Strange Angel (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

The Sage

1 I hate that you have to work weekends.
You think Mayor Shaw and his cronies take any day off? Off to fight the bad guys, Daddy? Hi-ho, Silver.
The explosion tore the cast-iron casing of the pipe bomb into pieces no bigger than eight millimeters.
That's basically buckshot.
And it takes what we call in my field, "High Explosive" to produce that level of debasement.
I-Is this speculation, on your part Mr Parsons? No, sir.
Scientists don't speculate.
Through a series of controlled detonations at my Arroyo Seco testing facility, I was able to match the exact same blast pattern found in Inspector Raymond's driveway.
Ehm, "controlled" detonations? I blew up junkers from the scrapyard.
That's a lot of effort to go through.
I wanted to leave no room for doubt.
Like most people in this city, I'm sick of leaders who make the rules, while they get to live above them.
Through meticulous experimentation, I was able to identify the exact fuel type used to bomb Inspector Raymond's car: Dry, compressed nitrocellulose of the insoluble variety.
The very same explosive found in Officer Kynette's basement.
Order! Interesting.
Not quite.
Slight calculating mistake, but it is very promising work.
- So, we're approved? - Heh? Not yet.
Shame Mr.
Parsons couldn't get the day off.
It is his section that raises the most questions, not surprisingly.
His job is not the problem, sir.
Jack actually decided to volunteer to be an expert witness in the Kynette Bombing Trial.
Um, he was summoned to court this morning, but he didn't want to hold up the delivery of the proposal.
He thought his work would speak for itself.
He's right about that.
But look.
Red fuming nitric acid as oxidizer? I checked his equations.
And Richard's cooling system can control the reaction.
It's not volatility I'm worried about.
It's price.
At projected burn rate, fuel will cost more than prototype itself.
Too bad he's not here to make his case, instead of doing his civic duty.
He doesn't give two figs about that, sir.
He just likes the title that they gave him.
What, "witness"? No, sir.
" The name is Jack M.
Parsons, gentlemen.
That's P-A-R-S-O-N-S.
And I'm the head of Caltech's first-ever Rocketry Research Project.
That's a heck of a parking job.
We don't get to pick our neighbors.
Nor our daughters either.
Thank you for looking after your sister.
Daddy doesn't think I'm old enough to stay on my own.
I remember you being left alone even younger.
Yes, "alone.
" Susan didn't have a boy in the house 'til she was in her twenties.
I told you, Jeffrey was only over to help with my schoolwork.
She is too naive for her own good.
Doesn't understand when boys want things from her.
Well, I will be at the church retreat all weekend, here's the number if there's any problems.
I-I could call the tow company.
I'll take care of it.
Have a blessed weekend.
Oh my Is the music too loud? When I work, I need something to move to.
The car it's blocking the whole driveway.
My husband will be coming home, and Mrs.
I am so sorry about that.
I made a real hash of that parking job.
Please, come inside.
What'll you have? Sorry? You're not one of those temperance gals.
- Oh, no, it's just - Oh.
Look at me, getting ahead of myself.
Maggie Donovan.
Ernest's wife? One and only, I hope.
It's nice to meet you.
And you.
I feel like I owe you something for being so welcoming to my Ernest while I've been away.
He told me you made him that banana bread? Uh, yes.
Do you know, it was still sitting in the fridge when I got home, covered in mold.
Ugh, he is really too much sometimes.
How about a glass of water? Oh.
I work costumes at RKO Pictures.
The movie studio? Have to bring my work home with me sometimes.
Here's that water.
Now, tell me.
How has Ernest been settling into the neighborhood? I'm-I'm sorry, I-I really need to get back.
Uh, my sister's staying this weekend, and I'm under strict orders not to leave her alone.
She's a lot younger than me.
Well, another time then.
We should all have dinner, really get to know each other.
There must've been a dozen of them, maybe more.
All shouting questions.
And guess who introduced himself to me outside the courtroom? Clifford Clinton.
Civic himself.
He shook my hand and told me my testimony may have just saved the city.
Can you believe that? Should be in all the papers tomorrow.
That's great, Jack.
Well, at least someone was impressed.
I met someone new today too.
You're kidding.
She lives? Not only is she alive, she's not what you'd expect.
What do you mean? She-she was friendly.
And she dresses just like Katharine Hepburn.
