Station Eleven (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Goodbye My Damaged Home

1 You found me again.
You're dying.
He shot you with poison.
He used to be a dentist.
This is the antidote.
Give it.
Hey, Jeev.
Yeah? You still scared of the dark? Yeah.
- It's like a spaceship.
- We're fucked.
It's gonna get cold.
It's gonna be okay.
You said we're fucked.
When spring comes, we're gonna run out of food.
Whoever's left alive is gonna want to fight each other.
We have to think about the future.
We have to leave, because this can't last.
I spy with my little eye.
I told Jeevan to come to you.
You guys should be together.
No, no.
No, I don't want him here.
I don't care if you don't want Jeevan Then I'll have the guard stop him.
Good evening, Mr.
I've got a Jeevan down here.
Says he's your brother.
He's with your niece.
Want to come up.
They've got some items for your Christmas party.
- Hey, Frank.
- Hi, Uncle Frank.
Send 'em up.
Fuck! Frank! Open the door, Frank! - Hold on.
- Come on! - Hold on! - Open it! Jeev.
Little white girl.
Okay, this is all comin' in.
Back up.
Frank, this is Kirsten.
Kirsten, Frank.
- Hi.
- We seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment.
Hello, it's Matthew here.
Actually Paris is just fuckin' on fire now.
And there was a coup in China.
- Attempted.
- Reports of in excess of 10,000 deaths coming in tonight.
Yeah, maybe you should turn it off.
There hasn't been any news on the Ferris wheel.
The story, here, Tina The speed at which this virus kills.
Imagine dying like that.
Well, the way I see it, power is on.
Everything will be back to normal in a couple of days.
Matthew, this news is a somewhat radical escalation of what we've been hearing.
Uh, yes, that's correct, Tina, yes.
What? Kirsten, maybe, uh Do you want to get some sleep? There's a spare bedroom.
I'll tell you when my parents call.
Good night, Jeevan.
Good night, Frank.
Well, parenting is easy.
What's gonna happen? Really? I don't know.
But I'm glad you're here.
How was "King Lear"? Frank? Merry Christmas.
That's right.
I I forgot.
I didn't get you anything yet.
That's okay.
Can I have that back? "Station Eleven"? Sure.
Just keep reading it.
Should be doing my work.
It's good, though.
I can relate.
To which character? All of them.
Did you put the antidote in the present? I have to get back.
Where is it? Where is it? I just made him something.
You can go if you want to go.
I hid the antidote in your pocket.
I knew you wouldn't look there.
No, I could stay a little.
There's time.
She's moving into the closet.
We wish you a merry Christmas Why do all kids love little Harry Potter rooms like that? We wish you a merry Christmas To make the world small.
And a happy New Year You think she's okay? She just found out her parents died.
She's eight.
She's traumatized.
Makes three of us.
And a happy New Year Good tidings we bring Oh, come on, now.
What's wrong with this What's wrong with this thing? Seriously, how have you made it this far in life? You got batteries? Junk drawer.
We wish you a crazy Christmas We wish you a naughty Christmas And a frantic New Year Frank, can I talk to you real quick in private? - Uh, make us more eggnogs.
- Is there a recipe? Pour whiskey into eggnog.
- What the fuck, Frank? - It's not I'm sorry, heroin? We're not heroin people, Frank.
We're barely weed people.
You win awards.
I quit.
I'm clean.
It's fine.
People don't just quit heroin, Frank.
Aren't you in withdrawal? I don't have a cold.
- When did you even start? - Ten months ago.
It's not sad, Jeevan.
It just it just is.
It's not great, Frank! I can't ghostwrite sober.
Then stop ghostwriting.
It's the only job I can get.
Frank, there are no more jobs.
Whatever's going on outside is irrelevant 'cause I haven't been out on assignment in two years.
Whatever I had, it's gone.
It'll come back.
Journalists have to go outside.
- Then write a novel.
- I don't make shit up! If we have to leave, we leave together.
You'll get better.
Your hip It's not the hip, Jeevan.
We have a kid now.
Listen to me.
Don't write the play.
Hey, Kirsten.
You leave one day too late.
Will likely happen in phases, I think.
Networks and television have already stopped broadcasting.
Likely the phone system next, and already, it's failing.
Power and the Internet will both hold on, and people who are holed up will continue to find one another online, but this will only conceal the reality that it's already over.
We've encountered a flu that does not incubate.
It just explodes.
We were not ready for a 1-in-1,000 survival rate.
Chicago's not Chicago anymore.
It's just 2.
5 million bodies and The first Noel The angels did say Was to certain poor shepherds In fields as they lay In fields where they Lay keeping their sheep On a cold winter's night That was so deep Noel, Noel Noel, Noel Born is the King Of Israel Thanks.
