Stitchers (2015) s03e09 Episode Script

Kill It Forward

1 Previously on "Stitchers" The more physically intimate you guys are, the more it's gonna mess with your ability to stitch.
Linus: How long are you gonna keep this up for? As long as it takes for you to work up a damn oxytocin filter.
We have to do this if we're gonna save my mother.
Oh, I know.
Kirsten: Her chamber! The computers, the monitors.
Everything is just gone! Where's my mother? The less you know, the better.
Is this, um, too soon? Us doing the whole sister routine? Maybe, but I like it.
We know as well as you do that you've been seeing Daniel Stinger.
What is gonna happen to me? Well, that all depends on you.
I need a friend.
Stinger: How do you think your new friends would feel if they found out who was really behind the young Cameron anomaly? Why would I ever leave this memory? You never have to.
- Come here! Look at this.
- (beeping) Kirsten: Ivy ran the anomaly on us.
She's the one who almost killed me.
(birds chirping) I'm really glad you called.
- I could really use some sister time.
- Come in.
Linus! What are you doing I didn't expect to see you here.
That's the whole point.
What's going on? That's what we want to know.
What are you talking about? We're talking about what we found on your computer.
When were you on my laptop? While you were out.
You broke into my place? Well, you broke into Kirsten's mind, so - Kirsten? - We know you're the anomaly, Ivy.
We found your 3D model of Cameron.
You trapped me in that memory, not Stinger.
- Let me explain.
- Cameron: Explain what? How you locked your sister in a coma for three days? - How you almost killed her? - I helped wake you up! That was only after we called you.
What if we hadn't brought you in? Why did you do it? Because you made our father leave me again.
He told me that we were all going to be together.
A family.
So, I believed him.
When you called the NSA on him, and he left, and I was so upset, I took over the avatar of young Cameron that he created.
Hold on.
You weren't the anomaly the whole time? No.
Only the time that Kirsten was trapped.
He was using that to make you trust him, to bring you back to us! We know you've been in touch with Stinger.
- Are you working for him? - No.
He showed up a few weeks ago, and I kicked him out.
You just can't stop lying.
You really are your father's daughter.
- Linus.
- No.
I'm done.
I'm out of here.
No way.
(door closes) You know all Linus ever did was defend you, right? And the really sad thing is, is that you are totally incapable of knowing how much you just hurt my best friend.
I do know.
One day soon this will all make sense.
You literally messed with my head.
I have spent every day since then trying to make it up to you.
Doesn't that mean something? No! Not if we can't trust you.
And we can't.
You stabbed me in the back, Ivy.
We're not friends.
We're definitely not sisters.
Just run on back to Stinger, so we can be enemies.
At least be honest about that.
- Kirsten - No.
Go! (sighs) (theme song playing) Take me inside Take me inside (door opens) Well, Cameron usually briefs me on what I've missed while I was gone.
Do you have something to add, Kirsten? I could tell you something you missed, but I guess Fisher already told you that we have that proof that Ivy's been in contact with Stinger.
We're talking about the surveillance photo.
Were you gonna tell us about it? (sighs) Okay.
Sit down, both of you.
I didn't say anything because I didn't want you taking things into your own hands.
But I suppose you already have.
- We talked to Ivy.
- (sighs) And? We're not talking anymore.
She claims that she's not working with Stinger, - but we don't believe her.
- Did she say anything else? About Stinger? No.
Then we will continue to keep an eye on her.
I just hope you haven't scared Stinger away.
You do remember that he is the one that we are after? We also have proof that Ivy was the anomaly that almost killed Kirsten.
- Not Stinger.
- Ivy? We downloaded everything on her laptop.
It's all there.
I don't suppose you got a warrant to search her laptop? No? This is exactly why I didn't say anything about the picture.
Kirsten: No, Maggie.
This is exactly why you need to talk to me more.
Ivy, Stinger, my mother they're my family.
They're not just NSA cases.
Yes, they are NSA cases.
But not only do you work for the NSA, you work for me.
I tell you what you need to know to do your job.
Yes, Maggie.
I do work for you.
Cameron, Camille, Linus, and I, we put our lives on the line every single day.
Now, I want something in return.
