Stargate: Infinity (2002) s01e22 Episode Script

Feet of Clay

1 Huh? [CREATURES ROARlNG ] Major, have the stargate ready when we get there.
We've dealt with alien creatures before.
Can't you handle them? [HARRlSON SHOUTS AND THEN STACEY SHRlEKS] The first couple of hundred weren't so bad, but this is getting old fast.
The first couple of hundred? [GRUNTS] Better activate the stargate.
Whoa! -Ah! -Draga.
[DRAGA WAlLlNG ] Let's move it before we're birdseed.
[HARRlSON GRUNTS] [SHlVERlNG ] Why didn't the Ancients put more stargates on nice tropical beaches? You cold? Feels good.
STACEY: There's your answer.
Harrison's got a point.
Maybe we'd better find a warmer planet? First, we have to find the DHD.
What's the use of jumping from one planet to another? lf it's not the Tlak'kahn, it's some monster, or it's freezing.
There could be millions of stargates.
We're never gonna find Draga's planet.
Why don't we admit it and save ourselves a lot of trouble? Are you serious, or are you just moving your jaws to keep warm? EC'CO: Harrison's got a point.
We don't even know for certain Draga is one of the Ancients.
We don't have to keep going.
This isn't an official mission, it's just something we took on ourselves.
lt's our decision, whether to keep going or-- Or what? Give up? ls that what you're talking about? Quitting? We're talking about being realistic.
l thought you all understood that we're in this for the long haul.
Yeah, but we didn't know it was going to be this long.
When you start a job, you have to finish it.
BONNER: Not just for the sake of the job.
but for yourself, your own self-respect.
Can we talk about this some place warmer? Draga.
[STARGATE HUMMlNG ] So, what's the destination, Draga? Where you wish to go? Your home planet? -Earth? -l vote for Malibu.
Or maybe Cancun.
l not know where stargate leads.
l take you where you wish to go.
lt doesn't seem possible.
but maybe Draga can navigate the stargates subconsciously.
Maybe? l don't think there's much that's impossible for Draga.
Well, see if it works.
Uh, l don't much like the looks of this.
EC'CO: What do you think, major? Could this be another world influenced by the Tlak'kahn? Maybe we should just turn around and go back through the stargate.
This dig is private property.
l'm Professor Elena Martalan.
l'm in charge of this expedition.
Who are you? l'm Major Gus Bonner of Stargate Command, from planet Earth.
This may be a dumb question, but where are we? -The Yucatбn, of course.
-Yucatбn? That sounds real familiar.
Have we been there before? Have you ever been to Mexico? We're back on Earth.
EC'CO: Bonner team to Stargate Command.
Code 0032 scramble.
We uncovered the ring-- What you call a stargate.
--a few days ago, but l assumed it was just a Mayan artifact.
Have you notified the government, professor, or your university? This is a private expedition.
We're funded by a wealthy philanthropist.
a man named Horst Van Gelder.
EC'CO: Recognition code 0032 scramble.
Come in, Stargate Command.
Excuse me, General Stoneman, this just came in to Communications.
lt's in an old stargate code, from Gus Bonner's team.
lt says that they're at that archaeological dig in the Yucatбn.
Do you think it could be true? Could they have found another stargate? We already have an officer down there, acting as liaison with the archaeologist.
l'll have him look into it.
STONEMAN [ON RADlO] : I need you to investigate the transmission.
Is there a stargate down there or not? Well, General Stoneman, l have no reason to believe.
a stargate's been found but, if you want, l'll look into it.
STONEMAN: You do that, Captain Grimes.
Bonner must have gotten in touch with Stargate Command somehow.
We probably haven't got much time.
This is my stargate.
You agreed Stargate Command wouldn't be told about it.
That's what l'm paying you for.
Don't worry, Van Gelder.
l know what to do.
Van Gelder contacted Stargate Command.
as soon as Professor Martalan's team uncovered the stargate.
l'm just happy l could be here, major, to welcome you back to Earth.
Thank you, general, but, officially, what exactly is my status? Frankly, major, you're still a court-martialed disgraced officer.
STONEMAN: And you and these cadets are renegades.
But l can tell you in all honesty, Gus.
l've always known deep down that you were telling the truth.
l'll have helicopters and troops here in the morning.
You'll be taken to Stargate Command, and you can straighten everything out.
lf you'll just trust me, it'll all be over soon.
l'm glad to hear that, general.
lt's hard to believe, all that jumping from one world to another.
and now suddenly it's all over.
lt's not over for me.
l still have to find the guy who framed me.
l'd give anything to be face to face with him.
This is Nephestis.
l've found Bonner and the Ancient.
l'm making arrangements to disarm them.
Have a force ready to come through the stargate.
Ah, you two don't have to stand guard tonight.
-You're home now.
-Force of habit, sir.
Besides, l don't need as much sleep as the rest of the team.
You should get some rest, anyway.
The expedition has its own security force.
They can keep an eye on your vehicles.
[THUGS CHUCKLE] l'd rather watch the vehicles myself, sir.
l said get some rest, cadet.
That's an order.
EC'CO: Hmm.
Yes, sir.
Do l have to order you to get rest too? l not in Air Force.
l not take orders.
l guess you two won't be needed after all.
l, uh, won't need you cadets in the morning.
so l'm giving you two days leave.
Cancun's a couple hours down the road.
l'll see that you're provided with transportation.
Lie on the beach.
and get R and R.
