Starsky and Hutch (1975) s03e20 Episode Script

64 - Foxy Lady

[###] [TYRES SCREECHING] [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] [EXPLODES] [###] He just got off the bus.
Very good, very good.
You know what to do.
[SILENCED GUN FIRES] TAXI DRIVER: Hey, come on, what's the matter with you, huh? What's the? Oh.
[TYRES SCREECH] [SIRENS WAILING] OK, a guy catches two slugs in broad daylight in front of a small crowd.
Nobody saw who did it? Come on.
Well, I was just coming out of the terminal.
I saw this guy laying there.
That's all I saw.
STARSKY: Move them back, will you? Look what we've got on the victim's body here.
A bus ticket, or a stub, from San Francisco.
A first-class airline ticket to Algiers.
Algiers? Isn't that the country with no extradition treaty? Yeah.
REPORTER: Another urban terror in broad daylight, and as usual, the police haven't arrived.
Well, if it isn't Brenda Starr.
You still paying off the ambulance drivers to tip you to the juicy action? REPORTER: I was here to see my kid off to school.
But then, it's not unusual for a good reporter to show up before the police arrive these days.
Yeah, well, thanks for stopping by, Brenda.
Listen, you guys can't shag me off.
Listen, this is a public place.
You ever hear of the First Amendment? Yeah, and nowhere does it say we have to be nice to reporters with bad breath.
Mac, take care of him.
You operate this cab? Yeah.
Were you here when it happened? Yeah, yeah, I practically rear-ended the guy's car.
What car? I was pulling in to pick up a fare.
The dead guy.
When this guy pulls over and cuts me off.
I tell you, people drive like animals.
Yeah, just tell us what happened.
Well, I was yelling at the driver and then I saw this other guy get out of the car and grab this guy's suitcase.
For a second, I thought maybe he was picking him up, you know? Then I see the guy laying there, and the other guy gets in the car with the suitcase, and, fttt, they take off.
Can you tell us anything about the car? Oh, are you kidding? I got his licence number.
They ought to take away his driver's licence.
[SPEAKS IN SPANISH] You got any idea what the driver looked like? I don't know.
I was too busy taking down licence numbers.
Why don't you ask her.
It happened right in front of her.
[###] I'm sorry.
I just don't recognise anybody.
Just take your time.
Try to relax.
It all happened so fast, I mean I understand that, but please just try.
All right? OK.
Uh, may I have a glass of water, please? Oh, sure.
Just keep trying, yeah? All right.
I'll be right back.
All right, run it down to me.
Well, the, uh, licence number turned out to be a rented car.
With a stolen credit card.
What about the lady? Well, it happened right in front of her.
She's still a little shook up, but she saw it all happen.
Is she all we got? Yep.
Well, maybe you better hold her hand for a while.
She may give you something solid.
That's the kind of duty I like, Captain.
Pay dirt.
What's that? I spoke to Phil Grogan, San Francisco Homicide.
The victim was one Kevin Mackey.
Seems he was a runner for a Bay City mobster by the name of Clay Zachary.
Zachary? Isn't he suspected of masterminding that $2 million bank job last month? Yep.
Hey, remember what the cabby said? About what? The suitcase.
Oh, yeah, the killer got it.
Are you saying Mackey might have had the laundry list? Well, he wasn't killed for his dirty shirts.
You know, I found a one-way ticket to Algiers in his coat pocket.
You don't suppose somebody was trying to rip Zachary off? I'll buy that.
In the meantime, your ticket to the DA's office is that lady over there.
Oh, I'll keep a good eye on her, Captain.
Yeah, and while you watch her, I'll finish questioning her.
Why you? Well, I can tell just by looking at her that she's a fragile, vulnerable I repeat, why you? Because women like that react to me.
They respond to my masculinity, to my aura, to my charm.
To your cheap aftershave lotion.
MAN: Hey, Captain.
I'm sorry.
Made the late editions.
Gee, I'm sorry.
Hey, wait a minute.
That's all right.
Look at this.
STARSKY: Next time I see that Basset, I'm gonna take his camera and stick it in the sports section.
Now we really have to play it safe.
I want you to take her to an out-of-the-way hotel.
