Strange Angel (2018) s02e03 Episode Script

The Lovers

1 ALFRED: For all his ambitions, Frater J.
is held back by fear.
Fear of loss, abandonment, failure, love.
You want to remain in control, but you need to let go.
(GASPS) CROWLEY: You must keep a watchful eye on all those around you.
If you sense that anyone at all is not who they seem, I want you to contact me here.
Ask for M.
AGENT WALLACE: Aleister Crowley's current whereabouts are unknown.
We need to know if he's still in touch with his pro-German contacts in the U.
and if they're planning anything.
I already told you, I don't know.
Well, then I assume we can count on you to pass along any information that you do find out.
ALFRED: After a long journey, Frater E.
has returned with an incredible revelation.
He seeks the guidance of his Magus and shall receive it.
I've missed you.
ALFRED: There are conditions.
It is the only thing keeps my anger in check.
ALFRED: You want to remain.
VIRGIL: Susan is lost to me, but Patty could still be saved.
She's young and impressionable.
I know it must be difficult keeping up this lie, but you must somehow persevere.
You can start by giving me the names and personal details of everyone living there.
Is this the sort of information you're looking for? ("HABANERA" BY GEORGES BIZET PLAYING) - MAN: Extra, extra! Read all about it! - Weihnachtsmann.
- So schÃn.
- Oh, dear.
So schÃn indeed.
Oh, y'all ain't lived till y'all tried her crumble.
- It's all hot and gooey.
- (CHUCKLES) Gonna be my contribution to the Feast.
- Wonderful.
- Got any Granny Smith? We'll just take three dozen of these then, please.
Would you like ones that haven't been sullied? No, - these ones are fine.
- MAN: Extra, extra! Your eyes shall be opened.
And you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.
Parsons, is that you? Mrs.
Van Buren, hello.
I'll pay for these.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, don't forget, opera, 7:00.
I won't forget.
I am so glad to have run into you.
Did you receive my invitation? To the Preservation Society Christmas soirée? Oh, yes, of course.
Um, when-when is it again? Tomorrow night, dear.
I'm out making final preparations.
I do hope you and your husband can make it.
Oh, w-we'll do our best.
Jack's been consumed with his work for the military these days.
Ugh, well, I'm sure.
This war hangs over us all, and yet you all seem to make time to host your fair share of gatherings.
- Yes.
- From all appearances, they are quite lively, and yet no one from the neighborhood has made the list.
It's never good to get off on the wrong foot, dear.
Making an appearance will go a long way in easing people's minds.
- CHIANG: It's incredible.
- JACK: I know.
Combining aniline with the RFNA makes the fuel ten times more powerful.
If Von Braun had this mixture in his V-2s, Hitler would be pounding London by now.
I'm more interested in when we can start pounding Tokyo.
I'm going out of my mind.
All I did was to go ask for his blessing, and now sh-she says that she needs time to think things over.
What the hell is there to think over? And it's hypergolic.
We're gonna save at least five pounds by pulling the ignition system.
It's torture.
I mean, she's torturing me.
Love is war, Richard.
Don't let Marisol get the upper hand.
Can I have the ratios? I'll need to get the chemicals sourced.
Sure, I got all my notes right How can I win when she won't even talk to me? What? Patty, can you have Private Fischer bring in my notebook? I left it on my desk.
Patty? Just rewrite the formula from memory.
It's not a big deal.
It's a huge deal.
The information in that notebook is classified.
You probably just left it at home.
We're all working too hard, all the fucking time.
No, I didn't.
I was looking at it this morning.
CHIANG: Jack, come on.
JACK: It doesn't make any sense.
It was in this room.
We're not celebrating Christmas at home this year.
We're celebrating Winter Solstice instead.
- What's that? - Well, it's this feast Not something we should be talking about at work.
Did anyone come into my office while I was out? I don't think so.
You sit right outside my door.
It shouldn't be that hard.
Well, if you haven't noticed, Alice and I have been a bit busy today.
It's not easy stringing popcorn, Mr.
Do you like it? Who said you could get a tree? I thought the place could use some holiday cheer, so I followed my true will.
Jack, we need to get back to it.
