Station 19 (2018) s02e17 Episode Script

Into the Wildfire

Previously on "Station 19" There's this tactical paramedic training program.
They recruited me.
Does that mean you're leaving Seattle? I was really ready to spend the rest of my life with you.
I get to spend the rest of mine with you.
Chief Ripley was a boss to most of us.
As Lucas, he gave even more to those he loved.
You are not coping.
It's a healthy first step.
Shut up! Just shut shut up! Hughes, right? Don't tell me you're getting a piece of that, too.
Everything okay? The wildfire that hit L.
has progressed.
Fossils suggest wildfires have been igniting for 420 million years.
I'm, uh I'm really glad you snuck out of your place to sneak into mine like this but do we really still need to sneak? Dean knows.
Andy knows.
We had a funeral.
It was incredibly sad.
I need a palate cleanser for all the sad.
Right now.
This planet is intensely flammable.
Wildfires spark.
And catch.
And grow.
Nearly impossible to control.
So the question is, at what point do we stop trying to fight the fire that's spreading and simply surrender to it? You guys better be packed, 'cause we gotta go.
You got in late last night.
I guess your date with Nikki went well? I still can't believe I didn't get to meet her.
What if I don't like her? What if she's not good enough for you? Jack and I have opinions, you know, about whether or not someone's up to our standards.
You do not get to have any opinions about that.
Some things are for sharing, and some things are not.
Oh, and, heads up, there's literally just a door between this room and yours.
So, you guys should know.
Sound carries.
Hey, is the ibuprofen in here? Uh, yeah.
How're you holding up? Fine.
Nursing a funeral-hangover, which is exactly like a regular hangover, only it wasn't preceded by anything fun.
Mm, I'm not feeling my best today, either.
Oh, sorry, sorry.
I'm in the way.
I'll start staying at Travis' place when we get back.
You and Maya have been so great.
I'm just not ready to go home-home yet, ya know You can stay as long as you need.
I can't believe we got called to the fire in L.
I've never been deployed into the middle of one of these before.
Structure fires are one thing, but today? This is uncharted territory.
Yes, it is.
Sullivan said bring the essentials.
What did you pack in this thing? Toothbrush.
And every textbook I could find with a chapter on wildfires.
Fire's only 10% contained? It's burned over 50,000 acres.
Cal Fire has been fighting it for a week now.
They need all the help they can get.
Enter, us.
Lousy timing, though.
Yeah, well, truthfully, I'm glad to have something of this scope to focus on right now.
It's probably good for me, too.
I mean, with this Medic One oral exam coming up, I've been trying not to get too in my head about it Can't get in my head when I'm fighting a wildfire, right? I probably shouldn't say anything, but I got a call from Medical Director Langworthy asking for my opinion about you.
I told him he'd be crazy not to add you to the Medic One team.
Thank you, sir.
Where do you want our bags? Just put it right there.
I have something to say.
I've experienced wildfires in Montana.
Skies will be clouded, ash will be falling, you will feel the heat for miles.
The wind dictates the fire.
But what dictates our survival is us, this team.
Each of us, together.
I know how intense it'll be in L.
That's why I wanted to say to all of you now, while I can Thank you, in advance, for facing what you're about to face.
We lost our Chief and our friend, but we are all still here.
Reporting for duty.
And I'm very proud of that.
We should let everyone know, right? About us? Everyone's gonna freak out.
They always freak out.
What's Sullivan gonna think? Is he gonna freak out? What? Okay, now I'm freaking out.
Where's Travis? I've tried calling, and no answer.
Isn't he coming? He got himself into some trouble last night.
Trip's 22 hours long.
We're leaving in 10 minutes, with him or not.
Is he okay? You were the last person I thought I'd see sitting in here.
I shouldn't have gotten so drunk.
I shouldn't have punched that guy.
No, you shouldn't have.
Thing last night turned into a full-blown bar fight.
You're lucky things didn't get worse.
