Street Fighter II: V (1995) s02e09 Episode Script

The Fighters Possessed by Evil

Ryu and Ken, having helped to smash a worldwide narcotics ring traveled to Barcelona to accept an award from Interpol.
- He's really good! - Yeah.
He dodges that bull by a hairsbreadth, instantly! I bet he'd be great in a real fight! The two of them were reunited with Chun Li and went to a bullfight featuring Spain's young star matador, Balrog.
Lovely girl, as I promised, I have slain the beast foryou.
I present this to you, as proof.
This is the symbol a matador uses to prove his love.
Attracted to Chun Li, the dark- hearted young nobleman, Balrog crept into her room while she was asleep and stole a kiss from her.
Receiving a mysterious invitation Ken and Chun Li went to the Castle de Maria Isabella.
Ryu chose stay behind by himself to practice the Hadou Ken on the beach.
Ken Masters?.
That's me.
We've been waiting foryou.
Ifyou'd follow me.
Tonight's show will be a bit different than usual as I have invited a guest to participate.
His name is Mr.
Ken Masters! Mr.
Ken Masters, would you kindly come up on stage with me?.
After what you did to her??!.
Sure I'll come up there! The Initiation of Blood! It's going to be a fight to the death! We two blood brothers now fight for the hand of one girl! Oh, how foolish a battle! Oh, how cruel is our destiny! But it is a battle so foolish, so cruel, it is beautiful! No trophy has ever escaped my claws, Ken Masters.
Well, then, you're gonna regret ever choosing ME as an opponent! SHO RYU KEN!!! Ken! Ken Ken! Ken Please don't die I'm all right How about you, Chun Li?.
Yes, I do like that man.
Cammy, the beautiful, green-eyed assassin was hired by a Shadowlaw agent to kill Dorai! With her cross shining against the night sky Dorai's life seemed doomed! Sniping Heel! Cannon Spike! And, like her father, Chun Li fell into Vega's sinister clutches! Who are you?.
I am Vega.
I see now why Balrog was so taken with you.
Stay away from me! You cannot resist me.
Vega, the leader of Shadowlaw, contacted Ken's father to arrange for a ransom to be paid for Ken's release.
Masters then hired Guile and Nash two U.
special forces soldiers, to rescue him.
The two men managed to track Vega to his island fortress.
Ryu, having been beaten by Zangief, has been brought to the fortress on Vega's orders, who saw him practicing on the beach.
You have been chosen! What??!.
Why, you! What are you doing this for??!.
Defeat me and I'll tell you.
Is that all?.
Wha What happened??!.
I know you're capable of more! Show me your true power! Ifyou wanna see it so bad, then I'll demonstrate it! Your body'll get a nice, big taste of it! Having defeated him with his Psycho Power Vega implanted into Ryu his horrifying device which allows one to control another's mind freely:.
the cyberchip! Unknowingly caught up in Shadowlaw's plans for world conquest something extraordinary happened to the imprisoned Ken.
Can I focus Ki the way Ryu can?.
HADOU SHO RYU KEN!!! They've got guards posted.
Definitely not an ordinary building.
It has to be Vega's base.
Go in.
Shih-Fu! Shih-Fu Dorai was marked for assassination by Shadowlaw.
An enormous crime syndicate whose network stretches across the world! Yesterday, after Dorai was given the task of leading the Interpol investigation into Shadowlaw, he was attacked in his hotel room.
What about Chun Li??!.
Where is she??!.
His daughter, Chun Li, as well as Ryu and Ken who received the commendation from Interpol have been missing since last night.
No! I'm afraid they've fallen into Shadowlaw's hands.
Damn it all! It's now clear that Shadowlaw has spies in Interpol as well.
If they learn that Dorai is still alive they'll definitely come back to finish him off.
Come what may, we can't let that happen! Let me help you I can't forgive whoever did this to my Shih-Fu! I swear, with my bare hands, I'll I'll! Fei Long, it's my duty to protect him.
Will you help me??!.
Of course I will.
We can't move him to somewhere else right now.
As long as that Shadowlaw mole is still in Interpol there's nobody I can ask to help in this.
You and I are the only two people who can protect Dorai.
I'd give my life to protect my Shih-Fu! I believe Chief Barrac is here.
And who are you, sir?.
Interpol agent Bison.
Is that clear?.
If anyone comes asking for either me or Dorai inform me at once! Stall him, even if he claims to be my subordinate.
Um, why don't you have a seat over there?.
I'll check to see if he's here right now.
Getyourselfoverto the Veronica Piana hospital now!! As fast as you can! Something went wrong, didn't it?.
I don't know yet but something's definitely strange.
Barrac If he came out of that room, then that must be Th-that was quick.
So, what's wrong?.
Why did you call me out here?.
Dorai may still be alive! I doubt you'd like people to know that you blew a hit for someone.
This whole job is starting to stink! Why is an Interpol investigator sneaking around like this?.
This WAS authorized by Interpol, wasn't it?.
All you have to do is follow my orders! If I find out you've been deceiving me you're a dead man! Damn it! Where have they got Ryu locked up?.
What're those?.
Have they??!.
Chun Li! It's not Chun Li.
Where are Chun Li and Ryu?.
If I don't find them fast Chun Li! Chun Li, you're alive.
Chun Li! Chun Li! Chun Li! Chun Li! CHUN LI!!! Ken has seen it: the unearthly light ofthe cyberchip on Chun Li's forehead.
And on Ryu's as well.
Ken's grief calls forth his Hadou Sho Ryu Ken! Can Ken somehow return Ryu and Chun Li to their senses??!.
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