Well, I'll be damned.
It doesn't fit, a woman like that being married to a man like Ernest.
Hey, you know, I didn't just take this case to impress Clifford Clinton.
Now that I saved the city, Caltech is gonna have to pay for the privilige of having such a talented expert on campus.
Jack, we can't, Patty will hear.
We can be quiet.
Jack, listen to me, I-I've been thinking Jack.
How long are you gonna keep this up? You've been keeping your distance from me, ever since we went to that thing, whatever it was.
I feel like you're punishing me.
I'm not.
I realized you're right, about having a baby.
It would be too big of a distraction, with everything else you have going.
Especially since your project is still awaiting We've just submitted the proposal.
It's happening any second.
I know, I I just think it makes sense to wait until things are a little more certain.
But we can still We can't, actually.
I'm pretty sure we can.
I mean to say we shouldn't.
Father Shelby says it's a sin.
You're gonna take the words of a priest over the needs of your husband? I know it won't be easy, but I think it's what's right.
Doing one wothout the other It's not what he intended.
Nice costume.
You might want to check your calendar, though.
Halloween's tomorrow night.
Hey, when are you gonna introduce me to your wife? Anyone happen to read the paper this morning? We all saw it.
That's some position you gave yourself.
The guy misquoted me.
Co-head probably couldn't fit in the caption.
'Cause the picture they got of you wasn't big enough.
You don't really think I'd forget about you.
It's not just him you forgot.
We don't care about the article.
Mesulam had concerns about the fuel, and you weren't there to address them.
Well, that's too bad, but I can't control when I'm called to testify.
You didn't have to testify at all.
You could've been here, focused on our work instead of chasing the spotlight.
You think I did this for me? Caltech can't very well shut down our project now that it's a matter of public record.
Oh, really? You did this for the good of the team? Think of the publicity we're getting.
Rocketry's mentioned - at least five times in it.
- Goddamn it, Jack! You don't seem to understand Gentlemen? Am I interrupting anything? Professor Mesulam asked me to drop these off.
I saw your picture in the paper Mr Parsons.
Very dramatic.
Finally, someone appreciates it.
Thank you, Alice.
The professor wanted me to emphasize that tomorrow's event is black-tie.
- Event? - Mm-hmm.
The Athenaeum? Uh, is this Halloween or April Fools'? Just mnake sure to be on time.
And remember, dress to impress.
Maybe Jack wasn't wrong about the publicity.
Perhaps it was our proposal.
Who cares why we were invited? We made it, Rich.
The goddamn Athenaeum.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
What the hell are we gonna wear? Well? Don't think of it as your father's.
He never put it to good use.
Think of it as the tuxedo your grandfather bought so you could come into your own in the very same room Einstein ate in.
You do know Einstein's not actually gonna be there, right? Neither will you if you keep standing there gawking.
Don't make the break too heavy.
He's a scientist, not a jazz man.
Patty, how's it coming? I only used the sports page.
Figure that's good for half a size.
Here you are, Johnny.
Thanks, Patty.
How does it feel, darling? I wish we'd had time to get a professional tailor.
Susan worked her magic.
The only thing that doesn't fit is that Marvel wore something so nice.
Marvel never filled this out.
He didn't have your frame.
I think he looks like Chaplin in The Tramp.
Patty, go get ready for dinner.
Don't you listen to that girl.
You look just like Clark Gable.
Doesn't he, Susan? No, not like Clark Gable.
He looks like the man of my dreams.
Ruth, would you mind getting me some more black thread? It should be on my sewing table.
Of course.
Anything else you require? You okay? Remember, it's only dinner.
You're not the one giving the speech.
I know.
I just mean don't worry about making waves.
Just try and soak it all in.
Here you are.
Enough thread to mend the Pope's vestments.
Thank you.
Quite a night to keep me waiting.
It's only our entire future that hangs in the balance.
You didn't hear? We're under attack.
German scientific bodies offering assistance.
Astronomers report continued gas outbursts at regular intervals on the planet Mars.
The majority voiced the opinion that the enemy will be reinforced by additional rocket machines.
There have been several attempts made to locate Professor Pierson of Princeton, who has observed martians at close range.
Did he say Martian? - It's Welles.
He's doing - War of the Worlds, But he's playing it completely straight.
