StartUp (2016) s02e10 Episode Script

Soul Proprietor

1 What's your favorite place in the world? My Aunt Irania's farm, in Cuba.
I never been.
I'm gonna take this.
- I just saw this one picture.
- PHIL: Where's your dad? You take me to his front door, we got a deal.
Alice, do you know where he is? He's in Panama.
He asked me to go with him.
Dad? I did find him.
Someone killed him, so he was he's dead.
Police said there were multiple killers.
People I don't know, some local gang.
He's just probably into 'em for a lot of money, like everyone else in his life, so.
Vera, why don't you just say what you came here to say? Put GenCoin on the network, and you stop trying to kill my kids.
- Take her to a boat.
- Do you know who these people are? - What they did? What they took from me? - Nick: Yes.
And we're gonna help them.
We're gonna help them make money? In exchange for not killing you.
It's kind of a good deal.
Adelphia? All she ever wanted was for everyone else to be happy, while you only think about yourself.
(THREE GUNSHOTS) Goddamn (BOGDEN SPEAKING RUSSIAN) Favor of using GenCoin on ArakNet? Four to one.
There it is.
And we called that truce for Vera, so, I'm gonna ask for a buy out.
Are you sure you wanna do this? (GUNSHOTS) (GROANING) (GUNSHOTS) (GUNSHOT) (GUNSHOTS) - (THUDS) - Ronnie! Ronnie! Stella! Call someone! STELLA: We need help, please.
Yes, please.
Hang on.
How do you know where I live? Right.
(SIGHS) Uh can we talk? Yeah.
Uh, can I get you anything? No.
I'm good.
Take a seat.
(GRUNTS, GROANS) No, I got it.
I got it.
Thank you.
(MOANS) All right.
- Hi.
- Hello.
So I know it's been a beat, but I just wanted to say thank you for saving my ass.
You came through clutch.
You're welcome? I went by the hospital, but your daughter was there.
So, how are you doing? Yeah, I'm I'm getting there.
Why'd you really come here? Umm I don't know.
I think this was a stupid idea.
I, uh Remember the day you came and got me? Do you remember what you told me? - The story about - Frog and the scorpion? Frog and the scorpion.
Anyway, I have a girl now.
- And she's special.
- Oh? Yeah.
And I'm I'm I'm afraid that I'm gonna hurt her.
I'm afraid that I'm gonna end up getting her hurt.
- I think really hurt.
- You will.
(PHONE RINGING) - Hello? - Hello, this is Raul Vazquez from the Panama City Police Department.
We met months ago when you were here.
- Yeah, hi.
- I was just wondering, do you know the name Marco Espinosa? Marco Espinosa.
Uh no.
No, I don't think I've ever heard of him.
Nick, when we last spoke, you told me you were in Panama searching for your father.
Is that correct? Uh, yeah, yeah.
The well, the FBI was looking for him, and I I just wanted to help.
Well, we think it might have been a hit job.
Do you know anyone who might have been maybe panicked that your dad might talk to the feds? Someone who was worried he might turn state's evidence? Nicholas? (THEME MUSIC PLAYING) I told you it was here! Uh-huh.
(GRUNTING) - Sorry, baby.
- It's okay.
Come on.
Lean on me.
- (GRUNTS) Watch out.
- Okay, okay.
- I got you.
Gimme those.
- All right.
(GRUNTS) Oh, baby, let me get Why don't you just put your foot on this for now, okay? Be careful.
- That okay? - (GROANS) You need anything? (DOOR CLOSES) I'm good, baby.
- All right.
- Okay.
- Hey.
- Hello.
Did she say anything? No.
No, she's not talking to me at all.
(SIGHS) What do you think she's planning? (BIRDS SINGING) Last chance to come clean.
Why'd you call us? They hurt you.
I get it.
But let's be really clear here.
I don't give a shit if they sodomized your entire family's severed heads while you watched.
If you tank this partnership you and me got a problem.
You understand? It's very, uh, kind of you to have us here after everything.