Any word from your parents? Frank.
Jeevan's brother.
Remember? You know, first morning I was here, I remember the sun rising over that lake, and I knew I wanted to be here forever.
East-facing windows, you know? Did you just move in? Ten months ago.
What's your job? I'm a ghostwriter.
What are you ghostwriting? An autobiography.
Don't you have to write your own autobiography? Not if you're rich.
Um listen, Kirsten, my brother does weird shit sometimes.
He he brought home a bird once that he found on the sidewalk with a broken neck.
He's a terrible babysitter, and I'm sort of a shut-in, but we're safe.
What do kids eat? - How's the quesadilla? - I had a brother.
He died before he was born.
Maybe he would have been at home with a babysitter when Jeevan tried to take me to my house.
I try not to think in maybes.
What happened to your leg? - Someone tried to blow me up.
- Why? I was in the wrong place.
Sri Lanka.
There's a war there that never ends.
What were you doing there? Writing a story for a magazine.
What magazine? "Vanity Fair.
" You heard of it? I don't know.
Well, I wasn't supposed to be in the country.
And I went to this bar, started chatting up the locals, you know, strangers, no agenda.
Talked to this guy for a while.
Hired him as my guide.
We walked.
We walked about half a day.
The last thing I remember before I look up at my guide and he's running away.
So I take a step, and bang Got blown up.
I floated.
- Then what? - Then I woke up in a hospital.
No idea where I was, what happened.
I've got bandages everywhere, 13 pieces of shrapnel in my hip.
I start screaming for help.
And I look down and Jeevan is there, asleep on the floor.
So I'm thinking I'm either dead or I'm home.
- Where were you? - Military base in Singapore.
He got a 24-hour flight on Siya's credit card.
I flew first class, by the way.
She never found out.
She did.
Really? Hey, Frank? You wanna be in my play? Who else is in it? So I think Sorry.
I think we need to have a fire in the spare room.
What? Hold on.
Hey, Jeev.
Can both of you meet me at the table in ten minutes? I need to show you something.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
I was working the other day, listening to the tapes he sent me, and I heard something.
It was the way he laughed.
I I couldn't really believe it.
And so I enhanced it and I looped it.
It's real.
It's a way to stay hot.
Back in the days when I was a teenager Before I had status and before I had a pager You could find the Abstract listenin' to hip-hop My pops used to say it reminded him of bebop - No.
- I said, "Well, Daddy " "Don't you know that things go in cycles Way that Bobby Brown is just ampin' like Michael?" - Frank.
- It's all expected Things are for the lookin' If you got the money, Quest is for the bookin' Come on, everybody Let's get with the fly mode Still got room on the truckload of black gold Listen to the rhyme and get a mental picture Of this Black man and Black woman venture Why do I say that 'Cause I gotta speak the truth, man Doin' what we feel for the music is the proof And planted on the ground, the act is so together Bona fide strong, you need leverage to sever The unit, yes, the unit, yes, the unit called the jazz Is delivering each year An LP filled with street goods You can find it on your rack in your record store If you get the record, then your thoughts Are adored and appreciated 'Cause we're ever so glad we made it We work hard, so we gotta thank God Dishin' out the plastic Do the dance till you're spastic If you diss, mm, it gets drastic Listen to the rhyme 'cause it's time to make gravy If it moves your booty Then shake, shake it, baby All the way to Africa, AKA the motherland Stick out the left, and I ask for the other hand That's the right hand, brown man Only if you are noted as my man If I get the credit, then I'll think I deserve it If you fake moves, don't fix your mouth to word it Get in the zone of positivity, not negativity 'Cause we gotta strive for longevity If you botch up, what's in that ass - What, a pair of Nikes - Size 10 1/2 We gotta make moves Never, ever, ever can we fake moves Yeah, we gotta make moves Never, ever, ever can we fake moves We gotta make moves Never, ever, ever can we fake moves We gotta make moves Never, ever, ever can we fake the moves I know.
I know you said 60, but By the way, I don't think the flu is out there anymore.
You have no data whatsoever.
What's the ration estimate on the food, Frank? - 90 days.
- Oh, 90 days? So what is that, 12 days until we starve? There's your data.
We have to leave.
First thing tomorrow.
Autobiography's not done.
Neither is my play, but I'm almost done.
Something tells me neither of you are gonna finish.
Do you remember that That film with the soccer team and they eat each other? You don't remember, You're eight.
Frank? - "Alive"? - "Alive"? "Alive.
" - Yeah, it was a rugby team.
- Okay, great.
- They were proactive.
- You need more information.
They had a plan.
They had somewhere to go.
They had a map.
They knew what they Frank, this this is what we know.
They survived.
They survived.
Yeah, they had to eat each other, but they survived.
