StartUp (2016) s02e04 Episode Script


1 I done murder.
It's the worst thing a person could do.
That's what they want so we keep killing each other.
That's what they gonna keep doing, that's why you get yourself out of this.
- ArakNet.
- ArakNet.
I really think that this could be not only the new Dark Net, I think it could be the new Internet.
RONALD: Before we know it, somebody else gonna create something just like this, everybody gonna jump onto that.
NICK: One company out there that's called Guizer.
IZZY: I need a real team.
I need millions.
I can get you millions.
IZZY: Your dad's friend? NICK: He's really interested.
He wants me to go to his Key this week.
Who did you sell to? To Axis.
Your friend, Alex Bell.
(KEYBOARD CLACKING) NICK: This is not gonna work.
What, just like that? Just because of a little comp? It's not about a little comp, it's about who the competition is.
It don't matter if Alex got more resources, we just got to be bigger and better.
- We'll figure that shit out.
- I mean, for her, personally.
- Oh, you worried she gonna crash? - Yes.
You good, girl? Hey, so we just want to make sure, uh What's "Abysm"? IZZY: A virus I'm writing.
- Why are you doing that? - To knee-cap Guizer.
- Okay, that's not a good idea.
- Izzy Yeah, well, if they knew about ArakNet, they would do the same thing.
Okay, that's why this is not going to work.
- Stop.
- (CLOSES LAPTOP) Do you want me to secure funding or do you want to blow this whole thing up? In a year, there's gonna be a new a Dark Net, and it can be Guizer or it can be ArakNet.
But this, what you are doing, is just going to show our hand.
And it's gonna piss 'em off.
It's definitely gonna piss them off.
They already own GenCoin, if they own the Dark Web, too I know.
We stay the course.
We just have to move quicker.
I'm gonna go to Wes Chandler's island tomorrow.
I'm gonna secure that funding.
Ronald, keep getting the user base up so we have a strong foundation for when we go global.
Local gangs sort of plateaud, but I'm working on it.
What about you? How is your team? You said you need someone else, right? You need a cryptographer? Do you have anyone in mind? Yeah, well, there's this one girl.
She's in NoCal.
I mean, she's the best I know.
- She's unparalleled.
- Do you know her personally? Yeah.
If we're gonna beat Guizer, she's the only person I'd trust with the cipher.
NICK: Okay.
Probably won't be long before Guizer goes live.
Let's get you on a plane.
(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) PILOT: (ON PA) Ladies and gentlemen, we have begun our descent into San Francisco.
Flight attendants, prepare for landing.
RONALD: Yeah, I was wondering if you got any folks in ATL who might be interested in this kind of thing.
Hey, Nick, it's Wes.
Um, my guy's gonna get you at 10:30 a.
, take your out to the island so we can chop it up about ArakNet.
I tried, but it ain't easy gettin' 'em jits to trust in computer shit.
Feel me? - This is it? - This is it.
Is someone gonna get me or Hello? - Hello? - WOMAN: Hello.
Uh, does Wes live here? - Sometimes.
- NICK: Good.
Okay, I'm Nick.
I'm a friend of his.
- Didn't say anyone was coming.
- Oh.
Uh - Well, is he here? - No.
- Oh.
- You wanna help me wash these? Uh Yeah, okay.
Um, are you expecting him back today at all? - Who knows.
- Huh.
- I'm Nick, by the way.
- I'm Mara.
You're his I'm his daughter.
(WATER RUNNING) Break off the leaf and scrub the dirt.
Yeah, sure.
Uh Simple enough.
So then, we'll be getting return none.
And as you'll notice, none is a special value.
It behaves in a really odd way because what none tells us is that there is, of course, no value coming back from the computation.
Yeah, excuse me.
Isn't the "D" supposed to be in lowercase? - Or - Yeah, you're right.
Sorry, guys.
Not enough coffee today, or, you know, too much.
