StartUp (2016) s01e09 Episode Script

Hostile Takeover

1 I'm about to tell these three that I'm gonna - fully finance their startup.
- Ronnie: Vera at that booth with some Russians, been getting all chummy all night.
Kossaras: We've been looking into your guys, and it seems like they've been getting cozy with Alex Bell.
I'll be gone before you get home.
Your daddy, he gave us no choice.
(screams) (shouting in French) Guerra: Special Agent Rask? We found a body.
Let's make this very, very public.
Rask: I killed my partner.
(siren wailing in distance) (helicopter blades whirring) (helicopter blades whirring) (theme music plays) (faint chanting) (men chanting) Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! (people whispering) (woman sniffling) We gonna help with the burial.
Anything that you need.
Emmanuel: Dawg, you for real? You think I'd play on that? I'm saying, after everything, man.
Shit, I say let's just dump his body off the overpass and be done with it.
Jey was your friend, man.
He was your friend.
He was your friend.
Jey was like blood to all o' us.
It don't matter that he got rotten inside.
Come on.
We all get rotten inside, at some point or another.
Ain't that right? That don't change who you was.
That don't change who you is.
If you stray I'd do the same thing for you.
I'd do the same thing for all y'all.
So, what, you want the parade, the whole nine, all that? Put him in the ground right.
(door opens) (door closes) Did you see him? Mm hm.
(sighs) So, what are we gonna do now? When our old girls came here they didn't have nothing to leave us behind.
I'm gonna walk in there, and I'm gonna sign them papers.
And when GenCoin pop One.
Each one of us comin' up.
We gonna bring new business to this hood.
Have somethin' to leave Touie and Elsie behind.
Have something for everybody out there to leave something behind for their.
And with Overtown, Lib City, all them, see what these Haitians done did, what we done made, the legacy we leave behind they gonna wanna know how.
Maybe we tell them.
(clattering) - (beeps) - (whirring) (beeps) (phones ringing) - Hey, Megan.
- Hi, Izzy.
What's, um what's going on? Megan: I don't know.
- Izzy: Who are all these people? - Megan: I don't know.
(indistinct chatter) (laughs) I never ask them how old they are.
- Hey.
- Izzy.
How's it going? - Izzy: Good.
- Do do you wanna sit? - Why not? - Yeah.
I mean, we made ourselves at home, is that all right? - Yeah.
- Yeah? Do you want some food? - Huh? Got a lot of fruit.
- No, I'm okay.
- I'll I'll take some water.
- Oh, sure.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Stay hydrated.
- Mm.
- Thank you.
So we've been talking, all of us, over the last 24 hours.
We're ready to make this a reality.
But the deal needs to be with just you.
Vera: Nicholas Talman and Ronald Dacey will claim no ownership to GenCoin.
They'll hold no stock.
You never signed anything with them, correct? Uh, no.
No, I mean Then it's your IP and yours only.
Yeah, but they've they've been here since the start.
Yeah, so they're nice guys, really like them both, but I mean, how long would you say you've been writing this code? Five years? Seven, if you count those false starts.
And they've been here, what, a month? Vera: They just don't bring anything to the table.
Yeah, we need to clear way for partnerships that are gonna mean something to GenCoin.
Vera: And you yourself would be a controlling partner, and board member, along with Alex.
If you'll have me.
(laughs) And I'd like to bring in one additional third-party component.
- This is Mimi Strickland.
- Mimi: Hi.
- Your code is awesome.
- Thanks.
Alex: Mimi runs a company called Eden Field out of Austin.
They are one of the largest and most secure server farms in the world.
As a partner, I'd be able to provide you with the bandwidth and instant global reach GenCoin would require.
Alex: Yeah.
I mean, this is gonna be so huge, Izzy.
You realize that.
It's gonna take off like a rocket, and we're gonna need someone like Eden Field in order to just keep us online.
Vera: Yourself, Miss Strickland, and Mr.
Bell will serve as board members and equal shareholders.
And, uh, who who are they? - Vera: Uh - Alex: Business affairs.
- consultants.
Legal team.
- Your team.
