Station 19 (2018) s02e14 Episode Script

Friendly Fire

1 - Previously on "Station 19" - I want you settled down.
I may just have to go on a few dates.
- I would love to get to know - The check, right? Mom's never gonna be happy if you're just phoning it in.
Medic One I'm considering going for it.
PRUITT: They asked if I could have my previous boss fill out a recommendation.
You know you're vastly overqualified for this.
That ruined my prospects as captain of 19, but It's also how you got me.
Could that be a bright spot, too? MAYA: I don't do things behind people's backs.
- I'm telling Andy about it.
- Cool.
You're not worried about how she's gonna react? Maybe I would be if I were you.
- I screwed up.
- It's Hughes.
I am sick of the secrets, and I'm tired of hiding, but we have to.
Maybe we shouldn't be a secret anymore.
ANDY: A flashover can happen in a matter of seconds.
All you need is the perfect combination of air, heat, and combustible material.
The smoke around you comes alive with fire, rushing toward you, rushing over you.
There's no time to outrun it.
A blast so expansive, so big, it can rock your entire world.
And you want to hear the scariest part? [BREATHING HEAVILY] Most of us will never see it coming.
- [SULLIVAN GRUNTS] - [EXHALES DEEPLY] [CHUCKLES] You want to go again? No way.
I can't.
Oh, come on, Herrera.
10 more and you get to pick what we do next.
Huh? - Why - One.
are you torturing me? Don't you have other work-out buddies? Two.
Well, I was boxing with Warren - [GRUNTS] - until I punched him.
Well, you need more friends.
- I got you.
You're my friend.
- [CHUCKLES] That's big for me.
Because you're not a very friendly person? Yes, I am.
When I want to be.
[LAUGHS] Come on.
Come on where? You said I get to pick what we do next.
I pick you coming with me, for hydrant inspections.
You know, captains don't do hydrant inspections.
Not usually, that's true.
- But I want the company.
- [CHUCKLES] You know, that's abuse.
Of our friendship.
Mm, yeah, you're probably right.
We leave in 15.
Wh [EXHALES SHARPLY] VIC: Uh, what if one of us transferred to a different department? You really want to do long-distance? You're right.
Never works.
I could, uh I could step down.
I've had a long career.
Yours is just starting.
Well, that's some lame ass co-dependent self-sacrificial territory, and I won't live there, so [BELL RINGS] What are the rules here exactly? We're risking disciplinary action, suspension.
Possible termination.
We aren't technically allowed to date and work in the same department when I outrank you By about a thousand ranks.
We don't have to go public.
Risks are still the risks.
There's, uh There's really only one other option I can think of and that's [CHUCKLES, CLEARS THROAT] You're probably right, maybe we should just keep things under wraps.
Don't hold out.
What's the other option? It's nothing.
Forget it.
No, you can't do that.
You can't dangle some secret silver bullet - and not tell me what it is.
- It's too crazy.
Well, lay your crazy on me.
Lock and load, baby.
- You would never go for it.
- Try me.
- Marriage.
- [MOUTH FULL] What? - It's a loophole.
- [CHOKING] I'm sorry.
[COUGHS] [LAUGHS] Rank technically isn't an issue amongst spouses.
I told you, it's kind of crazy.
[LAUGHING] Yeah, it's also kind of a marriage.
Which is why I'm gonna say "crazy" yet again in this conversation.
I shouldn't have brought it up.
It is crazy.
That a marriage license could protect us from the rules.
But It's too crazy, right? We'll keep exploring other options.
[INHALES DEEPLY] We will find a solution, okay? Okay.
[COFFEE POURING] - What are you doing?! - Caffeinating.
No, no, no, no, no.
This is Medic One coffee Ohh! Aah! I brewed specifically for Warren, okay? It is highly concentrated.
For concentration.
Can't you see he's trying to study? Actually, I didn't see him or hear him or even feel a presence.
Why does he look so creepy right now? [WHISPERING] He gets that way when he's thinking.
I asked him about an in-field procedure literally five minutes ago.
Been that way ever since.
[WHISPERING] Did he just twitch? BEN: I got it! Congestive heart failure IV lasix and give nitro.