Right? (CHUCKLES) So, um (SIGHS) None tells us that there is no value coming back from the interpreter, which is really weird, right? So what's happening next IZZY: Didn't know how else to find you, so What, you couldn't just call me? IZZY: Would you have answered? What are you doing? What are you doing back? Business.
Look, Stella, I really need you to know that I'm sorry I bailed.
And that's it? - Yeah.
- Izz, I haven't seen you or heard from you in, what, four years.
I know what I did was wrong, and Just don't know what to say.
I felt shitty.
I - I was scared, Stella.
- Okay.
Yeah, that's great to know, then.
Clears all of that up.
Look, I'm sure you're real busy with your business so I'm gonna go.
Okay? Wait, Stella.
Maybe we can grab a coffee or a beer? I have office hours.
(LINE RINGING) (VOICEMAIL BEEPS) WES: (ON VOICEMAIL) Hey, uh, you know what to do.
NICK: Hey, so So I think your dad blew me off.
He didn't.
No? Did you talk to him? No.
Look, my dad can be a monster, but he's literally incapable of lying, so if he said that he'll show, then he will.
But I can call him, though, unless, um Unless you want to stay for dinner.
So, is this like your weekend place? - I mostly live here.
- Mmm.
That's really nice.
My dad runs his business out here and I help him out with marketing and PR stuff.
Must be pretty isolating, though, huh? Yeah.
I mean (STUTTERS) I get it.
Uh, I can see getting really used to it.
- And this chicken, by the way.
- Mmm-hmm? - Yeah, wow.
- Thanks.
You're good.
- We raise everything here.
- Mmm-hmm.
Yeah, you can tell.
It's pretty fresh, you know.
Very fresh.
I was there when he hatched.
From just a little egg.
His name was Meryl.
He was a cool dude.
Really wise soul, you know.
But I'm glad that you're eating him because, I think, Meryl would have liked you.
Uh - (CHUCKLES) - I mean I'm just fucking with you, dude.
Yeah, no, his name was Fred.
It tastes like a Fred.
WES: Morning.
NICK: Hey.
- How'd you sleep? - Uh, great.
- It's very quiet here.
- Mmm-hmm.
It sure is.
- There's coffee.
- Oh, good.
I was, uh, beginning to think you weren't gonna show.
Have you met my little girl? I did.
Did you fuck her? - Dad! - (CHUCKLES AWKWARDLY) What? I said Did you fuck her? No.
Why not? - I, you know - I mean It's okay if you have.
I'm just making conversation.
Well, I didn't, so Hey, yo, Touie.
You hear Ricky getting out? Yeah.
Nigga got right quick.
Want to be out here with the big dogs.
Tired of being up in that pen.
(MIMICS BARKING) Yo! Look, here they come.
Hey, how you doin'? What's up? What's up? Oh, shit! That Rachelle, though.
Girl got her eyes on you, huh, nigga? - What? - I'm just saying.
Ever since word start getting out about you.
- What word? - Come on, Touie.
Oskar and Jey-Jey.
(SIGHS) Yeah, I feel you on that.
Shit wouldn't be easy for me to talk about neither.
Homeboy try to get me kill my family, I'd murk them fools, too.
Ain't nothin' to talk about, man.
Yeah, that's cool and all, Touie, but, yo, you should know something.
Things niggas out here feel you on that.
All right? Everybody know don't nobody fuck with the Dacey fam.
'Cause the Daceys got principles.
Am I right? You're like a legend, my man.
A motherfuckin' legend.
So when girls like Rachelle lookin' at you all smilin' and shit, don't be actin' so goddamned surprised, Touie.
Be a man.
Be slaying these bitches, boy.
Come on, now.
RONALD: So, uh, what's her name, then? Uh, Rachelle.
Okay, real Haitian.
All right, now, we're talkin'.
Ain't like it's a thing, you know, so Yeah, but she feelin' you, though, right? I don't know.