Sounds like you really did a number on that kid's face, Montgomery.
Luckily for you, his Captain and I go way back.
Can't believe I have to keep bailing people out of this place.
You bailed me out one time.
Did you talk to anyone from 19? 19's a little busy.
They've been deployed to assist with the wildfires in L.
, so Oh, okay, I gotta get outta here so I can go with them.
Too late to join up with 19.
Andy just texted they're already on the road.
I know.
I wish I were going, too.
Well, I need to get on the road.
I just came by to grab the last of my stuff before I meet with Jenna in San Diego.
Tactical Paramedic Program starts this week.
Wonderful news.
We'll come with.
- What? - L.
's on the way.
That's really nice of you to give us this lift, Tanner.
Thank you.
Much appreciated.
Montgomery, let's get packed.
Wait Wait, what? You and Gibson? I hate road trips.
You You and Gibson.
The information will stay the same no matter how many times you repeat it.
Hey, I need this right now.
Give me this, okay? Herrera, what about Sullivan? What about him? What is his take on two of his Lieutenants hooking up? You're buddies now.
What's he think? Um, no idea.
Never discussed it.
I guess, technically, it's not a protocol issue, as you're both the same rank.
Yeah, I mean, who cares, right? Warren? - Hmm? - No reaction at all? - To? - Me and Maya.
Use protection.
Okay, yeah, shouldn't we be there by now? Oh.
Oh, we're here.
- Wow.
- My God.
Here we go.
So it looks like this is Triage, nearby should be Holding for evacuees, and then Command Center.
- Captain Sullivan? - Yes.
Incident Commander Nalley.
Thanks for coming down.
We're hovering at 10% containment.
50,000 acres have burned so far.
We're assigning strike teams to neighborhoods that need ground protection.
All right, I know you're all used to working 24-hour shifts, but you're also used to comfy station bunks.
None of those out here.
You'll sleep anyplace you can.
If you can.
Inside rigs, in houses if you're lucky.
There's no station to go back to.
This is a marathon.
If you brought turnouts, put 'em away.
It's too hot.
They'll slow you down.
Your bottles are useless out here.
If you can breathe at all, you're alive.
If you can't, you're dead.
Simple as that.
I like this guy.
I'm assigning you to structure protection on Blue Willow Lane.
I have a unit evac'ing it right now.
My data says we have a seven- to ten-hour window for you to prep the neighborhood in case the fire jumps our line.
- Uh - Yes? And what are the chances of that happening? Of the fire jumping the line into that neighborhood? If I could predict that, I wouldn't need you there to protect it.
All right, we usually manage one structure.
Today it's a whole neighborhood.
Let's clear out surrounding brush, bring all stray furniture indoors, cover vents, check gutters, close windows.
Let's go.
I told you.
I'm not leaving! Sir, we need you to evacuate, okay? It's not safe up here anymore.
I can't go without Rumplebum Tankers.
My cat.
He ran off.
He won't make it.
I-If If I leave him and the fire takes this place Miller, c'mon, we've gotta prep.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.
Look, sir, we'll find your cat, I promise.
I just can't have you risk your life, too.
Yeah? So if you could just board this last shuttle, we'll find your cat.
This is his blanket.
He'll want it.
We'll find your cat.
That's just mean, promising that sweet old guy you'll find his cat when you know full well that kitty's long gone by now.
- We don't know that.
- Yeah, we do.
Krispie Kitty.
We gotta get to work.
Sir! This area's under mandatory evacuation.
You need to clear out.
All due respect, but we're declining the order.
We've lived in this house since 1975.
We've been through three big fires already.
There was '83, '94, uh The point being, we know how to take care of ourselves.
Our gas is off, our gutters are clean, the vents are closed.
I cleared all the brush from around the house.
These things come through here every ten years or so, and we're always ready.
So your property's ready.
That's great.
Now get yourselves to safety.
The other fires were smaller.