- [LAUGHS] - Mm, no.
What? No, no, no.
That would absolutely work.
Oh, giving Lasix and nitro is the right move for someone with CHF I did it a bunch of times as a surgeon.
Yeah, but without a chest X-ray you can't be sure.
And you can't chest x-ray in the field.
It says here, um, your patient could have pneumonia or a pulmonary embolism.
Yeah, I need Miller.
Why? Would Miller make you not wrong? Well, he's my actual study buddy.
No offense, man, but, you know, he's he's really helpful.
Maybe it's his voice, that soothing baritone.
I made you Medic One coffee.
Where is Miller anyway? Somebody turn on the light [CELLPHONE CLICKS] Somebody turn on the light You have been here three times this week already.
- Another blind date? - DEAN: Afraid so.
Although I think it's safe to say that I've been stood up, so I'll I'll just take the check.
WOMAN: Hey, sorry.
I am so sorry for being this late.
Impossible client.
You're Dean? - Yeah.
- Nikki.
Uh, no problem, but I-I do need to get to work soon, so maybe we should just, you know, call Oh, perfect.
Let's make this quick.
- Can I be honest for a sec? - Okay.
I hate blind dates.
Especially ones set up by my father.
I'm really just here to make him happy, so can we maybe just chit chat, go through the motions? Then we can both tell our parents that it didn't work out without being liars.
- Is that cool? - Yes.
That is totally cool.
- [CHUCKLES] - Okay.
Ooh, sorry.
Ah, I know you saw my dad this morning.
Let me guess.
He suckered you into helping him move heavy boxes around.
And now you're feeling the burn? No.
No suckering.
- Maybe a little suckering, yeah.
- [CHUCKLES] - I'm glad.
- That I got suckered? No.
[CHUCKLING] No, just There was a time when I didn't think you and I would ever get here.
Laughing, as friends together like this.
Especially here here, given how we used to spend - most of our time in this room.
- Right.
I'm glad we came out the other end.
It's like I was telling Sullivan, I'm basically a friendship guru.
There is my father, pounding on the limo door yelling, "You better not be doing what I think you're doing.
" And? We were literally just comparing answers from our History final.
- Then he pulls out a breathalyzer.
- [GROANS] - Worst prom ever! - [LAUGHS] He's got to be proud of you now, though.
You being a respectable lawyer and everything.
Is that what my dad told your mom? Yes, I have a law degree.
But I gave that all up to be a graphic designer.
Which my parents hate.
My mom hates what I do, too.
But you're a firefighter.
I wanted to be a firefighter when I was a kid.
But then I figured out that you had to run into burning buildings.
- Yeah.
- So I moved on to my backup career - Space Ninja Princess.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] Impossible client again.
No, no, it's it's no problem.
Um, you know, actually, maybe we should Thanks for making this painless.
Uh, good luck on your other set-ups.
Four hydrants cleared.
39 to go.
You know, most of my closest friends are firefighters.
And we're back to that.
But not all.
I-I see the advantage to both, though it is helpful when there's a shorthand, like with me and Maya.
We can literally talk to each other about anything.
I had that with Ripley.
A long time ago.
We had a falling out.
But we're rebuilding.
You know, I was angry for a long time.
It's not easy to let go out of that.
But you're trying? Why are you so fixated on that anyway? I just think it's not good to always be alone.
For anyone.
Do you see that? Can't be more than a few blocks away.
19 to Dispatch, we've spotted smoke.
400 block of Nelson.
Do you have any reports of fire in that area? Dark smoke, rapid rising.
Whatever it is, it's not being contained.
DISPATCH: Negative 19.
No report in the area.
All right, here, let's see if we can get to it Hey, hey, hey, hey! Herrera, that's a sidewalk! I know.
Hang on! [HORN HONKS] Looks like the fire is seated at the rear of the building, - bravo side.
- [SULLIVAN GRUNTS] First thing we'll do a 360 around the perimeter.
I'll call it in.
[RADIO BEEPS] We need assistance at 436 Nelson Street.
We got a structure fire in progress.
Dispatching 42 to your location.