Damon thinks so.
Yeah, that kid's an idiot.
- Probably right, she's feelin' you.
- (LAUGHS) Touie.
You blushing.
No, man.
What the shit? Stay right here.
Are you trippin', bruh? Nah, bruh.
I'm just out here trying to make a living.
That's all.
Yeah, we called this block off.
You know that.
You called it off, bruh.
Ain't we putting stacks down on ArakNet? Ah.
This is just a little something extra then.
Oh, shit, nigga! (LAUGHING) Oh, man.
Just a little extra guap out here.
For sure.
Take it to the strip club, throw it up, throw it up.
Real fine.
You know what I'm saying, right? It's sad is what it is.
Needing all this to feel hard.
Needing to be out here with these jits looking up to you 'cause you got all them stacks.
Needing these young girls to look at you 'cause you got all them packs.
You let me know how that feel when you sucking a dick in the clink.
Yo, better be hard inside than a mark-ass bitch out here.
What's up? What's up? Y'all get the fuck out of here.
(SIGHS) (CAR DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) - (ENGINE STARTING) - You good? WES: I brought your dad here, a time or two.
- Oh, yeah? - He actually, uh He helped me move the money to make this purchase, actually.
(CHUCKLES) No kidding.
(CHUCKLES) Listen, I'd love to talk to you about ArakNet when you're - Ah! - ready.
Yeah, sure.
Got my laptop at the house.
Got a Got a whole presentation for you.
Sounds good.
Oh! Oh! There you go.
There you go.
Where'd you learn how to cook? My mom.
She's a chef.
Oh, wow! God, that must've been nice.
Never around.
- Putting in 14-hour day.
- Oh.
She'd come home after I was already in bed.
Came in every night, though.
Thought I was asleep.
Kissed me on the forehead.
I could smell the garlic all over her hands.
That was my memory of her.
I think it's gonna be a pass for me.
Are you serious? I mean, we We barely started talking about it.
No, no, I know enough.
Yeah, but I have a whole presentation you haven't seen.
Nick It's you.
Uh, what does that mean? You're not ready to spearhead something of this magnitude.
You know, back in college, we had this friend named Hagadorn, right? He's a real jokey son of a bitch.
Love to get a rise out of you.
So, anyway, one day we're at the mess hall, and we're eating tater tots.
Stuffing our faces like wild animals because, well, we didn't have the cash for anything else.
And Hagadorn, moron that he is, reaches over and grabs one off my plate.
Now, I know he's trying to get a rise out of me, right? So I keep my mouth shut.
And then, he does it again.
Takes another one right off my plate.
So I pick up a fork, I look in his eyes, and I say, "Haggadorn, you son of a bitch, if you do that one more time, I'm gonna take this fork, and I'm gonna put it right through your fucking hand.
" And Haggy, the stupid piece of shit, he thinks I'm joking, right? He's laughing.
He's spewing food out of his mouth, right? He reaches over and he takes another one.
Went right through these two bones right here.
Nailed it.
Right through the table.
(SIGHS) So you want to work with people who stab other people with kitchen utensils? (LAUGHING) Now, the point is, it turns out Haggy and me are best friends to this day.
You wanna know why? Because I owned him.
I mean, we kid about the hand, you know.
Even though the son of a bitch can't even make his fist anymore, we joke about that.
But the fact of the matter is, whenever he looks in my eyes, he knows he's looking at somebody who's gonna go all the way.
So he'd rather stand behind me than across from me.
Now you've grown into an impressive young man, Nick.
I mean, you're smart, you're caring, you're motivated.
And believe it or not, your father was really proud of you.
But when I look in your eyes all I see is a scared kid who stays in his room while me and his old man were out back smoking stoogies because the smell made him nauseous.
Izzy Morales? - Joe! - Oh! Oh, look, this is for you.
- Okay.
- I'll take one.
Thank you.
I didn't even know you were Oh.