Damn! Scouting planes report three Martian machines Martians storm the Earth the same night we storm the Athenaeum.
Heat ray's not in use, although Too bad we can't be in two places at once.
They seem to be making a conscious effort to avoid destruction of cities and countryside.
Looking sharp, fellas.
You as well, fearless leader.
That suit's something else.
That come in a 40 regular? This Zhongshan was hand-tailored in the Huangpu district in Shanghai.
Well, I guess I'll have to stick to my Gibson & Wolfe.
After you, fellas.
Hey, act like you belong.
'Cause tonight you finally do.
Told you I'd be back.
Enjoy your evening, sir.
How many Nobel Laureates you think are here? I count at least two.
One very soon to be.
There you are.
You had us worried.
Be on your best behavior tonight.
No mention of your past transgressions.
Professor Mesulam hasn't told you? Where is he, Gilford? Here, Professors, thank you.
I will explain.
But first, drinks.
Oh, thank you.
Over there is the esteemed Herr Breitner.
Don't all look at once.
Like many colleagues He has emigrated from Germany.
Finding Nazi regime unaccommodating.
- Josef Breitner of the VfR? - Yes.
Heh, that man worked directly with Wernher von Braun.
Which is why every university in America now vies for his services.
Seems like it's not just the universities that are interested.
I count at least two stars on that major general's uniform.
Due to growing interest in field, and possibly new sources of funding, administration felt it necessary to introduce our own highly valued rocketry team.
With respect, sir, we work in a broom closet, and don't have two nickles.
Don't you get it? We're show ponies being trotted out to make this place look more cutting edge than it really is.
- Does this upset you? - Not in the least.
And since we're so highly valued, maybe we can discuss getting our proposal approved.
You have keen grasp for politics, Mr.
Perhaps you have learned something from time at City Hall.
Maybe we should start making our way to the diningroom.
I'd hate to miss the beginning of the talk.
Pardon me, sir.
Could I see your credentials? I showed my invitation at the door.
Your "Caltech" credentials, sir.
This man is my guest.
Those are the only credentials he needs.
I'm very sorry, Professor, but we've received a complaint.
Wait here.
Gentlemen You guys go ahead.
Are you sure? He was touting himself as an emissary of Caltech in the press and he's nothing of the sort.
If we hope to impress upon our guests that we are serious about the field, We cannot have an interloper giving them the exact opposite impression.
I'm not questioning you, Provost.
Professor? Jack, please, a moment.
It won't help to make scene.
I wasn't going to.
Not with the proposal under consideration.
I may not be welcome at the party, but that doesn't mean I can't toe the party line.
Jack? Wait.
Come on, Richie.
It wasn't so grand in there, anyway.
We can still catch War of the Worlds.
You're leaving? Yeah.
Thought it'd be best not to make any waves.
It's probably best, for the project, I mean.
Which is why I think that one of us should stay.
Breitner's work with regenerative cooling could save us months.
Stay for the project.
And like you said, there are two huge events tonight.
You can finish the end of the Welles broadcast, and I can tell you all about Breitner.
Divide and conquer.
Divide and conquer.
Dinner is about to be served, sir.
Warning! Poisonous black smoke pouring in from Jersey marshes.
Reaches South Street.
Gas masks useless.
Urge population to move into open spaces automobiles use Routes 7, 23, 24 Avoid congested areas.
Smoke now spreading over Raymond Boulevard 2X2L, calling CQ.
2X2L, calling CQ.
2X2L, calling 8X3R.
Come in, please.
This is 8X3R coming back at 2X2L.
2X2L, we read you.
The Martian tripods have landed in Pasadena.
The main Caltech campus is under attack.
It's a flying saucer.
Here you go, mister.
Poor sap thought that broadcast was real.
Drank himself sick, thinking the world was ending.
Too bad it was all a fantasy.
Who you supposed to be, anyhow? The costume.
Costume? How does that look? Come over here.
Take a look for yourself.
Why, ain't this just the exact same setup we had in .
I suppose.
Would you prefer something different? No, this is fine.
Just fine? It's great.
All right.
But can we talk about the pictures? What's wrong with them? One of these doesn't belong.
Who is this? Is this some kind of trick? I'm gonna hang up now.
Ernest, wait.
It's me.
Huh sorry.
Maggy and I are setting up the house tonight.
