Strange Angel (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

The Tower

1 NEWSMAN: Using stratosphere rockets dropped on us from 60 to 70 miles up, Germany is engaged in another form of terror raiding.
To flying bombs is added V2, another wholly indiscriminate weapon used as a morale booster for the German people.
It's the truly typical effort of the mortally-injured Nazi beast to attempt to tear down everything as he goes under.
[EXPLOSION] MINSKY: What would you say was Mr.
Donovan's state of mind on the night in question? I mean, the guy had a screw loose.
Wasn't anyone's fault but his own.
MINSKY: Where were you at the time of the explosion? WALTER: The one you really should be talking to is Jack.
He's the last one to see him alive.
MINSKY: In your opinion, why did Mr.
Donovan commit suicide? BETTY: This wasn't a suicide.
Frater E.
His body of light has become one with the universe.
MINSKY: What are you talking about ascended? ALFRED: Ascension is what we are all striving for to come ever closer to the divine.
But this was not ascension.
This was the demise of a broken man led down the wrong path.
MINSKY: There's a lot of conflicting reports about what happened, but a lot of them implicate you.
JACK: Ernest wanted to die.
I was the only one that tried to stop him.
MINSKY: What about your Magus? He was he was too preoccupied.
With what? Let's just say, the Magus prioritizes the needs of some people over others.
And unfortunately, Ernest slipped through the cracks.
- [CROWD SHOUTING, CLAMORING] - MILDRED: This is Orange Grove's darkest hour.
This cult has turned Arthur Fleming's magnificent estate into a stomping ground for perverts, homosexuals and Negroes.
I had my life threatened.
Attacked because I dared speak against them, but their blood lust won't be sated.
What happened here was no accident.
It was a human sacrifice.
[OVERLAPPING SHOUTING] You do realize why I have a hard time taking any of your claims seriously? Your stepfather's been a prominent member of this community for decades.
Got the church behind him.
You have a fringe religion that uses sex and the promise of great powers to manipulate its members.
Your own husband has said the leader of your cult has been abusing that power.
The only abuse of power I see is the one that's happening right in front of me.
Coroner's report came in.
Bones we found in the rubble are from a goat.
We don't have a body? Donovan used over 200 gallons of Class-A explosives.
Anything within 15 feet of the blast would have been incinerated.
Doesn't matter.
We don't have a body, we don't have a case.
MAN: Hey, Detective? You got to listen to this.
What do you got? The recordings we found? JOAN: looking for help, and they were just 14, 15.
They weren't ready to be mothers.
ALFRED: So you gave them freedom.
You honored their will? JOAN: Yes.
All right, listen to the rest of these.
BETTY: Let him greet the sun at dawn, giving the sign of his grade.
BETTY AND JOSEPH AND BRIGITTE: And let him say in a loud voice: Hail unto Thee who art Ra in Thy rising, even unto Thee who art Ra in Thy strength.
BRIGITTE: I could feel his thighs tremor in my hands as he came.
WALTER: Was the best dice game in Vernon.
Any time she ask, I just tell Betty I was out trying to drum up gigs.
SAM: Angie's husband would get violent on her, so, when he came looking for her, I paid some guys from the shop to show him how it feels.
ALFRED: There.
Doesn't it feel better to unburden yourself? Mr.
Parsons, you can go.
It's about goddamn time.
- Not all of you.
- OFFICER: Hold on.
You're under arrest.
- MINSKY: Six of you are under arrest.
- OFFICER: Hands behind your back.
- We're taking you in for bookmaking.
- ALFRED: Well, what are? What are you doing? These people had nothing to do with Frater E.
's actions.
They're all on record admitting to other crimes.
What do you mean? They told him, and he recorded it.
The fuck is he talking about? OFFICER: All right, let's go.
Get up.
WALTER: What is he talking about? I don't understand.
We'll get a lawyer first thing.
We'll get you out of here! MINSKY: Come on.
ALFRED: For as much as thou hast made the Law of Freedom thine, thou hast lived in light and liberty and love.
I still don't understand why he did it.
Ask him.
He's more likely to tell you the truth.
You're still angry.
What did you mean when you said they weren't just workings? Are you in love with him? I'm not.
[LOUD, OVERLAPPING SHOUTING] All right, now, back it up.