Prototype isn't going to launch itself.
Patty, stop what you're doing and search every inch of this office till you find my notebook.
Okay? Thank you, Private Fischer.
Everything okay, Mr.
Parsons? Strange Angel 2x03 The Lovers Kanebgik.
(SIGHS) You're okay.
It's just me.
We use this at the hospital.
When you come down too fast, it can lead to dark thoughts.
These'll give you just enough light to pull you through.
No, I'm confronting my pain head-on, as the Magus instructed.
But you don't have to do it alone.
I don't need it.
(GROANS) (EXHALES) The Magus would like to know if your intention remains the same.
You still wish to see the angel? (WATER SPLASHES) I have never wavered.
Your will is more potent than ever.
But I fear that you have lost touch with the most important part of our faith love.
(SIGHS) - (MAN SHOUTS) - (GROANING) Sofort! American spy! Informationen.
(GROANS) Jetzt! (GUNFIRE) ALFRED: You're speaking of this man you work with? Why are you feeding this infatuation if it could get you into trouble? PATTY: Because it's fun.
ALFRED: Do you enjoy toying with the forbidden? PATTY: Doesn't everyone? (PATTY LAUGHING) PATTY: When we're alone, I want him so badly.
I just think about him touching me, and I can feel my heart beat faster, like a drum.
(BUTTON CLINKING ON FLOOR) I would do anything for him.
I would let him do anything to me.
(PANTING) ALFRED: Might it have something to do with your father? It's no wonder you would associate sexual desire with the breaking of taboos.
PATTY: I'm not going to talk about this.
ALFRED: Well, that's the reason for these sessions so you can talk about things you normally keep hidden.
PATTY: Everyone else might be stupid enough to reveal that stuff, but I'm not.
ALFRED: The last time I saw Carmen was at the Royal Opera House right before it was requisitioned as a furniture repository for the Great War.
Well, I'm afraid there were a few useless footstools on that stage tonight, as well.
- (CHUCKLES) - Pasadena has many virtues, but, uh, sopranos are not one of them.
ALFRED: Did it at least take your mind off tomorrow's unfortunate obligation? A story about a free-spirited gypsy being killed by a wealthy lieutenant? Oh, come now.
It won't be that bad.
It's just a Christmas party.
Ah, correction.
Christmas soirée.
ALFRED: Oh, how silly of me.
(SINGING IN FRENCH) I should probably head to bed.
Jack's car was in the driveway.
So what if it was? Thank you for a wonderful night.
SUSAN: She keeps bringing up this Christmas soirée.
I really don't want to go by myself.
Then don't.
We have to make at least some effort - to get to know the neighbors.
- Why? Because they could make our lives unpleasant.
I grew up around these people.
Believe me, their bark is much worse than their bite.
Jack, please? I can't make any promises.
There have been some troubling developments at work.
(SIGHS) What? I know how crazy things have been, but it's nice for us to have a moment alone together.
(EXHALES) One advantage of you having to get up so early.
What we're doing is making me appreciate what we have all the more.
How so? Choosing someone not because you have to, but because you want to.
(ALFRED HUMMING) Good morning.
I'll go get your tea.
Oh, thank you.
I need it.
Barely slept a wink last night.
Haunted by dreams of Carmen.
I take it you enjoyed the opera? Oh, not as much as your wife.
It's a shame you had to work.
You know, just because Susan and I have chosen to love in freedom doesn't mean there won't be consequences to our choices.
(TEAKETTLE WHISTLING) And some choices will have bigger consequences than others.
SUSAN: Here you go.
No sugar and just a drop of lemon.
- Bless you.
- I should go.
See you tonight? We need to leave by 7:00.
I'll do my best to be there.
I want to file a report about a possible security breach.
AGENT WALLACE: I'm listening, Mr.
Some notes went missing from my office containing valuable information about the project.
And I have evidence that Private Fischer was in my office at the time they disappeared.
That is a very serious insinuation.
If I file a report and it has no merit, it could blow back onto you, and you're the one - who lost the classified material.
- I didn't lose it, Wallace, it was stolen.