Our legs were younger.
She may have a point.
Honey, don't worry.
We got this.
Okay? We'll be fine.
Make sure we clear all of this into the garage.
This stuff acts like tinder.
You know, if you wanted to ask about Maya, or if you wanted us to to sign something, I mean What I want is to clear this furniture.
Preferably in silence.
I get it.
Not a problem.
You wanna hear how we met? We're getting close, I think.
Hey, will you quit sitting on my bag? Tanner.
Okay, sure, I'll relax, as I'm driving toward a wildfire with all my worldly possessions in the back seat.
How long you gonna be gone? A while, if the program goes well.
What? I didn't say anything.
Yeah, you did.
"Ryan Tanner, I'm gonna miss you a lot, but I won't say it out loud, so I'm just gonna grunt in lieu of speaking any of my feelings.
" Huh.
Don't be ridiculous.
We already stopped being neighbors.
I'm not gonna miss somebody I already said goodbye to.
Well, you might be surprised.
It takes a minute, moving forward without someone.
But when you are ready it's kind of exciting, actually.
Yeah, well Fine.
I won't miss you, too.
I like those two.
I think they're pretty dumb not to evacuate, though.
Well, you know, with all the money that Jerry and Nina make renting this place out, they could cut back the brush a little bit.
Not to mention doing something with all of these lawn ornaments.
Ow! Maria.
Maria! Maria, look.
Oh, my God.
This place is gonna go up like a match.
Ah, gah.
Hey! Gonna need some help here! Come here! 19, a gust of embers just dropped on the northeast part of this street.
We could use your help stamping these spot fires out.
Go get under cover! We'll wet down the yard.
No, honey, do not go under the porch.
Hey, hey, no, no! I need you to move so we can do our job, okay? No, no, he is right.
It's safer out here where we can see where they dropped.
If the embers hit the brush or the gutters, this whole place is gonna go up in seconds.
Hey, Herrera, how can we help you out? Look out! This your first wildfire? - It's that obvious? - Yeah, pretty much.
Maria! I thought the fire was still miles away! Where'd all this come from? It doesn't matter! We just have to get it out! Hey, is it just me, or is that a lot closer than it was a few minutes ago? I don't see anyone from 19.
We should find the Incident Commander.
Montgomery, you check in here.
We'll check in the command tent.
Hang on.
I can help.
I got it.
Dry heaving, GCS less than 6 possible head injury.
We should get ready for Seizure precautions.
Okay, we should try to stop this seizure with, uh, some midazolam.
Yeah, good call.
Okay, seizure's subsided.
Quick, we should, uh, set up for - Intubation.
- You got it.
I'm going in.
Oh, damn it.
I can't I can't get a clear look at his Oh.
Thank God.
Patient suffered a seizure and aspirated, but we administered midazolam.
Okay, thank you.
Good work.
I didn't realize you can't You're deaf? I'm sorry.
I have no idea what you're saying right now.
Oh, right, yeah, you wanna get back to work.
No, what I'm asking is what direction the wind's shifted and how fast it's going.
Damn it.
Then I gotta let the Seattle team on Blue Willow know exactly what you just told me, and fast.
Hang on.
What did he just say? All the spot fires are out.
Let's, uh Let's finish sweeping.
And locate a cat.
- Did I just hear that right? - Yeah, Miller's delusional.
Don't ask.
Herrera, can you hear me? There's a lotta static, but I copy, Captain.
Just got word from base.
Winds have been shifting.
Yeah, no kidding.
We just got pelted by embers.
So what's the status? Do we need to pull out of here? Negative because we can't.
The winds that blew those embers blocked off the only road in and out of this neighborhood.
Spread the word, over.
So we're completely on our own.
U-Use our house.
It can be your base of operations.
It's your safest bet.
Terry, this is way worse than the other fires.
We should've gone.
We should've left when we could.
Here, hang on, hang on.
Be careful.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Calm down.