Well I guess the man who will breaks all boundaries, except the ones put there by his wife, huh? Where are you? Stay put.
You're going out? The neighbor.
The scientist? Yeah, he sounded upset about something.
Wants me to grab a beer.
Should I have told him no? You don't need my permission, remember.
You just have to tell me the truth.
And that is the truth.
And when I get back, you and I shall set up the bedroom.
I had an invitation.
I had the tux.
I looked the part.
And they still called me an interloper.
You called it right from the beginning.
Somehow you knew that they would never accept me.
If you just wanted a shoulder to cry on, you could've gone home to Susan.
No way.
I can't face her.
I didn't make any waves.
- Just like she said.
- Are you done? No.
Hey, come on.
Sit down.
Let's get another one, please.
Coming up.
You know what she said to me before I left? That I looked like the man of her dreams.
What am I now? Drunk.
Yeah? Well maybe you're not drunk enough.
Huh? You know, I-I got to go.
I told Maggie I was just having a beer, so Come on, it's Halloween.
It's the devil's night.
Let's let off some steam.
Come on.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
Because your wife won't let you? It's more complicated than that.
Oh, yeah? What's so complicated about it? The guy who moved in across from me wouldn't have cared.
He didn't even had a wife.
At least not one that wore the pants.
Hey you know something? You promised me Magic.
But you're just as fucking hamstrung as the rest of us.
You want to go out? Let's go out.
Now is your turn to impress.
Try not to think too much about what is riding on it.
Herr Breitner, a moment, please.
These are the young men, uh, we have been telling you about.
Ah, the pioneering rocketry team, is it? The honor is all ours, Herr Breitner.
We have been following your work not just through your papers but in correspondence with Herr von Braun himself.
You write Wernher personally? Uh Well, yes.
Um, I've-I've sought his a-advice ever since I was a boy, well Well, teenager, really.
In-in fact, our prototype, um, borrows heavily from the liquid propellant tests that you did with Von Braun.
Well, let's hope this prototype of yours is more impressive than your choice of pen friends.
I-I-I hope so, too.
Though, compared to your work that you did at the Hochschule Berlin, it's peanuts.
I mean, there is promise.
T-There's some promise.
But that-that's really for Professor Mesulam to decide.
We haven't even built it yet.
You haven't built it? I was led to believe that you were much further along.
The boy is being modest.
The fact is, the rocketry team just had their prototype approved.
Now, if you'll excuse us, we have a reception at the president's house to attend.
Excuse me.
It appears, in order to save face, you get to build yourself a rocket.
As I set down these notes on paper, I'm obsessed by the thought that I may be the last living man It's only been five minutes since the last time you looked.
If you're bored, we can play a different game.
No, this game's fine.
Trick or treat.
of these monstrous creatures in the world now seems part of another life a life that has no continuity with the present, furtive existence of the lonely derelict Here.
Some caramels.
- Nah! - Hey.
- Come on! - Hey! Hey, what are you doing? - You little shits! - Come on! Run, run.
You didn't even give her a chance to pay you off! You see, this is why I stand guard with a hose.
It's cheaper than candy and more effective.
Get out of harm's way.
Thank you.
Don't mention it.
Halloween sure brings out the worst in people.
Especially in this neighborhood.
Sorry, what a thing to say to someone who just moved in.
It's really not that bad.
Well, it can't be.
You all live here.
You know I think it's great, that Ernest is becoming friends with a man like Jack.
What do you mean? Well, Jack is a lot more, um, upstanding than most of the guys he socializes with.
Although they've picked a hell of a night to go out drinking.
But he he can't be with my Jack.
Jack's got an important event at the university.
Well I wouldn't worry.
If anybody was lying, it would be my Ernest.
Of course, he doesn't call it lying.
He calls it living his own truth.
Well, that just about does it.
I don't see any mess left.
Do you? Oh.
If anyone tries any more tricks, I'll pay the price.
Patty? Patty! Did you put them up to this? What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you? Is this what you had in mind? Jack? Jack's not with you? Oh, I just assumed that he would be here.
Did he go out again? He never came home, Richard.
He was meant to be with you.
- Before you get cross, um - What happened? Well please.
Susan, uhm There was a kisunderstanding, and Jack was turned away.
Turned out to be a Caltech-only event.
They invited him only to turn him away? Why? It's so awful.
