Steins;Gate (2011) s01e16 Episode Script

Sacrificial Necrosis

1 Yes.
That guest is, make me please pin badge.
The same as one you brought.
He's the one who asked you to make the pin badge, right? What kind of man was he? What kind? Hmm Like a barrel.
Who? Barrel Titor? Titor? No, no.
Just like barrel.
Just like barrel The Japanese word for barrel is "taru"! Taru? A while back, it was in a Rai-Net anime.
There was this barrel-like monster Yes.
Just a taru.
Or balloon.
A man like a barrel or a balloon? Where can we contact him? Sorry.
Private information.
No clues, huh? But if the man's pin badge is finished, won't he pick it up? He told the man it would take a week to make, so he left without placing the order.
I see.
So we have to give up? No.
There's still one way.
If I wait for the time leap machine's completion tomorrow, and go back in time Sacrificial Necrosis Where's Suzuha? Didn't she just leave? Why are you asking? I'll explain later! Damn.
I forgot to ask when the man was coming.
Hey, welcome.
Is that him? He was right.
The silhouette is like a barrel or a balloon.
Daru? Okarin Jeez.
Why did you decide to get a fake pin badge? Wouldn't it suck if she couldn't find her dad? So I figured I'd show her the badge and make a fake Titor.
So you wanted to get her excited over nothing? There are two types of lies.
Lies that hurt, and lies that don't— Do you really think Suzuha would want that? Miss Amane told me not to tell anyone this, but That time machine can only travel backward.
Once you go, you can't return.
How's it going? Something to drink.
Oh, you brought me an ice-cold zero-calorie cola! You're too kind.
Well? Can we fix the time machine? Probably by tomorrow.
Even working this whole time, that's still amazing! Daru's the real thing.
I told you not to judge him by his looks.
Did you say that? Even if he looks unhealthy and kind of dim Yeah.
I've changed my mind about him.
Then you help me, too.
And then, in the steaming hot confines of the time machine, we can forget our shame and take off our clothes Shut up, pervert! Daru-kun and Suzu-san look good together.
Hey, I'm saying this because I don't think I'll ever have the chance to say it again.
I'm really grateful to you all.
When I first came here, I didn't know anyone.
Even though this era is much more peaceful, somehow, to me, it was really scary.
But now I have lots of friends.
I'm really happy that I could come here That I could spend time with you guys.
I really had fun.
I'm glad I could be a lab member, just for a while.
I'm glad I could spend time with you Once you go, you can't return.
Okabe Rintarou! Change the future— I'll make sure to change the future! I'll make it a free world, like this one! Okabe Rintarou? Do you Do you regret the memories you've made? Having to say goodbye, do you think that it would have been better if we'd all never met? Do you regret it? Hashida Itaru told you? He's worried about you, too.
I'm going! Changing the future was my father's wish And you don't care what will happen to you? The '70s weren't a bad time.
I'll make friends like you there, and I'll live freely.
Okay, here goes.
I think it's fine, but give it a final check.
It looks like it works.
You really are amazing! You should be happier You just fixed a time machine.
1975 I wonder what month and day I should go to.
What's good for this? Taiankichijitsu? Or Tomobiki? Those days are for weddings.
But Tomobiki might be good.
It could help you make new friends faster.
Friends? That would be nice.
FG204? Hey, Suzu-san? Yes? What's this? That's what my dad named the time machine.
M-My bike? I thought it might fit if we removed the tires.
You really like it, right? Yeah.
I'll take care of it.
I got it! Mayushii figured out who your dad is! What? And they're right nearby! Wh-Where? I've always felt that you two make a good pair.
But I understand now.
It's because you're father and daughter.
Y-You can't mean Suzu-san's dad is Daru-kun! Huh? That's not funny! The idea of this pervert getting married Hey! Isn't that a little mean? Please explain.
How did you come to this conclusion? First, "barrel" means "taru," right? Taru Daru Daru-kun? A pun? That's a reason? But Okarin and Barrel Titor were also part of the group that helped found the resistance, right? And in 2010, Akihabara, they were working on a time machine.
And they knew about Okarin's Reading Signer Reading Steiner.
They knew about it.
That only leaves Daru-kun.
And then, the most convincing proof Mayushii found was The name of the time machine? FG204.
That's a future gadget.
A future gadget? And there's stuff to the right of it, too.
"Future Gadget 204, 2nd Edition, Ver.
31"! That naming convention Dad Y-You should say, "Papa!" at a time like this.
Don't be a pervert right now! Dad.
I'm here I came to see you in the time machine you made.
I'll do what you attempted, so watch me.
Yeah, I'm watching.
I'll always be watching.
By the way Was your mom cute? I want a short one, with a baby face and big boobs.
I'll keep that a secret.
Then, I'll be going.
Don't forget about Mayushii and the rest of us! Be careful.
I'll be fine.
I'll find IBN 5100.
And I'll get it for you.