Someplace that's nice.
In the meantime, be sure you keep a low profile on her.
I'll finish questioning her.
Great, then while you're writing up the report, I'll take her back to the hotel.
That's not necessary.
Look, I can take her after I finish questioning her.
I don't mind.
I I do.
Thank you.
[###] [KNOCKING AT DOOR] Lisa.
What are you doing here? Do you promise you won't laugh at me? Oh, me? No.
Of course not.
Come on in.
Oh, thank you.
Uh, why don't I just sort of straighten up the place a little bit? Well, I was so lonely at the hotel, and well, maybe it's what happened at the terminal, and maybe it's being in a strange town and not knowing anybody, but I just didn't wanna be alone.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Well, I can certainly understand that.
And I'm glad you came by here and thought of me.
Well, I hope you don't get the wrong idea.
I mean What I meant to say is that I thought if it wasn't too much of an inconvenience, maybe I could sleep in your spare room or on the sofa.
Inconven? Oh, no.
Of course not.
Come here.
Are you absolutely sure? Absolutely.
I mean, are you really positive? Because I don't wanna put you out.
You can just sleep on that bed.
And I'll sleep here on the couch.
Oh, I am inconveniencing you Listen, I didn't wanna Oh, no way.
You're not inconveniencing me at all.
Not in the least, really.
Are you sure? I want you in my bed.
I I mean, I'll sleep on the sofa here.
Listen, this is really crazy.
I mean, I Oh, not at all.
Look, are you hungry? I'm starving.
Yeah, well, I just put a pizza in the oven here.
There must be a bottle of Chianti around here somewhere.
Oh, that sounds great.
But first I'd like to freshen up a little bit, if you don't mind.
Oh, oh.
Not at all.
Uh, it's right there, through that door.
Oh, OK.
[###] [WHISTLING] [KNOCKING AT DOOR] STARSKY: Hutch! Hutch! [LOCK RATTLING] Oh, am I glad you're still up.
Hmm? Yeah, it's a little late, don't you think? I was just about ready to crash.
Yeah, I gotta It's, uh, out of order.
What? It's broken, out of water.
Oh So, uh, what's up? One second.
What? Uh, well, I tried to call Lisa's hotel.
Yeah? There was no answer.
Are you sure? Oh, yeah.
I've got a plumber coming in the morning.
So, you called Lisa's hotel, and she wasn't in, right? Well, she's probably down in the snack bar having a snack.
Kind of late for a snack, isn't it? I got it.
She was probably taking a shower, huh? Tell you what I'm gonna do.
As soon as you're gone, why, I'll just give her a call back at the hotel.
And if she's not in, well, I'll give you a call at home, then.
Now that you mention it, maybe it's not too late for a snack.
Is that a pizza I smell, huh? Oh! A-ha! You ought to be arrested for doing something like that to a pizza.
Yeah, well, you can get your own pizza on the way home.
Do you have any extra? Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't know you were here.
Uh, excuse me.
[DOOR CLOSES] Some buddy.
Trust him with your life and look what he tries to do behind your back.
Starsky, it's not at all like it looks.
Yeah? No, no.
She came to the front door in this nervous state, see, and I told her that she could sleep in my bed.
Well, I was gonna sleep on the sofa.
"Doesn't work," huh? "She was probably in the shower when you called, Starsky," huh? You didn't tell me which shower.
You weren't even gonna tell me I was gonna tell you.
I just didn't want you to get the wrong picture.
I got the picture, all right.
I think you both have the wrong picture.
I can't imagine what you must think of me.
Now look what you've done.
You're trying to make something sordid out of this.
It was a perfectly generous gift of human compassion and kindness.
I'm sorry.
I feel foolish of being alone.
Excuse me.
I'm going back to the hotel.
Lisa, you're already here.
Look, we can order out for pizza.
Besides, I happen to know that there is a great movie on tonight.
Come on.
You're making a big deal out of nothing.
The three of us can watch it.
Come on.
That's right.
OK, Lisa? You know you're perfectly welcome to stay here.
I tell you, I'm beat, I've had a rough day.
I'm gonna grab myself a shower.
