Stargate: Infinity (2002) s01e25 Episode Script

The Illustrated Stacey

[WlND HOWLlNG ] [YELLlNG ] We're gonna have to ride this out.
[HARRlSON YELLlNG ] [HARRlSON GRUNTlNG ] Usually when l go fishing, the big ones get away.
Stay where you are, everyone, and batten down the hatches.
[STACEY GRUNTS] Huh? What? [COUGHlNG ] Problem, Harrison? l thought you liked the sun and sand.
Yeah, l prefer more sun and less sand.
-Not alone.
-Huh? Everybody, stay alert.
l am N'Shuma, leader of the Motai.
We come from the Jaguut valley.
My son, Kyr, and daughter, Drea.
Gus Bonner.
Our team came through the stargate.
-Truly? We have heard only legends.
DREA: You are real, so the legends must be real.
N'SHUMA: Come.
Visit our village.
lt will fill the hearts of my people to meet you.
Sure, just give us a minute to get the sand out of our britches.
[SEATTLE GASPS] [VEHlCLES APPROACHlNG ] Huh? Do you have to water the fields like that all the time? One year water fell from the sky.
You mean, some years it never rains? Many years.
[VEHlCLES APPROACHlNG ] Huh? Have you tried ditches, to carry the water from the well to the fields? We tried, but if we take too much, the well goes dry.
Then we have nothing to drink.
SEATTLE: Maybe if you dug the well deeper.
There might be more water further underground.
How can we know if the water is there? We cannot see under the ground.
Actually, we can.
EC'CO: This echo pattern will tell us what kind of rock lies below us.
and if there are any deposits of petroleum, natural gas.
or in our case, water.
Well, Einstein, what's the verdict? Can't you hurry things up? EC'CO: What's the big rush? [SlGHS] Relax.
There's your water.
-Last one in the pool is a rotten egg.
-Yes! [ALL SHOUTlNG AND CHEERlNG ] What does this do? lt checks radio frequencies to see if we're the only ones here.
[STATlC CRACKLlNG ] Ec'co, check this out.
l'm picking up some weird signal interference.
Sounds like static from a nearby power source.
But l thought we had the only power source around here.
EC'CO: Me too.
Let's see what kind of readings we get with the energy sensor.
[SENSOR BEEPlNG ] EC'CO: lt's coming from in there.
But how can we get the water from the ground.
when it is down so deep? Maybe a windmill.
lt could power a pump.
Right, until one of those sandstorms hits.
l doubt any windmill could stand up to one of those.
-Harrison's right.
-l am? l mean, yeah.
My father used to say: "There's always a way to do what needs to be done.
" Ec'co? The MORV computer picked up an odd energy reading.
l traced it here to that rock.
But it's just luminescent.
No, it's more than that.
This rock has some kind of odd innate energy.
Could we harness it with an energy siphon.
and convert it into electricity to power a pump? Possibly, but it doesn't contain enough energy to power anything for long.
-Are there any more rocks like this? -l cannot say.
My ancestors found this rock in the place called Chikor.
l know that canyon.
l can show you.
l got nothing, guys.
You sure these rocks glow all the time? [STATlC CRACKLlNG ] Ec'co? Stacey? Hello? EC'CO: lt's here, right underneath us.
lt's off the scale.
X marks the spot.
We can use the MORV's cannon to drill into the ground.
Let me.
This was my idea.
There might be some unstable rock formations below.
l know what l'm doing.
l found it! [ALL GASP] [SEATTLE SCREAMlNG ] [GROANS] Nasty fall.
Ah! Wow.
[SCREAMlNG ] MAN: l've done the best l can.
Things will be better soon.
Just wait.
You keep saying that, but things never improve.
We moved to the city for a better life, but where is it? lf anything, things are harder.
lt's time to go back, back to our real home.
On the reservation, we had friends, family.
l won't let them think l'm a failure.
We can't give up.
l can't.
We made a mistake.
There's no shame in that.
Something is only a mistake if you start thinking it is and give up.
MOTHER: lt's a mistake when you refuse to admit an error and learn from it.