So please, change the future.
I'll see you in thirty-five years.
I guess it'll only be a few hours for you.
Suzu-san! From: Part-Time Warrior Subject: Thank You Goodbye.
Suzuha! Let's be sure we see each other again! I'll keep working hard until then.
So you try, too! Good luck We've received word that the satellite that fell on the Akihabara Radio Building has vanished.
Hey, do you think this pin badge could be our initials? Okabe's "O.
" Hashida's "H.
" Shiina's "S.
" Then "M" is Makise.
And "A" is Amane, right? A lab member badge, huh? You want to make one? That's a good idea.
What's wrong, Okabe? The Divergence Meter hasn't changed.
Will it change after Amane brings us the IBN 5100 or something? Suzuha's fifty-four now.
My daughter's over thirty years older than I am She might be married, with grandkids.
S-So at this age, I could see my own great-grandkids? You should act really grown-up, like a great-grandfather! She's here! Mr.
Braun? Okabe Rintarou A letter? Hashida Suzu Hashida Suzu? Hashida Suzu Hashida Suzu? Is that from Suzu-san? Seriously? Why do you have that? It's a letter from someone who once took care of me.
She asked me to give it to you today.
Where is she now? She died.
Hashida Suzu Ten years ago.
Hashida Suzu Hashida Suzu Okabe Rintarou-sama It's been so long.
It's me, Amane Suzuha.
It may have only been a few hours to you, but right now, it's June 13th, 2000.
I'll get straight to the point.
I failed.
I failed.
I failed.
I failed.
I failed.
I failed.
I failed.
I failed.
I failed.
I have failed.
I failed.
I failed.
I failed.
I only remembered who I was a year ago.
For the past twenty-four years, I'd forgotten myself.
The time travel didn't work right.
The repair job was imperfect.
But it wasn't my dad's fault.
It was mine! I should have gone directly to 1975.
I shouldn't have stopped in 2010.
I shouldn't have been so selfish.
Now, the future won't change! I couldn't get an IBN 5100.
I'm sorry I'm so sorry.
Why have I even lived this long? I forgot my duty and spent my life doing nothing.
Forgive me! Forgive me! Forgive me! Forgive me! Part-Time Warrior Thank You Goodbye.
Forgive me! Forgive me! Forgive me! Forgive me! Part-Time Warrior Thank You Goodbye.
Okabe Rintarou, when I tried to go to 1975, Part-Time Warrior Thank You Goodbye.
Okabe Rintarou, when I tried to go to 1975, after the time machine forum meeting, you stopped me.
Because of the rain that night, the time machine broke.
If you can go back in time, I ask that you not stop me back then.
My life was wasted.
What's wrong? You look down.
Please tell me how Hashida Suzu-san died.
What do you care? I have to know how she died! No matter how it was, I have to know! This doesn't seem like simple curiosity.
But what's your relationship to Suzu-san, anyway? A long-ago acquaintance Very long ago.
But I still remember our time together well.
I really don't want to say it It was suicide.
She hanged herself in her home.
For about a year before she died, she was mentally unstable.
But up until then, she was a cheerful, kind person.
It's all my fault The time machine broke because I stopped her back then.
If I'd never sent that D-mail, she'd have gone to 1975 then! Okarin Hey, Okabe, what are you doing? At this rate, Mayuri's going to Okarin, are you sending a D-mail? If you do that, all of this will disappear! I know that All the time we remember spending with Suzu-san won't have happened.
I know that! So please, change the future.
Okarin! What is it, Okabe? Hashida Suzu? I haven't heard that name in a long time.
Did you know her? Yes.
Um, is she still I guess it's been ten years She really looked after me for a while.
I would've liked to have seen her at the end.
Did she commit suicide? She died of an illness! I live in her house.
That bike Yeah, she always really loved it.
I couldn't throw it out.
So for ten years, I've kept it.
At first, she and I were neighbors.
And then, one day, my house burned down in a fire.
I lost everything.
And she let me stay here.
Was she alone that whole time? She never married She was a little strange.
Once, I asked her why she'd done all this for someone with no relationship to her.
And then she laughed, and she said this "Everyone gets help from someone else, at some point in their lives.
So someday, you should help someone, too.
" Oh, that's right.
One second Suzu-san had this.
Do you know what the number means? She was always looking at it, from her hospital bed.
Is this the number before it changes? Or after? Did I manage to change it? Whatever it was, it bothered her to the end.
The divergence number changed.
But it hasn't gone beyond 1%.
The train for the outer line will arrive shortly.
Please stand behind the yellow line.
The Yamanote Line is working at this time? Please stand behind the yellow line.
The Yamanote Line is working at this time? Mayuri! Damn it.
Mayuri! What's wrong, Okarin? It's nothing.
Hey, Mayushii's phone rang.
Was that you? She was having a nice nap, so I didn't wake her.
Suzuha Did the world change? Has Mayuri been saved?