The air is dry.
It's full of ash.
The air quality's getting worse by the minute.
You're okay, Maria.
Let's get you inside.
Sit down, sit down.
She has asthma, but she hasn't had an attack in years.
It's okay.
I've got her.
No need to worry.
Maria, breathe for me, please.
Do you use an inhaler? Are you on any steroids? How can I help? W-What can I do? Terry, for God's sakes, you left half a yard of brush out there.
Honey You've got to go clear it away.
Okay, I'll finish up at the Larsons'.
It shouldn't take too long.
Half of their yard is a pool anyway.
I'll be right back as soon as I can.
And, please just help her.
Copy that.
Andy wants us to regroup back at the house.
Yeah, but we still haven't found the cat.
And we won't.
Cat's gone.
He's in some junkyard singing songs about memories by now.
That's not funny.
I'm being serious.
Yeah, so am I.
This cat is a waste of time.
We have bigger things to worry about actual human lives to prioritize.
The cat is in the woods.
Woods are burning.
Cat's toast.
Let's move on.
Okay, that's dark.
And I've been letting it slide all day because I get it.
I understand why you're going so dark.
But that just gives me all the more reason to find that frickin' cat and prove to you that on top of all of that darkness, a little frickin' good can still happen, too.
What's he doing? No, no, no, really, guys.
What is he doing? - Terry! - Terry, wait, no! Aah! Get me out of here! Terry, just try to stay calm, okay? Captain, this is Hughes.
We got a civilian with his arm caught inside the brush cutter.
Is there any way to get a medi-vac out here? I can ask, but I'll guarantee visibility's too low to get a bird up.
Keep the patient stable.
I'm on the other side of the neighborhood, - but I'm on my way.
- So stupid.
There was still tension in the rotor.
I never should've tried to cut the wire.
I was just in a hurry.
- Aah! - I can't see the wound from here, but his hand is pretty jammed in there.
Heart rate is racing.
His skin is cold and clammy.
He's going into hypovolemic shock.
That should slow the bleeding a little, but he still needs IV fluids, epi, painkillers.
And I need a toolkit.
We've got to take these rotors apart.
All right, I'm gonna run back to the Engine to get a jump bag and tools.
Terry, you just hang on 'til I get back, okay? Sullivan didn't freak out.
- What? - He didn't ask questions.
- Didn't care.
- That's a good thing, right? Warren didn't seem to care, either.
Aha! Inhaler.
Do you think it's because they think we won't last? Do you think we won't last? We have a patient who can't breathe and a massive fire to deal with.
This can wait.
Terry? Terry! He's lost consciousness.
I've got the bags.
He's going into shock.
BP's crashing.
This thing won't budge.
How long until he's free? We need to get him stabilized now.
Five, ten minutes.
Maybe more.
Can he last that long? There's no room to properly tourniquet.
He keeps losing blood.
I-I don't think so.
Well, the fluids can get his pressure back up.
- Give the meds time to work.
- We gotta get his hand out.
It's gonna take the time that it takes.
We can't get him out any faster.
Unless Unless we amputate.
Can you finish before he bleeds out? No, we cannot do that.
We follow protocol.
Give him supportive therapy until we clear the rotors, treat the wound, and get him to the hospital.
There is no hospital.
We are on our own, and he's running out of time.
If we remove the hand at the wrist, we can staunch the bleeding immediately.
If we wait, he will bleed out and die.
You don't know that! We can't even get inside the rotors to know if we Okay, look, look.
Under normal circumstances, we'd be calling Medic One or a surgical team, and they would help us make this call.
Warren, you're a surgeon.
What would surgeon Ben do right now? I have seen patients bleed out in less time than it's gonna take for us to get him free.
It's a choice between his hand and his life.
I choose life.
Can you even operate out here? Do you have the right tools? His bones are already broken.
His arm's held together by tendons.
That's easier to cut through.
Listen, his crit has been dangerously low, so if we're gonna do this, it needs to be now.