HARRlSON: Seattle? You all right? [SCREAMlNG ] HARRlSON: Seattle? Are you hurt? Just a little dizzy.
l had this sort of dream or memory.
Something weird happened.
Yeah, you fell in a hole.
But at least you found what you were looking for.
Right, that's all that matters.
Okay, let her rip.
Okay, we're clear.
[ENGlNE STALLlNG ] Strange.
Sounds like the battery's drained.
But that can't be right.
Maybe the fall knocked something loose.
-How bad is it, Ec'co? Well, the connections are okay.
lt's gotta be the battery.
ls that all? Could have been worse.
l'll check it out and have it running by morning.
-The rest of you better get some sleep.
-You heard the man.
-We have a lot of work in the morning.
-Work? l thought the big rock was gonna do all the work.
Too much interference.
Go signal the others that l'm starting the energy siphon.
This had better work.
lt just has to.
l did it.
[BEEPlNG ] [LAUGHlNG ] There's always a way to do what needs to be done.
[GRUNTS] [GROANS] [LAUGHlNG ] Huh? Where water go? lt looks like we've lost power.
BONNER: What happened? Maybe l didn't have the siphon grounded well enough.
There was some kind of feedback.
l should have a look at it.
That's okay.
l can handle it.
l had the same training course you did.
Having someone else check out your work is a good way to catch mistakes.
l didn't make a mistake.
lt's a new type of energy, the siphon just needs to be adjusted.
l told the Motai l was going to help them get water.
and l intend to keep my promise.
Never seen her this determined before.
Yeah, it's like she's on a mission.
-Oh, right.
We are.
l'm ready to try again.
l thought you were gonna run the siphon.
l decided to start it by remote control, in case there's any more of that feedback.
Good thinking.
Did you increase the siphon rate? l had to, to counteract the tendency for feedback.
l thought you said it was a grounding problem.
Look, l know what l'm doing.
Things will be better this time, just wait.
[BOTH GRUNT] l'll stop it.
Unh! No power.
What is that thing? Some kind of energy creature.
Our weapons don't work on it.
lt absorbs power.
lt must have caused the siphon feedback.
Actually, it was the feedback.
Why didn't you tell us? We'll deal with that later.
Right now we need to stop this thing.
lt's following the power cable to the pump at the new well in the village.
Come on, water.
Harrison, Stacey, come in.
l'm picking up a transmission, but it's too garbled to understand.
Maybe the reception's better upstairs.
This is Harrison, l can't read you.
[STATlC CRACKLlNG ] What in the world? Huh? Coming through.
Let that be a lesson to you.
never play with giant balls of energy.
And definitely don't play tag with them.
Cover your head, kid.
We're gonna take this thing out.
You did it.
Don't talk too soon, kid.
DRAGA: Hmm? STACEY: Oh, no.
l'll try to lead this firefly away.
[GRUNTlNG ] EC'CO: Pull alongside Stacey.
[BONNER YELLS] -Use the laser on it.
-Already tried, it doesn't work.
Do it.
l'll explain later, l hope.
Drive in a circle.
Not ordinary energy.
What's Draga doing? She's trying to communicate with it.
l can hear what she's hearing.
lt's looking for itself.
lt's not eating energy, it's searching for it.
for a part of itself.
SEATTLE: Let's go home.
lt's here.
What you're looking for.
[GRUNTS] Blast the ledge.
Seal it in.
-Think that'll contain it? -There's no reason for it to leave now.
l think we're safe.
But l could be mistaken.
EC'CO: Remember, the hinged bodies will let you lower the windmills.
at the first sign of a sandstorm, so the winds can't damage them.
Congratulations, Ec'co.
Your wind-power plan worked like a dream.
Thanks, but it was Gus' idea.
l just helped solve the sandstorm problem.
l hope your people can forgive me.
for all the damage that energy thing caused to your crops.
Forgive yourself.
Your motive was pure.
Besides, with the water from this well.
we will soon have more food than ever before.
l made a big mistake.
l knew there was a problem with using the energy from the stone.
but l didn't want to admit l was wrong.
ln science, we often learn more from our mistakes than from our successes.
No wonder l never learn anything, l never make mistakes.
[ALL LAUGHlNG ] SDl Media Group