So, whatever you decide is perfectly OK by me.
Sit down and relax.
I'll be about ten minutes.
[STARSKY GROANS] Look, uh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to I can imagine what you must think.
I mean, it must look like You mean it wasn't really a? No.
That never entered my mind.
I mean, I guess I just wanted somebody big and strong around, so I could sleep.
You know, actually, uh, Hutch might not be the right person to look for for protection.
I might not? No.
You see, he sleeps like a rock.
You could chop down the door, and he wouldn't even wake up.
And he snores.
Yeah, snores.
Neighbours are complaining all the time.
You wouldn't catch a wink.
Well, I feel like such a fool.
Oh, no, no, no.
Look, the galloping gourmet's already made a mess of the pizza.
Why don't the two of us grab a bite to eat on the way back to your hotel? I happen to know this great shish-kebab place nearby, and they give free palm readings.
You mean right now? Yeah.
Oh, you heard what he said.
He's very tired.
He's trying to be nice about it, but sleeping on that sofa is murder on his bad back.
Well, I guess so, but shouldn't we at least say goodnight? Oh, no, no.
He'll only insist that we stay, out of sheer politeness.
Oh, OK.
[###] That was the best shish kebab I ever tasted.
Well, how'd you like that palm reader telling you to beware of strange hotels? Oh, that awful place.
I'm so glad you talked me out of staying there.
Are you sure you don't mind sleeping on the sofa? No.
You can come in and tuck me in later.
How'd you like a nightcap right now? Mm-hm.
I can, uh, dig up a bottle of Chianti somewhere.
That sounds heavenly, but first I'd like to, uh, powder my nose.
Your nose? Oh.
[###] Oh.
Uh, would you mind if I use your shower? Be my guest.
Thank you.
[CLEARS THROAT] [WATER SPLASHING] Mr Springer? [###] You don't have to know my name.
Only Kevin Mackey's.
I want the same deal you offered Mackey, 25 cents on the dollar.
I have half of it.
$1 million.
And the best bodyguard money can buy.
[###] MAN: Well, I'm sorry you had to fly all the way down here, Mr Zachary, but how was I supposed to know that Mackey was travelling with his old lady? Because that's what I pay you for, Mr Carelli.
Due to your oversight, I only have half my cash.
His old lady, as you call her, is running around with the other half.
What I don't understand is why she's stepping forward as a witness.
Hey, if she's a witness, then the cops must have her stashed somewhere.
Quick thinking, Carelli.
And there's the cop that's gonna show us where.
[ENGINE STARTS] Like a beacon in the night.
[###] [STARSKY YELLS] Rise and shine, Lochinvar! [GASPING] You missed reveille.
That was a real class act you pulled last night.
Shh, shh, shh.
I figured that made us even.
[GRUNTING] Well, I see you did just about as well as I did.
Hey, you can't read my mail.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
"Ken"? Ken.
"I couldn't sleep, so I went back to the hotel.
" Well, lover boy, you must have made some impression on her.
She didn't even get your name right.
[###] [###] [###] Why, good morning.
If you say so.
Uh, did you sleep well? Very well, thank you.
Well, anybody for breakfast? Well, some coffee might help.
Why not.
Coffee shop? Oh, it sounds terrific.
Let's go.
Thank you.
Well, I guess your jitters have subsided, huh? Oh, I feel fine now, thank you.
I guess I was just afraid of the dark.
Oh, would you care for my toast? Thank you.
Waste not, want not.
I think I'm a little bit chilly.
I think I'll go back up and get a sweater, OK? Excuse me.
You forgot the check.
No, I didn't, you got it.
Just get a receipt, huh? [###] [LOCK RATTLING] It won't open.
It's locked from the inside.
Stand back.
[###] STARSKY [YELLING]: Police, stop! [TYRES SCREECHING] Ah! The garbage can's not your enemy.
It is now.
What do they leave these things here for? Would you like some cream and sugar? Oh, no.
Black's fine.
Excuse me.
These just arrived from San Francisco.
Some of Zachary's known associates.
Who is that? That's the guy on the fire escape.
Carelli? Warm your coffee for you? No, that's fine, thanks.
