Steven Universe (2013) s05e22 Episode Script

Made of Honor

Steven: This is just to give you some ideas.
Ruby said she wanted your reunion as Garnet to be special.
[Sighs] And there's nothing more special and romantic than a beautiful wedding.
It's like they say, if you wanna drink the cow, you gotta put a ring on it.
But, Sweetums, who says that? Let's take a look at printing styles for your invitations.
Would it be cool if we got flames on it? Oh! And some dolphins.
Yeah! Dolphins and flames! I think I've got exactly what you're looking for on page 135.
How long did it take you to put this together? My entire life.
This is gonna be the best wedding ever! This folding bone is so nice! Who knew that planning a wedding could be so fun? I did! Time to sign.
Here you go, Peri.
Ugh! We've been stuffing these envelopes all day! How many does that make? Liiii! That makes 10! Ohjust10.
[Birds squawking] [Humming] Hyuh! [Chuckles] [Humming] So, my dad will finish playing the music, and then, next, you'll do the "I do"s and then I'll say, "I now pronounce you Garnet"! And then you fuse! Everyone'll cheer! Everyonewho survived.
- Huh? - Oh, it's just there are so many old friends who won't be able to come.
All the Crystal Gems who are corrupted and bubbled in the basement.
Maybe we could bring the bubbles up here? No, no.
It's not safe.
We can't risk them getting out.
[Music] [Sighs] Ugh.
Hmm? I'm back? [Nervously] Hey, Bismuth.
Long time no see.
I mean, Steven! Ohh, there's a third option now.
Well, why would you let me out? I just tried to shatter you.
You know how you fought Mom because her whole war strategy didn't make any sense? Well, you were right! [Gasps] W-What's going on? Did Rose do this? Did she bubble everyone who disagreed with her?! Huh? Oh, no! No! It's not like that.
Tigers Eye! [Gasps] Little Larimar! Beryl, Serpentine, and, ohh, Biggs! Biggs was beloved by everyone! Bismuth, wait! I got ya, buddy.
Bismuth! You don't understand! Come on, Biggs, help me free the othe Biggs? [Roaring] Bismuth! [Grunting] I'm sorry, Bismuth! This is not the Biggs you knew before.
- Steven - I know we had our differences, but so much has changed, and I just wanted to tell you [Grunting] Aah! Ah! Bismuth! Biggs.
[Grunting] [Grunting] Only a Diamond could do damage like this.
It was Pink, wasn't it? And why didn't Rose stop her?! Because they were the same person.
What? And that's the whole story.
Uh, are you okay? Mm.
Hang on a sec.
Uh, Bismuth? [Muffled screaming] Oh, my gosh! It all makes sense now! Pretty wild, right? [Sighs] Oh, that's nice.
Steven, come here and join me.
The lava's great.
I would, but I'm not lava proof.
[Chuckles] Eesh.
I was so excited to show Rose the Breaking Point.
Can you imagine? "Hey, Rose! Check out this cool weapon I made! I'm gonna shatter you with it!" [Laughs] [Sighs] I really thought all of our problems would disappear if we could just shatter a Diamond.
Guess she ended up taking my advice.
Um, sorry about all this.
[Sighs] Thanksfor talking to me.
Wow, you took that pretty well.
Way better than Garnet did.
- How so? - She unfused over it.
What?! Noooo! They're my favorite couple! Don't worry, they're back together, - but they haven't fused yet.
- Huh? That's actually why I came down here to begin with.
I wanted to invite you to Garnet's wedding! Garnet's wedding, huh? Yeah.
It would be great if you could attend.
I don't have any plans, so I guess I can come.
Yay! This is gonna be so much fun! Pfft! Oh, yeah.
No question this is gonna be the best wedding ever! Pfft! [Chuckles] So, what's a wedding? Okay, so we're getting everything ready for tomorrow.
We'll have a hot dog grill going on out front, and the chairs and canopy are all set up.
Probably should head out there and say hi.
Uh, Steven? I don't wanna ruin the surprise.
What surprise? You! They don't know I'm coming? Wait.
I can't do this.
You're right, you gotta have a gift.
We have a wedding registry.
Do you wanna pick something fromhere? What? No.
I mean [Sighs] What am I gonna say to 'em? You could do one of your signature catch phrases.
Like "Let's get down to Bismuth!" [business] Or, "Anybody wanna start a small Bismuth?" [business] Oh, oh! How about "Did you Bis-muth me?" [miss] [Twinkle!] Anyway, it's not gonna matter what you say.
They'll be so glad you're here.
Just be ready for my signal.
Ahh, this is gonna be great! They're gonna want you to be maid of honor.
[Door creaks open] A-Attention, everyone.
Please gather 'round.
[Clears throat] I'd like to propose a toast to Ruby and Sapphire! Now, we all know you guys have been runnin' a little [Chuckles] hot and cold lately.
[Laughter] We are all excited to see you two fuse back together and achieve lifelong, room-temperature happiness.
All of us, includiiiing Pearl! Pearl! Pearl! Pearl! Mm-hmm.
And Pearl.
All of us, including Uh, Steven, can I drink this or what? I'll be right back.
And make sure those cans don't drop.
Didn't you see my signal? [Music] Bismuth? Oh, there you are.
What happened out there? I-I'm sure if we hurry back, we can still surprise them.
They're gonna be so happy to see you.
If they wanted to see me so much, they coulda let me out themselves, but they didn't.
Of course they didn't.
I attacked their leader.
They're not gonna side with Rose anymore.
Not after I'm not talking about Rose.
I'm talking about you! But I'm not the leader.
Garnet's the leader.
And where's Garnet? She'll be back.
That's the whole point.
It's a big Crystal Gem wedding.
We should all be there together.
Why?! Why are the Crystal Gems still together after finding out that everything was a sham?! Somebody's making them believe in the future, and it's you! You seriously think they're gonna want me around when the last thing I did was try to shatter you?! You told them everything, and they made their choice.
They want me in a bubble, and you out there.
But, Bismuth You say they want me to be made of honor? Well, I am.
I'm made of the most solid, flexible, diamagnetic stuff there is, and I'm not as dense as you might think.
I've got enough self-respect in this Gem to accept that they don't want me on their team anymore.
[Scoffs] I blew it.
Everything was different, and I didn't believe it.
Everything is different! We had a fight, so we can make up, right? If they didn't let you out because they care about me, then they're gonna care that I want you back on the team! Huh? I want you back on the team.
Forget the surprise.
If we show up together, they're all gonna know that everything's okay.
[Chuckles] Spoken like a leader.
Spoken like a friend.
[Zap!] Hey, everyone! Did you guys Bis-muth me? [miss] Ha! I win! Also, less importantly, who are you? I invited Bismuth! I hope that's cool.
Bismuth! [Chuckling] Whoa! Sapphire! - Bismuth! - Bismuth! [Laughs] You wouldn't believe what we've all been through.
I'm so sorry.
We should've Look, I'm right there with you.
Steven filled me in.
[Chuckles] So, is anyone gonna introduce me? Let's give 'em some space.
Oh, Ruby! Sapphire! I heard you're supposed to bring gifts to these things [Music] [Gasps] And these aren't weapons, but Steven seemed to think they'd come in handy.
We love them!