Station 19 (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

Under the Surface

When we arrive on a scene, civilians don't see us, not really.
Is there anything else we need to sign off on for the Vic we brought in, Natalie Forrester? That's the last one.
Like I said thanks.
They don't see past our gear, our uniforms.
We should get back to the station.
With Captain Fire Grinch? I am not in a rush.
We've handled Ripley as our Interim Captain for the past six weeks.
We can handle Captain Sullivan.
The man doesn't smile.
It's unnerving.
And he doesn't like me, never has, not even a little bit.
Then make him like you.
That's what I plan to do.
The uniform inspires confidence.
You're really okay with it? Going from being Sometimes-Captain to just being part of the team? The uniform makes people believe Giving orders is harder than following them.
I got this.
Yeah, but even Captain Sullivan's orders? Watch and learn, Miller, okay? By the end of the day, Sullivan will be basking in my awesome.
everything is gonna be okay Besides, don't act like he's the only reason you've been dragging your feet to stay here.
You're trying to rebound from your JJ breakup with Dr.
Pierce is kind of a genius.
And witty and kind.
I mean, And you should tell her all that right now.
She's behind you.
- Made you look.
- Yeah? You think that's funny? Has anyone seen my son?! H-He's 10 years old.
Uh, h-he has brown hair, and he was wearing a yellow and gray baseball shirt.
W Max was on the roof, and he just ran away.
And I can't find him.
I need your help.
E-Evan, right? We're gonna help you, okay? Have you called the police? even when your whole house is burning down.
Look at this face attached to Max Forrester, 10 years old.
He was reported missing.
Garcia and Vu are en route to search Grey-Sloan, where he was last seen.
Everybody else, start with a four-block radius of the hospital.
Branch out from there.
Let's go.
Get out there.
Is Captain Sullivan really just never gonna eat with us? Maybe he just doesn't eat.
He doesn't do group dining.
Pass the tortillas.
Do you think he uses these drills to rank us or something? What does that even mean? Fastest person gets to be his go-to person.
No, that he "doesn't do" group dining.
I mean, it's family-style with a group who dines.
It's not a big deal.
It makes me feel like we're doing something wrong for eating.
It's, uh, almost time for mid-shift lineup.
Sullivan can't go half a shift without checking in.
Was he like this in the Training Academy, too? Yes.
Except there was more, uh, yelling.
And he thought my name was "Gelson.
" Your belt is missing.
Oh, damn.
I bet Miller and Herrera's day is better than this.
Has anyone seen a boy come through here alone? He's 10 years old.
Security cameras saw him going down a back stairway.
Hey, he left the hospital through the E.
Dispatch from Officer Vu, we have reason to believe the child has vacated the hospital.
What? Max is just out there wandering all alone? Look, I-I'm sure we'll find your son, okay? What the hell do you know? I trusted you with my child, and you lost him.
Are there places that PD should focus on, places that Max likes to go? I-I-I don't know.
Natalie would know.
If only we could ask her.
I wish there was something more we could do for your wife, but in her condition, after the surgery Look, my wife is dying.
And now my kid is missing.
It's a lot.
Do you think he's okay? Chances are, Max just got overwhelmed and needed some space.
Officer Vu and her team are working very hard to find him quickly.
Quickly? How quickly? My son is out there.
I need answers.
It's a reasonable request.
Seems like such a bad first impression, like, "Hey, uh, Mean New Boss? Hi.
Can I have some more time off?" You weren't on vacation.
You were healing from heart surgery.
Yeah, and I, and I did that for six weeks.
I-I-I healed.
I could try jumping back into work now.
As the person who was by your side for those six weeks, a little more time won't hurt.
I'll grab you another fork.
I don't need you to, I'm done anyway.
Grant we got to go.
Stick to our plan.
Ask for more time.
Recovery takes as long as it takes.
How bad can one little meeting be, right? Captain Herrera, you look well.
Can I help you with something? Now that I'm nearing my last few radiation treatments, I'd like to discuss my future here, officially, if you have a moment.
Actually, I do not.
It's time for lineup.
Lineup? - Yes.
- Mid-shift? - That's very thorough.