"Quid pro quo, Clarice.
" It's from Silence of the Lambs.
Okay, Kirsten.
What do you want? Tell me where the NSA moved my mother.
- I can't do that.
- If you can't tell me, I won't do another stitch.
Kirsten, the only way to save your mother is to keep mapping the brain.
To do that, you have to keep stitching.
I need to see for myself that she's still alive.
- Kirsten - Otherwise, there's no point.
- Kirsten, I - No.
No mom, no stitch.
Cameron, will you please talk some sense into her? I'm sorry, Maggie.
I can't do that.
Kirsten's my priority, not you.
Not the NSA.
If you know where Jacqueline is, you gotta tell her.
- Kirsten, hey.
- No! I have had it with this place.
- I know.
- I am so angry.
- I can see that.
- Maggie won't talk to me.
My sister betrayed me, and and you - Whoa, whoa.
Me what? - I'm so pissed off! God, we can't be together.
Cameron, this this isn't a life.
What kinda life is this? Hey, hey, look, Kirsten.
Look at me.
As long as we're together, you are my life.
If you don't want to stitch, then I don't want you stitching.
If you want to leave, then I'm leaving with you, okay? Okay.
Thank you.
Come here.
Guys, a case just came in.
Maggie, I just told you And I heard you.
Help me solve this case, and when we're done I'll tell you what you want to know.
Victim is Leslie Addams.
20s, highly competitive pro-volleyball player.
Leslie died last night of a stab wound to the back.
Her body was found this morning on the beach where she was supposed to play a $75,000 tournament.
Oh, I guess someone did not want her taking that money home.
- How many teams compete? - 32 two-person teams.
Leslie's teammate, Monica Chamberlain.
Also 20s, also highly competitive.
While they were a powerhouse on the court, off court, Leslie and Monica had some very public disagreements.
They were even charged with creating a public disturbance, landing them in court, which they settled out of court.
Maggie: The police have cleared Monica as a suspect.
Leslie's death disqualifies her from competing, so besides clearly not benefiting from Leslie's death, she also has a solid alibi.
Monica was papped at a pre-tournament party at the time of Leslie's death.
- So, is there any other suspects? - Not yet.
But hopefully the stitch will get us some answers.
(equipment humming) (pop music playing) (crowd cheering) I'm at the tournament.
Leslie and Monica are playing another team.
The crowd loves them.
Does Leslie see anyone who looks like they might hate her? Want to hurt her? Mm, nope.
I'd say everyone's totally Team Leslie here.
- Okay, that was weird.
- What? I just got a flash of a woman in a changing area with a needle.
I couldn't see her face, but she was wearing the same uniform as Leslie and Monica.
- Drugs? - Steroids? I'll see if I can find that memory, and we'll focus on it.
I'm at a press event for the tournament.
Monica's giving an interview.
Uh, both Leslie and I have worked really hard to hone our own set of skills that really complement each other.
Uh, but I think it really comes down to teamwork and determination.
That's just really the key for us.
And having your teammate carry you doesn't hurt either.
Monica let a few slip by the baseline, but I feel like I brought my A-game.
Leslie's kind of a bitch.
She didn't just steal Monica's thunder she totally destroyed her.
Textbook 'roid rage.
$20 says Leslie's the one shooting up.
I'll take that bet.
Okay, I am locked on to the steroid memory.
All right, moving you back to the steroid memory, baller.
- (seagulls cawing) - Okay, I'm here.
She's the one using.
- That'll be $20.
- Put it on my tab.
I know it's hard keeping up, but steroids, Monica? Really? Just lay off.
If you get caught juicing, we'll both be disqualified.
For once, Leslie, keep your big mouth shut.
- Or I - Or what? Kirsten: Pretty sure Monica just threatened Leslie's life.
Sounds like motive to me.
Okay, we're running out of time.
Moving you to the death memory.
Leslie's alone.
She's on the beach.
Someone's coming.
It's a guy, 20s, beard.
I haven't seen him in any of her other memories.
Oh, hey.
He seems nervous, on edge.
- Stalker.
- Crazed fan? - I don't think she knows him.
- Are you Leslie Addams? Kirsten: He wants a picture.
I called it.