Think we ought to wait for back-up? We don't have a hose line or any standard gear beyond turnouts and bottles.
EMPLOYEE #1: He-Help! Please! Help.
Sir, are there any more people inside? Yeah, a few.
I'm not sure how many.
You have to get them out, please.
No waiting now.
- No, there isn't.
- [EMPLOYEE COUGHING] [SNIFFS] You smell that? SULLIVAN: [SNIFFS] Smells like dark roast.
Bags of coffee everywhere.
Be careful.
Dry grounds are highly flammable at peak temperatures.
EMPLOYEE #2: [IN DISTANCE] Help! [CRYING, COUGHS] Help! [LOUDER] Help! Help! Anybody! You okay? Where are the others? A bunch ran out the back.
She just dropped.
Let's get you two outside.
Can you walk? Are you dizzy? Are you having any shortness of breath? COOK: Station 19, we got it from here.
We're tagging you guys out.
Captain's orders.
CONLIN: Knew about 19's response time, but this far out of district? Gonna have to get a faster truck.
Good to see you there, short stop.
Short stop? [LAUGHS] You still mad about my double play from last week? Is that why you had Cook "tag us out" inside? [CHUCKLES] I won't say I'm not mad, but just because you won a Medal of Valor doesn't mean that all your throws count.
I had Galarza out at third by a mile, and you know it.
SULLIVAN: You guys need to be careful in there.
Those bags inside will combust if it gets too hot.
Well, uh, dried grounds make for bad kindling.
My people know what they're doing.
Always did hear you brought your A-game there, Sullivan.
Never saw you on the diamond, though.
Oh, he's not the group activity type.
Oh, maybe that's a good thing.
'Cause Montana here looks like he can play some serious ball.
[RADIO BEEPS] Henderson, make sure I got enough water - pumping through that hydrant.
- HENDERSON: Copy that.
Do you know me? Yeah, I had a cousin work under you for a beat out there in the Midwest.
Had some stories all good ones, though.
Said you were a true cowboy.
[CHUCKLES] Ted Conlin.
Love to see you out on the field sometime.
Uh, look, this thing looks like it'll get bigger before it calms down.
You want us to stick around and assist? I appreciate your support, but, uh, Dispatch gave us the call.
Not to be territorial, but, you know, rules are rules.
You're the home team.
Got it.
- We'll get out of your hair.
- All right.
Looking forward to the rematch.
See ya at the next game, Montana! I didn't know we had a softball team.
I think he likes you.
Maybe you should go get his number.
Add him to your "friends" list.
- Herrera.
- He gave you a nickname.
He gave me a nickname.
He likes rules.
You love rules.
You think he likes smoothies too? [CHUCKLES] [CHUCKLES] [QUIETLY] My hobby proposed to me this morning.
What?! Ow! Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Not the burn-yourself-with- scalding-hot-coffee - kind of proposal.
- [TRAVIS GROANS] You've only been playing with your new hobby for a few months.
No, I know.
We're not We're not there yet, but things are good.
They're really good, and we would really love to stop being a secret hobby.
And more of a "live out loud, show your hobby off in public" kind of anyway, it turns out one way to circumvent disciplinary action is to sign a piece of paper.
A marriage license? Meaning you'd be married? Well, yeah, not I mean not married married, but piece-of-paper married.
Both of those things last forever.
We could piece-of-paper break up.
That's called divorce.
Okay, look.
I agree.
I know it's not perfect, but there is no perfect solution here.
And, uh, this one is very practical.
So is toilet paper.
Is that what you want? - Toilet paper proposal? - Don't call it that.
Are you really considering this? Well, I want I want Ripley.
And I want my job.
And this gets me both.
I'm sorry.
Do you have a better suggestion? Yes! - Okay, no.
- Exact See? - But marriage is not a transaction.
- Uh-huh.
Or practical.
It's It's Oh, look, I am not a heart and rainbows kind of girl, and you know that.
I don't want all that fluffy stuff.
I'm not suggesting all that "fluffy stuff.
" I'm just asking if something "practical" is more important to you than something real.
You know what? You don't know what's going on in my head, Montgomery, so stay out of there.
