Steven Universe (2013) s05e24 Episode Script

Legs From Here to Homeworld

1 - Garnet: We - Are the Crystal - Steven: Gems - we'll always save the day Steven: and if you think we can't All: we'll always find a way - that's why the people - of this world Garnet: believe in Garnet - Amethyst - and Pearl Steven: And Steven! Agh! Ohh, Pink! I can't believe it! You've been here all along.
[Sobs] [Groaning] Ohh! We can't just hand Steven over to Blue Diamond.
She's a shatterer! [Sniffles] She's not gonna hurt him.
Look at her.
[Sobs, laughs] She really thinks he's one of them.
[Sobs loudly] Somebody make Blue Diamond stop! Are you guys okay? It's just [Sniffles] Blue Diamond's power.
She's obviously relieved that Pink Diamond wasn't shattered after all.
[Straining] Hm! How could you do this to us, Pink? Why did you let us think you were shattered? Why the strange disguise? Why are you doing a voice? Why didn't you say something at the trial?! And, Blue, can you please stop crying? I can't see.
[Splash!] Sorry.
My mom kept it secret from everyone.
A-hem! Almost everyone.
What are you talking about? Well, apparently, Mom Oh, geez.
You don't know what a mom is.
Pink Diamond took the form of Rose Quartz permanently after faking her shatter.
Then Rose Quartz gave up that form to create a new life with my dad me.
Rose passed her gemstone and some of her powers on to me, but that's all.
I I don't have any of Pink or Rose's memories.
I'm sorry.
[Whoosh!] Hmm.
I'm sure your memories - are in there somewhere, Pink.
- Actually I go by "Steven.
" Oh, stars! How did you even survive? We blasted the planet and obliterated every gem on its surface.
They weren't exactly obliterated.
[Gargling] [Shrieks] [Chomping] What am I looking at? [Screeches] No one should have survived our attack.
Centipeedle's mind is broken.
I've tried to heal her, but it didn't stick.
Heal her? But maybe you two can help her! You're so much stronger than me.
And I got close.
Well, that's not something we normally do.
This is completely unprecedented! But you did this to her.
You have to help her.
All of them.
Very well.
I can try.
But I make no promises.
[Electricity buzzing] [Screeches] [Whirring] [Electricity pulsating] There.
Good as new.
Aaagg! Crhhhrrr! She may be too far gone.
Gently, Yellow.
[Whooshing] [Screeches] There we are.
No! Please, no! No, no.
We're all gonna be No! Please, no! No, no.
We're all gonna be - Centi? - No! Please, no! No, no.
We're all gonna be No! Please.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Facet 413 Cavishon 12.
- Wh-a-a-at?! - Unbelievable.
I'm sorry for my failure to heed my Hessonite's evacuation orders.
My team and I tried our best to make it out before the attack.
But But you're here.
It must have worked! You finally avenged Pink Diamond! You destroyed Rose Quartz! [Screeching] Oh, Pink.
How many perfectly adequate gems did you have us ruin? Shhh.
Pink's been punished enough.
She's been trapped here on this awful planet with these creatures.
Do it again! It was working! How long do you expect us to hold her together? I-I don't know.
Forever! You did this, so you have to do something! We can only do so much.
If it was the four of us Oh, no.
We can't let her see this.
Who?! Who do we need?! What do you mean, who? White! - White Diamond? - What?! Steven, White Diamond isn't like us.
She isn't even like them.
You have no idea what she's capable of.
I just want to talk.
Blue: I don't think you'll have much luck with that.
White hasn't left Homeworld in eons.
Then we're going to Homeworld! In what? You and your "friends" destroyed both our ships! Unless You don't still have yours, do you? Steven: This place is filled with Mom's junk, so there's a good chance it's buried around here.
We can split up the area like a grid and divide the search.
It's just past these pink pyramids! We've got a lot of desert to cover.
It may take a while and be really super-hot, but if we don't give up, I know we can find it! [Electricity hums] Uh, Steven? [Gasps] [Rumbling] Steven: Ohh.
[Chuckles nervously] [Music] You're going to do great.
Are you sure you have everything? Food, water.
Where's your sword? I can't believe I'm saying that.
It's okay, Mom.
This is going to be a diplomatic mission.
And I'll be with her the whole time.
I know the planet.
There's an atmosphere.
She'll be able to breathe.
[Tinkle!] All right.
Be careful.
Just come home safe.
Thanks, Mom! Thanks, Dad! I can't believe I'm finally going to Homeworld! There might be more Famethysts! Love you, Shtu-ball.
Be careful out there.
I love you, too.
I'll be back before you know it.
Bring it in, buddy.
Garnet, should I be worried? Steven will be fine.
If you could water this for me while I'm gone, it'd be a big help.
Oh, uh, sure thing.
Don't miss me too much.
[Chuckles] Hmm? Bismuth, are you ready? I [Whirring] I'm not gonna join a diamond entourage! I know what you're doing.
I get why you gotta do it.
But I'm not gonna lay my gem on their anvil.
Anvil? Okay.
Let me put this in Earth terms for you.
You're about to enter the lion's den.
Luckily, you're a lion, too! You gotta roar at them in their language! You're the one that has to do it.
Besides, you're gonna need me at the home base.
Someone's gotta keep an eye on these two while you're gone.
We'll be waiting for you when you get back.
Okay! Let's go to Homeworld! - Yeah! - Yeah! [Sarcastically] Fantastic.
[Whirring] It's a good look for you, Steven.
Thank you.
Oh, it's been so long since we've been together in Pink's ship.
[Sobs] Please, Blue.
If we could continue? [Sniffles] Yes.
Of course.
[Sniffles] For launching, just get a running start.
Hm! [Music] You got this, Steven! Hold on! I'm taking off! [Music] I'll bet when Mom took off, it was pretty graceful, huh? No.
Not really.
S-Should I have brought a gift for White Diamond? We are dropping in unexpectedly, and I-I want to make a good first impression.
Her help will mean everything for the corrupted gems.
- Steven.
- Hmf! Good impression? We'll be lucky if she ever speaks to us again after this.
- But - The thing is White can be difficult.
When we show up in this ship, it will be irrefutable that the last 6,000 years are now the biggest galactic embarrassment that's ever happened.
And we're the ones to blame.
If you don't want to be in a bubble for the next few millennia, I suggest you let me do the talking.
[Clears throat] We're here.
[Whirring] [Yawns] Really? Ugh! Whatgives? [Whirring] Steven: Homeworld.
[Music] Everyone, wait here.
Blue and I will return for you once White's temper has cooled.
Which might take a while.
- But - Wait.
That sound.
[Indistinct cheering] [Cheering continues] Whoa! Maybe things won't be so bad.
[Cheering stops abruptly] [Whirring] [Gasps] It's White's Pearl.
Pink Diamond, your presence is required.
Come on, Blue.
Only Pink Diamond's presence is necessary.
Uh, maybe we could [Gasps] - Wait! Steven! - Steven! [Gasps] White: Pink! There you are.
Hello, Starlight.
You certainly gave everyone a scare.
They're all just thrilled to see you safe and sound.
Um, hi? I As for this latest little game of yours, thank the stars it's over.
Did you have fun? Did you get everything out of your system? - I - Good, good.
Everyone is so relieved.
Welcome home, Pink.
[Music] Wh Wait! Hold on! I always thought I might be bad Now I'm sure that it's true 'Cause I think you're so good And I'm nothing like you