Street Fighter II: V (1995) s02e15 Episode Script

The Final Battle! (5)

The Hadou Ken and the Hadou Sho Ryu collided with one another and the shockwave blasted the cyberchip from Ryu's forehead! Finding theirway to Vega Ryu and Ken were reunited with Guile and Chun Li.
But the power of the mysterious eagle head transported Guile and Chun Li outside of the fortress! And then, as Guile watched in mute amazement the fortress crumbled to the ground! Shit! What's happening??!.
God dammit! What's going on?.
Where are we??!.
It almost looks like that dark world we saw in the cave in India.
Now that you mention it, it looks exactly like that cave.
Are we both hallucinating like before?.
Vega! The space you see here is no hallucination.
You could say that all known power flows from this realm.
Perhaps you should call this place the universe.
Both my Psycho Power and your Hadou draw their strength from this plane.
I never asked for it! Whetheryou teo are aware of it or not the power we possess originates here.
Since the dawn of human history, countless people have made contact with this physical plane and gained unlimited power! Throughout the ages, all who have done this have been honored as leaders and holy men.
So, what does that have to do with us?.
Because he has chosen you as well.
WHO'S chosen us??!.
Perhaps you can call him my partner.
What, that eagle head thing?.
An excellent deduction, Ken! You made contact with him when you used Hadou.
Guess we got more than we bargained for! Never mind this! Where are Chun Li and Guile??!.
Only the chosen are invited to this place.
They cannot enter here.
You son of a What are you using that eagle head for??!.
I will tell you what our true objective is.
The foolish nations of the Earth continue their nuclear experimentation and environmental destruction! We of Shadowlaw are working from the edges of society to destroy them all and save Mother Earth! Ryu! Ken! Won't you follow me, join Shadowlaw and become the new rulers of the Earth?.
You've gotta be kidding! Sorry, but we don't want to become hired goons for some terrorist! I assumed that would be your answer.
The new age to come on Earth must be controlled by me! I cannot allow anyone to interfere! Ifyou will not join me then my only alternative is to kill you now! COME! We'll never let you succeed! Let's go, Ken! You son of a bitch! Ken! Be careful! Ken! Double Knee Press! Look out! How could you??!.
You blocked my attack! Well, then Try this one! Let's go! Ken! RYU!!!!.
Ryu, get up! Impossible! Ryu can no longer move.
Now that neither of you can use your Hadou you are no match for me! In the end, the chosen force shall be Psycho Power! RYU!!!!.
DIE!!! Something weird is going on.
Hurry up! But, Chief! HQonly gave us orders to stand by.
Stand by?.
I requested an immediate landing by the army! I know, sir, but we can't move on our own as long as these orders stand.
Barrac, ask headquarters again! Something's happening on that island! What's happening in there? Ifl don't take care ofthis girl here Ryu and Ken are finished! Miss, I can't just keep on fighting you.
Sorry, but I don't have the time! Shit! HOW DARE YOU!!!!.
I'll tear you limb from limb! Wha?.
What's he doing?.
Ken, keep your guard up.
PSYCHO CRUSHER!!! His power's incredible! Bow down before me, Ken! Declare your obedience to the true master! Bite me, pal! You fool! You choose death instead??!.
Like hell Ken! Now it's your turn! You monster! Cease your useless resistance, Ryu! Help me to destroy the foolish humans of this world and build a new Earth! Follow me, as the Earth's Messiah, and you shall be my prince! Messiah, my ass! A man who does anything to get what he wants is nothing but a dictator! You're persistent, I'll give you that.
But you cannot defeat a living god like me! Now it's time I finished you off! Let's go!!!!.
Bastard! Why, you! Damn! Another one! PSYCHO CRUSHER!!! Dammit! I just can't block that move! Impressive, lasting this long against my attack.
But Now you will die! Dammit, I can't move! Is this it??!.
Don't give up, Ryu! You know what he wants to do! We can't afford to lose this fight! You're right.
Ifwe don't beat him he'll probably end up killing everyone in the world! Come on, Vega! I'm taking you down! Go get him, Ken! PSYCHO CRUSHER!!! Let's go! HADOU SHO RYU!!!!.
What's happening??!.
Ken! Speak to me! Ken! You awake?.
Yeah But that took the last of my strength But, Ryu, be careful.
He isn't dead yet.
Go on, Ryu.
Your Hadou can stop him.
You can do it! You're the only one who can beat him.
I hearyou.
Don't try to talk anymore, Ken.
Yourwishis my command! So, even you can feel a little punch! Here I come! This is for Chun Li! TATSUMAKI SENPU KYAKU!!!!.
Whirlwind Hurricane Kick And this is for Ken! SHO RYU KEN!!! Rising Dragon Punch And this last one's for me! HADOU KEN!!! Wave Motion Punch I wasn't able to save your friends.
Forgive me.
Little lady Looks like your friends didn't need me to save them.
Ryu! Ken! Those kids sure know how to find trouble.
I was so worried! Thankyou.
Ifyou keep saying that, I'll start ignoring you.
Give my regards to Chun Li and the others.
Sure thing.
So, where are you going now?.
Wherever my feet take me.
Wherever I feel like going.
I want to travel and take some time to think.
About what real fighting is.
I can't help thinking that the power we've been looking for until now isn't all that different from what he wanted.
You mean Vega?.
That monk in India If he hadn't taught us that training isn't just looking for the power to beat your enemies then we might not have escaped.
Well, this little adventure caused a lot of trouble for my dad.
He's ordered me to get back to the States.
I feel sorta sad that we won't be able to travel together.
Well, ifyou get to feeling down I'll send you another letter to come to America.
Next time we meet, I want you to be a better martial artist.
Same goes foryou.