Stay out.
That needs to go in the hamper! [EXHALES SHARPLY] All right.
Ask me another one.
Uh, victim presents with altered mental status, seizures, and evidence of vomiting before loss of consciousness.
Hmm Oh, oh.
Head trauma could explain it.
Hey, what happens if you're ghosted? Is the patient mobile? No.
No, no, no.
Not the patient.
I'm just asking what happens if you meet someone, and they're smart, and they're gorgeous, and you bond over adolescent school dance traumas, and and then she leaves, acting like she's never gonna speak to you again.
Oh, who are we talking about? Nikki.
My hit-and-run coffee date.
Like may maybe it's okay, you know? We clearly met under the wrong circumstances, and I'm I'm not gonna give my mother the satisfaction of being right about this whole dating thing.
Maybe I can call without calling? What if Nikki has - Epilepsy! - What? No.
What? My patient has epilepsy.
Mild head trauma from a seizure.
Uh, according to this, you're supposed to diagnose ethylene glycol poisoning with a handheld I-STAT machine.
What? We We don't have a handheld I-STAT.
- Medic One does.
- [SIGHS] Damn it! I keep getting these answers wrong.
Either I'm thinking like a surgeon or I'm thinking like an EMT.
If I'm gonna pass this evaluation, I got to figure out how to think like Medic One.
Give me another one.
What if I pretend to text her by accident? A medical question.
SULLIVAN: [EXHALES DEEPLY] - Chief? - Sullivan.
Chief, it is so weird that you're here.
ANDY: We were just talking about you.
Captain Sullivan was just about to give you a call, right? - He was? - Hm? I'm gonna go restock the rig now.
- I don't know.
- Hey.
Let me help you with those.
- You're in a good mood.
- I am.
[CHUCKLES] Today's been a pretty great day so far.
Called in a structure fire, helped Sullivan with a good friend, helping you as your good friend.
I'm kind of on a roll.
- [CHUCKLES] - [TRUCK DOOR SLAMS] So I heard you beat 42 to the punch earlier today.
Conlin said you rescued three civilians before they arrived.
He seems like a decent guy, Conlin.
Yeah, he's great.
You two ever hang out? What? Nothing.
Just, uh Never mind.
Hey, uh, can I run a hypothetical by you? Hm? Say two firefighters are married.
It doesn't really matter who holds rank in that scenario, correct? No, it doesn't.
And you already knew that.
Why are you asking me? This about Hughes? Are you two trying No, no, that's Definitely not.
I mean, it's a possible option I presented, but I just needed to bend a friend's ear on it.
[CHUCKLES] That is all.
Thank you.
This isn't the best place to discuss this sort of thing.
But maybe, uh, over beers instead? After, uh, shift? Yeah, sounds great.
I like beer.
I remember.
[CHUCKLES] You, uh have you talked to Andy today? Oh.
She's on some kick about us as as her friends, and We got to tell her.
This thing with you and me, it's I know, you're right.
Andy deserves the truth.
I agree.
So we'll tell her about us? Today.
Today it is.
[CHUCKLES] You know, if we are coming clean today this might be our last chance to secretly steal away.
It'd be a shame to let a last chance just pass us by.
A really big shame.
[THUD] [DOOR OPENS] [EXHALES SHARPLY] Okay, we can explain.
It's not what it looked like.
I was just It kind of just happened.
It's Well, it not just happened.
What am I looking at? Uh, has this has this happened before? Yeah.
So it's this has been happening? A lot? For how long? For how long? Since, uh Since the outbreak on the train.
So it's been weeks? Oh, my God.
- Andy, but we were - Oh, my God.
- Gonna explain it to you We were - [DOOR SLAMS] [DOOR CLOSES] - Something wrong? - Forget everything I said.
I know nothing about my friends.
- Ignore my wisdom.
It wasn't wise.
- What happened? I'm just trying to process a few things like the fact that my best friend's apparently been jumping my ex since they were quarantined on a train.
Ha! Weird, right? Anyway, like I said, I'm fine.
I'm just I just needed to vent for a second.
Thank you.
I feel a lot better now.