That's a fan.
I would know.
Wait, not a picture.
He's recording video.
The window's open to a browser with a logo on it.
It's a green pepper, I think.
I'm kind of in the middle of mentally preparing - for tomorrow's tournament, so - I'm sorry.
Oh my God.
Kirsten: He just pulled a knife.
He's pointing the knife and his phone at her.
(Leslie panting) Okay, Kirsten, time to make the bounce.
- (beeping rapidly) - (knife thunks) (humming stops) Leslie ran, so I didn't see him kill her, but I'm sure he did.
So our suspect is a killer hipster who literally stabbed a volleyball player in the back? Linus: He shot a video while he did it.
That takes extreme sports to a whole new extreme.
Kirsten, is this the logo you saw on his phone? Kirsten: Yeah, that's it.
It signifies a browser configured for TOR.
- That's not good.
- The darknet is always bad news.
It's a hub for any and every illegal online activity.
So he wasn't just saving a sick and twisted video for himself He used the darknet to livestream her murder.
So it isn't enough to just kill people? Now you got a live feed? You would if you had a paying audience or you wanted proof of purchase.
Like some kinda thrill-kill club? "Kill" being the operative word.
It is the darknet.
The Silk Road marketplace.
Online flea market of sorts for drug dealers, dirtbags, you name it.
But I thought they busted that guy, shut the whole thing down.
The Silk Road Marketplace was just one.
There's thousands.
It's the same idea, where everything and anything is sold.
Drugs, people, killers for hire.
Camille: It's Amazon for scumbags.
And it's completely untraceable.
I mean, that's the whole point of the darknet.
Payments are made in cryptocurrency bitcoins, altcoins also untraceable.
Okay, so let's say I want someone dead.
On the darknet, killer and contractor never have to meet? That's dark.
Yeah, well, that's how it worked when I was in the field.
Now it's all digital.
That so? Go on.
"C'thulu - Former Soldiers of the French Foreign Legion.
" "White Wolves Professional" they're all paramilitary.
All professional contract killers well-known to the NSA.
So we're thinking somebody paid one of these mercs to kill Leslie? Kirsten: I don't know.
Hipster Guy was far from paramilitary or professional.
I mean, he was so nervous, he could hardly hold the knife steady.
- The knife.
- What about it? It had a distinctive look.
It was, sort of, um round, thin at the base.
Round? Like a pizza slicer? No.
More oval.
Uh, pointed at the end.
It was almost Weighted, thin base, oval blade.
- (beeps) - Throwing knife.
Kirsten: That's it.
That seems a bit inefficient.
Not if that's what he was told to use.
Try to make a point.
Mm, and if you wanted to make a point You'd make sure you saw said point being made.
So, whoever Hipster streamed the video to could have told him to use that knife.
Well, there's always Option B.
Maybe throwing knives is just, you know, just his hipster thing.
Like craft beardwax? Brewing your own kombucha? Exactly I think.
Either way, contract killer's what we got until we get something better.
Camille, Linus, darknet.
Live in it.
Look for video chatter.
Anything that resembles Leslie's death.
You two, talk to Monica.
Find out what she knows.
My office.
I have something I need you to follow-up on.
What? Just making sure I'm not standing on plastic.
Just a little "My boss is a former killer for the CIA" humor.
- You finished? - I am.
The team.
They cut out Ivy.
Apparently, she was behind the anomaly that trapped Kirsten in that memory loop.
- I thought that was Stinger.
- I did too.
Think she's playing us? Hard to say.
Maybe it's time we bring Kirsten and Cameron up to speed.
I can't do that.
How long you gonna keep them at arm's length? This may be your best and only shot at actually stopping Daniel Stinger.
Use all your resources.
- They're not kids, Maggie.
- (sighs) It is too dangerous.
Keeping this team safe is one of the few really good things that I have done in my life, and I am not going to compromise it, not even to get Stinger.
I get it.
And you're not alone in this, okay? I know.
The truth is I haven't felt alone since you joined the team.
None of this works without you.
I mean that.
Come on.
Any LAPD detective could do my job.
Come on, Quincy, you know you're more than just a job.
The team, they look to you.
They need you.
They do, do they? (phone rings) - I should take this.