You should go to hell! Get out of Pasadena! Sinner! [LOUD, OVERLAPPING SHOUTING, THUMPING] The cult permits lewd conduct Shh, he's coming.
Everybody listen up! You can't always believe what you read in the papers, okay? There was no human sacrifice.
There was a lot of booze and some fun that got out of hand, but that is it.
Now, everybody get back to work.
Everything is fine.
You heard him.
Get back to work.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Parsons, but you're no longer authorized.
What are you talking about? My lab is back there.
I'm just the messenger, sir, but your security clearance has been revoked.
Who issued that order? I know you're in there, you son of a bitch! Come out and tell me yourself! Fuck.
Sounds like Jack's here.
He didn't leave me much choice.
Parsons either knew he had a Nazi living in his home and failed to report it, or he didn't know, which shows an utter lack of judgment.
Either way, Mr.
Parsons has proven himself to be a major security risk.
Surely, Professor, Jack Richard, friendship is an admirable quality, but our responsibilities are more than one man.
GENERAL BRAXTON: Professor's right, son.
And with Mr.
Parsons off the project, the main obstacle to funding JPL has been removed.
So, now, back to business.
Go ahead and crack open those folders.
As I'm sure you know by now, the Krauts have started pounding London with their V2s, but there is the smallest sliver of a silver lining.
One of the V2s that landed in Dulwich failed to detonate.
We have an intact V2? AGENT WALLACE: Not we.
Our allies in Britain.
Yes, our colleagues there have invited us to examine it in person.
AGENT WALLACE: Of course, a mission like this requires the utmost secrecy, so that means that no one and I do mean no one outside this room can know about it.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] Jack Who does Wallace think he is, keeping me out of the project I created? Jack, that party was a disaster.
Hey, if any of what Wallace said is true, then What? Then you are a security risk.
[KNOCKING] I trust you haven't divulged any information you shouldn't.
You had no fucking right.
I did nothing wrong.
You withheld information, and you lied to a federal officer.
- Withheld what information? - About the people in your house.
- I didn't know she was a - She was a Nazi.
I know.
But what you don't know can kill you, Jack.
- Brigitte fled Germany.
- That's right, and she happened to ensconce herself in the home of a prominent military scientist.
And now, maybe, maybe that's a coincidence, but when it comes to threats of national security, there can be no margin for error, and the same goes for your relationship with Aleister Crowley.
For the last time, I do not have a relationship with Aleister Crowley.
The more you deny it, the deeper you dig yourself in.
If you've been lying to Agent Wallace, do yourself a favor, and come clean.
It's good advice, Mr.
I've never met Aleister Crowley.
And he has never instructed me to act against the interests of my government.
I believe you.
We'll clear this up when I get back.
Get back from where? Richard.
The party at your mansion was eye-opening.
For all its peculiarities, your religion seems to value something that I also hold very dear: truth.
You know, it can't be easy, living so far away from your ideals.
Maybe it's time we cut out the middleman and I talk to the Great Beast himself.
[EXHALES] Jack, if you want to be reinstated into the missile project, then this is the only card you have left to play.
Little hard to know what to pack, since you can't tell me where you're going.
[CHUCKLES] I'm sorry, but the military's being very strict, especially after that party.
[EXHALES] Can't say I'm surprised.
Still, it doesn't sit right, Jack being cut out like this.
I know he's your friend, but maybe it's for the best? You can finally run things the way you want.
- No more curveballs.
- Those curveballs have led to some of our biggest breakthroughs.
Can I ask you something? This Aleister Crowley, is he really as bad as people say? Why do you ask? Well, not because of you.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but he is a big reason why Jack is in so much trouble.
Some people even think that Crowley's working with the enemy.
Well, I don't know anything about that.
But he's not someone you want to cross, - that's for sure.
- What do you mean? It's very important that I know.
When I left Thelema, I thought, "No big deal.
" Do what thou wilt, right? Then this showed up in my mailbox.
I was a measly second degree.
But Crowley took time to threaten me.
He said if I ever exposed Thelema or spoke out against it, he'd expose all my secrets.
What secrets was he referring to? Don't worry.
You know everything there is to know.
Now you'rethe one keeping secrets.
I wish I could tell you, but if I lost my clearance, too Can you at least tell me if they're sending you anywhere dangerous? Richie? It's just a research trip.