Sorry about your brother.
Didn't leave us a lot of choice.
I can assure you that, uh this was an isolated event.
He acted on his own accord and with his own men.
It never should've happened.
No, it shouldn't have.
We want peace, a symbiotic relationship between GenCoin and ArakNet.
ALEX: So do we.
Well, Izzy called this meeting.
So, um what are we doin' here, Iz? I've been giving it a a lot of thought.
I can't just walk away from ArakNet.
It's my baby.
And GenCoin is my firstborn.
This is a chance for them to be together.
Under the same roof.
A family.
And they need their mother.
So, I'd like to stay on.
This is great.
This is great.
We can be at full strength.
Very brave.
I applaud you.
I do have one, um one ask, though.
Uh, not really an ask.
More a requirement.
I want personal control over Guizer.
Um what do you mean, personal control? The network codes.
The backdoors.
- No competition.
- ArakNet is already superior.
Your usership has tripled Guizer's.
That's why we came to you with GenCoin.
And I don't trust you.
And I don't trust you.
And so I want Guizer gone.
We can't shut it down, though.
It's way too decentralized already.
I'm not trying to shut it down.
Just put a muzzle on it.
- Izzy, Izzy - And if I had the backdoor to the network, I could do that.
Absolutely not.
We still have plenty of traffic.
It's a reliable source of income for Axis.
You'll make 10 times that off GenCoin once we allow it on ArakNet.
VERA: You have already allowed it.
Your partners here did.
The deal is done.
Everyone at this table stands to make a lot of money.
You are the only one who is choosing to not be a part of it.
It'll fold without me.
Children need their moms.
(BANGS ON TABLE) We were kind enough to come back to the table with you as an individual, because you are indeed valuable.
But if these are your final terms, ArakNet and GenCoin will be just fine without you.
Buy me out, then.
I want the same thing you're giving Ronnie.
No more or less.
RONNIE: Oh, come on, baby.
You got this.
Yeah, baby, you're doin' good.
I see you.
Goal! Our girl over there.
I got you.
You doin' good, baby.
Good to be home? You talk to them about that meetin' yet? Yeah, I'm supposed to go in there on Thursday.
You got any idea what they're gonna offer? You know, it's hard to know.
The company ain't been valued yet.
But I was chattin' with Nick last night.
He said it's gonna be a'ight.
" That's what he said, healthy offer.
What? I just I want you to think about it, that's all.
I ain't tryin' to be no place where I ain't wanted, baby.
That's your company, Ronnie.
You and our son.
And you're ready to just walk away and throw your hands up? Buyout goin' to be real nice.
Money we could use.
For what? Get up outta here.
We don't need money to move outta here.
Baby, when you started GenCoin, you know I was the first person to tell you that you was out your damn mind.
- You remember? - I remember.
And then, when you and Touie got ArakNet up and runnin', I All I saw was the same thing about to happen.
But I missed somethin', baby.
I missed what it was doin' for you.
And for Touie.
You weren't just tryin' to change this hood, you was tryin' to change you and the way people see you.
You can ask anybody now black, white, Haitian they all gonna say the same thing.
"Who Ronnie Dacey? Ronnie Dacey is a thug.
" You take that money from that buyout, all you gonna be is a rich thug.
Let me show you how soccer's supposed to be played.
If Daddy didn't win, you need it.
Don't let your mama whup you now, girl.
- Oh! - (ELSIE GIGGLING) Look at that, she quick! Oh! Goal, a goal, a goal! - (ELISE GIGGLES) - Ha-ha! - Come on.
- All right.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
So, I was thinking that this could be like a really good living space.
- Mm-hm.
- Like a living room, where we have people over.
You know, not typical.
Well, come on.
Little yard? I don't know, Stella, I don't - we deserve this.
- Yeah.
- It's a lot.
- Yeah.
We do.
- We should just - We do.
- live in a hotel.
- No.
Shut up, come on.