Gibson's your ex? [RADIO BEEPS] DISPATCH: Structure fire at 436 Nelson Street.
RIT assist needed from 19.
Nelson Street? Weren't we just there? We got a fire at a coffee processing plant! Could have been out an hour ago, which means conditions have escalated! Alert level's high! The incident commander needs us on stand-by for Rapid Intervention.
Chief's already on-site to coordinate.
Move! [ENGINES START] [SIRENS BLARING, HORNS HONKING] Well, you ruined my solution.
You mean I made you stop and think through a decision that affects the rest of your life? Uh, I was thinking things through, okay? I hadn't made any decisions yet, and I was just getting right with this practical solution, and you got all in my head.
So now what? So I don't know.
Now it has to be no.
No to marriage.
No to practical.
- No to toilet paper.
- Good! Thank you for that.
Because marriage isn't practical.
It's an endless, illogical compromise between people who are drunk on love.
- It's amazing, but - Can we just stick to work talk for the rest of the shift? 19.
Glad to have you back.
But don't consider this a rematch, by any means.
Things got more complicated after you left.
Got to give my people some more bottles.
And watch your team on this one, Montana.
We've already had a few close calls.
- Will do.
- Montana? Don't.
Civilians cleared of the building? Primary search is over.
42's on the fire attack at the main entrance.
Grab Bishop.
Hook our engine up to that hydrant.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] You got it.
We're working together? Sullivan's orders.
I see.
PRUITT: I need sterile water.
And gimme some 4x4s.
Dad? Dad, what are you doing? Hey, I took on a new job.
Private EMT.
Great, huh? First day, we get called to assist.
We've already treated two second-degree burns! - That's great? - [LAUGHING] I know! I didn't know your dad was private-EMT-ing.
Me neither.
Apparently nobody tells me anything anymore.
About that, and not telling you - No talking, please.
- But I just No, I crack it, you rig it, okay? - [METAL CLINKS] - [GRUNTS] You know, I spent all morning talking about how unbreakable our friendship is.
I thought we weren't talking.
We're not.
We're working.
Worst part is, you're normally the person I would talk to about this.
Water on the way! - What it is, is - So we are talking.
FIRST RESPONDER: We need more hoses in here ASAP! - [STATIC CRACKLING] - Possible flashover.
Did he just say flashover? All those bags of combustible grounds, stacked a mile high.
If a flashover hits, this whole place is going up.
- Everybody back up! - Move! Move! - Everybody get back! - Get back! - Move! Move! - Get out of the way! Get back! Get back now! Get back! Pull out! 42, pull out of the building! [EXPLOSION] [GRUNTS] [EARS RINGING] RIPLEY: [ECHOING] We've got multiple downed firefighters.
Initiating Mayday protocol.
Ladder Companies, engines [NORMAL VOICE] I repeat we've got multiple downed firefighters from an explosion.
Initiating Mayday protocol.
I need the next due Ladder Companies, engines, and Aid Cars ASAP! 19, you're my Rapid Intervention Team.
Sullivan, I'm gonna need a personnel accountability report - for everyone on scene.
- Right.
As soon as we have all of our people out, we begin a defensive attack.
SULLIVAN: We're being deployed.
We have a report of 10 members of 42 being inside the building when it blew, we don't know many were impacted by the blast.
There are no real points of reference once you're in there, so it will be easy to get turned around.
We move in two teams, two pairs each.
When we find someone, two of us take them to safety.
The other two continue to search.
We use 42's hose lines as a guide to find our people.
Some of them may be trying to follow those lines out.
And listen for PASS devices.
Come here.
Cook, right? Yeah.
Come on.
First base? Don't worry.
We got you.
Ready? - Go.
- Go.
[GRUNTS] CONLIN: We got it from here.
Got it.
Got it.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [EXPLOSION] What the hell was that?! - [RADIO BEEPS] - Heads-up! Some of these bags are reaching their auto-ignition temperature.
They can burst at any moment.
These things are like ticking time-bombs.
Everybody, be careful! Need a break, pops? Let me know.
I can handle this solo.
What I need is to listen to FD updates so we know what we're dealing with.
Look, my old man has bad knees, too.