Parsons, I'm going to do us both a favor, and pretend we never had this conversation.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Huntington Hotel, please.
- Thank you.
- See you later.
MAN: Huntington Hotel.
Hello, I'd like to leave a message for the guest in room 156.
Name, M.
NARRATOR: "Stop thinking and follow me", cried Hitler.
"I will make you masters of the world.
" - And the people answered "Heil".
- Come.
Act natural, boy.
I could go over Wallace, straight to Braxton.
Based on a missing notebook and a loose secretary? She's my sister-in-law.
She is a whore.
Every aspect of this story reflects badly.
You did well to come to me.
However, the people who I work for, they're going to need more to go on.
More? He might be a goddamn spy.
Why don't you broadcast it to all of Los Angeles? The information that was stolen from me might turn the tide of the war.
A breakthrough fuel mixture.
It'd be catastrophic if it got into the wrong hands.
Tell you what.
Why don't you tell this MP of your suspicion? If he really is a mole, first thing he'll do is contact his handler.
Then you follow him wherever that leads and you might be able to ascertain who he's working for.
Now, that's the sort of information my associates can act upon.
Who are these associates, exactly? (LAUGHS) I do love a good propaganda film.
Everything is so black and white.
If only life were so simple.
Suffice to say that I am not alone in this.
And you shouldn't be, either.
We're both up against a very dangerous enemy.
(PROJECTOR CLICKING) NARRATOR: They follow blindly the dictator and continue to chant the hypnotic scream, "Sieg heil"! - CROWD: Sieg heil! - NARRATOR: Sieg heil! - Sieg heil! - Sieg heil! (MAN SHOUTING IN GERMAN) Großbritannien? Italy? Marokko? Was hast du an all diesen Orten gemach? I'm not an American spy.
- I was visiting those places.
- Why? To find the truth.
- (COUGHS) - Bist du OSS? Hey, bist du? Bist du MI6? Bist du resistance? Who are you?! I'm no one.
(GRUNTS) - MAN: Who are you?! - JACK: Ernest.
Looks like you chopped enough for the whole neighborhood.
Thanks for keeping quiet about what you saw the other night.
We all think the Magus serves us, but he'll take the thing that brings you peace in the blink of a damn eye.
Since you kept one secret, I'm hoping you can keep another.
- I think I've been infiltrated.
- By who? By the enemy.
Which enemy? We're at war.
Take your pick.
Could be the Japs.
Most likely the Nazis.
What do you need me to do? We did our best to follow the specifications.
Little hard without knowing what the hell it is.
Operating in the dark is difficult, but such is the world these days.
Don't you need to talk to Lieutenant Atencio about pulling the ignition system? Jack's self-combusting fuel, remember? Oh.
I can take you to him.
You coming? I want to check the regenerative cooling.
See if we can shave some weight there as well.
Stop distracting Private Fischer from his very important work.
I wasn't distracting him.
He's got no one to talk to back here.
Is there something I can help you with, sir? I think you left this in my office.
I'm on to you.
What are you doing with that thing? Sorry, that's classified.
Who are you with? The Aerojet Corporation.
Never heard of it.
That's because our work here is classified.
Anyone tell you to move, Nip? I thought you people were supposed to report to the camps.
I'm trying to get my wallet and identification.
I'm not You'll move when I say you move.
What's going on here? Please explain to this man that we are here on behalf of the U.
Army Air Force.
Show him your credentials.
As you can see, I am a Chinese national and chief engineer of a very real corporation.
We're on high alert for Jap spies.
You can't expect normal Americans to tell y'all apart.
Certainly not Americans with the IQs of chimpanzees.
- You want to say that again? - Nope, nope.
It's fine.
Gentlemen, we all need to get back to work.
We've started acting like the goddamn enemy.
He was only doing his job.
JACK: Pull up over here.
I don't think he saw us.
(ENGINE TURNS OFF) I set the hook.
Let's see who reels him in.
Thanks for coming with me.
I would not want to be doing this alone.
Looks like I've been stood up.
Could you zip me up? I can't seem to do it alone.
(SIGHS) I'm not looking forward to this.
You'll be fine.
