Still Star-Crossed (2016) s01e05 Episode Script

Nature Hath Framed Strange Fellows in Her Time

1 Previously on "Still Star-Crossed" Ow! [Grunts] Capulet Peasant Woman: Montague murderer! I've been framed! I'm leaving Verona.
I need you to come with me.
Where is Rosaline? She's been kidnapped.
By that Montague! Ambassador Lazzara: The Doge is quite upset about his brother's death.
There must be some way to preserve our alliance The Doge has a healthy appetite.
For women.
I know.
If Isabella could make him smile for just a night or two.
[Grunts] [Glass shatters] [Breathing heavily] Venice will declare war over this.
Lazzara wanted to whore you out to the Doge.
The solution to your problem is an easy one.
You won't have to please him.
Men are easily manipulated, my Princess.
Verona is burning.
Send me to Venice.
I want to meet with the Doge.
We should send search parties out in all directions and tell them to be alert for Rosaline and that Montague monster to appear.
Escaculus: I should be out there.
I should be looking for her.
Rosaline is a good friend, brother, and the Capulets a powerful family, but we cannot simply abandon the throne.
You can govern in my absence.
Don't tell me you haven't wished to hear those words.
But tonight, they fall on deaf ears.
I leave for Venice at first light.
You cannot possibly think you're still going to Venice.
I cannot possibly think otherwise! An explosion rocks our square! A murderer runs off with the daughter of our wealthiest House.
How on Earth are we to survive without the backing of our closest ally?! We must give Venice anything they want to stand beside us.
Anything? You cannot go unchaperoned.
I can handle the Doge.
I cannot have both your and Rosaline's honor at stake.
I can handle the Doge.
And you can handle the throne.
Benvolio: What are you doing? - We have to stop.
- We can't.
The Prince has probably already sent his guardsmen after us.
- If we stop, they'll find us.
- And the horses will drop dead if we don't.
Here's as good as anywhere.
I'll get some wood.
- We can make a fire.
- No.
Don't! They'll see a fire.
[Sighs] [Shudders] You're cold.
- I'm fine.
- You're not fine, you're cold.
Come here.
What? I'm not going to take your honor, Capulet.
You're cold.
Come here.
You could have just given me the cloak.
- Then I'd be cold.
- [Chuckles] So, what did Friar Lawrence tell you? He said, "There are forces at work here greater than you and I combined.
" And? What "and?" That's what he said.
"There are forces at work here greater than you and I combined"? That's it? That's all? Yes.
And that single sentence convinced you that the Friar knows who framed you for murder.
"Forces at work" is the entire reason we're outside the city walls, risking our lives in the middle of the night? That, and if I'd stayed in Verona, I would have been executed for a crime I didn't commit.
[Scoffs] I left my home.
I left my sister for this! Dear God, what have I done? And And why, because a Montague said, "Trust me"? Oh, no, no, no.
I'm a fool.
You didn't want to stay there, either.
Unless you want to go back and marry my uncle What I want is to figure out who framed you for murder, and what I want is to make it so you and I don't have to get married.
I never wanted to just run.
I know it's not much to go on, but the Friar does know something about all this.
Then we'll stay here till dawn.
Then we'll go to the Monastery.
And we'll find out exactly what the Friar knows.
[Exhales heavily] [Scoffs] Lazzara: The hour is quite early, my Princess.
Surely you must be tired from your travels.
Matters of state don't recognize the time of day, Ambassador.
If I'm to get your Doge to formalize Venice's alliance with Verona, I should apologize for his brother's death immediately.
[Gasps] [Music plays softly] [Music stops] Another tasty treat? Well done, Lazzara.
[Clears throat] Lorenzo Donato, Doge of Venice, may I introduce Princess Isabella of Verona.
Your Excellency, I come to offer my condolences.
By disturbing my entertainment? Unless you care to join us Princess get out.
Actually, I am rather tired.
Of course you are, my Princess.
[Door opens] Princess Isabella.
Verona clearly rivals Venice for the most beautiful women in Italy.
[Smooches] Your Excellency is too kind.
Mm, kindness has nothing to do with it.
May I introduce Valentina? One of my most trusted advisors.
Your Grace.
I hope you rested comfortably.
