Still Up (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

The Horse

Is everything okay?
I'm just here outside a
launderette called Launderette, um,
- wondering where the hell you are.
- What? Danny, you came to get me?
- Danny, I'm I'm really sorry.
- Listen, night, Leese.
- Mum just texted to say Poppy's out cold.
- Oh, yeah?
I'm not surprised. They took
her Nordic walking today.
- Oh. Okay. [CHUCKLES]
[STAMMERS] Uh, how's the tea?
Man in the shop said it really worked
for him. Is it helping you sleep?
Yeah. I mean, you know,
every time I try and drink it,
- I think I'm gonna pass out, so
Ooh, I'm about to do my night
yoga with the woman you suggested.
- Oh, great. Yeah. Oh, yeah, uh, Rebecca.
- Yeah.
Yeah, she's a really positive instructor.
You know, great for your mindset.
- You love a good mindset.
- Know what?
I didn't realize how bad my mindset
was until I started doing her classes.
But now I feel like
my mindset is just
I-I'm just I'm I'm glad you're
getting into more of a routine.
You know, after the other night.
Yeah, me too.
Great. Well, it is my bedtime.
Well, I'll see you up there. As in,
I will actually see you up there.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Oh, um, I forgot to mention. [STAMMERS]
Y-You know the hobbyhorse
my dad made for Poppy?
[SCREAMS] Jesus!
[SIGHS] Right. You are coming with me.
Uh Yeah, I think so.
Do you know where it is? [STUTTERS]
I've looked everywhere. I can't find it.
They wanna have a photo
of her with it tomorrow.
A photo? Why?
For the family newsletter.
The Cutting Vedge.
Dad wants to show it off
to the Australian cousins.
He says it's the best
example of his whittling.
Well, yeah, I think it's
probably just in Poppy's wardrobe.
I did check there. But, you
know, I'll have another look.
No! No need. I'll do it. You're tired.
- Only if you're sure.
- Yeah.
Great. Well
[BOTH] See you in a sec. [CHUCKLE]
[SIGHS] 'Course.
That's too much. [GROANS]
[STAMMERING] I wasn't watching you
sleep, if that's what you're thinking.
- Right.
- No, no. I can
I can see why you're thinking
that's what I was doing
Right. Because you
were watching me sleep.
But I was standing Yeah,
okay sure, I was watch
But it was not in a creepy way or
Is there a non-creepy way
to watch a woman sleep?
Yeah. I've heard Yeah,
there's I hear there's loads.
Oh. Oh, okay. This should be good.
Yeah. Okay. Sure.
One, um, Sleeping Beauty.
Man not only watches
but, um, kisses sleeping woman
and brings her back to life.
A-And that was a prince.
Ah, okay. One, princes
can still be creepy.
I think that's established.
And two, that story
actually hasn't aged well.
It's-It's kind of problematic.
Um, there's more. Uh, two. A
doctor monitoring a-a coma patient.
see, in that scenario,
I'm imagining you became a doctor
just so you could watch women sleep.
I promise, I wasn't watching you sleep.
Are you always this easy to wind up?
- Yes, famously I am. You got me.
Oh, and a midnight
feast of Jammie Dodgers.
That's definitely not creepy. [LAUGHS]
Truth is I was trying to figure
out how to say something to you.
I thought now could be a good time
to do it while you were asleep.
- I was just trying to
- Why? What did you wanna say?
- Thank you, really.
For what? The sex?
No, no. I mean, not no. Yes. That
was very nice. Good. Good, good.
But, um, no. No, for
giving me another chance.
Oh, you mean after
- [SCREAMS] Get it out! Get it out!
- [DANNY] Oh, God!
My bloody finger. What are you doing?
Yeah, after that.
- It's fine.
- It is fine?
Do you think I would
be here if it wasn't?
[LAUGHS] It was an accident.
I have moved past it. So should you.
[STAMMERS] I will. Thank you.
Oh, hold on.
It's fine. There's just a bit
of a knack to it. And Oh.
- If I could [MUMBLES]
- No, don't try to help me.
I [SIGHS] I need to
learn to live like this.
Oh, that is lovely tea.
- You're such a dick.
[DANNY] Hi. This is Danny. Uh,
yeah. I was gonna do, like, a fun,
jokey kinda message, but I couldn't
really think of one. So, uh, yeah-yeah.