I don't know.
Politics? I couldn't leave with him.
You understand that, it was important that I be there.
I'm sure.
I'm sorry.
I-I don't know where he went after.
It's okay.
I think I might.
Thank you for stopping by, Richard.
I-I really hope that I haven't caused any problems.
Jack has had a really tough time up there.
Come on, Richard.
Bars are closing.
Hey, um, tell him that I-I stopped by to share the good news.
That'll cheer him up.
What good news? Didn't I say? No, you didn't.
We've been approved the prototype.
It's all happening Susan, just like Jack said.
Women are suckers for a well-dressed man.
Easiest way to fool them into thinking you've got money.
Joke's on them.
I don't have any money, but I've got this old betting slip.
Never know.
The horse might've come in.
I've never seen death look so beautiful, except the gal at that mass of yours.
You mean the one you ran away from? You gonna run away again tonight? Wasn't planning on it.
Good, 'cause we're not here just to watch.
Don't worry.
I'll lend you the money.
It's not about the money.
I'm happily married.
I know why you called me.
You got a taste of something at the lodge and you want more.
So, are you going to step up or are you gonna show yourself out like you did earlier tonight? Go home to your wife, Jack.
Hold on.
Susan ran away.
Not me.
See you on the other side.
All right.
What's the matter, corazón? I'm over here.
So you like to watch.
Dios mío, someone's at attention.
Who got you all worked up? Was it Shirley? Or your friend? It's okay.
We get you type of guys in here all the time.
What type of guy? Jesus.
Just tell me what type o type of guy you think I am.
Carlos! - Ayuda mè - Tell me! Tell me what kind of guy you think I am.
Back off, pal.
Get your hands off of me! You take your hands off of me! Take your hands off of me! Was that the same boy Virgil caught you with? You can talk to me.
I'm not Virgil.
No, you're just his spy.
Is that what you think? I think you're gonna tell on me, so, yeah, I do.
When have I told on you? Are you kidding? You mean when I still lived at home? You were a child.
It was my job to teach you.
Well, for your information: it wasn't.
The same boy.
What? I-I don't want to tell Virgil, but this really isn't appropriate behavior.
No wonder Jack stayed out so late.
He wouldn't have had any fun here, that's for sure.
You don't know what you're talking about.
You're just a bratty little girl.
See? I just I care about you.
I want to make sure you're making the right decisions.
Now you really do sound like Daddy.
No one else has to know about tonight.
Probably shouldn't have had so much to drink.
Must have been quite a night.
It was something else.
I know.
Richard stopped by.
Oh, yeah? What did he say? That your proposal had been approved.
That's unbelievable.
Did he say anything else? He was over the moon.
I wish you'd been here to hear it.
Yeah, I do, too.
I'm so proud of you.
It's me.
Frater E.
I need to see him.
I'm impetous, I'm impulsive, I'm impossible.
Just when it seemed like he was starting to understand what we could do for him, wham! He acts like it's all some big mistake, blaming it on the goddamn booze.
You didn't wake me up to tell me about a failed recruitment.
You're here for you.
Now, remember, stay as still as possible and talk only about yourself.
I'm angry.
I lost control.
I am I am I don't know what I am.
You say your workings with this man have brought nothing but frustration, yet the camera tells a different story.
Do you think it's a coincidence that you experienced this intense anger towards him the same week your wife returns home? Maggie accepts what I do here now.
This is not about her.
What is it about? Every time I try to help the guy, it makes me feel like a freak.
How you conduct yourself, is dictated by your will.
The real question then is Do you think yourself a freak? Because I don't.
I-I don't believe in putting a label on desire.
Thelema teaches us to look beyond such restrictive categorization.
Each person we love is a different-shaped key.
Each key unlocks a different part of us, But only one Sets us free.
You have always seem to me to be like water, constantly changing, able to take many shapes forever seeking definition.
Is it any wonder then, you are drawn to this man, this alchemist, whose job it is to play with fire? Your anger at him belies something more essential.
As the Master Therion tells us, all our suffering arises from the great schism between two primary forces of existence: male, female, Masculine, Feminine, the dark, light.
It is only in the union of our opposites that we are freed from this pain.
And made whole.
I believe you have found far more in Mr.
Parsons than an acolyte.
I believe you've found your liberation.
by PopcornAWH