Steins;Gate (2011) s01e21 Episode Script

Paradox Meltdown

1 If I return to the beta world line, Makise Kurisu dies.
I'll start cracking now.
Wait! The cracking We're not doing it.
Paradox Meltdown Where's Okabe? Unknown! I've been busy.
Good luck, Mayushii! You, too, Daru-kun.
Is today the last day of Comima? Yeah, want to come? There's lots of cute cosplay.
I-I'm not really interested I wonder what Okarin's up to.
No idea.
He said we weren't doing the cracking, and that was it.
What's he thinking? They said it's gonna reach a high of 35! Hydration is the best way to prevent heatstroke.
Aren't you going to Comima today? I'm leaving right now.
I see.
Be careful.
It's really sunny out.
Mayuri! August 17th.
Each D-mail I undid delayed Mayuri's death by one day.
Erasing Suzuha's mail made the events of the 13th occur on the 14th.
Feyris, Rukako, Moeka If each one pushed it back a day, then in this world line, Mayuri dies on the 17th.
Today, before 8:00 PM.
Okarin! Did you find what you were looking for? Yup! It was almost sold out I got one for Daru-kun, too.
Oh, and there was a book on a robot anime I thought you'd like! Want to go? No.
I'm fine.
Why not? You came all this way.
There's something I want to think about.
I see Tell me if there's anywhere you'd like to look.
Are you okay? Want to go home? What are you talking about? I wanted to think about, um, the Organization assassins hiding in this building.
I need to do something to escape their clutches.
If I'm not careful, they might find me.
Follow the original plan until evening.
I don't think any bad people like that are here.
I'm going scouting.
Let's meet back here at 1500.
Okay? Sure! Okarin! They're selling juice over there! Five hours left.
Don't give up.
Before that time, find it The way for her to survive without changing world lines.
Assistant Why do I have to help Hashida A notepad? A list of circles at Comima? I don't see one.
The rack? The second shelf? Don't look at the second shelf? I'm seriously having you arrested.
What is it now? It's me.
What's going on with the cracking? You stopped it.
So we haven't touched it for three days.
Explain what's going on, already.
What happened? Mayuri will die today.
I heard you before.
Isn't that why you're doing the cracking? To erase the first D-mail you sent— No! We aren't doing it.
I'm going to think of a way to save Mayuri without the cracking.
Why? Things have changed.
This is the only way.
What kind of things? I can't explain now.
There must be some way.
Some other way.
Some other way? Please! Explain.
If you don't, I won't be able to think of anything.
I won't be able to help.
You don't have time for this, right? Don't hide things now! Okabe? We finally made it back Hey, want to stop by the lab, Okarin? Mayushii was thinking of getting some food.
Okarin? Are you tired? No.
It's almost time Almost time for her to die again.
Should I run? No.
That never works.
Okarin? Let's go.
Hey, Okarin.
Why did you come with me today? You barely went to see anything.
If you wanted to check something out, I would've shown you around! There aren't many things Mayushii knows more than Okarin about.
Okarin? Thanks for coming today! We've never gone to Comima together, so Mayushii was happy! Mayuri I wanted to see Rukako looking embarrassed in his cosplay! It's a shame he didn't come.
Yeah, if he had, he would've been really popular.
I bet.
And then Ruka-kun would have gotten his photo on all the blogs, and he'd have become a worldwide superstar! And then Mayushii would have seen it and said, "He's come a long way.
" I could really see that happening.
It'd be even better if Okarin cosplayed.
I'll consider it.
Really? But in exchange, you'd also have to cosplay.
I know We'll call Rukako and Christina.
And you can convince them to cosplay, too.
If you do that, then I, Hououin Kyouma, mad scientist, shall make my cosplay debut at Comima.
I see That's going to be hard! But Kurisu-chan was interested, so Mayushii will try her best to do it by the next Comima.
The next Huh? My watch isn't working.
That's strange.
I just wound— Okarin? No! I can't go through this! I'm so close! Why is this happening? Okarin? Stay here! Okarin? I'm going to change fate.
I'll stop it from happening! If I let that car hit me If I die here, something has to change! Something! Okarin! Mayuri? Mayuri! Okarin Finally Finally, I was useful.
Mayuri! Mayushii was useful to you.
Okarin Hey Mayuri You can't see the stars from here, can you? This isn't fair I want to talk to you.
Kurisu I'll start cracking now.
Okabe? Okabe? How long are you going to lie there? I thought I told you to leave me alone.
You did.
But you've been up here, on the roof, for hours without a sound.
I got worried I mean, I'm not worried, but Tell me.
Why did you stop the cracking? You yourself said You thought the FBI would come, and you got scared, right? I can tell I'd prefer to be thought of as a law-abiding citizen.