(OPERA MUSIC CONTINUES) Well, if all else fails, I'm bringing Jack's checkbook.
I have a feeling he'll be extra generous tonight, given his last-minute absence.
Do you have any plans this evening? Just study and respite.
Well, wish me luck.
Thou shalt be learned in the things of love, and mighty in the things of war.
(ORGAN PLAYING "O COME, ALL YE FAITHFUL") O come All ye faithful Joyful and triumphant O come ye, o come ye Evening, ma'am.
Come Mrs.
Parsons, we've been expecting you.
Born the King of Angels (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Please, help yourself to libations - and hors d'oeuvres.
- Thank you.
Let us adore Him - O come - Oh.
(CHUCKLES) - Let us adore Him - Is that Susan Parsons? Christ the Lord Sing, choirs of angels Sing in exultation WOMAN: Is that Mrs.
Parsons? Sing, all ye citizens Of Heaven Oh, good, you came.
Ladies, look who decided to join us.
Where is your better half? Duty calls, I'm afraid.
Oh, well, that is unfortunate.
Allow me to introduce Susan Parsons.
She and her husband are the new occupants of the Fleming estate.
- Mm.
- Parsons? As in Jack Parsons? I haven't seen him since he was a child stealing fruit - from my trees.
- Well, he's a lot taller now but, uh, still causing plenty of trouble.
So we've heard.
Uh, well, lovely to meet you both.
(CHUCKLES) - Christ - (DOOR OPENS) The Lord BUTLER: I'm sorry, sir.
- This is a private function.
- ALFRED: Don't worry.
I'm a guest of Susan Parsons.
Hello, dear! Oh, be-be a love.
Fetch me a martini.
(QUIETLY): I felt terrible leaving you to fend for yourself.
Allow me to introduce Alfred Miller.
Uh, I-is this meant to be a Christmas costume? No, not in the slightest.
(SCOFFS) Perhaps we should make our way into the library so we can get started.
Started? Thank you for coming.
Though I might've chosen something a little more subdued.
We don't have to hide ourselves from these people.
Let them bask in our splendor.
Here's where the members of the Preservation Society have decided to ensconce themselves.
SUSAN: Hello.
Your drink, sir.
Oh, thank you.
Good man.
Do I detect an accent? How perspicacious.
Raised in Burma, schooled in Cambridge.
I take it you are the leader of the group? Pardon? (CHUCKLES) Well, you haven't exactly tried to hide it.
People coming and going at all hours.
What is it you all are doing, exactly? Whatever we will.
It's a-a social club.
A salon, really, of, uh, intellectuals, artists, - freethinkers.
- VIRGIL: Come now, Susan.
Don't lie to these good people.
What is he doing here? Mr.
Byrne has become one of the Preservation Society's most ardent supporters.
We should go.
No, you can't keep running away.
These people have the right to know, they deserve to know who is living next to them.
I've heard the Parsons have at least ten people living inside of that home, including two Negro jazz musicians, multiple homosexuals and deviants, even a German cross-dresser.
- (GASPING) - Where How did you get that information? What does it matter where I got the information? Is it true? Do you have all these tenants living under your roof? (GUESTS WHISPERING) Yes, they live with us, but they're not tenants.
- They don't pay rent.
- Well, they pay one way or another either with money - or with flesh.
- (GASPING) Mrs.
Parsons, it sounds to me like you are running an unlicensed boarding house, at the very least, not to mention violating the restrictive covenant which prevents Negro occupants in the Fleming estate unless they're the help.
Are your Negroes the help, Susan? Of course not.
MILDRED: These are the very sort of people that we have fought so hard to keep out of our community.
We need to make sure that these tenants, or whatever you want to call them, vacate your house posthaste.
Or else the zoning commission will have no choice Oh, enough! Oh, the charlatan speaks! I'm the-the charlatan? You are here celebrating a holiday based on the greatest lie ever told.
Babies are not the result of immaculate conception.
They are the result of love.
And love is the only law we obey.
MILDRED: Perhaps, Mr.
But you are in Pasadena now.
You must obey our laws as well.
Well, then, when you come for us, you'd better bring more than the police and your local covenants, because, truth is, we're not running a boarding house.