What if something happens to you? How will I know where to find you? Nothing is going to happen.
I'll be thinking about you the entire time.
Guess that'll have to do.
- Shoes.
[GRUNTS, EXHALES] You are charged with illegal gambling, public perversion, and miscegenation.
- How do you plead? - Not guilty.
Your Honor, given awareness of this case and the clear menace the defendants pose to society, any leniency with respect to bail, could itself be a threat to public morality.
Your Honor, it is our contention that Mr.
Bennett's case, along with his codefendants, is concerned fundamentally with the free practice of religion.
They are not menaces to society, nor do they pose any flight risk.
BANKS: The First Amendment does not cover criminal activity, and there are several serious offenses here.
Bail for Mr.
Bennett will be set at $30,000.
- [GAVEL BANGS] - [GALLERY MURMURING] This is all your fault! BANKS: Ms.
Joan Rossi, please rise.
You're being charged with performing illegal abortions in your occupation as a nurse.
How do you plead? [INDISTINCT CHATTER] $250,000? Rockefeller himself couldn't bail 'em out.
Hey, head high, tails up.
We'll be in touch when we have a trial date.
- Even if we sold the house - We're not at that yet.
Well, we got to do something.
Did you see Walt? Someone's been beating on him.
Perhaps there's some other way.
Like what, Magick? You're the reason we're in this situation.
Well, at least I have never led a man down the path to his own destruction.
This is not the time.
Justice should be swift after what they've done to Virgil and our family.
Jail is not punishment enough.
It'll have to do.
I'd like to put the whole matter to bed.
Patty, dear.
The D.
was just telling us this will all be over soon.
- Then we can help you - I want you to understand something.
I have a new home now, a new family.
A family of fornicators and murderers.
If we're capable of one human sacrifice, what's one more? [AIR RAID SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE] [SECOND SIREN WAILING] Is that for the V-2s? Yes, sir.
Whole city's on high alert.
But the skies seem quiet tonight.
They move faster than the speed of sound, don't they? It's the ones you don't hear that get you.
[CHUCKLES] It's good to see you, my old friend.
I wish it were under better circumstances.
Yes, Gentlemen, please follow me.
It's, uh, right this way.
Even on our heels, Hitler keeps us on our toes.
Fortunately, not all of his vengeance weapons explode.
No one's going to prison.
Well, I guess we'll have to just get a new lawyer then.
What's happening now? He wants them all to cut deals with the prosecutor.
The police have found witnesses to corroborate the recordings.
You have to believe I never meant to hurt anyone.
Why would I believe you? You won't even tell me why you made them in the first place.
Everything I did, everything we did was because I thought I could trust you.
You can.
All I had to do was let you go to Mexico.
Then none of this would have happened.
No, please.
Tell me you don't regret it all.
We can make this right.
THOMPSON: A beating heart.
An engine capable of producing 25 tons of thrust.
The injection nozzles adjust the fuel and oxidizing ratios as the combustion is happening.
Your fuel technician will have a right bloody time sorting out how it works.
Fortunately, I hear your man Parsons, isn't it? is a bit of a savant.
Well, I'll leave you all to it.
- I know what you're thinking.
- He should be here.
He only has himself to blame.
He's the only one who understands chemistry this complex.
We're hurting ourselves by not having him here.
I know I have defended Mr.
Parsons in the past.
But there is a world with great thinkers who will emerge once this war's over.
And none come with Mr.
Parsons' liabilities.
- [SOFT MUSIC PLAYING] - [KNOCKING] Are you planning on staying late? Sarah offered me a ride.
There's still a lot of work to do.
Anything I can help with? Got all the help I need right here.
If you're gonna have a pity party, at least put on better music.
[CHANNELS CHANGING] - There you go.
- And if someone When I put on the radio, I like to escape, not be reminded that everything is so dreary.
It'd take a lot more than music to make me forget.
Can count on me I wish you success Loads of happiness To a brighter tomorrow.
I must confess I will be lonely Can I ask you a question? If you had to choose between the Agape and the thing you've always wanted, which would you choose? That's easy.
They're one and the same to me.
Oh Though you say we're through I think your ride's probably waiting.
Be in love with you You know, I really don't like this new look on you.
What look? Failure.
