Steven Universe (2013) s04e23 Episode Script

Are You My Dad?

1 Hey, Mr.
Postman, bring me a post Bring me the post that I love the most Dagnabit! - Yo! No package yet? - No package yet.
I definitely ordered a pair of khakis from The Distinguished Boy.
They should've been delivered by now.
I'm a distinguished boy, Amethyst.
Don't I deserve distinguished khakis? Aww.
Want one of these instead? No, thanks.
Any second now.
Hey, Mr.
Postman, bring me a post! Consarn it! Still no Jamie.
I don't understand.
He's usually so punctual.
[Sighs] [Hums] Bring me a post Hey, you shouldn't have to waste your whole day waiting for some thing in the mail.
Take this can of magic beans into town and trade it for a donut! You've been drinking beans? They're good for the heart.
Unfortunately, I know from experience The Big Donut does not accept magic beans as currency.
But you'd still wait for Jamie while I got us some donuts? Sure.
Why not? We'll hold down the fort while you're gone.
Pearl: Amethyst! Steven! Look! We're building a tiny house for crabs! Welcome to your new home.
Oh! They like it! [Laughter] Thanks, Amethyst! No prob! Just bring me back a bear claw! [Gulps] [Humming] Good morning, Sour Cream! Putting on a big rave tonight? Oh the fliers.
No, it's Onion.
He's been missing for a couple of days now.
My mom and Yellowdad are starting to get worried.
You haven't seen him around lately, have you? No.
Have you checked his favorite hiding spot in the woods? Sure did.
What about inside the vending machine at Funland? No luck.
Blew a dollar checking, too.
What about that top-secret room inside your house? You mean his office? Of course.
Eh, I'm sure he's fine.
If he's anything like me when I was a kid, he's probably just I don't know raving in a friend's backyard.
Anyway, I'd better hang the rest of these up.
Can you make sure Lars and Sadie get one of these? I wanted to hang one up at The Big Donut, but it's closed.
Closed? Lars! Sadieeeeeee! They have to be here.
I know what you guys are doing.
You guys are watching scary movies in the break room, like you're not supposed to be! Open up! Iwanta donut! Hey! You trying to break in or something? Barb! Uhno.
I-I was just looking for Lars and Sadie.
But they're not back here.
Uh how did you get in? Well, what kind of mother would I be if I didn't make a copy of all my daughter's keys?! [Door unlocks] I only came over to drop off Sadie's lunch.
She wasn't home last night, so I figured I'd bring it here.
But the place was completely empty.
Maybe it's some sort of baker's holiday.
It's certainly not a federal one.
Sadie never came home last night? Eh, she's an adult.
Probably just snuck off for another "island adventure" with her boyfriend.
That couldn't be.
They were going to go to a party together, but Lars never showed.
And when me and Sadie left, she said she was going home.
And now Sour Cream is looking everywhere for Onion.
And I was expecting a package today from Jamie, but he he never delivered it.
A package? You mean one about yea big, 2 pounds, maybe 4 ounces? [Gasps] My distinguished khakis! Did you see Jamie with them? I did this morning just before sending him off to your place.
Barb, this might be serious.
I'll go see if I can find anyone on the boardwalk.
I'll go check doorsteps for piled-up packages.
Then we'll know if anyone else is missing.
Sadie! Don't worry, honey! Mama's comin' for ya, baby girl! Good luck.
Jamie Onion Lars Sadie? Maybe they're all on vacation? No, Steven.
[Sighs] Whatever the case, it's up to me to find them.
Jamie! Onion! [Arcade music plays, games beeping] Lars! Sadie! Game 1: Awaiting new challengers to validate me.
Game 2: Somebody, punch me! Please.
[Whirring] Well, Sour Cream was right Onion wasn't in the vending machine.
And neither was anybody else.
[Crunch] Are you my dad? Aaah! A Gem! Are you my dad? I need to find my dad.
N-No, I-I'm not.
[Gasps] W-W-Wait! Wait! Don't leave me with another enigma! And the gem was under her eye our right, her left.
And the wings andyeah.
Connie: I think I made one eye bigger than the other.
Amethyst: I was going for a feeling.
Pearl: Honestly, I can't even draw a circle.
[Chuckles] Hmm.
Steven: Okay, Garnet, you just drew yourself.
Uh, I like me.
Well, anyway, I think Connie was the closest.
Thanks! This was a waste of time.
We should be preparing for a fight! Whoever this is, she's from Homeworld.
She's got to be here for us! She's not, though.
She said she's looking for her dad.
What? Her dad? What? There are all these people missing.
Maybe her dad's gone missing, too.
But Gems don't have dads! This doesn't make any sense.
Steven's a Gem, and Steven has a dad.
There are no other Gems like Steven.
Are you sure? We've got to get to the bottom of this.
We should split up and investigate.
[Gasps] Ruby and Sapphire! Uh, no.
I meant split into teams.
Garnet with yourself, Pearl with Amethyst, and Connie with me.
Let's go! Connie, do you really think there could be another Gem like me? Well, you know more about Gems than I do.
But it can't be impossible.
You exist.
She didn't look half human, though.
She was blue andhad wings.
Well, what if she's adopted? What if she crash-landed in the big city and she was taken in by a lonely millionaire with a heart of gold? And a house of gold.
But one day, he went on a business trip to Beach City and he never came home.
I guess I'd watch the movie of that.
Or read the book.
Or neither, 'cause it could be reality, Steven! You really think so? Hey, the only way to know is to find out.
Yeah! [Music] - Ugh! - Hup! [Wind gusts] Yup.
There's wind.
I feel like I was just here with Onion and all his friends.
Where is he? Poor Sour Cream, missing his brother and Barb missing her daughter and her mailman and this new Gem missing her dad! I know what it's like to have your dad taken away.
She must be so scared.
But you got your dad back.
And you'll solve this, too.
We'll solve this together.
Thanks, Connie.
Let's turn these woods upside down.
Onion! Lars! [Echoing] Jamie! You in here delivering packages to some peat moss? Steven! It's the Gem! What? She looks just like my drawing! Come on.
You don't have to be afraid.
We'll help you! Jump down into my arms.
My body will break your fall.
Are you my dad? What? No.
I-I'm not your dad.
We can help you find your dad.
I'm not looking for your dad.
I'm looking for my dad.
I need to find my dad.
Well, we'llhelp you.
Connie! [Grunts] Connie, wait! Be careful! Connie.
Are you Connie? Yes! I'm Connie! Me Connie.
Connie friend.
[Laughs] Topaz! I found one! I found one! I found a Connie! Steven? Connie! [Grunts] [Loud thudding] [Crows caw] [Thudding continues] [Muffled screaming] [Whimpering frantically] Another Gem! She She has everyone! Let them go! [Muffled screaming, whimpering] [Stomping] [Screaming] [Muffled screaming] Connie! [Grunts] Gah! [Panting] Look at those organics squirming around.
Give me back my friends! Don't bother listening to that Steven.
He's not my dad.
[Gasps] [Giggles] Aaaaaah! Ugh! Now all we need is my dad, and we're out of here! [Echoing] Can't believe they wasted an Aquamarine on a job like this.
It's so easy, you could have done it yourself, Topaz.
[Giggles] [Steven weakly] No.
You can't take them.