This isn't like you.
What happened to your normal, hotshot attitude? The great mad scientist, Hououin Kyouma— How can I act like that right now?! Mad scientist? Hououin Kyouma? It's all crap! I made it all up! You didn't know? I knew within five seconds of meeting you.
Did you time leap again? What happened? I've helped you with everything so far, haven't I? Don't hold back now.
We've made it this far by thinking things through together, right? This far, huh? Suzuha and Feyris Rukako To come this far, I sacrificed the things they loved the most.
And now, this is how it ends? What do you mean? Why? Okabe! Okabe, you were crying back there Hashida was concerned, too.
He thought maybe you had a bad dream.
Tell me.
I want to help you! July 28th Mayuri and I went to Dr.
Nakabachi's press conference.
There There, I saw Makise Kurise collapsed after being stabbed by someone, but I don't know who.
I sent a text to Daru's cell phone, which was connected to the Phone Microwave.
The first D-mail.
The message that moved us from the beta world line to the alpha world line.
Deleting that message from SERN's database, and returning to the beta world line, means going back to that world.
If we return to the beta world line If we undo that first D-mail You will die.
Answer it.
Answer it.
Mayuri? Yeah.
What's wrong? Hey, Daru-kun told me you were acting odd.
It's nothing.
Daru was wrong.
But I'm sorry.
Mayushii's been so busy with Comima, she couldn't spend time with you.
Hey, you used to talk to Mayushii about all kinds of stuff, didn't you? There were four Organization generals, Geppu, Sudachi, Seiyuu, and Jakkou? Genbu, Suzaku, Seiryuu, Byakko.
That's right.
I really liked hearing about those things.
Hey If Mayushii is ever a burden, tell me, okay? I'll leave you alone for now! If Mayushii can do anything for you, call me right away.
Mayuri? You should go right now.
From your voice, I can guess what she was saying.
You should go see her now.
You won't be able to come up with any answers, even if you do stay here, talking with me.
That's why you were sitting here alone, right? Then you should go see Mayuri.
The only thing that will happen if you stay and worry is that you'll hurt my pride.
I'll be going! This is Mayushii.
I can't answer the phone right now! It's me.
One of the cosplayers said Mayushii left a while ago.
I see.
I'm sorry You came to see me because it's Obon.
Right, Granny? I've only been having scary dreams lately.
In the dreams, terrible things happen to Mayushii.
She gets shot with a pistol, or she's in a car accident or run over by a train.
And everything seems like it really happened.
It's scary, and it hurts And it's sad I try to scream for help, as loud as I can, but I can't.
Why do I have these dreams? And at the end of the dreams, Okarin always comes to save me.
Mayushii says, "Thank you, Okarin!" But he doesn't hear her He holds Mayushii, and he looks sad.
And he never cries, but you can tell he really wants to.
So Mayushii says, "I'm sorry.
" But he doesn't hear her.
And then I wake up.
I'm sorry! I'll talk about something fun.
Lately, there are lots of new lab members! Kurisu-chan And Moeka-san, and Ruka-kun, and Feyris-chan! And Suzu-san! At first, it was just the two of us Kurisu-chan is super-smart.
And she talks about all these really hard things with Okarin.
It's so much fun Okarin looks happy that he gets to talk so much.
But you know, sometimes I remember The first time Mayushii went to the lab.
It was the beginning of spring, but it was snowing.
When I went to the lab after school, Okarin wasn't there.
While I was cleaning up the room, he came in.
And I said, "Welcome back!" And he didn't say, "I'm back.
" He said, "Good work.
" And then, every day after that, I'd go there for about two hours, and we'd barely talk.
It wasn't bad.
We were simply there together.
Time passed so slowly, and it was nice.
Mayushii thought she really was like a hostage! Did something good happen? Yup! Nothing good happened, but it was good anyway.
I understand You saw some kind of illusion.
It may be an attack by Organization General Illusion Conductor.
I see Then I'll have to be careful! But I bet that Illusion Contactor Conductor.
I don't think he's a bad person! Lately, I haven't spent much time talking with Okarin.
It used to be that when I saw him, I could tell what he was thinking.
But recently, I can't.
Except He looks like he's really suffering Like he's always about to cry.
And I know he's thinking about me.
I don't want to be a burden to him I'm sorry! I was talking about something sad again! Maybe Mayushii's been lonely lately.
Granny, I can't stay this way forever.
You can.
It's Okarin! How did you know I was here? I always know where my hostage is.
So you can't ever escape from me.
Not ever.
You shouldn't force yourself.
I, Hououin Kyouma, am not so weak that I need you to worry about me.
When the time comes that I can, I'll tell you everything.
We're going home.
But before that I know.
You want to get another Upa gatchapon, right?