If someone you met Figure out what you need to do to win and do it.
Know that you Can always count on me.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] [GASPS] [GROANS, PANTS] [WHIMPERING] [WHIMPERS] [RETCHING] [COUGHING] [INDISTINCT CHATTER IN DISTANCE] Why did you want to meet here? You're calling a number that's been compromised.
Obviously, they know we are meeting.
How? I never told anyone.
[EXHALES] Well, maybe your phone is tapped.
Agent Wallace seems to be watching your every move.
I need you to talk to him.
Not a chance in hell.
Well, he's convinced you're a traitor.
He can think I'm King George for all I care.
I don't answer to him.
Well, I do.
And this is the only way I'm gonna get my fucking clearance back.
If I lose my position, everything I've been working for goes away.
Oh, Frater J.
, why would you fear that? Your work is far too essential to the Great Work to just be forgotten.
What is this fucking "Great Work"? Hmm? Open your eyes.
This World War is a blood sacrifice on a global level.
And weapons that wield the power of the gods will help man to realize that he needs no god.
And you hold the key to making those weapons.
If your government cannot appreciate your talents, well, there are others who will, and they will pay mightily for your services.
You're talking about treason.
There is no such thing as treason when your only allegiance is to mankind himself.
You meet me here tonight and get ready to face your destiny.
The man of will breaks all boundaries.
You sure about this? Sister Joan showed me how.
Even did it for me once.
Few years back when Walter and I But the test was negative.
You'll have another chance once he's out.
People who like us don't usually get out once we in.
Uh, but we gotta stay focused on our on our intention.
Can you hold it? Let the truth be known.
Should manifest an answer in a day or two.
If the frog lays eggs, you'll know you're with child.
We need you to be strong now.
You're the reason we all here.
You gave us a paradise.
Before it all came crashing down.
True, but just like Thelema teaches us, from destruction comes rebirth.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, sir.
Onsted? If the V2s don't get you, the time difference will.
RICHARD: Actually, Professor that's not what was keeping me up.
There's something I need to deal with today in the city.
Could transport be arranged? Of course.
You're making the right choice, Mr.
I'm making the necessary choice.
Where exactly did he say to meet? I want to hear you say it again.
When Crowley is in custody, you will be reinstated.
JACK: Outside the Soviet Travel Bureau.
I thought you said you just wanted to talk to him.
I do.
But a man like Crowley might take some convincing.
- The elevator! There he is! AGENT WALLACE: Go, take the stairs.
Go! - Shit.
- Go! Go! [PANTING] JACK: [PANTING] Out of the way.
He's over there.
Keep moving, keep moving.
I'm looking for the man who wrote this.
I'm a friend of Jack Parsons.
AGENT WALLACE: He's in the elevator.
He's over there! JACK: Wallace! Everybody, stay back! Don't shoot him! AGENT WALLACE: Hands behind your - What is wrong with you? - What's going on? It's not him.
It's not him.
[EXHALES] Are you Aleister Crowley? Yes.
How can I help you? There's a lot of people looking for you.
[QUIET MUSIC PLAYING] You don't happen to be a Canadian, do you? Excuse me? Canadian soldiers have the best tri.
And I am running low.
Can I interest you in one of these? It only costs a shilling each.
I'm a friend of Jack Parsons.
My name is Richard Onsted.
[GRUNTS] - [GRUNTS] - Sir? [MUTTERING] Who the fuck are you? I just said, I'm Richard Onsted.
I'm a friend of Jack Parsons.
You do know who he is? Yes, yes.
Frater J.
, yes.
[LAUGHS] Fucking cunt! [GROWLS] Did he send you here? What? No.
My name is Richard Onsted.
Richard Onsted.
I heard you the first two times.
[INHALES] You and Frater J.
used to ride your bicycles down to Devil's Gate Dam and set off your rockets when you were boys.
Saw your first naked girl there, too, skinny dipping in the reservoir.
How do you know that? [CHUCKLES] Magick, you twat.
I am a master.
That's what you're probably thinking.
But I'm also a master fucking magician.
Since you know so much, are you also aware that you've created quite an impediment for Jack and his work? [LAUGHS, GROANS] Mm.
People inside Army intelligence think that you and he have been meeting secretly.
But I see now that that is not possible, considering.
Considering what? That you're That you're in London and he's in Los Angeles.