- Of course.
How's our nation's capitol? Stephanie: Like LA, just cold six months out of the year.
Hopefully, I'll have someone warm next to me soon.
(sighs) I'll let you know soon.
I promise.
Quincy, are we trying to make this work or not? We are.
I just need some time to figure things out on my end.
- Okay? - Okay.
- I'll call you tomorrow.
- Okay.
(beeps) You know it feels so good Monica: All right.
Go ahead, serve it up.
Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh Up, up, up, up, up.
You know it feels so good Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh You know it feels so good Monica: All right.
Thanks, everybody.
I'll be making my decision soon.
Cameron: Practice? Try-outs.
For Leslie's replacement? That's kind fast, yeah? Sorry.
Who who are you? Agent Clark and Goodkin, NSA.
So, as I was saying, it's a little bit soon to be looking for a replacement for Leslie.
If she was my spouse, maybe, but being a pro-athlete is a business a business that doesn't stop even when we lose somebody.
And Leslie was my teammate, not my friend.
All right, so let's talk stalkers and steroids.
If you're asking if I'm doing steroids, no, I'm not.
And as far as a stalker killing Leslie your guess is as good as mine.
Recall anyone following her? Uh, lingering around your matches? Hipster guy, beard? You just described like 80% of the guys in LA.
But no.
No one that stands out in my mind.
- Cameron: Mmm.
- I know what you guys are thinking.
I should probably be more broken up about Leslie being dead, but I'm not.
And that doesn't mean I killed her.
I just don't I don't care all that much.
I gotta go.
Are we we're done? - For now.
- Cool.
Guess people deal with grief in different ways.
You think she's innocent? Of being a nihilistic ass, no.
- (phone ringing) - Being a murderer, not sure.
What's up, Maggie? Okay, we'll be there.
A second body just came in.
(whirring) Tim Carson, 30's.
Talent agent found shot to death in a parking lot.
What's the connection to Leslie? There isn't one.
Not a detectable one anyway.
Two separate cases at the same time? - That's weird.
- Ha.
Wait'll you see the darknet.
I'll pass.
If we only knew who picked our cases, we wouldn't have to stand around here wondering.
We could call and find out.
I'm not having that conversation again.
Do your job.
Stitch in, and let's see what we can find out.
Remember our deal.
- When this is over - Yes, your mother.
I haven't forgotten.
(equipment humming) What are you seeing, K? Carson's standing in front of me.
(car honks) He's looking at his phone.
His bank accounts are all in the negative.
He's not alone anymore.
You know I'm good for it.
- I wasn't ducking - You don't answer my calls for a week.
Then you call me to come here? You think I got a problem with kicking your ass in public? This bet was a lock.
They should have covered Shut up or pay up.
What's going on? Carson's getting worked over by the thug.
He he owes him money, gambling debt.
Okay, new memory coming in hot.
On the road, K.
You think you can just walk away? Make yourself disappear like one of your magic tricks? I own you! Carson's talking to a client of his, a magician.
No one knew who Heretic was before you came to me.
The magician's name is Heretic.
On it.
He seems nervous, on edge.
Actually, he seems kinda familiar.
Oh my God.
It's him.
It's the guy that killed Leslie.
Are you sure? No one knows who I am now.
Let me out of my contract, or I swear Yep.
He's got another throwing knife.
He's threatening Carson.
Is this the death memory? No.
Oh, grow up.
You signed a contract.
Like it or not, I'm your manager.
Threaten me again, I'll make sure your career vanishes before your very eyes.
Death memory coming up.
Here we go, K.
Carson's in a parking lot.
He's walking to his car.
30 seconds.
It's going down, K.
There's no killer here.
- Unless - Unless what? Um, there's a suburban average Joe type getting out of a SUV.
Excuse me.
I'm I'm I'm looking for the, uh He's talking to Carson, asking for directions.
Carson doesn't know him.
- Ten seconds.
- Time to go.
Wait, wait, wait.
There's a there's a bumper sticker on the SUV.
It says "My kid is an A+ student at Acton Middle School.
" (cocks) (gunshot) (rapid beeping) So, what is the connection between our two unconnected victims? And the connection between their killers.