Warren! What the hell are you doing? Keep your eye on his vitals.
We need strong circulation.
Watch his airway in case we have to intubate.
BP is dropping.
We gave him a lot of fluids.
I'm worried about too much dilution.
Let's hang a bag of dopamine, try to get it back up.
- Start with five mikes.
- Yeah.
Here, I'll make more space.
What else do you need? Get pain meds, fresh gauze.
Put him in Trendelenburg.
Are you sure we can't get him to a hospital? He needs irrigation and debridement.
He could be at risk for an embolism.
We are an island here, Hughes.
We gotta treat him here.
His heart rate's coming back up.
What did you do to my husband? There was an accident.
Um, he was injured, and we had to I had to take his hand.
But, uh But it saved his life.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
You actually took it? There was There was no choice, sir.
Oh, God.
We'll take it from here.
But, sir, I had to I said - Sir - we'll take it from here.
Are you okay? No.
No, we just cut a guy's hand off.
The world is burning up all around us.
It rained fire.
Lucas is dead.
I'm not okay.
I'm dark.
And I can't see the light.
Everywhere I look, dark is all I can see.
Old Rumplebum Tankers! Oh! It is Rumplebum Tankers! Now, see? Everything is not dark.
Good things happen.
A good thing just happened.
That cat does not prove your point.
It's a cat.
All that proves is that even animals know it's too unsafe to be outside right now, and even the most vigilant survivalists forgot to clamp up their damn pet door, which is number one on the list of things to secure in a wildfire.
You know, I'm gonna go check on our patient.
There's got to be a way to get to 19.
But there isn't.
Fire's blocking all access.
But for now, at least, it hasn't hit the neighborhood itself, so 19 is protected at the moment just isolated.
There's no need to panic yet.
He says not to panic, but I'm panicking pretty much totally panicking.
Yeah, staying busy's good.
Let's work.
All right, we're still in our civvies.
We should wear our badges.
I'll go grab them.
Badges should be in these other bags, right? I don't know why this one is in here.
Listen, it's not what it looks like.
Pretty sure it is.
Pretty sure I know where you got it, too.
You still in touch with your dad? Look, I didn't ask for it.
It's a long story.
If it's marked and you spend it, you know they will find you.
And don't let some bad decision your dad made drag you down with it.
I'm sure it's tempting to keep that cash, but you need to get rid of it and get rid of it fast.
What do you expect me to do with it? We're in the middle of a wildfire.
Use your imagination.
I-I know what I did was extreme, but I-I thought it was the right thing to do in the moment.
I thought I mean, it was.
All right, but his life will never be the same.
Because of me.
He has a life because of you.
Hold onto that.
We should start our sweeps.
Check for any flare ups, more embers, anything.
I-I thought I'd go first.
I'm going with you.
How are you feeling? Fuzzy.
I don't know.
I don't feel very much right now, I guess.
So, that's something.
That's the pain meds.
I need to redress your wound.
If your pain level goes up, you let me know, okay? I try to be so strong, for Maria.
I always have, our whole lives.
It comforts her.
What am I gonna do now? With no hand.
Without a Don't let her come in here yet, please.
I don't want her to see me like this.
It feels impossible.
When you lose something that's so much a part of you.
Impossible to see what the next day could possibly look like.
Or the next.
I don't know how to do this.
I'm scared.
I'd be worried if you weren't.
I'm never scared.
I know things seem really dark right now.
But good things will happen again, too.
You don't know that.
But I hope it.
How? Why? Because if I don't, what's the alternative? Do you hear that? It sounds like it could be raining or hailing, but, I mean, it can't be.
That's not rain.
Guys, fire's here! Keep clear of the windows and doors! The fire's here! Winds have shifted east I say again, winds are shifting! Does anyone copy? You've lost radio contact? Yeah, I've been trying to get in touch with your people to let them know that the fire's spreading toward Blue Willow Lane, but the conditions are causing interference.
