Strange Angel (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Evocation of the Elders

That's for sure.
People need a little romance.
Am I right? Richie? I-I didn't see it.
You're kidding.
Everyone saw that one.
[DRIVER CLEARS THROAT] You ask me, Dorothy was playing all of them guys.
Especially the lion.
I know girls like that.
They get three, four guys wrapped around their fingers at a time.
My roommates the type.
She's not home.
She works nights.
Meters running, buddy.
I should be getting home.
I fly to Washington D.
I have to pack and prepare.
[MUSIC PLAYING OVER RADIO] Hmm, well, all right.
You give my regards to Mr.
[DOOR CLOSES] [SIGHS] Good night.
Nice move, Casanova.
Where the hell have you been all night? What are you doing here? I came by Goddamn it.
Are you okay? - Do you want to just - Let me.
You were using the wrong key.
I stayed up late last night thinking about why Mesulam would've sent you instead of me.
I have security clearance from the propeller team.
Doesn't matter what the reason is.
Fortunately, I have a solution.
- What is this? - The proposal.
Our proposal.
Everything you would ever need to know about the potential of rocketry is in those pages.
Take it, study it.
It'll be just like I'm right there with you.
Mesulam said that they were interested - in a more practical appli - Mesulam is limited.
Okay? His vision, I mean.
Don't forget, he was about to let you trade in your entire future - for fucking propellers.
- All I'm saying Is maybe we should hear what they want, before we start talking talking about moon colonies.
I told you what they want.
Christ, I told them what they want.
If you'd been there, you would have seen Braxtons face light up.
Look, I understand, you're in a difficult situation.
It's not fair.
You're a gifted scientist, Richard, and I'll have words with anyone who says otherwise.
But lets face it: talking to people is not your strong suit.
That's not a criticism, it's a fact.
But that's why you have me.
And I promise you, this proposal is gonna get you through this.
These are not men of imagination.
They're soldiers, bureaucrats.
Exactly, which is why it's not enough to explain rocketry.
You have to bend them to your will.
You can do it, you just have to believe you can.
Belief has nothing to do with it.
The-the data speaks for itself.
Oh, boy.
You think it's too late for me to buy a ticket - and come with you? - [SIGHS] I'm kidding.
You think I have that kind of dough? At least I'll be with you in spirit.
It's hard to believe you're actually gonna fly.
I can't very well drive to D.
I don't even own a car.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Well, I think it's fantastic.
In fact, it's a hell of a thing.
Omelet de Parsons.
You should try it.
It tastes better than it looks.
I'm not hungry.
Are you gonna keep this up forever? - Please don't do that.
- Do what? Act like I'm the one who's being unreasonable.
You can't ask me to stop going, not now.
Not when our dreams are so close to finally becoming a reality.
You know, if Richard succeeds, you'll be under more scrutiny.
I'm told the military is very careful about what sort of people they work with.
I'm not entirely sure I understand what you mean by that.
I think you understand perfectly.
What do I have to do for you to forgive me? There are some things you can't forgive.
[PHONE RINGING] That could be Richard.
I have to take it.
Don't go.
Okay? Please.
Hello? No, I can hear you.
I understand.
One moment.
It's Murphy.
His cars broke down.
He needs a ride to work.
Should I tell him no? No, you should go.
They've got me working a double shift.
I'm gonna be home late.
[DOOR OPENS] Where the hell have you been? [SLURRING]: I don't know, but there's a shitload of water.
Jack Jack, are you with me? I'm right here.
I-I think I might I was thinking maybe I ought to take a swim.
Now, you listen to me.
Ernest, are you still there? Can-can you bring a light? What? Ernest.
I'm at Point Dume.
- Thanks, sweetheart.
You're welcome.
First time? No.
It's all right, son.
I can always spot a greenhorn.
If you ask me, this whole enterprise is unnatural.
Were thumbing our noses at the Almighty himself.