Why don't you sit this one out? Try again.
What? I said try again.
Do you know who you're talking to? This is Captain Pruitt Herrera.
He is better, smarter, and definitely a faster driver than you could ever hope to be.
He was handling calls bigger than this while you were in diapers.
Show some respect.
I've got it covered, Tanner.
BEN: This one looked bad, came to help.
How is he? Uh, Cook's airway is clear, but he's still not breathing.
Oh, wow.
It got so hot, it burned under his turnouts.
His skin's already getting hard.
His lungs can't expand to draw in air.
Got to get him air.
And fluids He needs a central line and a and an escharotomy.
[SIRENS BLARE] Medic One, arriving on the scene.
It's It's a vertical slit cut down the chest and through the burnt flesh.
That'll allow his chest to expand again.
Can you do that? No, not here.
We need to get him to an E.
, but he won't make it in time if he can't breathe.
Hey, hey.
Over here.
Mid-30s, male.
Third-degree burns across his upper torso area.
Shireen Varma.
Medic One.
This one's charred to hell.
No IV access.
Let's prep for an escharotomy.
Antibiotics on standby.
You're gonna do the escharotomy here? You bet your ass we are.
Isn't that what you said you'd do? You're not gonna sedate him? You could drop this guy off in the middle of a NASCAR race, he wouldn't wake up right now.
Push lidocaine, then hand me a scalpel.
JACK: Homerun hitter's coming next.
How many more?! SULLIVAN: Here comes Galarza.
Best second baseman in the department.
I got you, bud.
We got everyone? Still can't find Henderson.
- [RADIO BEEPS] - Henderson, come in.
I can do the final sweep.
Sir, we already cleared that area out.
There are bags exploding everywhere.
- [CREAKING CONTINUES] - You should not go back there.
[CRASH] Sir, this structure is not sound! I guess you better get moving then.
[EXPLOSIONS] - [RADIO BEEPS] - Ripley here.
Is all of 42 accounted for? No, no.
Conlin's still inside.
He went rogue and stayed behind to look for Henderson.
I see Henderson was shipped to Rainer First 10 minutes ago.
- [RADIO BEEPS] - Conlin, what's your location? [STRAINED] My company's not clear yet.
Henderson's clear.
Now it's your turn to get out of there.
[CHUCKLES] Not sure if I can do that right now.
The beam fell.
I think my leg is broken.
Put the structure on lockdown! The building's losing all structural integrity.
No one comes back in.
Captain, what is your location? We're coming in for you.
Montana, your team's done enough! Tell us where you are.
No one comes back in.
Captain's orders.
I mean, screw that, right? There's an officer down.
42 has to follow his command, but not us.
He says the structure isn't sound.
We can't just leave him in there.
He made his decision.
He's the ranking Captain of this scene.
He doesn't want to risk more lives because he knows better than to waste them.
What are you doing? I outrank Conlin.
I'm superseding his command.
SULLIVAN: I'm coming with you.
I need you on the building blueprints.
You're gonna be my eyes over the radio.
- Luke - I trust you.
You were the last one to see Conlin, right? - Where was he? - Why are you doing this? I'm not risking anyone else's life.
- Especially yours.
- That is not fair.
Don't mistake this for preferential treatment.
There has to be another option.
Not anymore.
Now where was he? Southern corridor.
- Please don't - It's okay.
I'm coming back.
I promise.
Found Conlin's drop-line.
Sullivan, talk to me.
SULLIVAN: About 30 feet ahead, you're gonna turn left.
That will put you in the building's south wing.
Copy that.
On the move.
He'll make it out.
You still with me, Chief? Entering the south wing now.
[BREATHING THROUGH MASK] VIC: If he's in the west wing, then he could be by the generator.
Talk to me.
Or was that the east wing? Help me remember.
I'm not sure where I am.
SULLIVAN: Herrera? Chief's inside.
I-I-I'm stuck here.
I need an Incident Commander who knows the ropes right now.
- I got you.
- All right, everyone.
Let's get ready for when the Chief comes out.
Grab your rotary saws.
If that fire goes out, you cut the bars off those windows.
