Steven Universe (2013) s04e07 Episode Script

Onion Gang

- Garnet: # We # - # Are the Crystal # - Steven: # Gems # - # we'll always save the day # Steven: # and if you think we can't # All: # we'll always find a way # - # that's why the people # - # of this world # - Garnet: # believe in # - # Garnet # - # Amethyst # - # and Pearl # Steven: # And Steven! # [Panting] Onion sure was having a phenomenal time jumping with Steven on his couch.
But after two hours of jumping, he decided that it was time to perhaps stop and do something else? Ah, so Onion decided he wanted a snack.
And he knew he could help himself to anything in Steven's kitchen.
[Sighs] Including Steven's favorite limited edition chips.
Onion smelled the chip, savoring its delicious aroma.
But no snack could satisfy his hunger for power.
[Horn blowing in distance] Oh, looks like you're dad's home, huh? I guess this round of "Onion Tales" has come to an end.
See ya! Epilogue things get a little lonely for Onion, not knowing any other kids his age.
But luckily he had his friend Steven who would kindly donate some time to a youth in need.
[Knocking] Coming! Oh, Onion.
Need someone to hang out with again? Come on in.
Oh, I see.
Onion wanted to come in, but he paused in the doorway.
He needed to take his shoes off, but he didn't know how.
You want to go somewhere else? Yeh! Whoa! [Music] Hi, Vidalia! Hi, Yellowta-a-a-ail.
W-We just ran past your house, Onion! Where are you taking me? [Panting] Whoa, ugh! [Groans] Where are we? [Whistles] Whoa.
I didn't know you could whistle like that! [Branches rustle] Huh? [Footsteps approach] Is someone there? Garbanzo! Aah! Who are you? Your slow and eerie approach is making me uncomfortable! Huh? Aah! [Panting] Onion, run! [Thud] Yipe! [Grunts] Looks like it's curtains for Steven Universe.
Onion, huh? Uh, do you know these guys, Onion? Oh, they're your friends! - Uh, my name's Steven.
- Garbanzo.
I guess, you're Garbanzo? Since you're named after a bean then the baby on your back must be Pinto? [Pinto coos] And your name is Oh, Squash! And to my left, we have [Pot clanks] Slingshot? [Pot clanks] Uh, pot hat? [Pot clanks] Uh, I don't know.
S S-S-Soup? [Mwah!] Whew! [Laughs] It's nice to meet all of you.
Huh? What a warm welcome.
[Chuckles nervously] H-Hey, that's my wallet! [Clank] [Clank] Onion, this whole time I thought you were just a lonely boy.
But you have a whole pantry of friends! Thanks for bringing me here.
[Squeaking] [Chuckling] Garbanzo.
Cool! A soap-box derby car thing! Can I lend you all a hand? [Chuckles] Garbanzo.
[Hammer thuds, torch sizzles] Is that safe? Garbanzo! This looks amazing! Is there enough room for me? [Grunts] All right, let's roll! Whoa! It even goes up steep hills! Yay! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Swerve-y! [Laughs] [Thud] Garbanzo! Uh What's going on? Gar Gar Garbanzo.
Wait! He's gonna be okay, right? It was just a little spill! Gar banzo-o-o-o G-G-Garbanzo? Is this really happening? Oh, Pinto I don't know what to say.
This is all happened so suddenly.
I-I'll call a medical professional! Ga Garbanzo! It's a miracle! Pinto has healing pow ers? W-Why'd you nudge me and wink like this was all a big joke? [Chuckles dryly] I I get it.
G-Good joke.
Y'all Y'all really got me with that.
Whoa! That is a huge trench coat! What're you gonna do with that? You're gonna pretend to be grown? Can I pretend with you? Yippee! [Grunts] Man, we look so grown up! What should we do first? Buy a car? Stay in a fancy hotel? Vote? Hey, is that Suitcase Sam? You think if we bump into him, he'll call us "sir?" That would be funny! Oh, are we doing it? [Imitating deep voice] Hello, Suitcase Sam, sir! It is I, your faithful customer, Mister Mature Man.
[Camera clicks] Aah! [Normally] W-Why'd you do that? [Camera whirs] [Laughing] Garbanzo! [Laughs] Huh? Man I always thought when we weren't hanging out, you were just sitting alone on the boardwalk, Onion.
How long has this been going on? What's going on over here? Just drawing in the dirt, Eh? That's cool, that's not creepy.
Right, Soup? [Bugs skitter] [Gasps] Ehhhh.
Uh okay.
What should I Oh, okay.
Is this a race? Y-You're racing bugs? [Chuckles] That's fun! Onion: Mama-ma, mama, ma! Come on! You can do it! Garbanzo! Garbanzo! Come on Mr.
Buggy! Mama-mama! Come on! You can do it! Keep going! Whoo-hoo! I won! Garbanzo! Maa! Mama-mama-mama-maa! Maa! [Laughs] Garbanzo.
For me? Thank you! Huh? [Beetle skitters] What? You want me to But But he won! [Dramatic music plays] I I I can't do it! Bugs may be weird, but I don't want to kill one! [Sigh] I'm sorry.
I'm going home! Ma! [Cellphone clacking] All right.
Whew! No more weirdo friends.
Let's see I bet my best friend Connie is free.
[Cellphone autodials] Hey, Connie! It's me, Steven! I I was wondering if you Um, no, th-there's no mission, I wanted to hang out! You gotta do back to school shopping? Oh, okay.
Say hi to the pencils for me.
Well, I bet Peedee wants to hang.
[Cellphone chimes, vibrates] No big deal.
I-I'm sure someone else is free.
Um oh.
Looks like the lonely boy with no friends his age was actually Steven.
[Knocking] No, Onion! Just leave me alone! You don't have to play with me anymore.
[Rapid footfalls] What are you doing?! [Thud] No, Onion! [Scoffs] Onion, listen! I figured it out! The only reason you hang out with me is 'cause you feel bad for me, isn't it? You don't have to lie to me to protect my feelings! Those kids out there in the woods? You understand each other and you don't even talk! They're your real friends.
So just go! I don't need you to pity me.
That's the one thing I can do by myself.
Hmm? Hey, you're you're the winner of the bug race.
Wait! Onion! I'm sorry! Onion, wa-a-ait! [Panting] Guys, I'm sorry! It was me! I was the lonely boy! I Hey, what's going on? Wait are you guys leaving? I'm sorry about being weirded out before! You don't have to leave! Oh.
I-I get it now.
You guys only come to Beach City during the summer months.
And since the fall is starting, it must be time for you to go home.
[Crying] Garbanzo! I don't know what to say.
I Aww! Thanks for letting me hangout with you guys You're all swell! Goodbye! I'll never forget you all! So, that's why you wanted me to come back here so much.
This was your last chance to have all your friends in the same place.
Uh Onion felt really sad about his summer friends leaving.
But then, he started to feel a little better.
He remembered all the great times he had with his friends and all the cool stuff they did together! And until next summer, he had his pal Steven to hangout with i-if he wants to.
[Chuckling] Aww, buddy