Hurtling through the sky in tin coffins.
Black magic's what it is.
Actually, there's nothing magical about it.
A propeller creates lift, in a forward direction We call this thrust.
The rotary motion through the air creates a difference in pressure between the front and back surfaces of the blades and [ENGINE WHIRRING] [LAUGHS] I thought I was scared my first time! Son, they're gonna identify your body by the shit in your britches! [PHONE RINGING] [SNIFFLES] Hi, uh, Pueblo Powder Company, Saugus, please? Hi.
This is Susan Parsons.
I need to speak to my husband, Jack Parsons.
It's an emergency.
I see.
Uh, um, yes.
Uh, his mother is-is quite ill.
It's it's possible he went to the hospital to see her.
Yes, uh, so am I.
He should've called to inform you.
Please don't hold it against him, she really is quite sick.
[KNOCK AT DOOR] Come in.
[DOOR OPENS] What is it? Well, you look as if you've seen the devil himself.
It's Jack.
What's he done now? Susan? He's hurt himself at work.
I need to go collect him.
Well, why didn't you just say so? [SCOFFS] You had me worried it was something far worse.
Go, if you must.
Thank you for understanding.
[ENGINE TURNS OFF] Ernest? Ernest?! Ernest?! Ernest?! Ernest?! Jack Parsons! Come, brother, be baptized with me! [GROANS SOFTLY, INHALES] I need your help.
Button me up? [SIGHS] Id ask if you felt it too, but I don't have to ask.
It's remarkable.
I dare say there's a potency in you now that wasn't there before.
There is.
I take it you're making progress with Frater J.
s scientist friend? You know what it is to be adored, don't you? How it feels.
You of all people must know.
Love is the essential - companion to our will - No, not love.
I'm not talking about love.
I'm talking about worship.
To look in the eyes of another and see their it's fear, isn't it? MARISOL You don't know your power until you see it reflected.
Do not be misled by this illumination.
Pursue your will unfettered.
Help our friend discover his.
But do not interfere with the will of another.
As our Master reminds us, collision is the only crime in the cosmos.
You're preaching again.
I am telling you to be careful.
Why? Who was ever careful with me? - Magus - I am in session.
You'd better come now.
[SIGHS] - Ma'am, please calm down.
- Don't you dare touch me.
- Please.
- Where's my husband? Jack! Jack! I tried to stop her, but she pushed right past me.
Where is he? Where's Jack? I assure you, Mrs.
Parsons, Jack isn't here.
You can save your assurances for these lemmings.
These rats, crawling into peoples homes, poisoning husbands and wives against each other.
Would you excuse us? Mrs.
Parsons and I require some privacy.
I'm not afraid of you.
I came here for my husband.
I told you, he isn't here.
I don't believe you.
I'm not leaving without him.
Are you certain he's the reason you're here? Jack! Are you in pain, Susan? No, I'm not in pain.
I'm upset.
And I'm going to call the police this instant if you don't What don't touch me.
Don't let go.
[INHALES] Here, yes? I said let me go.
ERNEST: The ocean doesn't care who you are.
It just holds you down.
Shows you how meaningless you are.
My eyes are open now.
We don't spin the wheel.
The wheel spins us.
Anybody tells you different is selling something.
What the hell are you talking about? You really think the Grand Magus's hocus pocus is gonna make all your wishes come true? Well, where's mine? I did everything that was asked of me.
Where's my hearts desire? My destiny, my will? Look at me.
What do you see? I see a man who misses his wife.
[LAUGHING] [COUGHING] You see a fool.
And I see one, too.
This'll pass.
All right? You'll get back on your feet.
Your path is waiting for you.
Richard got to fly up there.
Above the clouds.
Closer to the stars than I've ever been.
And it should have been me on that plane.
But I'll tell you this much.
Not for one second do I doubt the power of my will, because I know what's coming.
I've seen the future.