Are you getting the feeling that this is starting to smell kind of fishy? Like a three-week old carp.
These guys find the hotel where she's staying.
And shred her room.
How much do you figure $2 million is? Well, it's a lot of money.
I mean in bulk.
Well, that depends on the denominations, dummy.
I mean Yeah.
Yeah, I want a direct line to the San Francisco Police Department.
I wanna speak to a Phil Grogan.
No, I believe I told them everything I know.
I wish that I could do more, though.
Yeah, give me Reservations.
Phil, Starsky.
About that bank haul, you got the serial numbers, right? How much space would $2 million take up? Uh, do you have a passenger there listed or ticketed to Algeria? By the name of Lisa Kendrick.
You got anything new on this Mackey? I'll hold.
He did? Got a name? Yeah.
Ticket's still open? Yeah.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks a lot.
Well, according to Phil, the bank haul would take up more than one suitcase.
And Kevin Mackey had himself a roommate.
Lisa Kendrick, who also has an open ticket to Algiers.
Thank you very much.
Look at her.
Like the face of an angel.
Heart of a con.
You recognise any of these people? Yeah.
That's him.
We know.
We also know that you're friends with Kevin Mackey.
And that you were carrying around that suitcase.
How much money did you have in that thing? I don't know.
I mean, when I found it, I was too shook up to even count it.
When you found it? When I opened up my suitcase.
You don't think I knew that the money was in there, do you? Come on.
You were a little more than pen pals with Mackey.
And you had a mutual interest in travel.
North Africa.
That's exactly why I couldn't tell you guys the truth.
I knew you'd never believe me.
Try us.
Kevin and I were living together.
I mean, he was a very exciting guy, and all of sudden one day, he came to me and said, "How would you like to go to Algiers?" He said he'd earned some big kind of bonus.
You had no idea where it came from? Well, no.
And then he was killed, and then I opened the suitcase, and I found the money.
He must have put it in there after I finished packing.
Oh, uh Why wouldn't you have told us that before? Well, it's pretty obvious, isn't it? You were just policemen to me, and I I mean, I had the money, and I knew it looked bad, and I didn't wanna get in any kind of trouble.
Where's the money now? Those men must have found it at the hotel.
Uh, lady, they weren't carrying satchels.
I don't know.
There wasn't that much money.
Maybe Maybe they had it in their pockets.
Hey, Grover, come here.
Do you believe that? I don't want to, but Me either.
Grover, check the lady out down here.
The end of the table.
Keep an eye on her, will you? Ah, now, that's the kind of assignment I really enjoy.
We'll be right back.
Don't go away.
I've got nowhere to go.
[###] [PHONE RINGS] Excuse me.
Could you tell me where I could powder my nose? Come on.
I'll show you.
Thank you.
Right out that door there.
Thank you very much.
That door right there on the right.
Thank you.
It's just possible she might be telling the truth.
Maybe not, but possible.
Come on, Captain, don't tell me she got to you, too.
More than likely she was in on it from square one.
I know a lady when I see one.
You might be right, but you're gonna need a lot more evidence than you guys have here.
[SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] [###] HUTCH: Grover, I don't believe you let her walk out of here.
I never thought she'd pull a stunt like that.
Besides, she seemed like such a nice girl.
WOMAN: You can say that again.
Maggie, you ought to be ashamed.
What do you think, Maggie, when she asked you to change clothes? When somebody offers me $100 for two dirty shirts and a pair of jeans, I just put a smile on my face and the cash in my pocket.
ZACHARY: I don't know what kind of game you're playing, but you've lost.
Kevin Mackey was no knight in shining armour, granted.
But I never dreamed he'd be dumb enough to do something like this.
Anyway, when he got killed at the terminal, the heat was all over me like a bad smell.
I was a witness.
And then I found the money in my suitcase, where Kevin had put it.
Well, I knew he had done something dumb and that the money belonged to someone, and I knew that they'd come looking for it.
And then when I saw my picture in the newspaper, I knew that sooner or later, you'd contact me.
And, uh, you were just going to give us a suitcase full of money, is that correct? Well, of course.
I thought that you'd be grateful, and then maybe there'd be something in it for me.