This, all of us, everyone.
A team.
Um It's a lot, I know.
Can I, um Can I think about it for a day? Or two? For a number of reasons, I have to act quickly on this.
Otherwise, I'm forced to move on.
The choice is yours.
There's no way that you can let them stay? Alex: Things would get a little too messy, unfortunately.
They'll be taken care of.
Totally compensated for their time.
Vera: This contract will activate funds immediately and place you on as one of three board members.
If you wanna lead, these are the tough choices you have to make.
(pen scratching) Vera: All right.
Just a few other, minor things.
Whoo! (laughs) Also, uh I went ahead and arranged a little event for tonight at my place.
It's a PR thing, get the buzz going way before launch.
Wear something nice.
It's gonna be your big coming out.
Alex: She can help you pick it out if you want.
She picks out all my clothes.
(laughs) - Vera: All right.
- All right! I gotta go find me an outfit.
(laughs) (indistinct chatter) What's up, Megan? No one called me.
Alex: Hey.
(bag unzips) She already signed? No.
It's bullshit.
I'm not signing that.
Alex: It sort of doesn't matter.
Kinda just a formality.
Vera: You had no rights to begin with, so it is what it is.
The office.
I paid with my own money.
Alex: And we will be paying you back, plus a severance as a gesture of good faith.
You'll have the full $300,000 returned to you, plus an extra $150,000 to cover interest, damages, and just over all, as a gesture of good faith.
We all really appreciate what you've done for GenCoin.
Twelve grand? Twelve grand? Unfortunately, I'm going into my own pocket to repay Benedict Blush for all the money you lost.
An investigation would be bad for all of us.
It would be in your best interest to take the deal and never look back.
Never look back? Hm? Vera: You should let us clean up your mess and move on.
Alex: I know that you are passionate about this project.
I know that you believe in it, which is why it would be best that you stay as far away as possible.
For the good of GenCoin.
I know what you are.
Do you? So then you understand why it'd be best to never look back.
I want you out of here.
Okay? Fucking place is leased under my name, so you need to get out.
I bought the building from Larry yesterday.
(screams) Oh, God! Ronnie: Oh, you just gonna skip off like that? - Nick: Are you serious? - Ronnie: You have no idea what we been through the past month! Had our lives turned upside down, breaking our back for this company! You know what? Suck my dick, both of you.
- Nick: Really? - Yeah, you're lucky I let you be a part of this in the first place.
This is my company, my idea, my baby, my code.
You had jack shit to do with it.
Ronnie: You just don't get it, 'cause you don't care about nobody but yourself.
You're using us just like you use everybody in your life! 'Cause you don't care about nobody! That's real talk, girl.
Goddamn coward! That's what you are, girl! (engine starts) Coward! Shit.
You eat pig? Do do I eat pig? What do you mean? Tam.
She makin' griot tonight.
You should come hang.
- Okay.
- Hey, your girl done kicked you out, looks like you down another job.
You might as well might as well not eat alone.
Know what I'm saying? Let us show you some Haitian hospitality.
- Brethren.
- All right.
- All right.
- I will, thank you.
- All right.
- Let me bring over a bottle of wine, some white shit.
Just bring bring yourself.
Just bring your white-ass self.
- What time? - 7:30.
White guy's gonna be punctual.
(music plays on radio) - (speaking Spanish) - Yup, yup, I got it.
(people speaking Spanish) Ay, Adolfo! Your back, baby.
- Adolfo: I'm fine.
- Marta: Be careful.
Eddie: He's got it, Mrs.
Hey, Iz, look at this one.
You like it? - It would look great on you.
- She looks like a hooker.
And she needs to eat a sandwich or two.
Don't look at the girl, Iz, look at the dress.
What time's the thing? Why do you care so much? - You asked for my help.
- I didn't ask for nothing! Delfia, stop trying to make me into a little sex pot.
I'm not you.
Iz, I didn't mean to make you feel that way.
You didn't mean You should worry about your wedding.
Go get your snatch waxed so you can lay there with your legs spread open, so your boring-ass husband can jam babies into you for the next ten years.