Well, bully for you, Jack.
And maybe it's not the future I pictured.
Maybe it doesn't feel the way it's supposed to feel.
Maybe it doesn't even feel like it's mine at all.
- Then maybe it aint.
- Maybe you should let me finish.
I'm not the enemy, Jack.
Tomorrow, he'll be standing in D.
saying your words, occupying your shoes.
Richards not my enemy, either.
You keep telling yourself that.
I wish I knew what to say to make it all better.
But I don't have the answers.
Nobody does.
Not Alfred.
Not the Agape.
Not even the Great Beast himself.
Truth is, Jack, were all alone.
No, were not.
It was you, Ernest.
You showed me my true path.
And now, I'm standing on the edge of my destiny.
Means a lot that you came, Jack.
Welcome, sir.
- Good luck today.
- Thank you.
Have a nice day.
Good morning and welcome to the Mayflower.
How can I help you? Um, hi, yes.
My name is Richard Onsted.
I believe there is a reservation here under my name.
Institution? Institution? You are one of the scientists, come to talk with the Department of War? - Yes.
- The reservations have been put under your institutions name.
Um, Caltech.
What? Or, the California Institute of Technology.
Haven't heard of that one.
Well, it's relatively new, but very well-respected.
I'm sure.
There you are.
It's a very nice room.
It's completely up to my standards.
Thank you very much.
It's much appreciated.
[DOOR CLOSES] It don't mean a thing If it aint got that swing Doo wah, doo wah, doo wah, doo wah Susans gonna let me have it with both barrels - when I get back.
- Oh, no, right now all we have Is the open road, the good music, the good booze, and no earthly obligations.
- Don't start on all that bullshit.
- She wouldn't leave me.
- What - if - She leaves me? Then you'll apologize and she'll forgive you, and you'll both go on.
I sleep in the garage, Ernest.
Whew! She says I can't come back to my own bed until I give up Thelema.
Even now, after all it's done for us.
There is no way to live honestly with a woman.
In fact, I reject the entire institution.
Marriage is false.
Tyranny of this so-called free society.
There's the Ernest I know.
Seemed like you were done with all that.
- Hell does that mean? - Nothin'.
Just last night you were You never had a moment of doubt? - Settle down.
- I was tested, Jack.
It was a test.
Do we shrink from our destiny and became small like other men, or do we ascend? I ascend! I'm goddamn ascending right now! Can you keep your eyes on the road while you're ascending? - [LAUGHS] - Yes! Hey, wake me up when we get there, all right? [AIRPLANE PASSING OVERHEAD] [SIGHS] [SIGHS] [INDISTINCT CHATTER NEARBY] [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] RICHARD: Gentlemen, I have come here to show you something that you haven't seen before today: The future.
[QUIETLY]: "Future.
" Long distance, please.
To Los Angeles.
Glenview 7537.
And, um, exactly how much will that cost? Per minute? I see.
Yes, Id like to connect.
[PHONE RINGING] [MUSIC PLAYING OVER RADIO] That little girl OPERATOR: Connecting from Washington, D.
Well, hello there, Richie.
Yes, I'm calling from Washington, long distance.
Look, we need to be brief.
You wouldn't believe how much they charge per minute, and I've got my presentation in an hour.
[TAKES DEEP BREATH] Um, I-I'm calling because I want you to know that [MUSIC CONTINUES FAINTLY OVER PHONE] I'm not a great man, MARISOL.
I'm not Washington or Lincoln.
I'm just trying very hard to be a scientist of some of any significance, and that is gonna come to an end today, because I-I don't know how to talk to these people.
You mean the Army people? The Army people other people, any people, MARISOL.
Jack, he's the one, he's the salesman.
I Don't be silly, Richie.
You make quite an impression.
You certainly did on me.
The other night in the taxi I didn't know what to say.
I didn't know the the right words.
But I-I knew that you wanted me to say something or-or do something.