Uh, Stella invited me.
I'm in town for a little business gig.
- Wow! That's amazing.
- Yeah.
Man, it is so good to see you.
I mean Oh! Uh, congrats, by the way.
Keri and I, we were watching Today a couple of months ago, and we saw GenCoin.
It was just like, "Whoa!" Suddenly it's real, you know? Like, the thing that Izzy was working on way back then.
- Good.
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna go pee.
- Okay.
All right.
- It was nice seeing you.
- Okay.
I'll be I'll be here.
Oh, shit! Izzy! Kasey.
- Did you move back? - No, I'm just I'm just visiting.
Oh! I mean, I just figured 'cause of the GenCoin stuff.
That's like That's your GenCoin, right? - The one that you were - Yup.
Dude! So, congrats.
Like, you invented a currency and you sold it to Alex Bell.
That's gangsta.
Do they mention your name in any of the articles? - Is that like - Yeah, it's because he stole it from me, and then he cut me the fuck out of it.
And then, I was homeless for three months.
Super fucking rad story.
- You look great, kid.
- I'm sorry.
If I could just reverse the spiral Stop us spinning out How do I get back in control? Maybe I need to let you go How can you be something to someone If they won't hear you out? Now I'll turn the tide instead And I'll learn to love you less Maybe I'm not the best at talking Can't you see I'm trying? You and I, we don't exist So I'm gonna learn to love you less Now that I know our love is tidal Now that I know our love is tidal (GASPING) Now that I know our love is tidal Pushing fools around How do I get back in control? Maybe I need to let you go If I could just reverse the spiral Stop us spinning out - (MOANS) - How do I get back in control? I really need to let you go Now that I know our love is tidal VERA: Jing-Sheng bought in for 10,000, Kostya doubled that, and then everyone else took their cocks out and started measuring.
Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft.
(CHUCKLES) With this much brand trust, GenCoin will be more popular than Bitcoin by the end of the month.
(TAPS KEYBOARD) Are you re-authoring Nico's patch? - Mmm-hmm.
- Why? Because it's slow.
So you just unilaterally decided to change the company's software without asking me or the board.
I did.
It's my company, right? My face.
Do you remember when we first met? You knew who my uncle was and yet, you still said yes to the offer.
Why? Because after two very public flops, you knew we were your only chance for any kind of funding.
You knew we were the only thing standing between you and a Starbucks apron.
But do you know why I made you that offer, Alex? I'll tell you one thing, it wasn't because of this.
DAMON: Oh, shit, man.
Oh, shit.
Don't be cheatin', dawg.
Look at that shit.
- You cheating, bro.
- Boom, boy! That's all skill, bro.
That's all skill.
Man, who next? Touie, it's you, man.
No, I'm straight.
Man, what is this Mr.
Robot shit you've been on, dude? Man, for real.
You've been on this shit all week.
You haven't said shit.
You should be out there slaying them bitches since they all know your name now, dawg.
Hey, that's what's up, man.
You going to that party with us tonight at Dorsett's? Uh, maybe.
I don't know.
What you mean you don't know? Your girl gonna be there.
Hey, that's what's up, though.
You gotta go.
Yo, Rachelle, yo, she gonna be there.
It's time to slay that tight puss, puss, puss, bruh.
Eh! Eh, eh, see? I see your dick getting hard out there, Touie.
I see you, bro.
I see you.
RICKY: You just be ready tonight, man.
- Hey.
- Hey, man, I'm really sorry.
My dad can be a total dick.
Ah, it's It's all right.
No, I I mean ArakNet, I think it's really something.
Well, cool.
I appreciate that.
Well, I'd love to hear more about it sometime.
Uh - Um, what's your - Uh - Oh, it's 7-8-6 - Mmm-hmm.
5-5-5 0-1-7-3 (CELL PHONE CHIMES) - Hey, that's you.
- That's me.
- Got it.
- Cool.