You can help clear his name.
And why would I do that? 'Cause he believes in you and he needs your help.
You have no idea what he needs.
I'm his best friend.
[MOCKING]: "I'm his bestfriend.
" "I'm his best friend.
" Fucking rubbish.
I can't imagine that "Canadian tri" comes cheap during wartime.
Not to mention these lovely living quarters.
I'm guessing Jack and his money help fund that.
Do you know where Jack's funding comes from? The United States government.
So unless you want all this to dry up I need you to help me help him.
We'll be with you as soon as we get our end sorted.
Take all the time you need.
Yes, sir.
So, how can I help you, Mr.
Miller? The leader of the "satanic cult" has a confession to make.
I know the D.
wants a big arrest to splash across the front pages.
Is this all true? If I sign it, won't that make it true? Why would you do that? As Moses said to Pharaoh, "Let my people go.
" All you have on them are petty crimes.
Why not give people what they really want? The man corrupting their fair city behind bars and away from their children.
It's not the public that I'm concerned with.
It's the law.
Your law is your city's.
Mine is love.
Both inspire loyalty.
Both make us do things we regret.
And what is it that you regret, Mr.
Miller? Assuming that the D.
will agree.
I would confess to adultery, to perversion, to sodomy.
I'd confess to encouraging behaviors and lifestyles offensive to the people of Los Angeles, as well as fraud: claiming I can heal the sick, communicate with the spirit world, perform miracles when really, I am just a man.
Like you.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
[SUSAN LAUGHS] You okay? [GASPS] Walter.
[SOFTLY]: Hey.
- It's okay.
- I'm so sorry.
[EXHALES] Let's get you cleaned up.
WALTER: Yeah, sounds good.
BETTY: You're home now, baby.
Joan? What's wrong? Where's Alfred? Yes, sir, Agent Wallace, I can hear you loud and clear.
I have Mr.
Parsons here with me.
I'd like you to tell him what you told me earlier.
RICHARD: I found him, Jack.
He's in London.
You've been telling the truth.
There's no way you could have been meeting with him.
He's been here the entire war.
Could you repeat that, Mr.
Onsted? I'm not sure that Mr.
Parsons heard you.
Aleister Crowley's here, Jack.
He's sick with syphilis.
Guy can barely leave his room.
I even got him to give me a signed affidavit attesting to his whereabouts.
I've passed it along to Agent Wallace and asked that your clearance be reinstated immediately.
This obviously was just a big misunderstanding.
Thank you for the illuminating information, Mr.
- Safe travels home.
- No, no, no.
Richard, wait.
He's mistaken.
Crowley can't be in London.
He was gonna meet me.
He gave this card GENERAL BRAXTON: The war and all the stress you're under, it can get to people.
No, General, that's not what's happening.
Richard doesn't know Crowley from Adam.
Maybe he's maybe he's trying to set me up.
Son, he-he was trying to help you.
Jack, this whole time I was convinced that you were dangerous.
And I thought that what was in here helped prove it.
But it turns out that you're just delusional.
You have ten minutes, Mr.
Why didn't you tell me? You built us a beautiful home.
Based on love and freedom, trust.
I violated that trust.
You didn't act alone.
You made those recordings for Master Crowley, didn't you? I know how difficult it must have been for you to keep it secret from us.
That only one man could demand such loyalty.
Crowley is complicated.
Full of wisdom.
Full of vice.
But with an invincible spirit.
When he sent me here to spread his new religion, he wanted a way to know his congregation, even if he never had a chance to meet them in the flesh.
The recordings were my solution.
I was carrying out his wishes, but I accept full responsibility as Magus.
Perhaps you were.
But you have another responsibility now.
I'll-I'll get out of here.
I'll I'll figure something.
[WRY LAUGH] How? [SNIFFLES] Where's Susan? She went to go see Alfred.
He turned himself in, so the others could go free.
Is she trying to bail him out? No, she said she had something important to tell him.
Are you okay? You were out at Braxton's all day.
I was starting to worry about you.
Whatever it is, you can trust me, I won't tell.
I see things.
Things other people don't.
I know.
You're a visionary.
This house, your company all came into existence because you saw what others couldn't.
Do you really believe that? I believe in you.
Tell me what you want.
I'll go first.
I want it all.