Settle down, darling.
Just listen to my voice.
You know what I was thinking when it was just you and me in that taxi? I was thinking: this Richard, he's so smart.
That great big brain of his is gonna change the world someday.
Anything I can imagine, he could make real.
Like that guy in the movie.
The Wizard.
But the Wizard is a fraud.
You know what else I was thinking? No.
I was thinking: if he wanted to take me inside, right now, I wouldn't be able to behave myself.
Well good luck, Mr.
[LINE CLICKS] Found it.
Here's the one.
I haven't any cake.
- If Id known you were coming - It's all right.
I haven't been to market because of my back.
I tripped on the walkway the stones are broken, and these people, they can't be bothered to fix it.
[GASPS] Oh, look at that face.
Such a serious boy.
He wasn't one to smile, not even for his mother.
He's alone in most of these.
Jack kept to himself he was always independent, save for his friend Richard.
I'm so pleased you've finally taken an interest.
This was my father, Walter H.
He was president of the Allis-Chalmers mining company.
My mother was a Bayes.
That name means something in Ohio.
Uh, slow down, slow down, dear.
Father always loved his harvest parties.
He invited everyone, even the domestics.
There I am.
Don't ever be pregnant in August.
SUSAN: Is that? I just realized I do have some shortbread.
This is Jacks father, isn't it? Marvel? Ruth, please.
I found this in the garage.
Jack hardly ever talks about him.
For good reason.
Please, I don't mean to pry.
I I'm just worried about Jack.
I think maybe he's gotten himself in with the wrong sort of people and What is this talk? Jack didn't come home last night.
I don't know where he's gone, and I thought, I I know his father - Was there any sign? I mean - Oh.
- before he left? - They're not the same.
Marvel Parsons was born with the devil inside him.
Jack is an angel.
All he's ever wanted is to travel among the stars.
I'm at my wits end.
I don't know what to do.
You're a woman, aren't you? Give him a bed to be in.
And for heavens sakes, the first thing a wife ought to know is where her husband goes at night.
They let the fruit fall from the tree, to rot.
Rot, do you see? Brings the vermin.
Truth is, not everyone deserves property.
There's a basket in the garden shed Would you be a dear? Of course.
I'm Richard Onsted, from Caltech.
Sign in.
Atkins, they're ready for you.
Right here, sir.
Gentlemen [MUTTERING] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [LAUGHS] But then the third the third presentation [LAUGHTER] [YAWNS] - Ready when you are, Mr.
- Yes, sir.
I'll be using the projector.
Well, be quick about it.
I'm hungry enough to eat the balls off a low-flying duck.
[LAUGHTER] [WHISPERS]: I am the Wizard.
Gentlemen, I have come here to show you something you haven't seen before today: The future.
There's been a great deal of sensation and some confusion as to what my team does at GALCIT.
I assure you I have spent plenty of time explaining to people that we do not deal in science fiction at Caltech.
We deal in the practical application of technology, which, when done right, can appear equally miraculous.
Which is why, gentlemen, I have not come here to talk about rockets.
I've come here to talk about jet propulsion.
How long was I out? Awhile.
I took a detour.
Come on, you got to see this.
Come on.
Almost there.
- Where? - Come on.
You're gonna get us both shot.
Are you on your true path or not? It's a beautiful bird, Jack.
Faster, Jack.
Hustle! Come on now! Come on, come on, come on.
[CHUCKLES] Here, put your foot here.
No, no, I don't need to get in.
Ah, come on.
Don't be a sissy.
See what it feels like.
I'm not leaving till you do.
[CHUCKLES] All right, just one minute and then we leave, okay? Wow.
Keep your head down.
- Okay, thanks.
Can we go? - Lets see here.
You got throttles, elevators, bags.
- Stop screwing around.
- I can drive a stock car.
How hard can this be? What the hell are you doing? Richards not the only one who's gonna get to fly.