- Can't be late.
Well, I'll just wait, then.
Oh, no, no need.
No discussion necessary.
Enjoy your retirement.
You deserve it.
That boy matches our description, yeah? Logue to Dispatch, pulling over for a possible match to active 415.
Max? Max.
No, wait! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Max! No, no, no, Max! Aah! Max! Max! Answer us, please! Max, can you hear me?! Call it in, Tanner, Search and Rescue.
Officer Tanner to all units, our missing-child case just escalated to a Search and Rescue.
We need backup and the fire department ASAP.
Damn it.
Damn it.
Damn it! You're missing a button.
- It have caught on the, - Don't explain.
Fix it.
I, uh, finished the laundry, And you burned your hand.
Yes, uh, when I was checking a door - at the apartment fire this morning, - I was there.
And I saw you remove your glove against protocol.
They patched you up at Grey-Sloan? I patched myself up, actually.
I used to be a, - Surgeon.
Anesthesiologist before that.
Now you're a firefighter.
What's next? You decided yet? Sticking with firefighter, sir.
Time will tell, I suppose.
But while you are here, you should consider yourself and that hand of yours my assets.
My assets belong to the Seattle Fire Department, here to serve with the residents of Seattle.
Now, when you do things like burn your hand or leaving one of your own bleeding out in a stairwell, you risk losing one of my assets.
The skyscraper was a complicated situation, You're assigned to reception.
Keep the seat warm, answer the phones without risking any more of my assets.
Okay, gang, who wants the Bavarian Cr Hi, Captain.
I'm really sorry.
I did not realize that you were in the middle of this.
I'm gonna, I'm gonna go over here.
Technical rescue, intersection 16th Street and Fulton Street for Engine 19.
You're not going with? Seat-warming duty.
I'm an asset.
It sounds like Max fell into the pipe drainage system.
Miller and I need to go join the Search and Rescue efforts.
What do I do? Stay with Natalie? Max must be so scared.
I mean, can I go with you? The rules don't allow family to ride along in this type of situation.
The situation is his child.
But given that he's a minor and that we care we know how to bend the rules.
Natalie's brain is She's not waking up.
That's what you said, right? And she would want me to be there for Max.
Then let's get you to Max.
Come on.
God, I-I feel the same way.
I just wish there was something that we could do.
Look, the firefighters have their job, and we have ours.
Yeah, but what if Max is hurt? He could be.
A fall like that into a giant drain? When they find him, we could be right there to stitch him up, give him antibiotics, morphine.
We could bring the E.
to him.
Beats just standing here waiting.
Look, I-I can't go.
Natalie's, Stable.
Maggie, Natalie is stable.
At this point, all you're doing is making her comfortable.
Bailey can monitor and, and keep an eye on her.
Don't you think she'd want you to keep Max safe? Come on.
Hang on.
It's my dad.
Dad, what's wrong? Are you okay? A broken washing machine is not an emergency.
Well, that's a matter of opinion.
Yeah, I-I kinda can't right now, Dad.
I'm still on a call.
I know I called back, 'cause you said it was an emergency.
Yeah, is it, is it a motor problem or, like, a capacity problem? Because when my machine is just the slightest bit off-kilter We can take a look after shift, okay? But right now is not the best time, No.
Matter of fact, have him Br Br-Bring your clothes in to the station and just put 'em in Warren's basket.
- I do that all the time.
- Yes, I remember that pink shirt.
I think you look great in that pink shirt.
You can pull off any fashion choice, sir.
Any choice.
Talk later, okay? I feel you.
My parents are exhausting, too.
They just don't get it, never have.
So how do you deal with it? Oh, I moved out.
So, this is where you lost Max? This is where I found Max.
Right, but then you lost him.
Took you long enough.
Sir, this is Evan Forrester, Max's father.
Of course.
Captain Sullivan.
Herrera radioed that you'd be coming.
Look, we will do everything in our power to get your son safely back into your arms.
Uh, thank you for bending the rules - Of course.
- and letting me be here.
Miller, take Mr.
Forrester somewhere where he can wait.
If I move, you go with me.