- So what do we do? - Well, they know the drill.
Haul up, stay inside, wait for backup.
- Which will be when? - Air tankers are refueling.
We're hoping maybe they'll do a fly-by from above.
- Hoping? - Refueling takes so long.
The roads are completely blocked by fire.
There's no other way to get to them.
Yes, there is.
He says he's worked this area before.
There's another way.
No, we're just gonna get on the radio and try to get them that way.
Hey! There is another way in.
Or out, maybe.
I'm not exactly sure, but if he has an exit strategy that will save lives, we need to hear it.
Now, he's traced what looks like a-a back road through the county line? No, I can't risk any of my people going down an unmarked trail and getting caught in the fire.
It would be suicide.
Then we don't go in.
If we can re-establish comms, we tell them how to get themselves out.
If we had communications.
But we don't.
The signal is too weak for this mess.
Then we'll make it stronger.
I'm gonna need that.
Move, move! Aah! We won't make it back in time.
We'll find coverage in that house.
- Aah.
- The fire's coming.
Come on! Come on.
I'm good.
I'm good.
See, I don't open up to many people.
With you, it's easy.
I-I feel the same.
Could that be a bright spot, too? Have you? Let go, of the past? Getting there.
The air could still burn our lungs.
Stay close to the surface.
Fire everywhere.
There's an opening.
If we're quick, maybe we can make it through.
Have to be.
Or our boots will melt.
Let's go.
Why is this gonna go through better than the radios? I've been reading up on emergency communication systems to prep for training in San Diego.
I saw the Cellular On Wheels tower outside.
We can use its signal.
That's only effective on devices that are connected to that signal.
I know, but maybe the Seattle software is compatible with L.
It's worth a shot.
So you think their tower is gonna activate our emergency comm devices? Isn't that a long shot? It's not gonna hurt.
Okay, let's try it.
It's ringing.
Now let's just hope they pick up.
Andy and Sullivan are caught outside in this.
We need to go look for them.
Fire hit the south side of the house.
We can't stay here much longer.
- We need to exit.
- And exit fast.
Exit to where? - Hello? - There you are, thank God.
Captain, is that you? Where on Earth did you come from? Stop talking.
There's no time.
Listen carefully.
Keep hold of me.
Visibility's so low.
I'm here.
Keep going.
- We're coming! - We're here! Hey! Where is everyone else? Behind us piled in the other Engine.
Where are we headed? Not entirely sure.
Everybody hang on.
Captain Herrera, we're heading west now.
Tell me where I'm going! Can you see street signs? You're looking for an Avalon Street.
Visibility is at zero.
Engine's starting to handle strangely.
I think the wheels are starting to melt.
There's someone with us who knows the area.
He says there's a hiking path right off that street.
Supposedly big enough for a car.
Says it's next to a house with big flowers.
Big flowers.
Turn around.
I know where that is.
- What? - The The lawn ornaments, the flowers I can get us to that house if you can get us on that road.
How? We can't see a thing.
Okay, let's do this.
Bishop, talk to me.
Did you find it? There! There! We We found the house.
Now, turn.
- Turn now? - I don't I don't know.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Leap of faith.
Turning now, sir! Oh, my God.
There's a road.
- Holy mother, you found it.
- I don't believe it.
The ambulance is ready to take you.
I wish we could've saved your house.
I-I don't want to intrude, but, uh, we recovered this on the scene.
I wanted to make sure to g-get it back to you.
Uh, excuse me.
Excuse me.
Have you Have you seen an older gentleman? Uh, his name is, uh, George George something.
He He's very sweet.
He's wearing a plaid sweater.
- 70s? Balding? - Yeah.
Yeah, uh, poor guy dropped about an hour ago.
Cardiac arrest, I think? I'm not sure he even made it to the hospital.
You mean he he You found Rumplebum Tankers? - Yes! - Oh What's it gonna be like without you living around the corner from me anymore? It's hard to imagine.