That's great.
- Go cry in the corner.
- Fuck you, Izzy! See? Your other daughter curses too.
(Marta speaking Spanish) - (music plays on radio) - Baby! - Tamara: Yeah? - I'm gonna turn this down - to a simmer, a'ight? - Okay.
- (doorbell rings) - Hey, baby, can you get that? - Nick? - Yeah.
Yeah, Tamara? - Yes.
- Nice to meet you.
- Oh, no, no.
- Okay.
- Thanks so much for having me.
- Of course.
Heard so much about you from Ron.
Really? Good.
I brought you guys some wine.
I know he doesn't drink.
I didn't know - No, he doesn't, but I do.
- Perfect.
- We can share it.
- What I was hoping.
Smells wonderful.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Hope that's hope that's us.
- Yes.
- Ronnie: South B! - Hey.
- (laughs) - Dude.
- You made it.
- Nice place, yeah.
- Thanks, man.
- Thanks for having me.
- That's how my wife Tam do.
- You met her, right? - Yeah, she let me in.
- My littlest one Elsie, come here.
- Elsie.
- Oh, hi.
- Hi.
- How you doing? I'm Nick.
- I'm Elsie.
Nice to meet you.
That's a cool scooter.
- Thank you.
- I'm gonna get my boy.
Whoa! Can you do any, uh what kind of tricks can you do? (music continues) (knocking) Hey, dinner's ready.
I'm straight, Pa.
There's somebody that I want you to meet, son.
All right, well There's some griot on the stove if you get hungry.
A'ight, Pa.
- Nick: I would love some more.
- More wine, more griot? - More griot.
- Griot.
- Mm-hm.
- God, I wanna bathe in it.
- Ronnie: Real talk.
- Nick: Fantastic, yeah.
- Ronnie: Best there is.
- Nick: I'll finish it if you guys don't.
- (Tam laughs) - Let me tell you something.
No matter what you been through during the day, coming home to something like this Damn.
The world just make sense again.
Thank you, baby.
- Always.
- Ronnie: I love you.
- Tamara: I know.
- Ronnie: Come here.
I love you.
Elsie: I'm eating! Tamara: You have a guest.
- Nick: Adults, right? - Tamara: Okay.
(laughs) Ronnie: We gotta get you a nice, young Haitian girl.
I'm open to it.
I'm open to it.
- Say thank you to your mama.
- Thank you, Mom.
- You're welcome, baby.
- Ronnie: Mm.
So damn good.
(dramatic music playing) - Hi.
- Hi, Daddy.
Hey, sweetheart.
I'm sorry I'm late.
95 was a little backed up.
It's okay.
Just sat down.
Lost track of time at the studio.
- Oh, you been throwing? - Yeah.
- Yeah, well, we fired today, actually.
- Oh.
- I did this raku glaze.
- Raku? Yeah.
Excited to see how it comes out.
- Rak what is that? - It's like a glazing method.
Makes, like, a swirly, metallic pattern.
- It's really cool.
- Oh, neat.
It's, uh, wow, look at that.
That's very cool.
Maybe I'll use it for your birthday pot this year.
Yeah, I'd like that.
- You okay? - Mm-hm.
Yes, uh, I just remembered something.
- Sorry.
I'm here.
I'm here.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- (laughs) - Getting the salmon? Every time I come, I think I'll do something different, but We don't have to come here every time.
No, I like it here.
I like it here.
It's it's calm.
Have you talked to Mom lately? - Yep.
- (chuckles) How's the rest of your classes? Oh, hey, how's Kevin? You two still, uh oh, I'm sorry.
- Hey, now, I liked him.
- It's okay.
We're just different people.
You know? Excuse me? Do I have to hit him? No.
He's nice.
- Didn't work out.
Okay? - Different people? That's awful.
Well, what are you gonna have? Um I'm gonna start with the soup.
- The soup.
- Yes.
- The tomato soup.
- I'll see if I can get - a raku glaze on my salmon.
- (laughs) - It's good to see you.
- You too.
(classical music plays) (doorbell rings) You look beautiful.
