it.
They just need a rich source of carbon.
These crystals must be some sort of carbonate.
Come to think of it, if l remember my geology.
We got pests.
Let's bug out.
Major, we're under attack.
l hear you, Stacey.
Do you need help? We're staying ahead.
l think we can shake them at the fissure.
STACEY: Oh! That should hold them.
-Guess not.
STACEY: Let's move.
They need help.
Let's go.
[GASPS] [GRUNTlNG ] Stacey, we're under attack.
l dislike crowds.
Shut the door, would you, Tavi? [BONNER YELLS] Gus! -How do we get to another way out? -Back down tunnel.
Not without a really big can of bug spray.
[BONNER AND EC'CO GRUNTlNG ] You seem to have a problem.
Sorry l can't help you out, but l've got a reward to collect.
You might wanna rethink that plan.
Point is, porcupine, you've got other things to worry about right now.
Like a bunch of trapped buddies.
See you around.
[GROANS] EC'CO: Hey! BONNER: Ec'co, he's right.
First, we rescue Stacey and the others from the cave-in.
Then, go after Draga.
Now, get this thing off of my leg.
[GRUNTlNG ] [GRUNTS] -Aah! RlKKEL: Here, ugly bug.
[SPEAKS lN ALlEN LANGUAGE] All my fault.
-Omsok not matter to you.
-No, but you matter.
Back in that other tunnel, they hid when the lights came on.
That gives me an idea.
Close your eyes.
[BOTH GASP] What is it? Magnesium carbonate.
l didn't always sleep through geology class.
Our lasers make it go off like flash powder.
My omsok.
Hey, no one said social status was easy to acquire.
BONNER: Stacey, what's happening? -We're holding them off for now.
BONNER: Then stay clear.
We're gonna use the MORV laser to dig you out.
RlKKEL: Tavi has taken your friend? That's right.
He's teamed up with a Calamarian bounty hunter.
There they are.
We must surrender.
You just lost your share of the bounty then.
[SMlTH YELLS AND GRUNTS] -Hey! -l'll take that.
Please, l surrender.
lt was all his idea anyway.
l wanted no part of it.
l'll-- [SCREAMlNG ] No.
Phew! [GASPS] Pull me out.
Pull me out, please.
STACEY: Nice going, Rikkel.
He's a nasty piece of work, but you still saved him.
You're really quite special, you know that? Thank you.
But omsok we had, gone.
Well, isn't that a coincidence? Because we just happen to know an omsok merchant who-- Let's put it this way.
--would be really glad to do us a favor.
lsn't that right? Oh, yes, yes.
Finest in my shop.
Yes, it is.
l made sure of that.
[GASPS] This not me.
l look like everyone else.
Huh? -This is me.
l do not want.
l am me.
[ALL GASPlNG ] -We go? -All right, Rikkel.
l do not understand.
She want omsok, then not want it.
lt's what we call a sudden change of fashion.
Being yourself is in, and omsok is out.
[WOMEN SHOUTlNG lN ALlEN LANGUAGE] WOMAN: Give back-- Give back money now.
We want money back.
We return these.
Oh, no.
[ALL SHOUT lN ALlEN LANGUAGE] Guess maybe we put him out of business.
How do l look? Behind the fashion curve again, Uncle Gus.
Just like me and those basketball shoes.
Worked all summer to get them, and then they weren't cool anymore.
Let's get out of here before something else becomes fashionable.