You moved on first.
We haven't been around the corner in a while.
I guess that's true.
Well be safe.
You, too.
Gibson, you know sign language? - Yeah.
What, you don't? - Uh What'd he say? Is it about me? Does he like me? No, forget I asked that.
I'm not 12.
Um, he has noticed you.
I think you definitely made a good impression.
And, this is just me talking, but if I were you, I'd I'd kiss this dude.
Like, right now.
Jack Um, amazing news.
The fire is now 80% contained, and Nikki just parked.
So, brunch? Brunch? Brunch? - God, yes.
- Yeah.
- Nice.
- We survived a firestorm, I'm finally getting to meet Nikki, and now you're throwing in waffles? It's like the perfect day.
Yeah, it makes sense you'd want to double date since Bishop and I are kind of the station's "it" couple right now.
Hello? Hey! Hello.
You got to meet Jack's much better half.
Nicole? Maya.
You two already know each other? Yeah.
Um, uh, we've met before.
She's my ex.
You're never gonna see it coming.
Thank you.
Ben Warren, Station 19.
Uh, is, uh is everything all right? One minute, everything's calm We've been made aware of something - we'd like you to verify.
- Mm-hmm.
Is it true that you recently performed an unsanctioned field amputation? the next, you're staring down a wildfire.
Um, I-I did perform an emergent procedure.
Um, it was a success.
I'm happy to report the patient lived.
Did you have permission from Medical Control for this procedure? Well, no.
I was in Los Angeles, and Did the patient give consent? Well, if you let me explain the situation A simple yes or no will do.
Um, no.
Uh, you didn't have a sterile operating field and no access to post-op care.
Is that correct? Well, there were extenuating circumstances Mr.
Warren, we follow very specific patient care guidelines here at Medic One.
We are strict about those guidelines because members of Medic One are given hefty responsibility, making judgment calls with life-or-death stakes all the time.
They face extenuating circumstances almost every call, so we need to make sure that our members aren't predisposed to being rash with this responsibility.
We don't want and we don't need any cowboys.
I-I agree, and I assure you this decision was not made lightly We decided to take a closer look at your record, including your surgical career, and it looks like you have a history with "extenuating circumstances," so we'd like to talk about that.
Wildfires don't play nice.
They don't stop and pause and wait until you're ready.
Dylan's hot.
Hot, hot, hot.
Okay, you need to sleep, not hear about my love life.
Which remains nonexistent.
I feel bad even bringing up some new guy while we're standing here doing whatever this is.
No, don't put your life and happiness and amazingly handsome potential long-distance deaf lover on hold because you're worried about me and this bed I ca Don't delay your happy 'cause mine's been messed up.
Go after it.
Text it.
In fact, you know what? Hell, I will text it for you right now.
"Hey, it's me, Travis.
From the wildfire" What do you even text to a man who looks like a sculpture? - Give me no.
- Oh, you! Did you send it? All right, you're out.
- Yeah.
- No.
Too late.
You're going into time-out.
If conditions are right, wildfires will just grow.
Hey, you know, the pool was our second near-death experience.
Hey, um, I wanted to explain I-I wanted to say something, too.
Okay, great.
You go first.
No, you y-you wanted Right, but what what do you want? They burn hotter than most other fires.
Wakey, wakey.
Food's here.
I thought you were ramen.
- Travis Montgomery.
- Yeah.
The man you attacked two nights ago has been in the hospital ever since.
He's pressing charges.
You're under arrest for the assault and battery of Jeremy Heffington.
Their burn is more destructive.
You can't play with this kind of fire Hang on.
I'm locking the door.
or it'll consume you.
Everything okay? Andy, I I think it's best if you go.
Um Okay.
So when you find yourself staring a wildfire down when you can't breathe, can't walk, when you're hurting so much you're actually numb just remember, wildfires may not play nice but neither do you.