Take care.
Call me sometime.
I missed this.
Me, too.
Look at me.
I'm sorry.
Yeah? Yeah.
She's a fiancée now.
- Yup.
- I bet your folks are happy.
(CHUCKLING) Yeah, you know them.
They're all over it.
I'm sure they are.
- Mmm-hmm.
- What's he like? He's he's nice.
- He's nice? - Yeah.
Is that why you stuck around here? Yeah.
Heard about the Raytheon offer, in LA.
I just I don't really wanna do that work anymore.
Yeah, but you don't have to do, like, fuckin' whatever military shit, you can do whatever you want.
Like, literally, you can do whatever you want.
Stella, you've been the most in demand coder since you were, like, 17.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, I just I don't know.
You know, I like researching now and teaching.
- Yeah? - Teaching's really nice, it's fulfilling.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Yeah? - I'm happy.
Well, you could come work for me and be really happy.
(CHUCKLES) - What? - I'm serious.
So, my new startup, it's called ArakNet.
It's an encrypted anonymous network.
I mean, it's gonna replace Tor.
It's gonna be bigger, it's gonna be better.
It'll be the new Dark Web.
Stel, I just need a cryptographer.
I need the best one.
I need you.
The encryption is a total pig fuck, and I need a cipher that can help make up some speed.
- Huh.
- Babe we can do this.
Where are you going, babe? Don't.
Don't what? Stella, what's wrong? Izzy, just don't.
Why are you getting dressed? Okay.
I want another truth, okay? Did you come here to recruit me? You're a fucking user, Izzy.
Stella! Stella! - Leave me alone! - Stella! (SIGHS) (DOOR OPENS) - Hey, what's happening? - Hey, wait.
Hold on, hold on.
Hold on, son.
Come here.
Is that my Gio? Look, I'm sorry.
You smell like a man now.
Guess so.
You seeing that girl or something? Mmm.
She's gonna be there tonight, so My boy.
What you gonna say to her? Mmm I'm gonna say "What up?" I don't I don't know.
- You gonna say "What up"? - Yeah.
Come on, son, you sharper than that.
If you want her to notice, you got to get in here.
You walk right up to her, you sit down.
You don't ask her.
You sit down, you say What's her name? - Rachelle.
- You say, "Hey, Rachelle.
I've been noticing you noticing me.
And I like it.
" (SPLUTTERS) - Hey.
- (LAUGHING) What? Ah, pap, no.
Nobody spit game like that no more.
(STUTTERS) It's a different time, all right? And, you know, spitting game make you sound Make you sound weak.
Doing what everybody else do, that's what make you weak.
You want to be like everybody else? You're a Dacey, you ain't like everybody else.
- All right.
- All right? - Yeah, I mean, I'll try.
- All right.
You tell her you been noticing her noticing you, and you like it.
Her face turn red, that mean green, baby, you good.
We'll see.
- It worked on your mama.
- Mmm.
Home by 12:00, though.
All right, pap.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) - I know you ready, Touie.
- Touie, I know you ready, man.
Hey, what's up, homie? Hey, man, how you been? What's up? What's up? We in this bitch! What's up, y'all? We got a celebrity in the house! (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Yo, yo, yo.
There she is right there, dawg.
Dang, Touie.
You got this, man.
Tonight, you become a man.
You become a man, hmm? RICKY: Hey, work her.
- What's up, Rachelle? - What's up? So, uh (STAMMERING) I've been noticing you, um, noticing me, um, for a minute now and I like it.
(GIGGLES) You You mind if I sit down for a sec? Yeah, you can.
So, uh, you been looking at schools or anything? Was thinking about Dade Medical.
- No shit.
- Yeah.
My mom did the nursing thing for a bit.
Before she had me.
She liked it.
That's dope.
So you like helping people.
What about you? I mean I've been kind of doing this programming thing.
Like coding, learning and all that shit.
So, still getting into it, you know.