We are - a church.
- (GASPING) And, as such, we are afforded full protection against this type of religious persecution.
You should know that both Patty and I now practice Thelema in order to rid ourselves of your sin.
If you keep up this crusade, we will find a way to make you suffer for it.
(DOOR CLOSES) - (EXHALES) - (LIGHTER CLICKS) Maybe whoever he was supposed to meet saw us and got spooked.
You want to find out the truth, don't you? I do, but - The hell are you doing? - People will admit anything when they're scared.
Ernest, no.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Who are you? - Who the fuck are you? - (GASPING) Tell me! Tell me! - (INTERROGATOR SPEAKING GERMAN) - Who you working for?! Tell me! No one! I'm not! (SHOUTS) - (SCREAMING) - (SHOUTS) - Tell me.
- Informationen.
- Omar - Jetzt! (WOMAN SHRIEKING) You choose.
Talk or he dies.
- Talk or die! - I can't! They'd ruin me! (SHOUTS) - (GRUNTS) - (LAUGHTER) (TIRES SCREECH) (GRUNTS) What the fuck are you doing?! I saw into his soul, Jack! He's a goddamn Nazi! Not a word of this to anyone.
(TIRES SCREECH) (PANTING) (CREAKING) SUSAN: I know I saw it here somewhere.
I saw it just recently.
I know you're probably angry.
So, I take it you didn't enjoy the party? It wasn't a party at all.
It was an inquisition.
Fortunately, the Magus came with me, so I didn't have to face it alone.
Didn't have to face what alone? Virgil was there.
He had detailed information about everyone living here.
How? God only knows.
He uses P.
s for his business.
Maybe he's using them against us.
We need to build our walls so high, he can't get at us anymore.
I'm sorry I wasn't there.
Where were you? No.
Let me guess.
You can't say.
No, but it was important.
It always is.
That's right.
I'm fighting a war, Susan.
So are we.
If we can get the IRS to recognize Thelema as a religion, officially, then our house would become a church, like you said.
We'd have the full protection - of the First Amendment.
- Yes.
It's been a long day.
Go ahead without me.
I'm not gonna be able to sleep anytime soon.
He claimed he was assaulted and that you may have been a part of it.
Did you take matters into your own hands? You didn't leave me much choice.
You think this man was a spy? When he was confronted about it, he didn't deny it.
Actually, he seemed scared of what his own people might do.
If you don't believe me, fine.
Reassign him wherever you want.
But this is my company, and I don't want him here.
I think what my colleague is saying here is, whether or not Private Fischer stole information from us, he crossed other lines.
Pretty thing like that sitting right outside your office.
- GENERAL BRAXTON: Agent Wallace - Either you got possessive or you got jealous.
- We're getting off track.
- Did anyone ask you? What is that you're wearing? Is that a Chinese Nationalist flag? (LAUGHS) Is anyone in this office on our side?! I am wearing it to avoid being confused for the enemy.
I don't have time for this bullshit.
We have real battles to fight.
You will not be seeing any more of Private Fischer.
General Braxton Whether or not these more serious accusations are true, his dalliance with Mr.
Parsons' secretary was unbefitting.
But whatever intel was lost needs to be reported to CIC.
And, going forward, if you feel there may be any sort of a breach, let Agent Wallace and his department handle it.
Am I clear? - Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
(DOOR OPENS) (LIGHTER CLICKS) My will is being tested.
The devil we have fought so hard against has gotten his claws into Patty, too.
They're claiming to be a real religion.
Can you imagine that? Every false prophet draws power from somewhere.
In this case, Mr.
He seems to be the cult's lone benefactor.
VIRGIL: We need to move quickly if I have any chance of saving Patty.
What do you want me to do? VIRGIL: Finish what we've started.
You want more information? No.
I want you to cut the head off the snake.
What are you doing? Taking my sensitive materials home.
They clearly aren't safe here.
Wallace wouldn't approve.
Especially with all those people at your house.
I know everything about those people.
Here, even the ones they sent to protect us can't be trusted.
Ready to go? No.
I'm going out with some of the girls.
What's the matter? You steamed about me getting rid of your boyfriend? He wasn't my boyfriend.