We'll do our best to find your son.
Thank you.
Hang in there, now.
I think I have to move out of my dad's place.
I don't know what Miller said, but, yes, I approve.
- It's time.
- Way past.
I mean, he's feeling better, he can take care of himself, and I-I-I need to do this right away, before I chicken out and keep living there another 30 years.
Have you told your dad yet? No.
How do I tell him? What do I tell him? You say, "Dad, I've never lived out from under your roof.
I need to be an adult now, so I'm moving in with Maya, and I feel confident that you can start folding your own boxers all by yourself.
" You'll let me move in with you? I'm actually a little offended you didn't lead with that.
Who wouldn't want to live at my place? It's amazing.
How's it going here? Ah, you know, Sullivan's keeping us on a tight leash.
Ah, at least he's consistent.
I can work under consistent.
I'm focused.
I'm ready.
We got this.
You wouldn't be using that focus to distract from the Ryan breakup or the fact that you haven't seen him in six weeks, right? Absolutely not.
- Okay, good.
Ryan's working this call with us.
So I'm glad it won't be weird or anything.
How's the feed? Grimy walls with a lot of waterworks for now, but we'll find him.
What? You're just very optimistic.
I mean, it's good on a call like this.
If I could figure out how to survive a skyscraper explosion, - for sure we've got this.
- Thank you.
Yes, we can.
Anything yet? Officer Tanner is looking for a report.
Uh, yeah.
No sign of Max yet.
Logue's breathing down my neck for an update.
Yeah, I hear that.
I can feel Sullivan's eyes on us just waiting to be impressed.
Then let's impress him.
I'll go check your anchor point.
- Okay.
Don't sweat it, Tanner.
It'll pass.
Excuse me? The weirdness with Herrera.
I mean, she and I were weird for a bit after we broke up, too.
We're great now.
I'm just saying, don't sweat it.
I'm not sweating anything.
So, are you just messing with him now? I thought I was being friendly.
To the guy Andy picked over you? Ancient history.
I mean, we've all moved on.
- You know, life's too short to be petty.
- Sure.
That's what I was telling him just now.
Then I don't think he speaks Gibson.
- Mm.
And neither do I, for that matter.
- Oh.
- I need more slack.
The closure's pristine.
Yeah, I mean, Pierce gave you a first-class patch-up.
Like I said when you insisted on taking a look, my own doctors tell me I'm healing just fine.
Um, what's with the box, sir? Oh, well, I have extra space at home for some of my old stuff back to, mnh, spruce the place up.
So much has changed around here.
And the new captain's doing mid-day lineups? I feel like I've missed so much.
Was that wall always blue? So, you're looking to ask Sullivan for more time off? I am.
Any pointers? Yeah.
Be very clear.
He's quick to jump to conclusions you had no intention of him jumping to.
He's gonna make up his mind about you fast.
- Also, be prepared to stand.
- Mm.
S-Stand, sir? Warren, come in.
Uh, Warren.
- We need Intel.
Call Utilities for drainage blueprints and find out how fast the water's flowing from our entry point at 16th and Fulton.
We're looking for a needle in a haystack here.
Anything you find out makes my haystack smaller.
Shrink the haystack.
Copy, sir.
You're not on duty, Montgomery.
We can handle this.
And miss out on the haystack thing? I-I-I'm the one actually on duty here.
Sir, you're in resort wear.
Seattle FD, need a comprehensive drainage map immediately.
King County Stormwater Services? This is Travis Montgomery from Seattle FD.
All units, listen up.
Let's mobilize.
Engine 19 is now Storm Drain Incident Command.
We're launching downstream containment along Max's two possible paths.
That's Fulton Street and Jefferson Boulevard.
We're gonna split up and check each and every drain along the way.
We need to get ahead of Max, let the current bring him towards us.
Each company, your captains have your intersection assignments.
Get out there.
PD, I want squad cars with FD on both lines! Get them access! Herrera! Hey.
What are you guys doing out here? - We came to help.
- Who are you? Uh, this is Dr.
Pierce and Dr.
We're the doctors for Max's mom.
We can be on medical standby or whatever you need.