- But it's chill.
- That's dope.
But, like, once you learn how to do it, you know, it's, um You kind of have You kind of have control and shit.
Because you could just make programs and stuff? No, I mean, with life.
You can get a job.
I mean, you can, um I mean, I'm getting I'm getting kinda faded and stuff.
Me, too.
BLUE: Shit, nigga.
It's the prince of Little Haiti, ain't that right? - What's up, Blue? - 'Sup with it.
Hey, mama, let me get a hit of that.
Good look, Blue.
Shit, y'all.
Yo, it's some wild ass times here right now, though, ain't it? Siting out here, like This is like the last proper house left on the block, though, ain't it? It's messed up, yo.
That's what I'm saying, bruh.
I mean, all this new guap coming through, changing shit.
For sure.
For sure.
That's what's up.
Shit might have been a little different though if your daddy got up off his lazy old ass and made some moves, actually.
Ain't that right? Oh, he makin' moves.
I mean, we've been on this Dark Net hustle pulling down bills, you know? Hey, man, you should check it out.
All right.
I'm just saying though, if Jey-Jey was still alive Yo, that nigga would be out here fuckin' burning down these crackers' buildings.
You feel me? That nigga would be spraying cars and shit.
Jey-Jey wouldn't stand for none of this shit.
Instead, we got your bitch-ass daddy out here trying to bring fancy shit to the hood, nigga.
The fuck this shit look like? - The fuck you think this is? - Good times, Blue.
All right? Hey, you wanna go take a walk or something like that? - Yeah.
- Let's go take that walk.
Hey, nigga.
Hey, nigga.
Hey, your bitch-ass daddy finishing the whole hood, though, nigga.
- TOUIE: Hey, bruh, let's go.
- What you mean? TOUIE: Get up.
Come on, let's go.
BLUE: Hey, your bitch-ass daddy finishing the whole hood, though, nigga.
- Everybody see that shit coming.
- TOUIE: Let's go, man.
- BLUE: You hear me, nigga? - Touie! - You hear me, nigga? - DAMON: Yo, Touie, man! Yo, Touie, man! Where you going, dawg? For real, zo? You gonna let him do your daddy like that? Your daddy? Man, you gonna let him diss him like that? Touie.
Motherfucker, you the prince of Little Haiti, man.
That ain't no joke, man, that's real talk, bruh.
You need to put the nigga in his place.
- RACHELLE: Let's go for a walk.
- It's just talk, D, all right? It's just talk, D.
DAMON: He dissed your daddy in front of everybody, man.
BLUE: Hey, you a bitch-ass, Dacey! Mark-ass, punk-ass bitch.
What I'm saying, bruh.
- BLUE: Come on, nigga! - RACHELLE: Shut up.
Throw bones on that fool.
Fuck you trying to do, nigga? DAMON: Blue ain't shit, dawg.
He attacked your hood.
BLUE: Fuck you tryin' to do, nigga? MAN: I got your back, nigga.
Straight up.
- BLUE: Come on, bitch.
- DAMON: Get his ass, Touie.
Blue ain't shit, dawg.
Yo, yo, get him off you, Touie.
Yo, get that nigga off you, Touie.
Yeah, Touie.
RACHELLE: Okay, that's enough.
That's enough.
- Touie! - RACHELLE: Stop! - Stop it.
- Too late, Rachelle.
Get his ass, Touie! Choke this nigga out, Touie.
- Get him, Touie.
- RICKY: Get that nigga's ass.
Get his ass, Touie.
RACHELLE: Hey, that's enough.
That's enough.
(TOUIE GRUNTING) (ALL SCREAMING) - Touie! - RICKY: He shot him, man.
Yo, call somebody.
Call somebody! DAMON: Somebody call somebody, man.
RACHELLE: I told you to stop him! DAMON: I didn't know he was gonna shoot, Rachelle.
RACHELLE: Call somebody.