We gotta spend that buyout money somehow, right? Ignore the couch.
I was really thinking that this could be, like, a live-work area - Mm-hm.
- for you.
Like, your office.
I like that it has a lot of windows, you could have your desk, all the light will come in.
Maybe something for me over here, maybe like a little minibar.
Just in case, you know, you wanna come up with something new.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? - What do you think? - Is that what you want? Yeah.
Yeah, don't you think it'd be perfect? I could we could we could get work done, you know? - You're lying.
- Why? 'Cause you're doing this thing, - every time you're lying.
- Shit.
- Oh my God.
- What do you want? I don't know.
- What do you mean? - You know.
What do you want, Stels? Man up, stop doing things for other people, make yourself happy.
Look at it one more time.
What's your perfect setup? - Not your parents' - (LAUGHING) not mine.
- You're gonna laugh at me if I tell you.
- I'm not gonna laugh.
- Tell me.
- Okay.
For real? - Uh-huh.
- (SIGH) Okay, I wanna leave work at work.
- Okay.
- I wanna be able to come home to a 65-inch LED TV right there.
And I wanna be able to sit down in my underwear, and play video games, and eat some Cheetos and drink some cold beer all night.
(LAUGHS) What? Stop.
- Cheetos? - Yes! Cheetos! That's the dream.
- Cheetos and beer? - Yes.
- That's that's rich.
- Yeah, this is why I didn't wanna tell you, - you were gonna laugh at me.
- (PHONE CHIMES) It's disgusting.
- Come on.
This is the Cheeto room.
- - - Come on.
I wanna show you the bedroom.
- Everything cool? Come on! - Yeah.
- MAN: Hate to see the other dude.
- (MAN 2 LAUGHS) Yeah.
RONNIE: I appreciate y'all comin' to the hospital, though.
You don't ask for much, baby.
We the Zo, dawg.
You know how we roll.
We got you, bro.
(OVERLAPPING CHAT) Has to feel good to be a gangsta.
Big baby baby got that right there.
You know you gotta come back over here, though.
Forget that, dawg.
Try to see what that Maserati lookin' like.
(LAUGHTER) Man, you roll up in the hood with a Maserati, somebody gonna roll out the hood with your Maserati.
- (LAUGHTER) - You know how much that cost, man, you know? - Shit, I know how much a Maserati cost.
- (LAUGHTER) What you need to be doin' is tryin' to get your grandma out that little shoebox she livin' in.
I'm workin' on that, man.
Tunnel vision.
We gotta see how much this buyout for, though.
- (LAUGHTER) - Ahh, yeah.
What buyout you talkin' about? Gimme that cheese.
Buyout, dog.
Ain't that's what you waitin' on? Some fat stacks? Uh, they gonna pay me what I'm owed.
My share of the company.
- That's what's up.
- And then you gonna break us off, though, - right, fam? - Yeah, dawg.
We all in.
It's a family, dawg.
Zo boys.
- Do you want me to - No.
Uh I'll come to you.
Why? You know why.
(GUN CLATTERS, THUDS) Hey, so, if you take a look at what I just sent you, our pivot away from Guizer, and the new partnership with ArakNet have dramatically bolstered GenCoin's popularity in the past week.
OLEG: We're all very pleased on this side.
I'm hoping you're all, too.
- Absolutely.
- Maria JOSE: Oh, we are.
We're really excited, and it was the right decision to do.
My clients are very excited about the benefits they're seeing.
JING-SHEN: It surpassed BitCoin the other day.
- Outstanding.
- MARIA JOSE: Yes, yes.
We saw that.
I'm telling you it's gonna be a runaway success.
Everyone wants a piece.
- Hey.
- Hi.
You have a computer? Uh, yes, I have one of those.
- Do you wanna be a hero? - Okay.
- Please, come in.
- I gotta show you something.
- Where did you get this? - Is it helpful? - Yep.
- Do you want me to leave it here? - I do.
- Okay.
My boy Nick needs to walk, then.