I'll take one of you on the engine so you can keep Mr.
Forrester calm.
- I'll do that.
- Jimmy, take her to the engine.
Uh, I bet Miller can make room for you.
Thank you.
You run point on truck today.
If anyone harnesses up on your apparatus, I want it to be you.
Try not to screw it up.
- Yes, sir.
Sir, I'm happy to jump in, too, in any capacity.
Wherever you need me, that's where I'll be.
You'll be with me on engine.
On Incident Command Center.
I can make sure that, uh, You can drive.
I can also harness up, Just drive.
Let's start there.
You're sure Sullivan told you - it was cool for you to ride with us? - Uh-huh.
We don't normally do civilian ride-alongs during search and rescues, and he is a pretty by-the-book kind of guy.
He cited me for missing a button.
Oh, I'm not just a civilian.
I used to be an EMT, so you guys can use me.
Uh, no, no.
We cannot.
I think it's great that you and Dr.
Pierce decided to come.
I'm sure surgeons have very busy schedules, but here you both are, helping.
Pierce seems really great in that way.
Yeah, she's, she's great.
She seems thoughtful, too.
This is a really thoughtful thing to do.
- It was kind of my idea, actually, but, - Does she like sushi? What the what? I-I asked her out, and I haven't heard back from her.
Well, she'll probably tell you she's got a boyfriend.
He shoots.
He does not score.
Like, a serious boyfriend? Because she made it sound not so serious.
Hey, look, is that the, uh, storm drain? Okay, listen, DeLukes, Miller and I have a lot at stake today with a new captain to impress, and you getting in the way doesn't really help with that, so just I don't know, just stick to the sidelines, okay? Copy, copy.
But, yeah, that is our storm drain.
We should probably pull over.
- All right, slow and steady.
- You got it.
You know, it's funny.
I used to think the worst thing in the world would be if you made captain, but it turns out Sullivan is the worst.
That's a compliment.
- Thanks.
He's humorless.
He micromanages.
He doesn't trust us.
He won't even eat in the same room.
I mean, you eat with your mouth open and sometimes you chew really loudly.
But, hey, at least you've never been too good to be there.
Again, a compliment.
All right, we're out of cord.
Still no sign of Max.
Let's bring it back up.
All clear here.
- Copy that.
- You know, if those were compliments, I don't think I speak Bishop.
So few people do.
Any sign of Max? Not yet.
Try to hang in there, Evan.
Heading to Dogwood and Jefferson, sir.
Herrera, switch to channel two.
The plan part is my part.
Permission to head to our next designated access point, Dogwood and Jefferson? Granted.
Engine 23, I want to see your feed go live A.
Get an update from the station.
Hey, guys, what's the latest on those drainage blueprints? I'm downloading the attachment from Utilities.
It's a pretty large file.
So, you're on Incident Command? How are the feeds looking? How big a radius are you covering? Captain Sullivan is, uh, handling that part right now, Dad, so Sure, but I know you have ideas.
How does it look? What's the plan? Captain Sullivan has that part covered, too.
Dad, Uh, just a little longer, sir.
How are those blueprints coming? I got something.
Okay, Dad, uh, got to go.
Is that It's a handprint from Station 23's feed.
That tells us which way Max is traveling.
Yes, it does.
Change of plans, Herrera.
Reroute to Station 23's feed location.
Ladder 19, get to Norton and Fulton right now.
Bishop, I need you to go down inside the pipes to intercept the boy.
He's headed that direction.
What's going on? Is there news? We think we might have a lead.
Hustle up, Herrera.
Traffic's stopped! We're clear! Gibson, where's my camera feed? Every second counts.
Waiting on PD, sir.
Tanner, what's the ETA? Every second counts.
Like I said, traffic's stopped.
You don't need to go bad-mouthing PD to your boss.
You don't need to get so defensive.
It's a simple question.
There a problem here, gentlemen? No problem.
Tanner? All clear here, Sergeant.
All yours, FD.
Almost ready to go here, sir! Setting up the four-gas detector now! We've got picture.
Yeah, the water level's higher.
Conditions look worse.
Bishop, be aware of the current when you get down there.
