Steven Universe (2013) s05e20 Episode Script

What's Your Problem

Ruby, I'm so sorry! Where Huh? Oh, no.
Sapphire, you were right.
I need some time to think.
So I am running away.
This can't be happening! Oh, Ruby! I'm so sorry! You left before I could take back all the horrible things I said to you! Well, Amethyst was with her.
Right? Maybe she knows where she went.
Amethyst, have you seen Ruby? Yeah.
I've seen her.
She asked me for pen and paper awhile ago.
- Why? - Because she ran away! Did you see where she went? I don't know.
Maybe she'll come back! It's not my job to babysit her.
Hey, Steven! Get over here.
I need a player two.
Hold on a second, Amethyst.
Do you see her coming back in your future vision, Sapphire? Oh, maybe! But she's so wonderful and spontaneous.
I have no idea what she Why would she be a cowboy? [Sobbing] There, there.
It's going to be okay.
She's going to come back.
She's got to come back.
If she doesn't, then there would be no more Garnet, and what on Earth would we do without Garnet? Oh, Pearl.
How will I ever get her back? I don't know! You two are incredible together! It can't be over! It can't! Oh, why don't you two take all of this into the temple? Steven and I are going to play some video games.
It's okay.
Don't worry, Sapphire.
- I'm going to go out and find Ruby! - What? I'll be right back with her in no time.
[Both sobbing] Yo, Steven! Wait up! I'm coming too.
[Gulls crying, waves crashing] I don't think Ruby used the warp path.
She said she was running away, not warping away, and she's usually pretty literal.
We just need to figure out which direction she went.
So how do we do that? Let's try putting ourselves in Ruby's shoes.
[Laughs] Now what? Amethyst, be serious.
She could only have gone in one of two directions, either into town or into the ocean.
Hmm Ruby! Ruby! Ruby! [Gurgling] Ruby! Okay, so she wasn't underwater.
- Ruby! - Ruby? Ruby? I really don't think she's hiding under a seashell.
Maybe Ruby shape-shifted really small! You never know.
What a spacious house! [Gasps] I'll keep it.
Amethyst, you know I love these great goofs, but I'm worried about Ruby.
Can we stop messing around and turn back to normal? You're the boss.
We need to think.
Where would Ruby go if she ran away? Is there anyone in town that she knows? Doesn't look like she's here.
- Dead end, huh? - We've just got to keep looking.
[Music] [No dialog] [Music continues] She's not in here either.
This is where I would go if I was feeling down.
Pizza always cheers me up.
So why don't we get some? But we haven't found Ruby yet.
Steven, it's cool you want to help Ruby, but what about you? Come on! Let's forget about Ruby for a moment and get some pizza! I'm not hungry! [Stomach gurgling] Maybe I'm a little hungry! Here's your pizza with literally all the toppings.
Ye-e-e-es! Oh, and here.
You're going to need these.
Thanks! Yeah! Thanks, man! You're welcome! So Pink diamond, huh? Yeah.
Rose quartz, eh? Mm-hmm.
So all this time, you thought Rose was this rebel leader, but she was just rebelling against herself? Apparently.
And the diamond that Rose supposedly shattered, I mean, you've got it! It's right there under your shirt.
So how are you feeling? I feel confused.
I thought I had really finally got it that Mom didn't have everything figured out even though everyone put her way up on this pedestal, but now I guess she's royalty too.
I'm relieved that she didn't shatter anyone, but she lied to everyone! I mean, I'm not surprised.
I knew she was a liar.
But this is just so much.
But, like, aren't you mad? Kind of.
I don't know.
I can see how she was good and bad, and bad and good.
But I guess what really matters right now is how hard Garnet took it.
But what about you?! She's your mom! You were always under all of this pressure to be like her, but was she even like her? Was anyone ever like her? She was supposed to be so great.
She was supposed to know everything.
She was supposed to make everything better.
It's not fair! We shouldn't have to deal with any of this! We shouldn't have to fix any of this! We weren't around for her stupid war! This is everyone else's problem.
This is nothing to do with me.
And you! Th This has nothing to with you! Amethyst, hold on a second.
Are you okay? No! I mean, yes! Of course I'm okay! I'm trying to find out how you feel about all of this! She's your mom.
Okay? It doesn't really affect me.
Dude, Kiki, I just got the biggest tip from Mr.
Universe, and I'm totally going to buy those boots now! Whoa! Seriously? Yeah! He was like all the way out on Brooding Hill, which is totally out of our delivery radius, comforting some little friend.
She must have been crying because she was, like, really red.
Both: Ruby! Let me handle this, Steven.
No more adults should be putting anything else on you! Just let someone else take care of it for once! Amethyst, wait! There's someone else who needs help even more, and it's you! Amethyst, we need to talk! Can't now, bud! I'm going to find Ruby! [Music] Let me help you with your feelings! Get off of my back, dude! Come on! You can talk to me! Aah! [Music] If you'll open up, you'll feel so much better! Come on! You're hiding something! Get out of my head, Steven! Am I getting too personal? Dude, you're literally inside my head! Amethyst, look out! We're crashing! But how does that make you feel? [Music] [Crash] Amethyst? You want to know how I feel, Steven? I thought I was pretty clear about that.
I thought I was pretty clear, too! I feel like I don't want to say, "What about me?" Okay! And I don't want to be bent out of shape.
I don't want to be stuck in the past.
And I'm not responsible for what Rose did! None of us are! Not you.
Not Pearl.
And not Garnet! But I am responsible for me.
And right now, I am not going to dump another 1,000-year-old complex on you or anybody else.
I am ending it right here! I am the ding dong sunshine future.
Your friend forever! And I'm not going to fall apart on you.
Amethyst So, Steven, how do you feel? Pretty good.
[Waves crashing] Have you been trying to cheer me up this whole time? Yes! Jeez! Don't you know you deserve it, you great person? [Music] - Hey, Amethyst.
- What? I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I think you're officially the most mature Crystal Gem.
Oh, no! Gross! That's what this is, isn't it? Yeah, pretty much.
No! No-o-o! [Chuckles] You still want to find Ruby? - Yeah.
- All right.
Let's go.
[Music] - There they are! - Target spotted.
Let's go in for a landing.