You four! Get to the entrance, keep it clear of fires so there's another way out.
Hey, kid, quit standing there! Move! Conlin! - [BAG EXPLODES] - [GRUNTS] Luke, talk to me.
Where is he? Why isn't he out yet? - [MAN SHOUTS INDISTINCTLY] - You still with me, Chief? Come on, come on, come on.
[SNIFFLES] Come on.
Why is he still in? Come on, come on, come on.
Luke, answer me.
Come on.
Come on.
Chief? - Luke? - I got him! We're coming out! [HANNAH MILLER'S "STILL I RISE" PLAYS] World on fire No survivors Make me bleed Gurneys! We need O2 and IVs now! Make me cry - Still I rise - [CONLIN COUGHING] Say I'm weak Ohh - Too weak to fight - [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Still I rise How's G-Galarza and Cook? They're being taken care of.
Don't want to lose my two best players.
[CHUCKLES] I got to figure out a way to make it up to you guys.
Well, the Chief and I we've been thinking about grabbing a beer or two later.
You should join.
When you're cleared.
First round's on me.
All right.
[CHUCKLES] Looks like you made a friend.
[CHUCKLES] Suppose I did.
I was talking it over with the rest of the team, and we'd like permission to stay, work a double shift.
- A double? - ANDY: There's a need right now.
A lot of responders are down after this call, and we wanna help them any way we can, even if they sometimes kick our ass on the softball field.
Let's get the rigs back to 19 and prepare for an overnight.
You sure that's a good idea? Yeah, they can handle it.
You, on the other hand you should take a rest.
You're giving me orders now? It's been a while since you've seen the inside of a firefight.
I might tell Hughes to also spend some time off the clock.
She looks like she could, uh, use the break, too.
You still on shift after all this? [CHUCKLES] That little fire? It was nothing.
I saw what you did for my dad, putting that kid in his place.
Thank you.
For looking out for him.
As if I needed it.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] Personally, I think the new job's great, Mr.
- Don't encourage him.
- I never wanted to stop being useful.
I'm not gonna start now.
I'll see you next shift.
Youngblood! Let's go! [WHEEZING] I'm good.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] You could have died in there.
- RIPLEY: But I didn't.
- But you could have.
- I had other plans.
- [LAUGHS] Oh, okay.
Okay, you and I we are risk-taking, fire-chasing, out-of-our-mind weirdos.
You know that, right? That's That's us.
Yeah, so getting married for "practical" reasons, to circumvent the rules, to cheat the system that is not that's not us.
- I don't That's not me, anyway.
- Okay.
So, no.
The answer is no, I don't want I don't want toilet paper.
I don't either? But, no, I don't want hearts or rainbows either.
That's not what this is about for me.
I don't think I-I don't think I realized quite how much 'til I was standing out here waiting for you to come running out of those doors, but I I want all of it.
I'm all in.
I want something I want something real.
I want that.
When I get married, if I get [SIGHS] If I get married, I want love and inspiration and respect, and I want real.
And I think you want that, too, and I want it I want it with you.
And I think this must be the adrenaline talking 'cause I don't know what I'm saying, but, um Damn it.
Lucas Ripley, will you marry me for real? [CHUCKLES] Oh, God.
I just I just I just proposed.
- Vic - No, no.
Don't answer.
Not Not yet 'cause, um you know what? Take a minute and think about it.
Um, I just Oh, my God.
Uh, answer me later.
This is insane, so let's talk about this later.
Okay, okay, okay.
We could meet at our "place" in the morning for breakfast, and we'll talk then, okay? Yeah, that's better.
Bre you know, breakfast.
- Breakfast is better.
- Okay.
I'll see you at the diner? Yep.
What was all that? [WHISPERING] I just proposed.
[CHUCKLES] Stop rubbing all your hearts and rainbows all over me.
And stop all your stupid smiling.
And then boom she just cut the dude's chest open on the spot.
I know.
I was there.
You don't have to keep talking about it.
It all crystallized for me out there, all right? I-I got it right when it counted can't overthink it, all right? Just Just got to go for it.
Sounds like you have a real crush on this Medic One program.
I'm not the only one with a crush.