(dance music plays) Izzy! Huh? - You look real nice.
- Thank you.
So I know this is all coming at you pretty fast, but I wanted to start getting you involved as, like, the face of GenCoin.
The people wanna know the people.
Right? - Yeah, so do I just - Just do your thing.
Talk about GenCoin, why it works, why it's important.
They're gonna love you, okay? You're brilliant.
You're beautiful.
Just remember, they need you more than you need them.
Okay? Okay.
- You want a drink? - Yeah.
Yeah, okay.
We got a full bar going.
- What do you drink? - Beer, usually.
Uh, I think you need something a little stronger.
- Hm? - Can she get some Cuervo on the rocks for our guest of honor? Pour it deep.
Don't be shy.
This is a really lovely dress.
Come here.
Perfect timing.
In the flesh, Izzy Morales.
Pleasure to meet you.
Alex is a smart man, swooping in like he did.
Everyone's talking about you, but you knew that, right? - No.
- Okay, imagine this: GenCoin launches next month.
It's available for everyone.
Now, where do you see the world in ten years? - What's your inspiration? - For? - GenCoin.
- Have you considered the ramifications for creating perfect currency? Were you actually in development on this before Bitcoin became the ubiquitous commodity? When do you think it will be ready for launch? I'm wondering about the implications this can have on the darknet.
Tell me how you can keep it safe.
Who was on your team? I wanna know.
Do you have any partners behind the scenes? Are you flying solo? Talk to us.
- Uh - Details.
Can I take a piss real quick? Of course.
Is she okay? Did I say something wrong? Okay.
Alex: Hey.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm fine.
I just I needed a minute, you know? It can be overwhelming.
But it's part of it, you know? I need them back.
I need my people.
I'm sorry, Izzy They're my people.
I need them with me.
You said it yourself, this thing is all about people.
But them, I can't.
Okay? I'm sorry.
I just I can't.
You can.
It's your money.
It's your decision.
- You can.
- Not really.
There's just a lot of other factors involved in decisions like that.
It's really tricky.
You see? That's the thing.
You pretend to be all cutting-edge and progressive, asking about the why.
Why, Nick? Why, Ronald? Why? You're just a corporate stooge like the rest of em.
(loud dance music plays) You know, I've been thinking.
I think you've been overlooking the value of a company based in ideology right now.
If you set out to make it about people if common human values are your measuring stick and not profit, the only thing that could undo us is succumbing to the same misguided values that this country was built on.
You should be writing all this down.
Three tequila shots, please.
That's why I surround myself with people that understand common values, like Ronald Dacey, Nick Talman.
They're the real heroes of GenCoin.
They showed me its true place in this world.
- His last name again? - Dacey.
- Uh-huh.
- D-A-C-E-Y.
T-A-L M-A-N.
Wow! You're the best! There's no GenCoin without them.
Thank you.
I'll take this.
(dance music continues) (knocking) Hey, uh just two minutes.
Please, two and a half years, all I'm asking for is two minutes.
(door closes) Uh I really, really messed up.
I'm really, really sorry.
I can't even believe we're having this conversation.
I can't believe it got so bad so fast.
Look I lied to you.
And I'm so sorry.
And this isn't an excuse at all.
I it was just one of those things where it started as something very small.
And I was trying to do something good.
- For who? - And it what do you mean? Who was it good for? I I still don't think you understand what GenCoin is about.
Do you, Nick? You took drug money.
You committed fraud.
I mean, you're hanging out with a gangster.
Jesus Christ! I mean, have you hurt people? - Have I what? - Just answer the question.
Have you hurt anybody? I don't know What do you mean? Have I Have I hurt anyone? What? I don't know! What am I supposed to think? No I don't know! Not that! What are you talking about? You don't you do you really okay.
I'm sorry.
Do you really think I would do something like that? I don't know.
Honestly, I don't know.
No, I didn't before.
The person that - Taylor! - that I knew! But no You know me.
What are you talking about? I don't know you! I don't know you because, Nick, I don't, okay? I I don't know you.
Okay? Because you don't even know you.
You lie to yourself.