So, I just I-I Just leave me
a message and I'll get back to you.
- Oh, hi. [CHUCKLES]
You still up? [CHUCKLES] I am,
obviously. Um [CLICKS TONGUE]
I was just thinking this is
probably the longest we have gone
without speaking since
I mean Oh.
Since ever. [CHUCKLES]
So, uh So, yeah. Give me a call.
look, I know the other night
was [SIGHS] was a big deal.
You leaving the flat for me.
Thank you. You're so sweet.
Uh, would you just let
me know you're okay?
I-I don't I'm just
a bit worried about you.
Okay. Thank you. [CHUCKLES] Bye, Danny.
[GRUNTS] Oh, God, I
don't need this tonight.
- [PERSON] Have you looked in the box?
- [SPOUSE] I'm looking.
- Yes, but have you looked properly?
- I'm going through every single box.
I mean, who puts passports
in a storage unit?
Oh, just shut up and
help me look, will you?
You really are a useless bastard.
Never get married.
[PERSON] You joking?
What do you mean all my stuff's gone?
Oh, look, Freddie [CHUCKLES]
you're being paranoid.
What-What were you trying
to suggest? [CHUCKLES]
That I'm moving out of the flat
in stages so you won't notice?
[SECURITY] Here, kitty, kitty.
What have I got here, hey?
[SIGHS] Don't suppose you've
seen a cat knocking about?
- Cat? No, sorry.
Little blighter's been going from
unit to unit destroying people's stuff.
I almost had it earlier, but
it managed to wriggle away.
Aw, poor little thing
must be trapped in here.
I bet it's terrified.
Yeah, yeah. Breaks
your heart, doesn't it?
- Hmm.
- Hmm, right, well. I'd better get on.
Here, kitty, kitty. Come out now,
and that will be the end of it.
Oh! Bloody hell.
Would you stop doing that? Oh.
What? Are you back there?
Oh, my God.
Hi, mate.
wish I could take you home.
- Poppy would love a cat.
[GROANS] Veggie's allergic. Sorry.
Hello, mate.
[WHISPERS] Okay. Stay
safe out there, all right?
Oh, my God.
Oh, wow.
Lisa Osgood is good.
- Jurassic Park.
- 1993.
Jurassic Park 2.
It doesn't just have to be
[CHUCKLES] Jurassic Park films.
Ooh! You do not know?
- 1997.
- Yes, yes. You are.
- [SIGHS] He's good. Pretty.
You are good at knowing
when movies came out.
- I know. Not bad.
- Yeah.
But I-I'm gonna find
one that you don't know.
- I'm bringing you down.
- I love it. Fighting talk.
- Uh
- Go on, hit me with another one.
- The Land Before Time. Difficult.
- Yeah. It's a film.
- Mm-hmm. Ooh.
- Um, do you know?
- Yes, I could find out.
- So do I know?
- You do know?
- Aye, so do I know.
We'll say it at the same time
and see if we both know it.
- Yes. [STAMMERS] 1988!
- [STAMMERS] 1988!
That's it. We both win. Game over.
- Jammie Dodger!
- Jammie Dodger in.
We should have another one
'cause they're going stale.
[LAUGHING] Oh, my God. I
totally forgot about this one.
Danny, sorry for the voice note, but
I just found my old teenage diary.
Listen to this, right.
"Sleepover at Jess's.
We watched The Ring,
properly freaked out.
Jess gets up in the middle of the night.
I'm in the hallway sleepwalking."
[CHUCKLES] Always an insomniac.
"She thinks I'm the girl in The Ring,
so she takes a plate off the wall
and chucks it at my head and
wakes up the whole house."
[LAUGHS] Oh, my God, what's this?
"Ended up, um Ended up having lunch
on my own in the library again and"
Oh. Yeah. That one's not so much fun.
[CLICKS TONGUE] Where are you?
[NARRATOR] Thanks to the
natural buoyancy of Angus's fur,
drowning is out of the equation.
Sea otters have the
thickest coats of any animal.
- Leese?
- Hi, Adam. Sorry to bother you.
Um, I was just wondering
Did you know sea otters have
pockets under their arms?
Like, they're not wearing a jacket.
They're, like, built into their skin.
Oh, okay. Um [CLICKS
TONGUE] c-cool.
Uh, look, Adam, have you heard from
Danny? It's just I haven't spoken to him
for about a week, and I'm starting
to get a little bit worried.