His hearing's in three weeks, and I'm sure whatever's here is much more valuable to the FBI than any of the shit you have on him.
- Okay.
- Charges get dropped? Tshhh.
That's mine.
So, the contractor said that this could be ready as soon as July.
- That's if we wanna go with the open space.
- Yeah, yeah.
So offices on the sides there.
For executives and project managers.
I'm gonna take the big one right here.
- Of course.
- Mm-hm.
Anyway, this is what the designer likes - in terms of flow.
- That's a quote.
Flow is important.
- Uh, Ronald's here.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- He's early.
Let's just pause this.
It's good to see you movin' around again, bud.
- Hi.
How are you feeling? - Aw, you know.
Feelin' good.
- Feelin' blessed.
- Good.
Really relieved it wasn't worse.
That was quite a sacrifice you made.
For all of us.
Yeah, uh, Mara, you got that paperwork? Yeah.
Um (EXHALING IN PAIN) I told you it'd be healthy.
That's a generous offer, man.
(CHUCKLES) (PEN CLATTERS) I can't do it.
I started this company.
Me and Touie.
I'm part of this.
You are.
And I ain't about to be this dude's nigga no more.
I want everything you got, Nick.
And I want everything you got, Mara.
I wanna be co-CEO.
I want a nice office, same as you got.
I wanna go to the conferences, I wanna go to the meetings.
I wanna learn.
I wanna do.
And I want everybody to know this.
Ronald Dacey.
You can tear that shit up right there.
Ronald, you made a choice, man.
I changed my mind.
I think it's great.
I think the three of us should have a meeting right now.
I think it's great, too.
Nick says he's the best pitchman he's ever seen.
He's the best.
Welcome back.
(CHUCKLES) WOMAN: Warrants are being issued as we speak.
- We need to execute all at once.
- Of course.
Cyber's taking the lead on it.
- Understood.
- I'm gonna try to make sure you're part of the conversation, though.
I appreciate that.
- Anything else? - Yeah.
Uh Talman? You talk to Director Belgrad? Mm-hm.
Charges are being dropped.
(HITTING DESK) Thank you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Nick wanted you to pick first.
We got the whole damn floor? Yeah.
At this rate, we could probably have the whole building.
That's the one? It's the corner.
It looks good on you.
(CRUTCH HITTING FLOOR) (LAUGHS) Well, glad to see you don't need that anymore.
Unless you do, and then I'll get it.
Uh help.
- (IZZY MUMBLES) - Cheers.
So is this a general statement, or ? Yeah, officially, from the FBI.
It'll hit the wires when the warrants are executed.
Thank you.
Are you kiddin' me? Thank you.
One more thing Just in case.
Now, don't get caught with it on you, 'cause that's a world of pain.
- I don't need it.
- Izabel? Izabel, I'm not gonna name you as a source, but if anyone does find out it was you, there's gonna be a lot of people mad at you.
Now I can take you through safety Phil, I already have one.
Of course you do.
I tried shooting Alex Bell in the face with it, remember? - That does ring a bell.
- (MAGAZINE CLICKS) Good times.
You only tried, remember? Besides, I'm not gonna be here when the bomb goes off, so That's probably smart.
Well, good luck.
Thank you.
WES: Oh, tip tip of the knife.
- NICK: Mm.
- WES: And you get it under here.
And then you make sure that you are separating - the flesh from the bone.
- Yeah.
Like this? That's right.
Very, very good.
Very good.
Then it's just a matter at that point of slicing.
Look at that, that that that's beautiful.
- Ah, it's a little mangled.
- Aw, come on, man, - that you're gonna be cookin' for me, soon.
- Thanks.
Hey, did you have my father murdered? (CLANGING) (SIZZLING) Yeah.
He was your best friend.
(SNIFFS) You know, you're young, Nick.
You haven't had enough time to live on this earth, for the ups and downs, and the loves, betrayals.
But you will.
You will.
You'll have plenty.