You like to pretend you're this this do-gooder, okay, with your micro-financing bullshit, - and you quit your job.
- Hey.
Hey, you wouldn't have let me if I told you.
Okay? - Oh, really? - Yeah! That's absolutely right! You and your dad maybe if you would just have let me be who I wanted to be! - What? What? - No, I'm not kidding! I'm not kidding! You guys you looked at me like I was some irreverent hippie who didn't give a shit about family or about about providing because I didn't want a Porsche, or I didn't want to chat about real estate, or I didn't wanna suck off my rich friends so I could climb the ladder and wave my dick from the fucking top of my big mansion, because I'm very proud that I can spend $200,000 on my kid's fucking bat mitzvah.
So fucking great.
- Wow.
- I'm sorry.
- Wow.
- Taylor hey.
- Just stop.
Just please.
- No.
Please, just stop talking.
Just leave me alone for a second.
Goddamn it! What am I supposed to say when you start acting like I'm a violent person? What are you supposed to say? You are supposed to say, "I'm sorry," and then shut the fuck up! You are not supposed to make this all about you.
I mean, you know what really sucks? When When I first fell in love with you, when I really knew for the first time that I wanted to be with you, I mean, there were all those other guys there, okay? All those other douchebags.
And then I met you, and I just knew it.
Okay, you were different.
And I respected that.
Okay, I respected your passion.
I respected your integrity.
And, by the way, so did my dad.
Okay? My dad's always liked you, and I don't really give a shit what notion you've put on him or what notion you put on me about the way that we look at you, because it's not true.
Okay? It's not true! It is all in your head, and it's not fair.
That is your issue.
That is your self pity.
That is your insecurity.
I don't even know what I thought I knew you.
Well I used to know you.
The guy that you used to be.
And I loved that guy.
But this This guy standing in front of me? I just don't know you.
I'm a better person now.
That's who I am.
- Really? - Yeah.
That guy you're talking about, I hate his guts.
Well, that's really a shame, Nick.
Because that's the person that I want to be with.
(door slams) (rooster crows) (jazz music playing) Man: It'll be ready by the end of this week.
(Delfia speaking Spanish) Adolfo: That's cold, let me make you some more.
- It's good.
- Adolfo: It's cold! Hey, hey, you're going into your office today? - I'll be back.
- But your sister's getting - married tomorrow! - Mom, it's a half day.
Bring that mug back.
(music plays on radio) - (beeping) - (whirring) (beeping) Megan.
Who has the key to this? Megan.
What's this? Who has the key? Megan! Megan.
Megan! Megan.
Hey! You have the key to this? - Sorry, Izzy.
- Sorry what? Megan.
- Come open the gate! - Um - Use the key! Megan! - I don't know what to do.
- I'm your boss! I hired you! - No.
I - Megan.
- Um, you never paid me.
I never paid you? Megan, you were an intern! - I'm an intern.
- Open the gate! Megan! - Megan, why? - I'm not supposed to open the gate.
Yeah, who told you you're not supposed to open the gate? Alex? - Alex! Alex! - Hey.
Shh! - Please calm down.
- Calm down? It's my company! Megan, open the fucking gate! You don't need to swear.
I don't need to open the fucking gate, Megan! Open the gate! Open the gate.
Hey, hey.
Hey! Come here.
Come here.
Megan: Don't talk to her.
You have the key to this? - Don't give her the key.
- No? "Don't give her the key"? Alex! Vera! Open this gate! I will break it down! Open the gate! I'll break this fucker down! - Megan! - Megan: I'm calling security.
Call security! You guys are all here 'cause of me! This is my company! (folk music plays) Tear it up in my hands Blow it into the wind A thousand times did I pray Now I'm walking away 'Cause the sun is gone It's gone Oh, it's gone Yeah, it's gone, it's gone It's gone, hey, it's gone Rope silver and white Bathed in the light Down at the river There's angels singing my song Showing me a new dawn A new dawn Yeah Yeah, it's gone, it's gone It's gone, hey, it's gone away Yeah, it's gone It's gone, it's gone, hey, it's gone away