Or the connection between all of 'em.
A volleyball player who threatens to out her teammate for using steroids and gets stabbed to death by a magician.
That same magician wants to drop his manager who gets killed by a soccer dad.
In both cases, someone wanted someone dead, but someone else did the killing.
And they all broadcast it live on their phones.
Could be a kill competition.
Murder for sport? Maggie: Camille, any luck with our latest killer? Well, I don't normally speak suburbanite, but that bumper sticker was unbelievably specific.
I crossed it with Kirsten's description of the SUV and got a name and address for a Patrick Richmond.
Alright, good work.
Okay, Kirsten, Cameron, come with me to pick up Patrick Richmond.
Fisher, you and Camille get the magician.
We'll work our magic.
Keep digging into the darknet.
Consider it done.
Fisher: Man, I love old theaters.
Heck, I like even magic show.
And the improbable "Fisher Likes" list continues to grow.
You know how they cut a woman in half? Pair her up with a man.
(exhales) Ahh.
Heretic, I presume.
- Hey.
- I'm Detective Fisher, LAPD.
This is Agent Engelson of the NSA.
We'd like to ask you a few questions.
Questions? Magicians don't give away their secrets.
Maybe for us you can make an exception.
We'd like to talk to you about Tim Carson and Leslie Addams.
Look, I didn't like Carson very much, but I didn't kill him.
Same goes with Leslie Addams.
Hmm! I guess it would make sense that you would, uh, know your manager was murdered, but how'd you know Leslie was too? I just assumed the way that you linked her together with Carson.
(grunts) Ah! Don't! Don't! I can throw faster than you can draw, and this time I will not miss on purpose.
Alright, take it easy.
You know, you're only making things worse for yourself.
You don't know the players in this game, man.
They're worse than anything that you can do to me.
(grunts) - (grunts) - God! (screams) Worse than that? - (moaning) - (applause) It's all in the reflexes.
The moments we wish we could disappear from, right, buddy? He tried to kill us with the same type of throwing knife he used on Leslie.
So, we know who killed Leslie and how, - but - But we don't know why.
We brought this guy, Patrick Richmond, in.
30s, no police record.
Never even been arrested.
Unlikely contract killer.
The guy's been unemployed, and he's been fighting a long custody battle with his ex-wife over their two young kids.
Maybe that could lead to murder? Of his wife, maybe, but a stranger? Mm-mm.
Well, she remarried some guy with deep pockets, and they just filed for full custody out of state.
Patrick's been spending all his time and money on lawyers fighting to get his kids back.
So, he needs money.
Well, maybe he's willing to kill for it.
All right, we're on our way to the lab.
Linus: Look what you did, Patrick.
You murdered Tim Carson.
I-I didn't do that.
I-I don't even know this guy.
That's what we can't figure out.
Why would you kill a stranger? I'm no killer.
Your SUV was seen at the crime.
And they swabbed your hands for gunshot residue.
Those test results are coming back real soon.
Kirsten: Look, we know your custody fight has been difficult.
You're a loving father whose daughters are about to be taken away.
I know what that can do to a little girl.
I thought I could do this as long as I didn't know them.
- What do you mean "them"? - Oh, I must be out of my goddamn mind.
What did you do, Patrick? Ah, I signed up for this website All In.
I mean, you you hear about sites like this existing, but you you don't think it's real until it's there it is, as real as it gets, right there in front of your face.
Hold on.
What's All In? It's a criss-cross murder business for people who can't afford a Hit man.
You have someone you want killed, so you agree to murder a complete stranger who someone else wants killed, and and and they kill someone else.
It's like a twisted "Pay It Forward.
" There's no backing out.
If you don't complete the contract, All In sends a compliance officer.
The penalty is death.
Look, I like corporate structure as much as the next guy, but a compliance officer? That's what he's called.
And that's why you have to livestream it? Prove that you completed the assignment.
Okay, well, if you kill Carson, then who did you want Your ex-wife.
Cameron: Right.
That was Maggie.
They just arrested Monica, the pro-volleyball player, right before she tried to hit Patrick's wife with her car.
Monica got the contract on her.
Then we've officially come full circle.
That should put a stop to this strange daisy chain anyway.