What do you think they keep in them?
I don't know. [CHUCKLES] Um, sorry.
Look, forget about the sea
otters for just a second.
- Well, I wish I could.
Can I ask you a tiny favor?
- Adam?
So just to confirm, you, um You
definitely want to do this again?
You're a weird little dude, aren't you?
It has been said.
Maybe we could try that Italian
place I was talking about.
I mean, if it's not too far. I
do know it's difficult for you.
- No, no. It's not difficult.
- Hmm?
No, no. No, I mean, i-it
is. But I'd like to try.
Well, I'm glad I got
you to the door safely.
My hero.
Adam? What are you doing on the floor?
Danny. [CHUCKLES] You're okay.
We were Um, we were
worried about you. [CHUCKLES]
- Who was?
- Oh, you know, just everyone.
- People.
- [DANNY] People?
What's happening here?
What's What's this?
Can't what?
I'm not allowed to tell you.
You're not allowed to tell us what?
- Nothing.
- You're not allowed to tell us nothing?
Yeah, I'm sorry, Leese. I can't do this.
[DANNY] Lisa?
Of course.
Hi, Danny.
God, this is weird, isn't it? [CHUCKLES]
Yeah, you're telling me.
Hi, I'm Amy. You must be Lisa.
Oh, hi. Hi
Wait, Amy, as in
As in
Oh. Um, I'm sorry sorry to interrupt.
What's going on? What is this?
Sorry. Are you asking
[CHUCKLING] me that?
[STAMMERS] Look, I should go.
- [DANNY] Oh, no That came quick.
- [AMY] My cab will be here in a minute.
Yes. Fast.
Um, listen, tell her this isn't
what this isn't a thing that we do.
- This doesn't usually happen.
- It really doesn't.
- It's fine.
Rebecca De Mornay is dead.
Were you a big fan?
She was my oldest cat. You were
disrupting her memorial service.
[CAT MAN] We were 47 seconds
into the minute silence.
So if we could still be
quiet for the next 13 seconds,
we can move on to the eulogy.
- [AMY] Mmm.
- That's my cab.
- Guess you gotta go.
- I've gotta go. Speak to you tomorrow.
- Yeah we'll have a little chat possibly.
[STAMMERING] Danny, Danny, wait.
I I can explain. I'm really
Okay. If everyone's
quite finished, resume.
- Oh. [SIGHS] Hi, there.
Oh. I'm sorry, I can't take you with me.
I think I know someone that
might be able to take care of you.
Damn it.
[SIGHS] Right, you.
- Hiya.
- All right?
[SHUSHES] Did you hear that?
Uh, no.
[SIGHS] What now?
The lights.
[NARRATOR] As an adult,
Angus will need to eat
- up to 40% of his body weight every day
[DANNY] Forgot something?
- [VEGGIE] All right?
- Veggie.
Sorry for just turning up. I I was
out for a run and somehow ended up here.
- You ran here?
- Actually, I'm running to the moon.
- I think you've taken a wrong turn.
- No. Sorry, no.
[STAMMERS] Um, I mean, it's
it's about 384,000 miles
from here to the moon. Yeah.
My aim is to run that many
miles by the time I'm 60.
Oh, good. Well, well done.
- Oh, uh, this is for you.
- Oh.
Like my parents always said, never
turn up at someone's house empty-handed.
Oh, nice. Thanks.
- Um, would you like a-a glass?
- Is Lisa here?
Lisa. She's, uh She's not home.
not. Sorry. Sorry, no.
Why? Have you lost her?
Sorry. I just [STAMMERING] I-I somehow
thought she might have ended up here.
- This is the living room.
- Is that lipstick?
Have I told you about
my girlfriend, Amy?
In a very serious relationship.
Uh, both committed, very good.
- Great. Good. Good for you.
- Yeah, nice. She's really nice.
Would you mind if I use your bathroom?
Great. It's through here, is it?
Uh, actually, no, it's not.
It's to the right. Just ar
Everything okay?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Oh. The
The wine is French by the way.
Um, the label says it goes
well with chicken and fish.
Uh, I'm not really much of an expert.
But, you know, if you're having
any chicken or-or fish dishes,
then it should go really
well with it. [CHUCKLES]
[DANNY] Right.
Oh, Lisa, she actually got me a
Wowcher to go wine tasting once.