And I mean, sure, you know, I I preach about relationships, and about havin' each other's backs, supporting each other, and all that blah, blah, blah.
That that that's that's good stuff, you know? But, um when it comes right down to it people just aren't reliable.
And when you get backed into a corner, you gotta make a choice.
Gotta go with that guy.
And you gotta go with that guy.
(PATS) Anyway this gonna be a problem? Or are we good? (ENGINES HUMMING) Ready? (PHONE RINGING) (SPEAKING RUSSIAN) (VERA SPEAKS) We're being told that this was a coordinated take-down, - spearheaded by the FBI, - and with the help of other foreign law enforcement agencies.
Over a thousand individual arrests worldwide affecting what the FBI is telling us are at least 31 different criminal organizations.
Officials are calling it the single largest multi-syndicate take-down in the history of organized crime, let alone the darknet.
And it all began with an anonymous well, what we're being told was a backdoor into the Guizer network.
If you haven't been following over the last couple of months, Guizer is this highly-encrypted, anonymous network, the latest development from Alex Bell's Axis, which also holds the keys to GenCoin.
GenCoin, a cryptocurrency that many are now saying was originally backed by the Kazankov family, - a very wealthy - She's not answering her phone.
a very powerful criminal organization based in Moscow.
Do you really think this was her? BROOKE: And they allegedly used it - Yeah.
- to fund a worldwide network of nefarious activity.
Everything from common drug deals, to arms trade, - to human trafficking.
- Holy butt.
And what's so startling here is this GenCoin.
It seemed nearly unstoppable in its ascent, and now, Scott, what are we looking at here? Yeah, well, I mean it's pretty self-explanatory here.
You can see even after Mt.
Gox, BitCoin didn't take such a severe hit as what GenCoin is going through right now.
BROOKE: And what's that going to do to the markets? SCOTT: It's gonna be a bloodbath for a minute here.
As you're well aware, GenCoin had managed to secure the backing of some of the world's top tech moguls.
BROOKE: Actually, hang on, Scott, we're about to go live here.
Uh, we have Special Agent Phil Rask with us - remotely here from his home in Miami.
- Taxi? BROOKE: He is the FBI agent who intercepted the leak from Guizer.
Agent Rask, how are you? I'm good, thank you, Brooke, how are you? I'm well, thank you, sir.
So, Agent Rask, this is definitely a big deal, correct? PHIL: Oh, I would say so, yeah.
So what's so startling, now that we're seeing this all unfold I mean, this is probably just the tip of the iceberg, right? Absolutely.
Most crime is invisible.
Most corruption does go unpunished.
Uh, there's just too much politics, too many financial strands at play, uh, to really feel like you're making a difference.
But today, I d I do feel at least like we, uh we made a dent.
BROOKE: Well, it definitely seems that way.
Thirty-one different criminal networks affected by this.
That That is more than a dent.
PHIL: Uh, sure.
BROOKE: And how long have you been doing this job? PHIL: Well well, I've been with the Bureau, uh, going on 20 years now, actually.
BROOKE: So, you must've seen, over all those years, a multitude of situations like this, where the bad guys just walked free, right? PHIL: Absolutely, more often than not.
BROOKE: Let me ask you this, then, just not to get too personal as a man fighting for justice for almost two decades, how do you feel today? How does all of this feel? - Honestly? - Honestly.
I I don't care.
(LAUGHS) Ooh, ooh, ooh I'm stuck inside of a dream Where I wanna believe We both belong Flames old and new were the same Seasons change, but my heart Won't move along Dreams show me that I'm alive With you standing beside me I'm okay Oh, when anger Washes away The stars and the sunny days Of my life Oh Close my eyes and say Never on my own I'll never be afraid When I feel like breaking down You come around Catching me when I fall When there's nowhere Left to go Show me how to get home And I know that I'm not alone I'll be keeping you near When I feel like Breaking down You come around Catching me when I fall Ooh, when there's nowhere Left to go You show me how to get home And I know that I'm not alone I'll be keeping you near me