I don't need you getting swept away, too.
We should probably set up decontamination, be ready to scrub off whatever Max has been swimming in.
Go head up De-Con.
- Hey, I'll back you up.
- Thank you.
You're backing up someone who doesn't work for this department! Well, go help him! Do we have to be doctors now to get Sullivan to like us? Didn't work for Warren.
Harness is secure.
I have no flow.
Nothing's coming out.
Is my airline open? It's open.
Maybe the valve is faulty.
Let's switch it out double-time.
I'll make sure it's secure.
Damn it, we lost picture.
Help me! That's him! Captain! Max is below us.
I repeat, Max is below us.
Somebody, help! We got to get in there.
We got to help him.
- Almost done.
- I'll go without the line.
I-I'm going in.
- Wh No! Do not go in there! - Hey! Hey! No, Andy, wait for Bishop! - Max?! - Please help! I'm by the wall.
Damn it.
It's so slippery.
Please help me! - Hang on.
Andy, the water keeps pushing me! - Please help me! - Max, keep calling out! Max, I'm almost there! Help me! - Hang on, Max! What the hell were you doing? You can't jump into a storm drain without a harness.
You know that.
- I thought I could get to Max.
We barely got you out.
I was harnessed.
Two seconds later, and I could have gone in to get him, except you were in there.
I was better-equipped, and you just swooped in before I could even try.
I'm gonna give you some broad-spectrum antibiotics just in case.
In case I swallowed drainage water? Affirmative.
I did.
We risk everything to save a kid, but there's a right way to do it.
- What you did just cost us time.
- I needed to try.
No, actually, you needed to step aside and let me try.
'Cause now we may have lost him.
Warren, we need a new access point yesterday.
Someone, speak! Considering the increased current and the obstruction on South Street Sir, I think you've got one last shot of intercepting Max, the corner of Flower and Fulton, sir.
That's your last shot.
Flower and Fulton! Go! Go! Go! Go! Evan, it may get chaotic out here, so the engine's the best place for you to wait.
Do you mind if I wait outside the engine? Dr.
Pierce is on the phone with the hospital about my wife, and I'm just afraid if I get any more bad news right now, I won't even be able to stand up.
Of course.
Out here's fine.
Thank you.
Herrera, you do not move a finger the rest of this call.
Logue, report.
- We got a problem.
We've scouted the area.
It looks like they converted the maintenance hole, our access point, to this.
That is too tiny for us to fit through.
- No! - Are we sure this is it? Our Intel says we should have access at this point.
Well, it looks like your Intel's wrong.
Can you stop with the attitude? We're all trying the best we can here.
Warren, why is our access point a tiny hatch? None of us can fit through this thing.
Is there any other opening? Utilities website says no.
Th-There's nothing else.
That's it.
Captain Sullivan, the plan? Going down there is not an option.
This is our last access point, and it's too damn small.
We make it bigger.
We can open it up with a jackhammer or something.
There was a recent construction.
It could be a mess down there.
We're not going in blind.
We get the construction records.
Permission to add to the plan part, Captain? Is that a nod? - Bishop.
- Yeah? Get the damn jackhammer.
Ready to dig, Captain.
Got the construction records.
Are we clear to dig? Scrolling through now.
You should have an answer in a second.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! I got a visual on Max.
- He looks exhausted.
- He's beneath us right now.
- We need to get down there.
- We are not losing Max again.
Max, hold on tight! Do you hear me?! Don't let go! Somebody rig up some walkies and a line so at least we can talk to him.
Warren, time's up.
Can we dig? D-Do not dig! Do not dig! You are standing above a gas line.
Y-You hit that wrong, and the whole city block could blow up.
What the hell are we gonna do now? Max? It's Andy.
- You remember me, from earlier, in the pipes and at the hospital? Max, can you hear me? I wanna come up! My head hurts! I know, Max, but for now, I need you to keep holding on tight.
We're gonna figure something out, okay? I don't like it down here! I'm cold! Help me, please! Can't you help? All right, so, what's the plan here? Miller, how big is Max, do you think, for a 10-year-old? About average, maybe? What does that matter? Oh.