Hey, Miller, you gonna call your girl? [SIGHS] I don't know.
I was thinking about it.
Don't overthink it.
Yeah, things get overcomplicated all by themselves.
- Trust me.
- Okay, so so you're saying I should go for it? Psh! Or don't.
The more free time you have, the more you can spend quizzing me.
Yeah, yeah.
It, uh It's Dean Miller.
This is for my mommas With no baby fathers Taking care of your home You don't need no man You can do it on your own And even if You're not perfect, you are So shine like a star All my ladies If you feel me Sing it with me, sing it with me, Sing it with me My independent [DOOR OPENS] You avoided me all night.
Well, I'm here now.
I meant to tell you.
Gibson and I we started as nothing.
I thought you and I'd probably wind up laughing about it, I mean, it's Gibson, of all people, and then, by the time it was something But how? How did you and Jack become anything? I really I-I-I-I don't I don't even know.
It's just something clicked with us.
He's not what I expected underneath.
He's He He doesn't pour his heart out.
He doesn't trust easily, but he trusts me, and that made me trust him I trust you.
I guess I didn't think that you Do you still like him or? No.
[STAMMERS] No, no! I'm not I'm not jealous here, Maya.
I'm I'm not even mad exactly, but but you two have been you've been doing all this right under my nose and didn't even think enough of me to tell me? - We were going to tell you.
- But you didn't.
I-I-I don't even have the right words.
I just I'm I'm humiliated.
You humiliated me.
- I didn't want to do that.
- But you did.
I'm so sorry.
It's not good enough.
Do better.
You and I we we are better than this.
[SIGHS] You are mad.
- Okay, yeah.
I am.
- [DOOR OPENS] Herrera, Dispatch just came in with an Aid Car call.
[DOOR CLOSES] That's you, me, and Warren.
Bishop, the rest of you are heading back to the coffee-fire site.
They need help with overhaul.
We should get a move on.
They cut you wide open [SIGHS] ANDY: There's a moment right before a flashover begins where everything goes quiet.
A whirl of emotion And there's only so much that your heart can take I know it's wrong But it's just what it is Some firefighters swear it feels like time is standing still.
No, I can't watch you go down like this Like every sound, every detail, every inch of your body's on high alert.
[WHEEZING] I hope you're not feeling like GIVING UP LEVI: You okay? Uh, yeah.
I could use an opinion.
Which one of these says, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you"? That seems like a lot of pressure to put on some flowers.
Maybe I should just go with roses.
But I mean, are are roses are roses enough? Maybe I should get roses and something else.
[SIGHS] I've been standing here for five minutes, trying to decide the same thing.
Do you think that these say, "I'm really sorry you killed someone"? I hope you're not, hope you're not Feeling like giving up No, it's [CHUCKLES] it's not I'm a doctor.
They're for another doctor who, uh it's it's a long story.
I think the roses, and maybe some of these big, fancy ones would be great.
Smart guy.
- Let me show you how I feel - Thank you.
- Just close your eyes - [COUGHS] I will fight for you No matter what And I forgot my wallet.
Here, I got it.
No, no.
You don't have to.
Today seems special.
It should be special.
I hope it goes great.
Thank you.
I hope your thing goes well, too.
[CHUCKLES] Your instincts can sense what your brain hasn't processed yet.
No, I can't watch you go down like this You won't go down like this Inside of the madness You feel it in your bones.
- Just lay your head down - The dread, that knot - The morning will come - that won't go away.
There's beauty from ashes - It's never over - So you run.
'Til you say it's done I know it's wrong But it's just what it is Heard we got called back in to help with overhaul.
What are you doing here? What happened with, uh Nothing happened.
He didn't show.
Now I'm getting back to work, okay? I need to work.
You get out of there I hope you're not, hope you're not - Feeling like giving up - You try to save yourself so you don't get hit.
If you're weak, I'll be strong - Be the one to lift you up - So you don't get hurt.
Oh-oh, oh-oh Let me hold you Somebody call 911! Tell them we need an ambulance right now! Let me show you how I feel So maybe you'll survive.
Just close your eyes I will fight for you No matter what