Steven Universe Future (2019) s01e02 Episode Script


1 [All harmonizing.]
We Are in the future Here we are in the future And it's bright Ah I can't believe We've come so far Steven Universe: Future - Here we are - Steve Universe: Future Amethyst: Two steps to the left.
There's a chair right behind you.
Sit down and okay.
Ta-da! Fish Stew Pizza what a nice surprise.
That's not the surprise.
Notice anything different? Bixbite? Uh, is she working here? Yeah, dude, and she's crushing it.
Bixbite is an expert at slicing and dicing, so now she can put her skills to use in a pizza shop.
That's awesome.
Look at that 'za, brah, each slice exactly the same length 45 degrees.
Wow, pure perfection.
I am so proud.
I almost feel bad eating it.
I didn't know Bixbite wanted a career in the culinary arts.
Yeah, we talked a lot about her interests and experience.
Then I spoke to Kofi and set her up here.
This was your idea? Yeah, and she's just the beginning.
I wanted to do something big for the school, so I've been pairing gems up with human jobs.
The results have been amazing! I call it the Gem-Human Excellence Mentorship, or GHEM.
Oh, I get it, like gem.
No, it's GHEM.
There's an "H.
" [Grunts.]
All clear, my mayor.
All clear.
You've got Rubies in your program, too? Yeah, and these two are Nanefua's new bodyguards.
[Chair scrapes.]
How many other gems are working in Beach City? Glad you asked.
Hey! Blue Lace Agate? [Gasps.]
Biggs Jasper? [Screaming.]
Crazy Lace? The Quartzes have taken over Funland? Amethyst: Yeah, man.
Smiley has been understaffed for so long.
I figured he could use a whole army of help.
- Army? - Ooh, check it out.
Nephrite is doing some skywriting.
With all her experience flying drop ships, she's better in the air than Andy.
Mm, guess she's a perfectionist, though.
Um, Amethyst, isn't this all a little on the nose? Oh, oh, look.
Snowflake Obsidian and Little Larimar found some ice-related jobs on the boardwalk.
Hmm, I don't know about this.
About what? Ice gems doing ice stuff, pilot gems doing pilot stuff, guard gems doing guard stuff.
Isn't that exactly what they were doing on Homeworld? [Chuckles.]
It's just like we used to do on Homeworld.
Thanks, Amethyst! These are the jobs they wanted.
Well, sure, they think they want to do this stuff, but it's up to us to get them out of their comfort zones.
I don't know, man.
Comfortable can be good, too.
Bear with me for a sec.
Hey, guys.
I was wondering what you two did on Homeworld.
I dug ice trenches for their armies.
I made ice sculptures for the Diamonds.
So ice is kind of like your default mode? Yes.
Did you ever think of trying something else? Like filling ice trenches? Well, how would you like to fly a plane? [Engine rumbling.]
Uh, I don't snow about this.
What? Can't hear you! You're gonna do great! I had an idea for you, Larimar.
You could operate the Funland roller coaster.
It's a great job, and you get to help people have fun.
What is this wonderful noise? Those are the joyful screams of people on a roller coaster.
Human screams are my favorite of the Earth's delights.
I want to hear the human screams forever.
That's kind of troubling, but your heart is in the right place.
One day, I'll make you scream, Steven.
You push the lever up to speed up and pull down to stop.
Why don't you give it a go? Give me the screams! [Screaming.]
See, Amethyst? With just a small tweak, your good idea is working even better.
I don't know about this, man.
Come on.
Let's go help some more gems.
Wow, sure feels good to help people.
Can't wait to see how everyone learns and grows outside their comfort zones, but until then, I guess my work here is done.
Quartz: Order up! Delivery! Delivery! Delivery! Here you go, and I'll take that.
Here you go.
Mission complete! [Crying.]
Aah! [Gasps.]
Huh? [Slurps.]
Hit me with another.
Hey, Steven.
Want a snow cone? Amethyst, I need your help.
Our brilliant plan is falling apart.
Why would you want my help? You haven't liked any of my ideas today.
That's not true.
This gem-mentorship thing was a great idea.
It was a great idea when gems were picking their own jobs, but you came in and told everyone what they can and can't do, even me! I was wrong.
I should've trusted you with your gem-mentorship program.
I don't know why I thought I could just take it over like that.
I'm so sorry.
Well, I'm glad you've come around because we've got our work cut out for us now.
No kidding.
Can you help me unhelp all the people I helped? Yeah.
All right.
Smoky! [Grunts.]
Oh, whoops! [Engine humming.]
Whoo! [Chuckles.]
Hey, guys! You cool? [Chuckles.]
Get it? Because of the ice.
[Chuckles nervously.]
No, but seriously, I'm so sorry.
Are you guys okay? Phew.
That's good.
These are not the screams I wish for! Geez, seriously? We're not going to make it.
Got to go faster! Come on! If Steven can save the universe, I can save a roller coaster! But saving the universe took time! I don't have any time! [Screaming.]
Ah! What do I do? I don't know! I don't know! Just, ugh, give me a second! [Grunts.]
Whoa! Cool! Got you! Huh? [Distorted screaming.]
Whoa! Okay.
That goes here.
Grab the phone and put that back here.
Time to go! Here you go! There you go.
All right.
Now time to stop that roller coaster.
Well, sometimes you save all the people, but the roller coaster still crashes into the ocean.
And that's okay.
Dude, what was that? It was like everything was in slow motion because we were going so fast! Yeah, it was pretty intense.
It was awesome! [Dog barks.]
Back off, buddy.
You know, you were really spot-on with everyone's jobs.
Yeah, I know, dude.
I mean, it's not like I just guessed.
I talked to everyone about what they wanted.
Everyone here has kind of a weird history.
I just thought they should be able to choose how they feel about it and choose their own future, you know? Yeah, I get it.
I feel like I finally figured out what I'm supposed to do.
I spent so long not knowing who I was or what I was made for.
I-I had to figure that out for myself, and now I think I'm good at helping other gems figure that out for themselves, too.
So what about you? Uh, what about me? Now that things are settling down a bit, what are you going to do? Come on.
Let's talk about your future! [Laughs.]
The doctor is in.
The first session is free.
I don't know.
I still want to help people, but maybe I'm losing my touch.
Huh? Hey, Steven.
It's me, little Larimar.
I got you a surprise.
Can you guess what it is? Uh no.
It's a stuffed bear! That's so nice, but what's the gift for? I just wanted to say thanks for the amusement-park job.
I'm not great at the roller-coaster operation.
We know, but I found out I'm good at handing out prizes to children, and I love their laughter.
It sounds just like screaming.
Ah, hmm.
I think the kids really like me, too.
I've never been this happy.
Oh, no, we forgot Onion! Eh, he's fine.