And my apologies for any discomfort I might have caused earlier.
I didn't realize you were in mourning.
And I would also like to tell you how deeply sorry Verona is for what happened to your brother.
[Sighs] You know if you were truly sorry, you'd get on your knees for me.
I beg your pardon? I think you heard me.
Anything truly worthwhile is also worth waiting for, Your Excellency, don't you think? Perhaps after we've had a chance to discuss the future of our political relations, we can also discuss the future of our own relations.
[Both chuckle] Oh, Princess.
Did you think this would be easy? That you would just march in here and flash your sweet smile and make me forget the fact that you slaughtered my beloved brother? He was my flesh and blood.
I sent him to you as a friend, and you returned him to me in a box! [Exhales forcefully] So, no, Princess, this will not be easy.
I have certain expectations that will need to be met.
And only when they are met will I look forward to furthering the alliance between our two cities.
You're sure the Friar's down there? No.
But this is the only monastery within two days' ride of Verona.
If I'm the Friar, I'm down there.
And you just show up and say "sanctuary," and the monks have to take you in? So I've heard.
You've heard.
But you don't know for sure.
I've never been accused of murder before, much as that might surprise you.
What is it? I'm afraid they're going to turn you over to the Prince.
So am I.
[Muffled monastic chanting] [Chanting continues] [Breathing shakily] [Chanting continues] Yes, my son? My name is Benvolio Montague.
I stand accused of murder in the city of Verona, and I come to seek sanctuary within your walls.
I thought you were required to I am required to protect all those beneath my roof.
All we hear is that Verona has become a dark and sinful place plagued by murder and lawlessness.
I refuse you sanctuary.
We want no trouble here.
Wait! I am innocent of the accusations against me, Abbot.
I may not be without sin, but a murderer I am not.
You say you hear of Verona's darkness, and I seek to find its source not only to clear my name but to restore my city to the greatness it once knew.
That is none of my concern.
Perhaps not.
But if Verona falls, Abbot, who will protect you then? That's the one.
But this is how dresses are being worn at court.
Um [Clears throat] Uh, you spend your time at court? Indeed.
Yet there is no Queen of Venice, no Princesses.
How did you become a Lady-in-Waiting? The Doge allows the daughters of noble families to be assigned to the female dignitaries who visit us.
I am just as any other Lady-in-Waiting, Your Grace.
You just don't know me as well.
Are there many foreign women who pass through? [Scoffs] Gorgeous.
Valentina: I agree.
A question, Your Grace You are a virgin, are you not? [Scoffs] I don't think That is not an appropriate question.
[Chuckles] I'm afraid it's quite appropriate.
If you are indeed a virgin, and I'm inclined to think that you are, it's best that you know the Doge's appetites going in.
Because no matter how much you give of yourself tonight, or for how long, the Doge is insatiable.
What a man claims and what he does are two different things.
Or so you've been told.
I've been with this man many a night.
And I can assure you, what he claims and what he does are one and the same.
And he doesn't just like variety in his women, my Princess.
He likes his women to perform in a variety of ways.
Over the course of a night, well, he could grow bored with a face, a touch, an orifice.
- A what? - And if he is pleased by something, he doesn't really care if you agree.
As with everything in Venice, pleasure is the Doge's prerogative.
For what it's worth, I've heard that one or two of the girls actually enjoyed it.
[Crickets chirping] Here.
Put this on.
Did you find out where Friar Lawrence is staying? Not yet.
You've had hours.
Hours I've spent shoveling, scrubbing, digging, sweeping.
Apparently, sanctuary is not something to be enjoyed.
I thought we could look for him together.
Let's go.
The sleeping quarters are just ahead.
Friar Lawrence.
- Guards! Guards! They're down here! - [Knocking on door] Man: Open the door! Let us in immediately! Palace Guard: By order of Prince Escalus of Verona, we seek the murderer Benvolio Montague.
Search everywhere! When you're done, go upstairs.
Check in every room.
Man: Nothing here, sir.
Search the outer chambers! [Indistinct shouting] Cover the hallway! What in the name of the Lord are you doing in my abbey? We come for the murderer Benvolio Montague.
There is no murderer here.
We are here on the Prince's orders.
The Prince can make all the orders he wants.
I answer to a higher authority.