So that's why I told the cops I couldn't identify the killer.
So you're in the clear.
Well, we're very grateful, you understand, but there was no money in the hotel room.
Where is it? Cops have it.
I knew it.
I told you we should have snuffed her.
She's a witness.
Wait a minute.
They don't know they've got it.
The cops have the money, but they don't know they have it.
Look, I'm not dumb.
I knew I couldn't carry $1 million around in my suitcase, so I went to visit one of the romantic cops in his apartment, and I stashed it there.
I don't believe this.
If you're lying, it'll be the biggest mistake you've ever made.
Look, I wanna work with you.
All I want is a few grand to get out of this town.
Which one of them has it? Hutchinson.
[###] She did say the closet, didn't she? Yeah, I already checked that closet.
I'm telling you, that chick lied to us.
Unless he already found it.
The carrots.
[###] [GRUNTING] Tie him up.
If you think you can handle that by yourself.
Well, did you get the money? No.
And we're not gonna play hide-and-go-seek any longer.
Look, we did everything but tear up the floorboards.
There's no money.
Ah! Oh Let me just work on her for a little bit.
In ten minutes, I'll have her begging to tell us where that money is.
Listen, it was at his place.
Maybe Hutchinson found it.
Maybe he turned it in.
You don't really believe that, do you? It's the truth.
I'm gonna call your bluff.
Somebody has that money, don't they? OK, cowboy, now, this little lady says the money was at your place.
It ain't.
What do you say? She told you it was my place, huh? Thank you very much.
Where did you get him? He walked in while we were playing hide-and-go-seek.
Not him.
I told you, the other one.
Uh, no, no, no.
I'm Hutchinson.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I never could get their names straight.
Um, it's at the other one's place.
Uh Starsky.
Starsky, yeah.
I spent the night there.
ZACHARY: Carelli.
What do you think, Mr Zachary? I think that little lady is as slick as a greased eel.
I think she was in with Mackey all along.
You're a dangerous lady.
Oh, Dave, I'm so sorry.
I feel so bad Ken.
Well, I was hoping that you'd get them and learn that they were holding me.
I was I was just playing for time.
What did you do with the money? Then where do you suppose the money is? Probably right where she says it is.
Well, I did hide it at Dave's place while he was asleep.
You see, I was confused, and I was so scared, and I didn't want to keep it.
So, I figured that what I'd do is I'd go out of town, and then call you and tell you where it was.
I don't like it, Mr Zachary.
We grabbed the girl, and now we've got a cop on our hands.
I don't wanna go after No, no, no.
We don't have to do that.
We use the telephone.
What are we gonna do with those two? Once we get the money, we don't need them any more.
I'm gonna give you one last chance.
Well, we got an APB out, we got all terminals covered.
What else can I tell you? You can tell me that you found the lady and she's gonna testify.
[PHONE RINGS] And where's Hutchinson? I don't know.
Starsky here.
I'm gonna make this brief.
I've got the girl, I've got your partner.
Wait a second.
Who is this? Don't stall for a trace.
We want that money.
What money? We don't have any money.
The girl says she hid it in your apartment.
Where did you put it? I told you, in the laundry bag.
ZACHARY: The laundry bag.
Look in your laundry bag.
Just get the money.
I'll call you back in an hour with instructions.
Look, I don't care about the money.
But we ain't gonna trade for any corpses.
You want that money, you better have two healthy bodies to trade.
You hear me? I hear you.
Now you hear me.
If you've got any idea of setting us up at the drop, you'd better buy two coffins.
[###] Let me ask No luck.
[###] Starsky, you're crazy.
I can't allow you to go out there alone, without a complete backup behind you.
Look, they got Hutch and they got the girl.
At the first sniff of trouble, they're gonna blow them away.
And as soon as you hand the satchel over, they're gonna kill you.
Nope, I can't allow it.
Look, Captain, they're very smart.
The way they got this thing set up, there's no way you can cover me without tipping them off.
Now, I'm going in there whether you approve it or not.
The hell you are.
At least you're gonna wear a wire.
This way, uh, we may not be there to hold your hand, but we can come in and clean up the mess.
Now, raise your shirt.
What? Raise your shirt.