Although stopping the chain won't stop the problem.
- The problem being All In.
- Oh, we know all about it.
Heretic had the All In app on his phone.
- The app? - Camille: Mmm.
And how's this for Web 3.
OMG? I think I know how we stop All In.
- We sign up.
- Excuse me? Well, it's an idea.
Glad you like it.
So to sign up, put in our name, and then the name and details of the person that we want killed.
Then I assume in return you're sent the name and particulars of the person you're supposed to kill within a specific period of time.
So if we go all in on All In, we should be assigned someone to murder.
But then we refuse to go through with the hit? And then we sit back and wait for the compliance officer to come.
We capture that scumbag, bring him in for questioning.
If we can get them to talk, we could follow that lead all the way up to the top.
- Nope.
I don't like it.
- Me neither.
It's too risky.
- Linus: Oh, come on! - No.
It was just an idea.
- Pretty good one, but - (beeps) Uh-oh.
Linus, what'd you do? You signed up? No.
I signed Camille up.
I cannot believe you signed me up to be a hitman.
- Hitwoman.
- Whatever.
I was simulating.
Not doing.
We were discussing hypothetically signing up.
I filled in your name for demonstration purposes.
Why me? - I thought you said it was a good idea.
- Not that part.
It must have been an automatic registration.
As soon as you enter the last field, it must have registered you without having to hit a submit button.
Well, that's how they drag people into the program.
Okay, so who is Camille supposed to kill? Oh, good.
An LA County judge.
Fisher: Okay, who did you say you wanted Camille to kill? Uh, good thing is I put my name down for that.
Oh, well, at this moment, very accurate.
Yes, Maggie.
Seriously, thank you.
Uh, I mean, maybe after this is all over, I could take you out to dinner, and Okay.
She hung up.
She picked up the judge.
She's under protective custody.
She's a total trooper.
She was grateful for the heads up that she was on the wrong end of a kill list.
(sighs) I guess now we just wait for All In to call and You signed me up to be a killer.
You signed yourself up to be killed.
The NSA already pulled the plug on the All In site.
Besides, you and I are in a government facility protected by a SWAT team 20 stories underneath a Chinese restaurant.
We're gonna be fine as long as we don't order the moo goo gai pan.
That supposed to make me feel better? (ringing) Do you think it's? 'Bout to find out.
- Ready.
- (beeps) Hello? (distorted voice) Is this Camille Engelson? Yes.
This is customer service for All In.
We'd like to thank you for your business.
Oh my God! You guys! I'm so glad you called.
I totally signed up by mistake.
Thought you were a poker website.
I don't want anyone killed, and I'm not a killer! (chuckles) So (groans) sorry? That's a problem.
Per the terms of our agreement, the penalty for reneging on your contract is death.
You know that's a little harsh, right? Cable just cancels your subscription.
Our terms are very clear.
Well, then, I guess you should probably come down and kill me then.
We never said it was your death.
- (phone hangs up) - (disconnected line) No.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Did you get a location? No.
Start calling everyone.
(phones ringing) - (phone vibrating) - Working all alone Kirsten: How can I lay low when my friends are in danger? Want it over They're surrounded by guards on lockdown.
They'll be fine.
(knocking) - I'll get that.
- Mm-hmm.
What do you wanna do? I wanna be together What do you wanna do? Yeah, hey, man, we didn't order a pizza.
I wanna be - (crinkling) - (ominous music plays) It's the right address! The right address.
Uh, extra cheese, large pepperoni? - Uh - I ordered it.
- Thank you.
- Thank you! What? You know I eat when I'm nervous.
- (cars honk) - (ominous music plays) (clattering) Thanks, man.
It's gonna be great tonight.
Are you Detective Quincy Fisher? Who's asking? I'm Kate Ronan.
The person behind All In.
And I surrender.
(door opens) Special furniture just for you.
Kate Ronan.
It's been a long time, Maggie.
Twelve years off grid.
And now here you are.
What's the deal with Detective Fisher? He's dreamy.
He's right outside the door, so don't try anything.
So, how'd you know to turn yourself in to him? Once I knew NSA was on to me, I did some checking.
I still know people who know people.