Hold on to your britches! [LAUGHS] JACK: Ernest, stop, stop! Oh, my God.
No, no, no, no! Yeah, Jack! Were going up there! Oh, my God! Whoo! Yeah! [JACK WHOOPS, LAUGHS] Thanks again for the lift.
Are you kidding? Thank you.
You're not sore I didn't tell you? What, that you'd flown one before? No, that would've taken some of the fun out of it.
You gonna be all right? Maybe we should've just kept on flying.
Would've run out of gas and crash-landed eventually.
We did, anyway.
What happened? Come on, spit it out.
Did they bite or didn't they? RICHARD: Well, yes, in a sense.
[JACK WHOOPS, LAUGHS] JACK: I knew it! What did they say? What the hell are you talking about, an alternate proposal? I told you exactly what to say.
This was the only way, Jack.
They didn't want rockets.
They wanted a way for planes to take off from shorter runways.
I don't give a damn what they wanted.
I saw the Moon, Richard, with my own two eyes and I saw that our work was gonna get us there.
And you traded that for "solid fuel propellant canisters" for fixed-wing attachment"? See, this is exactly why I didn't say anything to you before.
You can't see past your own obsessions.
Having a vision of going up to the Moon doesn't make it any less impossible, but this is something that we can actually achieve right now.
Look at this.
Okay, we can still fix this.
We can put some of this money towards our - real goal.
- No, Jack.
For the first time ever, someone other than us believes in our work.
- We can't betray that - I was the one who believed.
I was the one who never wavered.
And what do you do with that belief? You sold it to the highest bidder! Are you out of your goddamn mind?! I've never been clearer, Richard.
I see you for what you really are.
They were never gonna go for your preposterous ideas, Jack.
Why is it you think Braxton and Mesulam sent me to D.
? Hmm? They needed someone they could trust to give a sensible presentation that was relevant to the state of the world.
An actual scientist, not someone who believes that they can will things into existence.
I don't expect you to understand.
You can't.
It's just not in you.
You sound like a lunatic.
Y-You've been spending too much time with that lunatic.
Don't bring him into this! He's done more for me in the last 24 hours than you've done in the last 15 years.
You're delusional.
Everyone sees it but you.
Who sees it? Huh? Hmm? Who sees it? Your esteemed colleagues? You crunch numbers, Richard, and call them ideas.
You're not a visionary.
You're a fucking calculator.
[SCOFFS] You know what I think, Jack? I think you're pissed about the money because I'm the one who got it.
It happened in spite of you, not because of you.
And after all this time and after all of your grandstanding and your flailing in the dark, I am the one who made it real, not you.
You didn't make it real.
You made it small.
[DOOR SLAMS] A ka dua.
How did you know about my wrist? Did Jack tell you? No.
I merely paid attention.
You don't even know when you're doing it, do you? I notice when a person is uncomfortable, holding something inside.
Memories, desires, regrets.
These things manifest in our body.
They live in our bones.
They make us restless.
They cause us pain.
I don't believe in any of that.
The truth doesn't care if you believe in it.
It simply exists whether we want it to or not.
Most of the time, we don't.
Yesterday you held my wrist and Please, sit down.
Are you in pain right now? Pain? No.
Are you in pain? I don't know.
I suppose I was.
My wrist was.
I type a lot at my job.
At times it's bad.
Excruciating, in fact.
It was yesterday, but but then you put your hands on me and Yes? It went away.
What exactly are you doing? Did you come here for your husband? Yes, I told you I was looking for Jack.
Did you come here for your husband? He didn't come home last night.
I have no idea where he is.
He's not here.
You know that.
I do know that, but I thought that maybe you might Did you come here for your husband? Did you come here for your husband? [QUIETLY]: No.
Why are you here, Susan? I think I think something might be wrong with me.
I need to be fixed.
Can you do that? No.
[CRIES] Because you are not broken.