-Hey! You'll have a long debriefing when you get back to Stargate Command.
Hey, for once l got something good to dream about.
We can't move on Bonner and his team tonight.
they're too on guard.
But l've arranged for the cadets to leave in the morning for Cancun.
l'm counting on your men to see to it they never get there.
What you're suggesting is pretty serious stuff.
Do you want the stargate or not? lf you do, then you have to do what l say.
-Can you two handle it? -You bet.
No problem.
Everything is ready, Da'kyll.
l've arranged for other forces to deal with the cadets.
ln the morning, Bonner and the Ancient will be alone.
Spread out quietly and surround the ruins.
This time, the humans won't be expecting us.
We will not fail.
Yes, commander.
[MOANlNG ] -Huh? -You must have really hated.
getting up to go to school.
No, for once, l wasn't dreaming about that.
All this time running from the Tlak'kahn.
now that's over, l start dreaming about them.
You do need some rest.
l told you l'd provide transport.
Why can't l take my bike? Yeah, l mean, l don't feel dressed without my wings.
Well, sorry, cadets, but those belong to Stargate Command.
Can't take them with you on leave.
Oh, and you'd better leave your wrist lasers and shields.
HARRlSON & SEATTLE: Huh? STONEMAN: We can't have you taking those into town.
l guess l'll see you all again at Stargate Command in a few days.
Even for two days, we'll miss you, Uncle Gus.
Yeah, who's gonna keep me out of trouble? Just don't do anything l wouldn't do.
lt's going to seem strange without you and the major.
l've kind have gotten used to us all being together.
We always be together.
[TlRES SQUEALlNG ] We've gotta hurry, major.
The helicopters from Stargate Command will be here any minute.
-Are the mines ready? -Nothing's gonna get past us.
Once they take the turn to Cancun: boom! All right.
Warm water, sandy beaches, and a hotel bed with clean sheets.
Why don't l feel happier about it? lt's because it's not right, going off and leaving Draga and Uncle Gus.
The time for kicking back and relaxing is when the job is finished after we've got Draga back to Dr.
Mason at Stargate Command.
General Stoneman will take her back.
Yeah, but it'd be nice to be there to see it, to stay with the job until it's finished.
Well, we're on leave.
And that means we can go anywhere we want.
Like back to that archaeological site.
? We meet before.
Where? You haven't met the general before, Draga.
You were a chrysalis when we left Stargate Command.
No, l meet him before somewhere.
-He ever look different? BONNER: Huh? [STARGATE WHlNlNG ] Commander, coordinates for Ka'an are set.
Ah, Nephestis is right on schedule.
Take cover.
Stargate activated.
Huh? Well, that's unusual.
Not as unusual as a Stargate Command general.
showing up in the Yucatбn all by himself.
Or sending a team off on leave without even debriefing them.
Where's your staff, general? Why aren't you curious about where we've been.
and what we've seen, like a shape-shifting planet.
where they could make duplicates of anyone they touched? Ha, what are you talking about, major? You know me, l'm General Stoneman.
Yeah, l know you.
You're the traitor.
l don't know who you really are, but you're the one who framed me.
NEPHESTlS: The name is Nephestis.
[GASPlNG ] Da'kyll, now! [BONNER GASPS AND THEN GRUNTS] [BONNER & DRAGA SCREAM] [TlRES SCREECH] l should've known something was up when general wanted wrist armor.
That guy's no fun on a vacation.
[LASERS FlRlNG ] -Lasers! -Let's go! [TlRES SQUEALlNG ] Wait.
Where is everyone? What's happening? DA'KYLL: This time you can't escape, Bonner.
You and the Ancient are all alone.
-Oh, man, talk about dйjа vu.
This is how everything got started in the first place.
STACEY: We're gonna be on the run, again.
lt's better than being here.
Let's go.
[TlRES SQUEALlNG ] lt's your fault the Ancient escaped! You said the young humans would be gone.
Van Gelder was supposed to take care of them.
Grimes, what are these Tlak'kahn doing here? -What's going on? -Enough! Your incompetence has ruined everything.
Should have known better than to work with a human.
What does he mean, Grimes? You work for me.
Life is full of little surprises, hey, Van Gelder? Commander, Stargate Command aircraft are approaching.
Take the warriors back through the stargate.
-And bring that with us.
Don't worry, Van Gelder, the Tlak'kahn are my friends.
No, don't take me.
l'm rich.
VAN GELDER: l'll pay you anything.
What are you going to do? No! NEPHESTlS: Make sure Van Gelder doesn't return to Earth.
[DA'KYLL GROWLS] No one ever returns from Ka'an.
[AlRCRAFT ROARlNG ] [PANTlNG ] What's happening? l thought l heard fighting.
lt was terrible.
Apparently, Grimes was a spy, working for hostile aliens.
So was Bonner and the rest of his team.
lt's complicated, but l can explain it all.
This is unbelievable.
l'm sure they'll believe me.
Aw, this place again.
Sorry, it was the first place that came to mind.
EC'CO: lt doesn't matter, major.
We'll go wherever we have to.
Until the job is done.
Yeah, we're in it for the long haul.
l enter new code.
New destination.
Not back to Earth.
Where, Draga? Maybe your home planet? -l do not know where we go.
-The best world.
You told me once that the best world was always the next one.
That's what makes it the best, isn't it? Because you don't know what it is.
Because you have to discover it for yourself.
Let's go discover it.
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