- Yeah.
Oh, you're right.
You're so right.
You're so right.
I'll get the ring.
Hughes, Miller, Davit.
- Davit! - On it.
Anyone care to clue me in? Andy! Andy, are you still there?! I'm here.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm really cold.
I know, Max.
Okay, can you, uh, think about something warm? Maybe that'll help.
Like when you open the door to a car in the middle of summer and it's so hot inside, your eyes burn.
Can you picture that? No.
Or, well, t-think about other things that warm you up, like a hot chocolate or your favorite blanket or A hug? From my mom? Yeah.
Just like that.
Andy? I'm here.
I miss my mom.
I miss my mom, too, Max.
Will I get to see her again? We're working on it, okay? Is he in there? Max! Oh, my God! - Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! - Hey, hey! Max, it's Daddy! I'm right here! Max! - Mr.
Forrester! - Easy, easy.
What are you doing? He's right there.
Max, we'll send you a floaty, okay? I'm gonna need you to grab it.
But you said don't let go! Max, just grab the floaty, buddy, just like at the pool.
Daddy? Here, he can hear you through this.
Can't you come get me? I want to, buddy, but I can't.
I don't believe you! You've been lying to me all day! I want Mom! Mom's not here, okay? I don't care! I want her! I don't want you! - He's losing his grip! - He's got to grab that thing! - No, no, no, no! - Hey! Evan, Evan, Evan.
Your wife is dying.
You need to say that out loud to your son, okay? He's a very smart kid.
He sensed it when we were at the hospital.
He needs you to say those words to him so he knows you're being straight with him.
Come on.
Come on.
Talk to your son.
Maxie? You're right.
I-I didn't tell you the truth before.
And sometimes I just forget how grown-up you are.
And the truth is Mom's not gonna make it, buddy.
But I bet she's holding on for you.
And I know she would love to feel a hug from you from all of us, together one last time.
I'd love it, too, Maxie.
And I love you so much.
And I know, I know it's scary to let go, but you are so brave.
You're just like mom that way.
So I need you to let go grab the floaty and wrap it around your waist, okay? You can do it.
Do it for Mom.
Here we go.
- Come on.
Almost there.
- Get those elbows in, Max.
Dad! All right! Dad! - Come on, Max.
- Dad! Dad! I'm sure you need me to move, but I can't let him go right now.
No, you stay put.
We can work around you.
We did it.
We found the needle in a haystack.
Yes, we did despite you.
You cost us valuable time, time we should have spent focusing on Max, not fishing you out.
I know.
It was a big swing, but, Big swings are a privilege, one that, let's be clear, you have yet to earn with me.
Herrera, you coming? Wow.
We really pulled that off.
Is this every day for you? I mean, some days also involve fire.
Hey, look, I know you told me to stick to the sidelines today, but, um, I did a thing that might make you mad.
See the tall guy over there from Station 23? Ugh.
23 is where the slugs of the department go to get slower.
Yeah, well, this guy's not a slug.
I, uh, got his number.
- For you.
He was asking if you might be interested.
Let's go! You can't just do that and then squid away, DeLukes.
My captain thinks the team saved Max today despite me.
I mean, I know I cost us time, but in the end we, we gave that family this moment right here.
- That counts for something.
Do you need to yell about it? There's a supply closet down the hall where people like to do their yelling.
Actually, I know that closet.
Grey let me melt down there once, when my dad collapsed in a fire.
Really? That's my sister.
No wonder I like you so much.
- Herrera.
Ready? - Yeah.
It was great riding with you today, - Dr.
- Same here.
Um, hey, Miller.
You seem really great and everything.
- I'm just, - You have a boyfriend.
It's cool.
I'm sure he's super into you because why wouldn't he be? You are remarkable.
But I-I'ma just put this out in the universe.
If you ever find yourself without a boyfriend, I am literally just three blocks down the street at the fire station.
And I make a mean margarita.
He does.
Saving a kid without ever leaving the station not a bad day not at work, huh? I stalled with Grant today on the phone.
A lot.
He wants me to take more time off, but one minute back here, and all I want is more.
Time away from the station will do that.