I was thinking you could put it on the inside of my Would you raise your shirt? Now, here, hold that.
Your hands are colder than a dead trout.
[###] Turning right on 11th.
On the left, we have the historic Jiffy Car Wash.
Sorry, folks.
No homes of the stars on the tour today.
Where's the other unit? They're all over the area.
Fanned out.
Look, I wanna stay off those radio communications as much as possible.
We'll use it only for emergency.
They may be tuned in on a police band.
[STATIC OVER RADIO] What's that? This tape really itches.
I just had a terrible thought, folks.
This thing is really gonna smart when I pull it off.
Turning left on Broadway.
I'm stopped.
Hold back.
You better pull over there.
We don't wanna get too close, Grover.
Let's wait a minute, make sure I'm not being followed.
[PHONE RINGS] Contact.
ZACHARY: You have the money? I got the money.
If you want it, you're gonna have to turn over Hutch and Lisa alive.
ZACHARY: Just relax.
That's exactly the way it'll be.
But, uh, you and I have a little, uh, private business to take care of first.
Get rid of the wire.
What wire? I'm not stupid, Starsky.
You're not gonna be out here alone without a wire.
And by the way, I'm watching you right now.
So, if you'd like to step out of that phone booth, take your clothes off and prove to me you're not wired, I'm all eyes.
This concludes the conducted portion of this broadcast.
[GROANS] Well, so much for the wire.
He's all by his lonely now.
Where do you wanna meet? I've arranged transportation for you.
Right directly across the street from you is a green sedan.
The keys are in it.
Get the money, get in it and go.
And go where? From where you are now go north straight, 22 miles till you come to a deserted gas station.
Go two miles to the first dirt road on your right.
Follow that road until you see me.
I'm taking a short cut.
I'll be waiting for you.
I'll bet.
Look, Zachary, I want Hutch and the girl turned loose before I turn over the money, understand? Don't worry.
It'll be like a family reunion.
[###] Why doesn't he use the car radio? Just drive the car, Grover.
Well, he's really on his own now.
Let's go.
You see? They're both perfectly healthy.
May I have the money, please? Turn them loose.
After I see the money.
I'll bring it over.
No, no, you stay there.
I'll just take that off you.
All right, where's the key? Well, I don't got it.
They're Hutch's cuffs.
He's got the key.
A little insurance.
No Hutch, no money.
He's locked himself to the money.
The other one has the key.
What are you trying to pull? A little protection.
Nobody gets the money till I get Hutch and Lisa.
How you doing? Got an aspirin? Come on.
Come on.
Where's the key? Well, if you untie me, I can find it for you in a second.
In my left coat pocket.
It was fun having you as a house guest.
Next time, don't leave such a big tip for the maid.
Look, Mr Zachary, you got the money, I helped you get it.
So, just give me 10,000.
I'll go to North Africa and forget the whole thing.
Believe me.
I knew you'd have the bottom line figured [YELLS] [GRUNTING] Bet you were really worried, huh? What are you talking about? I just saved your life.
Here, untie me, will you? Hey! Hey! Untie me, will you? At least she doesn't have the money.
Neither do we.
What? What's in that suitcase? My dirty laundry.
Will you untie me? [###] MAN [OVER PA]: Flight 505 to New York, Lisbon and Algiers will be boarding in five minutes at gate 13.
Dave, Ken, what a nice surprise.
Nice try, kid.
Let's take a look at that suitcase, huh? Do you think I'd leave the country with stolen evidence? That's illegal.
You think I'd do something like that? Don't you believe me? Miss Kendrick.
Looks like I got here just in time.
Oh, Mr Cavanaugh.
Your cheque.
Courtesy of Pacific Insurance Company.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mr Cavanaugh.
Bon voyage.
I'm sorry I didn't have time to tell you.
But I contacted the bank's insurance company, and they were offering 5% reward for the stolen money.
Where'd you hide it? Now, you wouldn't want me to tell all a girl's secrets, now, would you? MAN [OVER PA]: This is the final boarding call for flight 505 to New York, Lisbon and Algiers There's my plane.
I've got to go.
I will see you at the trial.
I guess I can afford new ones now.