You okay? Where have you been? - Watching.
- I spy with my little eye.
I thought he only started speaking to himself at the cabin.
- He started here.
- I don't get it.
Yeah, I'm trying.
I don't know, he won't.
This is Frank.
- What's the cabin? - He's not listening to me.
I don't know, Siya, but I'm gonna convince him, okay? He'll come.
I'll convince him, or Kirsten will convince him with her play.
They've got a thing.
I don't know.
They've got a thing.
Yes, I know.
I just okay, fine.
I'll go across the hall and I'll look west.
Get him his data, his info, his Okay, Siya, yes.
I'm in the red.
I gotta go.
I'm opening the door.
Frank, is that okay? Great.
Look, I know it's hard and it's scary, but We're gonna starve to death or freeze to death.
And we can't wait for him to get better.
And we can't just write plays and books.
I'm finished writing.
We can do it tomorrow, then go.
But we have to perform it.
Okay, can we do it But can we do it, like, now? The costumes still aren't done.
I promise.
What would you have done if you knew the flu was coming? I would have come home earlier from LA.
And I would have spent time with my mom before she died.
And Siya.
And that idiot, and we would have been together.
I would have just done I would have made the choice I wanted to make, you know? I'm always late for everything.
How about you? Said goodbye to Arthur.
I didn't get to say goodbye to anyone.
Yeah, well, say bye now.
He can't hear me.
Frank, I am opening the door.
I mean, we don't even know what Chicago's like out there.
It might be fine.
Hey, Luli! Luli! Hello? Smells so bad.
Oh, you get used to it.
Hey, go talk to Frank, hey? Close the door.
What's that? Well, I owe you a present, don't I? I got this from our dadu, our grandfather.
Had it in my pocket that day when I stepped on that mine.
It's a compass.
We're going tomorrow.
Just come.
It's broken.
No matter how you stand, it tells you you're looking east.
Jeev just made me think of it.
And that day, when you were looking at the sunrise That was a good feeling.
I made the whole play the death scene.
Who am I? Lonagan.
So it's my death scene.
I found something, data boy.
Frank thinks we should go east.
Call time is noon.
Okay, Kirsten, this is really long, and there's not much light.
So Yes.
This is now.
This is now.
- Hello? - I get scared.
Where are you? Minneapolis.
So nothing's gotten rotten yet? The whole Mississippi is bodies.
I don't know how they got in there, but it's plugged up.
You could walk down it and come to visit if Don't come here.
It's not safe.
It's just math.
Let's do the play.
I get tired of sifting through the wreckage.
And I get tired of watching you sift.
What are you looking for? There's nothing out there.
Whatever didn't break.
Don't be nervous.
I'm not.
You should go.
It's so gross.
- It's fine.
- Why did you pull me on board? Why did you let me in here? Protocol.
Where's the antidote? Don't worry about it.
Or I was lonely.
This strange and awful time was the happiest of my life.
You're the only friend I've ever had.
You're going to die, and I can't stop it.
That's true for everyone.
Good point.
Where did you come from, Eleven? What were you doing, floating out there by yourself? I was trying to come home.
You were the only person who knew me from before.
Turn on the engines! I can't do that.
Why not? I'm tired of that answer.
You should have listened.
You idiot! You need him to survive! Goodbye, Eleven.
Say your line.
Say it.
Luli? Jeevan! Frank! Kirsten, run right now.
- Lock the door.
- Lock the door.
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
Whatever you need, man.
We're safe.
It's safe.
Please leave.
I live here now.
It's okay.
You can have the place.
We're all packed.
We were just leaving.
Right, Frank? Come on, Frank.
Let's go.
We're all packed up.
We were just leaving.
It's fine.
I'm really sorry, man.
I'm not leaving, man.
No, Frank.
It's my home.
"I remember damage," "then escape.
" "Then I found it again.
" "My home.
" Frank! Stay in your room.
Jeevan! It's okay.
He survives.
You leave here with him.
Frank too? You get to see him again.
I shouldn't have done the play.
This didn't happen because you did the play.
This isn't your fault.
This is just what happened.
I'm okay.
My armor.
Oh, God.
I don't know.
You can't just take it out like that, I don't think, Frank.
Siya! Siya! Come on! Siya's dead, Jeev.
No, no, no.
No, Frank.
I wanna lie down in my bed.
Is that man gone? We're safe, yeah.
I thought your play was good.
Come here.
You were really good as Dr.
I almost made you Lonagan.
So what happens next in your book? It's the two of them, Dr.
Eleven and the Rebel Undersea Leader.
For a while.
Just come.
Open the door.
You have to go with Jeevan.
I should probably go now.
Goodbye, Frank.
Wanted to say thank you for letting me stay here.

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