It's working out for you, though.
I mean, look at you.
You even starch your shirts now.
I brought in my laundry from home today sheets, towels, all of it because my washing machine broke.
Can't you just call a repair person? Hey.
I know my way around machinery, Montgomery, but normally Andy is reading the manual while I'm under the hood.
I guess it's time I figure out how to do it on my own.
Or just call a repair person.
- No.
You were supposed to ask for more time off, not less.
Is this because of the new captain? You're worried about impressing him? - No.
- What if you spike a fever? Then I will come home.
I know my limits.
Today's limit was supposed to be an hour, and look what happened.
I'm feeling ready.
T-This is good news.
Feel the good news with me.
It doesn't feel good.
It feels like you're headed right into danger.
It feels like I'm bound to lose you all over again.
You didn't lose me, though.
Well, I didn't know you were gonna make it out of surgery.
I was sitting there in that waiting room terrified, and I don't ever want to feel that again.
Let's go home.
Hey, roomie.
Did you talk to your dad? Not yet, but I will.
I'm going to.
You were right, by the way.
I-It did get weird with Ryan today.
I called him "Officer Tanner.
" What's wrong with me? Why did I do that? And don't start with saying it's all about Jack.
Jack and I are just friends, okay? There's nothing else going on there.
I did not say any of that.
Okay, so, now you're being weird.
I was ready, Andy.
I was there.
I was harnessed in, and Sullivan asked me to go down there.
I could hear Max's voice.
Yeah, you could hear mine, too, and everyone else's telling you to stand down.
- I thought I could save him.
- But you didn't.
And I could have actually saved him if you waited and let me, You don't know that! I was right there! And you just had to jump in there! You're right.
You, You have every right to be angry.
I, - But let's talk.
- I don't want to talk.
Wanna yell? Okay, come on.
This, This is your yelling closet.
Yell if you want.
Yell at me.
I don't want to yell! I'm turning in.
You took my spot.
This is where I like to go when I want to be alone.
You know, there's a pool going around wondering if you ever eat.
Well, the team should get to relax at mealtime.
Nobody's gonna relax around me.
You don't trust us because you don't know us yet.
But you could get to know us if you joined us for meals instead of grabbing snacks from the beanery when nobody's watching.
I'm good.
You speak Spanish? So that means, um I've been hearing your less-than-flattering commentary all day? Yes, I have.
You know, the team looks up to you.
When you bend the rules, so will they.
I don't bend rules for no reason.
Just for the right reasons? And who are you to decide that? Hmm? You're not the most experienced.
You're not in charge.
You're Lieutenant Andrea Herrera.
That's it.
Our uniform is our armor, our protection, our hard-candy shell.
It protects what's under the surface.
You, uh, You actually washed all this yourself? Montgomery may have helped.
See? You didn't even need me.
Between the machines here and Montgomery, I'm not some helpless old man.
Sullivan thinks so, but he's wrong.
But I did need you.
- Okay.
When you get back home and see just how messed up the washing machine is, you'll see how much I needed you.
I said okay.
We have light bulbs out, too, upstairs hallway.
We need to fix those.
Oh, a-and I meant to tell you, don't buy any more skim milk.
I-I need 2%.
Anything less just tastes like water, I'm moving out.
What? I'm moving out, Dad.
I'm I'm sorry.
It's, It's just, I-I need to go.
Hell of a time to decide that.
I-I-I'm at home all day because I'm getting cancer treatments.
You're on your last leg of treatments, and, and they are going very well.
Can't believe that you're surprising me with this, no, no warning, no conversation.
- We're having a conversation.
- When you've already decided.
I wanted Sullivan to bask in my awesome today.
But instead I, Everything got all messed up.
It went sideways, and I was not awesome.
There was no basking because there was no awesome.
And I can't keep folding your socks and your boxers.
Just, It's, Not awesome.
Got it.
I don't want to be in charge of you when it's, w-when it's all I can do to just figure stuff out for myself or Hey.
I love you.
But there's just a, there's a lot going on right now.
I'm gonna be at Maya's, okay? But the truth is that no amount of armor can protect you from everything.