Now, get out of the Lord's House.
[Door closes] [Muffled] Move! Let's move! [Breathing shakily] [Muffled shouting] [Whispering] The sleeping quarters are down here.
[Softly] Not a smart place for the Friar to hide.
Do you have a better idea? Look! It's him.
Friar Lawrence! He's dead.
He's not.
This is the part I truly love.
When Caius returned to Rome, his mother urged him - to run for consul.
- I see.
And so, after winning the support of the Roman Senate and the commoners, he [Sniffs] Yes, yes I know the story.
Rome is saved, Coriolanus is killed.
And blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
You, my lovely young Princess, are a skilled conversationalist.
But there are other ways in which I'd prefer to converse.
Of course, Your Grace.
How would you like to get started? - Oh, now, let me see - [Door opens] Valentina: [Clears throat] A word? - Valentina! - Your Grace.
Oh, dear.
I didn't realize you were When the servants changed your sheets, they found them to be unclean.
Does that displease you, Your Grace? In Verona, a woman's flow is nothing to be In Venice, we find such things disgusting! Your Grace.
- [Sighs] - [Door opens, closes] He's not breathing.
He's cold.
Doesn't matter.
- He'll wake up.
- When? When will he wake up? Because I spent my day mucking up the stables, Capulet a day I could have spent running as far away from here - as possible.
- [Sighs] And eventually, someone's going to find you.
I'm staying here until the potion wears off.
You said Juliet took that potion.
She did.
But s-something went wrong.
Because she died.
Just like this Friar.
What are you doing? Where are you going? I'm getting the hell out of here.
Stop! - Just - Stop.
We need to leave, Capulet.
Whatever the Friar knew, he was the only hope - I had of clearing my name.
- I told you, he's not dead.
I know you didn't want to just run, and I'm sorry, but that's the only thing we can do now run as far away from here as we can and hope the Prince's men - never catch up to us.
- Benvolio! Look at me.
Remember when we fled the city? You said the one thing we have in common is that we trust each other.
So trust me when I say we need to stay.
Please? The sun must be rising.
I know.
We'll have to leave soon.
I know.
Are you sorry yet? Soy for what? That you came with me.
There's nothing to be done about it now.
You could go back to Verona.
After all this, whatever happens to us.
To me.
You could go back.
It's not that easy.
I ran off with a man.
I'm worth nothing to my uncle now.
Or yours.
So you won't have to marry.
I won't have to marry.
And I'm not sorry.
Friar Lawrence: [Gasping] I heard you were leaving.
I am.
Just waiting for the Doge to sign some papers.
Are you all right? What? Do you need aid, Your Grace? A bandage? A poultice? I don't know what you're talking about.
Don't you? That must have hurt.
Please don't tell the Doge.
I won't.
[Sighs] Thank you.
Valentina: Your Grace, there's been a change of plans.
Oh? It seems the Doge is quite smitten with you.
He'd like you to stay a while longer.
How much longer? A few days.
Maybe a week.
So you can pick up where you left off.
I'll send a girl to unpack your things.
[Gasping] Leave me be, both of you! I don't know anything! Then why did you take the potion? I I saw you here.
I was afraid for my life.
He's a He's a murderer! - He's no murderer! - You know of my innocence.
You told me I told you to flee the city.
I never told you to follow me here.
You said there were greater forces at work.
Forces that you must leave alone.
I'm sorry the two of you got mixed up in this.
I have only ever wanted your families to stop their war, but I can be of no help to you.
My only advice is that you stay outside the city's walls.
You're going to help us.
Clear his name.
Explain what's going on.
Because if you don't, I'll go upstairs and tell all your brothers that good Friar Lawrence brews a potion that brings the dead back to life.
So speak to us now, or be burned at the stake for witchcraft.
Your choice.
I only know that Count Paris of Mantua never left Verona after Juliet's death but conspires with Lady Capulet in the basement of her house.
House Capulet? How do you know that? The Lady's nurse.
She, uh She confessed it.
- The nurse? - What else did she confess? That Count Paris was nursed back from the brink of death by a servant girl that he and Lady Capulet - plan to use in some way.
- Which servant girl? Livia?! I have to go back to Verona.
Right now! You can't come with me.
You'll be arrested the moment you set foot in Verona.