Um, but, unfortunately, I
couldn't go because I had, uh
- gastric flu. [CHUCKLES]
- Oh.
Oh. That's Good job
I checked this actually.
You've got a bit of water
leaking through the tiles here.
Have you had these done recently?
- Mm-hmm.
- If you've got any grout,
I could fix it for you.
You okay?
- Yeah.
Mmm. It's fresh.
Yeah. Oh, yeah, it's French.
- Oh, yeah. You said.
- Yeah, I think they do the the freshest.
You know I, uh [STAMMERS] can't remember
the last time I was up at this time.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah. I can't remember
the last time I wasn't, to be honest.
It's, like, wh-when I'm sleeping,
there's this whole world of
Lisa's that I know nothing about.
Which is fine. 'Cause you know,
it it was good when we were awake.
- Was good?
- What?
What? Sorry. You You were saying?
No. No, nothing, really.
You sure? Sounded like something.
No. It's, um, fine. I was
just, um [EXCLAIMS] Um
Would you mind if I did some press-ups?
- What, now?
- Yeah.
Oh, that's better. Now I can think.
Oh, you should join me.
I would, but I've got
ridiculously weak wrists.
Oh. It's just, um, lately I've
been having all these thoughts.
[BLOWS] Yeah, those. Don't
get me started on thoughts.
The bane of my life those.
Along with my weak wrists.
It just, um feels like Lisa's
pulling away from me a bit.
I don't understand. I
I thought you were gonna
Gonna what?
Well, propose.
[LISA] Right. Nearly there, I think.
It's, like, I'll walk
into a room she's in,
and then she makes up some excuse
and just leaves almost immediately.
She's been trying to get her sleeping back
on track since she went on this hen night.
[STAMMERS] She took some
drugs, and then she got lost.
And I think it jolted her a little.
And I might have told her that,
you know, she needs to grow up bit
for Poppy's sake.
So, now, you know, she she
keeps making all these changes,
but [SIGHS] well,
the the truth is is
Go on. You know, if it if it
helps to get it off your chest.
I don't think her heart's in it anymore.
Sorry, mate, I shouldn't have come.
No, don't go. You're so close to 500.
Oh, um, p-please don't
tell Lisa I was here.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
Veggie, wait.
I don't suppose you've heard "I'll Be
Your Mirror" by The Velvet Underground?
- Okay.
Well, it's from their first
album released in 1967.
The album's actually called
The Velvet Underground & Nico.
Very fun fact: Andy
Warhol designed the cover.
Sorry, mate. You've lost
me. What you talking about?
Perfectly understandable. Sorry.
It's a love song, okay?
Probably the greatest love
song ever written actually.
And there's a lyric in there
which is, "I'll be your mirror,
reflect what you are
in case you don't know."
- You know?
- Um
What I'm saying is we're all
trying our best. You know?
Most of our life, we walk around
feeling like we don't fit in.
So, we're just letting people
down just by being who we are.
But all it takes is that one person.
Do you know? To see
you. To really see you
and decide that they wanna
be with you no matter what.
Alternatively, you could just
forget what I've just said
and, you know, play to your strengths.
Right. And what would they be?
You know, if if you had to say.
- [STAMMERING] What would they Right now?
- Yeah.
Well, you look good in shorts.
Oh. Well, thank you.
Um, I j I just feel
more myself in them really.
And, boy, can you tell.
Honestly, it's Yeah, yeah.
- You look like you were born in them.
- A-Anything else?
- Sure. Um, you're great with Poppy.
- Yeah.
You've got a steady job, haven't
you? Which is great in this economy.
- You own your own home.
- Good sense of humor?
You own your own home.
And you're Veggie. Most importantly.
You know, there's only one of
those, and he's standing right here.
Yeah. Yeah, you're right.
Thanks, Danny, for for everything.
That's okay. Of course.
Oh, okay. Hug. That's okay.
Oh. Um, "I'll I'll Be Your Mirror"?
Uh-huh. That's the one.
Now, you're probably going to think
your new owner is a total weirdo, okay?
I just want you to know
that that is normal, okay?
You'll get used to him,
and I don't think there's anyone else who
can take care of you as well as he can.
So you just have to trust me.
But if you really, really need a break,
you can go across the hall to Danny.
Because honestly, Danny
is just the most ama
- Lisa.
- Veg.
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