He was just your forbidden tryst.
You listened to my purge session, didn't you? So what if I did? I'm the one who showed you those recordings.
Did it ever occur to you that maybe I wanted you to hear? I wasn't talking about Hank.
You weren't? I had to do something to get your attention.
I was trying to manifest my true will.
We can't.
We can do anything.
Love is the law.
This is not about love.
Yes, it is.
I've loved you since I was a little girl.
You're still a little girl.
- What? Someone left this by the front door of the building.
No return address or anything.
With all the restrictions going on, I didn't want to open it.
Thank you, Alice.
- (LAUGHTER) - I prepared for you duck, which was meine Mutter's recipe.
She gave me my nose, my tender heart, before she broke it.
Love is the law.
ALL: Love under will.
I made homemade muscadine wine.
Wine so fine, mmm, people ought to stand in line.
(LAUGHTER) It takes time.
It costs a dime.
Tell us what it means.
Uh, I guess it's just s-something my Uncle Dex made to make the day go down easier.
So he could feel the way we feel all the time.
Love is the law.
ALL: Love under will.
I made really, really burnt bread.
(LAUGHTER) Sorry, guys.
WOMAN: I made deviled eggs.
My mom and I used to make them in the kitchen.
It was the only time "devil" was allowed in our house.
(LAUGHTER) Devil was a crazy man.
Love is the law.
OTHERS: Love under will.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) WOMAN 2: I made chocolate-covered cherries.
Uh, my mother (CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) My dear, it is mandatory to have fun on the solstice.
I have other things on my mind.
Like fortifying ourselves against our enemies? These tax laws we're using (CHUCKLES) they were written by men in power for men like him.
Mm, perhaps.
But we have something even more powerful on our side.
Parsons had nothing to back up his claims.
His friend almost killed me.
You do understand why I couldn't intervene, right? The whole operation would've been exposed.
Do you have it? You're being transferred to Huntsville.
Redstone Arsenal.
Alabama? Might not seem like much of a posting now, but, trust me, it will be.
(CAR DOOR CLOSES) JACK: Ernest? Did you take my notebook? It's not about your fucking notebook.
Powerful forces keep pushing us together.
The universe must want us to collide.
What are you talking about? Time to make an offering, Jack, so I can be free to see my angel.
See, I've been where you are before, except they didn't give me a choice.
What do I have to choose, Ernest? Who lives and who dies.
You choose.
Talk or he dies.
Why does somebody have to die? 'Cause the angel demands blood.
No, no, no, no, no spies (SPEAKS FOREIGN LANGUAGE) Amor.
What? Amor? Amor.
(PANTING) Love? Arschficker? (LAUGHTER) Arschficker.
(LAUGHTER CONTINUES) No! That's what happened right before he appeared to me.
A great sacrifice.
So whose is it gonna be, yours or mine? This is insane.
"And he shall cast lots upon two goats, "and one lot shall go to the Lord and one lot shall go to Azazel.
" I'm not gonna fucking kill you, Ernest.
Then you made your choice.
Don't-don't do this.
Ernest, don't do this.
I brought you into my house.
I forgave you.
Yours is not the forgiveness I need.
(GRUNTS) Tell me what you want.
To vanquish my enemies.
Just you and me, Jack.
You can't do this! I'm your elemental! No, I found my elemental nearly halfway around the world.
The Fascists took him from me.
Now I have to cut the head off the snake.
(GROANS) (GRUNTING) Tell me what you want.
(PANTING) To vanquish my enemies.
(GASPING) (GLASS BREAKING) (GLASS CLINKING) Thee I invoke, the Bornless one.
Thee that didst create the Earth and the Heavens.
(PANTING) I am He! The Bornless Spirit! I am He! The Truth! (GRUNTS) - (KNIFE CLATTERS) - (GRUNTS) (PANTING) Can you imagine an army of true believers hanging on your every word? I can.
There are no more lies.
No more doubts.
It's not just about winning this war.
It's about winning every war to come.
Ernest is a ticking time bomb! You lied to me Susan.
You still think Parsons is working for the other side? Ready for launch.
There is no turning back.