You are not going back there alone.
[Horse whinnies] [Sighs, sniffles] - See anything? - The Prince's guards.
Seven in that party, and I bet there's more where they came from.
We'll have to ride along the creek, stay off the road.
[Sighs] That will take days.
I need to get back to my sister.
God know what Paris and Lady Capulet plan for her.
Staying off the road is our only hope of not being caught.
What if we waited till nightfall? Could we take the road then? The guards would be sleeping, it would be easier to move about, and the road leads directly to Verona.
[Distant talking, hoofbeats] Danger.
No more danger than we're in already.
No, up there! [Gasps] [Indistinct chatter] [Guard speaking indistinctly] Guard: Let's mount up.
[Indistinct chatter] [Exhales sharply] Valentina, may I speak with you? Of course, Princess.
To what do I owe the pleasure? As you know, Venice and Verona have long been allies, and my brother Prince Escalus firmly believes our friendship is in the best interest - of both sides.
- Yes, yes.
I remember your brother fondly.
But Verona lies along a valuable trade route.
- Without access to it - May I stop you? We both know what this is really about.
I beg your pardon? The Doge wants to take your virtue, and you are desperate to preserve it.
I am.
Do you forget his brother died within Verona's walls? That was the fault of some madman, not the Crown.
That is not my concern.
You know my honor's my greatest asset.
You could talk the Doge out of taking it.
I traded mine a long time ago, Princess, and I am far the richer for it.
But Venice is not Verona.
And all the power I'll ever have is my ability to bear an heir.
If you are worried, Queen Anne's lace will protect you from the Doge's seed.
But without my virtue, no husband would have me.
Then you face a difficult choice, Princess.
Or perhaps it's you who have a choice, to grow even richer with very little effort.
Do I look like I'm in need of money? You're a courtesan, are you not? As I understand your line of work everything has its price.
One ducat for the room.
An extra ducat if you want the water hot.
In case you, uh, want to clean up after.
After? You think you're the first servant girl a nobleman's ever brought out to the countryside for some rest? Sir, I don't know what you're implying, but We'll take the hot water.
Thank you.
[Chuckles] He thinks you're my mistress.
We have safe cover till nightfall.
That's all that matters.
- [Sighs] - Don't worry, Capulet.
I'll sleep on the floor.
Indeed, you will, My Lord.
[Indistinct chatter] [Door opens] [Chatter stops] The Papal States have invaded Ferrara! [Sighs] This isn't the first time this has happened, you know.
The Papal States are always a step ahead of me.
I mean, really.
Where's the Black Death when you need it? [Chuckles] Perhaps we should change the subject.
Oh! Yes! Yes.
Uh, Valentina spoke to me about you.
And? Quite frankly, I think you undersold yourself.
10,000 ducats.
Is that all your honor is worth to you? [Chuckles] I mean, I I'd have offered 25,000.
Maybe even 30,000.
Your Excellency, I would never betray you for any price.
But isn't it adorable that she thought you would? Now then, Princess.
Let me remind you why you're here.
You murdered my brother.
I could start a war over that.
Slaughter thousands of your subjects, maybe even murder your brother as revenge.
Is that what you'd prefer? No.
[Clears throat] Of course not.
Then you need to be grateful to me.
Very, very grateful.
Especially if you expect me to sign your treaty.
[Exhales sharply] A toast.
To Princess Isabella.
If I can't invade Ferrara, I'm certainly going to invade her.
[Laughter] I should have known better than to try to bribe her.
Valentina's loyalties will always be with the Doge.
Her power is dependant on him.
Well, if that's true, I wouldn't call it power.
But many would, and that is the difference between Your Grace and Valentina.
If you're going to change the Doge's mind, you need something that's worth more to him than your honor.
Valentina keeps a journal.
Perhaps we might find something useful there.
We? I'll need your help.
[Sighs] You've been in there for ages.
You're worse than a girl.
We can't travel till nightfall.
Or leave this room without risking questions from the farmer.
And I do love a good bath.
[Chuckling] Obviously.
Allow me my pleasures, Capulet.
You know as well as I this is most likely the last bath I'll ever take.
I told you I didn't want you to come with me.
And I told you I didn't care.
I feel responsible for you.