Maybe I should warn him about what happens to people who work with you? What do you think? - I think you haven't changed a bit.
- Aw.
But you have.
From CIA Black Ops to the NSA power player.
- You've been busy.
- And so have you.
Extortion, kidnapping.
And now this whole contract-killing business.
Remember how lethal you used to be? What I did, I did for my country.
Call it what you want.
You were just doing other people's dirty work.
Is that why you started All In? To tempt broken people into doing each others' dirty work.
Maggie we both know that at some point, everyone wants to get rid of someone.
Problem is, most people don't have the money or the power to make it happen.
All In just evens the playing field.
Your app was downloaded hundreds of times.
If we hadn't stopped you, a lot more people would have been killed.
You almost got me killed once back when you and I were rising stars in the CIA.
Remember? Don't live in the past.
It's not healthy.
You were team leader.
You planned the mission.
They overtook our safe house.
We had to run.
You didn't make it to the pickup point, so don't blame me, blame yourself.
I made it just in time to see you and the rest of the team get airlifted out.
I'm sorry, Kate.
You know you saw me from the chopper and you still left.
If I had waited and we were shot down, it would have started an international incident.
I knew you could take care of yourself.
You broke the cardinal rule, Maggie.
Never leave a team member behind.
I can't change the past.
Then at least have the decency to be haunted by it.
Every day.
I always knew we'd meet again someday.
Well, welcome to someday.
What's up? We worked together.
There was a mission Fisher: I don't need to know.
Look, you may have worked with that woman in the past, but you are nothing like her, Maggie.
I don't know, Quincy.
What if we can't escape our past? What if we are doomed to repeating the same mistakes? I don't believe that.
Our fate is our own.
Can mess up however we want.
(glass shatters) Kate! She has his gun.
- (glass shatters) - (klaxon blaring) She can't get out.
(power dies) How was she in the lab long enough to cut the power? She is exactly as smart as she looks.
(gunfire) You okay? Maggie: There's no way out, Kate! Kate: I knew this was gonna be a suicide mission, but it'll be worth it when I see you dead.
(whispers) Flank her.
Kate: You never should've left me to die, Maggie.
Kate! Put the gun down.
Thanks for having my back.
(sighs) Are you okay? Recovering.
Kate was willing to sacrifice her own life out of sheer hatred for you.
Because she trusted me and I betrayed her.
I don't want the same thing to happen with us, Kirsten.
Kind of a long shot.
I don't really like guns.
(chuckles) Well, that's good to know.
But, regardless.
We had a deal.
The case is over.
Your mother is in a secure facility.
I'm going to arrange for you to see her, but - I need a few days.
- Why a few days? It's for your mother's own safety.
I don't want to say more other than to ask that you trust me one last time.
A few days.
(pop music playing) - (tapping microphone) - (feedback) Camille on P.
: Hey, guys, um don't throw your drinks at me.
I'm just here to to sing a song about life and death and, uh the moments you realize who and what really matters.
(mellow guitar music playing) I couldn't move, I couldn't run away Standing, staring at a "don't walk" sign These days I tell myself, "Be open" Why are you smiling? Maggie is going to tell me where my mother's been moved to.
- Huh.
- Why are you smiling? What's that? According to Linus, a working oxytocin filter.
He did it.
Yeah, I wait, wait I wait, wait Yeah, I wait, wait Till you Until you find me Till you Until you find me, yeah Like a magic cure That's always just an inch away From your fingertips You know Oh, you know Like the answers to questions Afraid to ask Or the moment of courage You can't get back You know Oh, you know Till you Until you find me Oh Till you Until you find me, yeah Yeah Till you Until you find me Till you Until you find me - (song ends) - (applause) (people chattering) I was surprised you called.
I'm glad you wanted to meet.
I'm afraid I have some bad news.
The NSA is going to terminate Jacqueline.
(sighs) The last time we spoke, you didn't want anything to do with me.
What's different now? Things have changed.
Kirsten and Linus and the whole team.
They all hate me.
You're my only real family.
- I want to believe you.
- You can.
Then tell me this.
If they all hate you where'd you get your information about Jacqueline? I used Linus' NSA account to hack into Maggie's emails.
You're the daughter I always wanted.