You shouldn't.
I know.
I've never been responsible for anyone before.
Who knew it would be so deadly? If they catch you, I won't let them kill you.
I swear it.
What will you say in my defense? That you're innocent.
And kind.
Kind? And that you're a good friend.
Who would have thought my last friend on Earth would be a Capulet harpy? Call me a harpy one more time, and that will be the last bath you ever take.
If we ride all night, we should make it to Verona - by dawn.
- [Water splashing] I'll leave you at the gate and then get as far away from this cursed place as I can.
[Chuckles softly] You wish to see me, Princess? Yes.
It's clear I have no choice but to spend the night with the Doge.
I'm glad you've come around.
I have.
But I need your advice.
Oh? On how to please him.
It's your area of expertise, and well, I have so little knowledge of such things.
Of course, my dear.
In truth, I've never so much as kissed a man.
[Chuckles] Your expertise is not what the Doge is interested in.
Just relax as much as you can.
The Doge only seeks your novelty.
Wait! Tell me more.
The Doge wouldn't wish me to, Princess.
What he wants is something untrammeled, untouched, pristine.
I couldn't find the journal, but I found something else.
She was hiding these.
I think I know why.
And I think I know how we can use them.
Oh, Princess.
Tell me you've got everything sorted out down there.
Indeed, Your Excellency.
And I'm very much looking forward to our night together.
Now, that's more like it.
But first, I've been thinking about your issues with the Papal States, and I wanted to tell you a story.
Another story.
Oh, joy.
I'll keep it brief.
In Verona, we discovered a traitor in our court a trusted advisor to the Crown.
Traitors are the most despicable of men.
We learned he was spying for Milan.
Every time Verona went to make a move, he would alert Milan so they could stay one step ahead of us.
That would never happen in Venice.
Everyone here is loyal to the Doge.
Our guards searched the palace high and low.
Finally, a secret compartment was discovered in a trusted advisor's chambers, hidden in his personal desk.
Would you like to know what was inside? [Whispering] Gold coins from Milan.
I'll see you tonight, Your Excellency.
[Door closes] Lose something? No wonder the Papal States keep getting the jump on the Doge.
You must keep them well-informed.
[Scoffs] I misjudged you.
You did.
But the Doge never needs to know you're a traitor if you're willing to play this my way.
How may I serve you, my Princess? You found these in my late brother's chambers? It seems Ambassador Donato was the traitor in our midst, selling your secrets to the Papal States.
If it wasn't for Princess Isabella's suggestion, I never would have uncovered his treachery.
I'm so happy I could be of service.
In light of her assistance, [clears throat] I think it imprudent to force her to spend the night with you.
What?! Verona has done us a great favor.
The score between us is settled, hmm? Don't you think? You're no fun.
Now, about our alliance, I'm going to need your signature on this treaty, Your Excellency.
You sure you don't want to stay here a bit longer? It's dark.
We've waited long enough.
- Let's be off.
- [Horse neighs] Palace Guard: Search the property! Follow me.
You two stay here.
[Indistinct chatter] How many are there? Rosaline: I can't tell.
It's too dark.
They'll be in here any second.
- We're not going to make it.
- Don't say that.
- It's the truth! - It's not! At least not the whole truth.
We can't make it, but you can.
What are you talking about? If you're caught, you'll hang.
But if I go out there and say you left me behind, it'll buy you the time you need to get away.
[Hoofbeats approaching] I'm Rosaline Capulet, and the man you seek left me here just minutes ago.
He rides towards Padua.
Palace Guard: You two, gather the men.
I must see the Prince.
Please take me to him.
As you wish, my lady.
We have Lady Rosaline.
Let's ride.
I wish I knew how to thank you.
No need.
I believe you'll make a great ruler one day.
Women don't rule in Verona.
Not yet.
A memento of your time in Venice.
[Laughs] I'll treasure it always.
Perhaps I can come visit again.
I look forward to that day.
[Clears throat] Safe travels, Your Grace.
Rosaline: I don't understand.
Prince Escalus is here? Your Grace, we've found Lady Rosaline.
Your Grace.
Leave us.
Where is Prince Escalus? He's on his throne, of course.
He left the search for you in my hands.
I'm Count Paris, my Lady.
I don't believe we've met.