Strike (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

The Cuckoo's Calling: Episode 3

1 About my sister.
Lula Landry.
I think she was murdered.
- She was frightened of him.
- Who? - Tony's a little - Family is a complex thing.
- Lula? - They sometimes clashed.
Is anybody in the Deeby Macc flat right now? Any deliveries here that day? Flowers, hoodie, leather gloves, some fashion designer.
Guy Some.
So, first off, we went to Vashti.
It's a clothes shop on Conduit Street.
She met a mate in there.
Lula's best mate Ciara Porter, her rock star boyfriend Evan Duffield.
Has anybody told you you are absolutely gorgeous? It was just so bland and corporate.
Like where I work, you mean? (SLURRING) I don't really get hangovers.
Well, that is lucky.
Bastard leg's bloody killing me.
It was you.
You killed Lula.
You and me Me and you Somehow we make it through I may be gone I may be far away But I walk beside you Every step of the way When you're used Bruised Black and blue Don't think about it Never doubt it I walk beside you.
Maintain speed.
Roger that.
The unfortunate Mrs Anstis, right? Bollocks.
I'm a catch, mate.
Can't wait to get home and hold him for the first time.
RADIO: Stand by.
Obstruction to the front.
RADIO: One Afghan male changing tyre.
Oi! Move the van.
Move! Get in the van and move it.
Oi! Holding, holding.
Oi! Get in the van! RADIO: Two Afghan children on the road.
Get in the van.
Move the bloody van! Move! RADIO: Beware, Afghan male moving to the front of the vehicle now.
Roger that.
- RADIO: Push on, push on.
- Roger.
Can I help you? Um Yes.
I'd like to try on some dresses.
It looks great on you.
I'm just waiting on my brother to check it out.
It's for his wife, actually.
Try the green one.
I think it'll really suit your colouring.
Is she? - Dark.
Stunning, actually.
- All right.
Was that somebody famous I just saw leaving? Not sure.
Wasn't Ciara Porter, was it? No, I didn't see her.
Although she does come in here sometimes.
Lula Landry came in here a lot, didn't she? Vashti was, like, always in her lists of, like, the top ten things to do in London.
Day she died? This changing room.
No way! That's, like, totally giving me goose bumps.
(SHE CLEARS HER THROAT) You know, they say she was going to meet Deeby Macc the night she died, but I don't think Lula would ever cheat on Evan.
What? She was so going to meet Deeby.
Trust me.
But she loved Evan! Did you see the pictures of their commitment ceremony? Yeah.
Well, how about, we heard them talking? Who, Lula and Evan? No.
No, the skanky, rude cow she brought in with her.
But Mel taped them talking on her phone.
- No way! - Yeah.
A bit naughty.
We were all, like, not sure that's right, really.
But, well, she swore it wasn't for the press, just, you know, play to her mates.
- Wait, who's Mel? - She's not in today.
Day off.
But trust me, Lula Landry was doing the dirty on Evan, and who else was it going to be but Deeby Macc? Come and have a look out there.
What do you think? Yeah.
"Yeah"? She looks amazing! But fair play, I guess my brother would never say that to me, either.
Very good.
I'll go back for Mel later.
- Bit of a sore head this morning.
- Ooh.
- Was I? - You were fine.
- You were funny, actually.
- Good.
- Is it really bad? - I've had worse.
But not recently.
Come and look at this.
This is the figure Bristow is so desperate to find.
He's walking towards then away from the flats.
Little bit agitated but, you know, could be a Deeby Macc fan waiting for a glimpse of his hero.
This is ten minutes before Lula falls.
And then the next camera.
- That's after Lula fell? - Yeah.
Same guy, walking quickly away, less agitated, more purposeful.
- It's not the same guy.
- Why do you say that? Because his hoodie's got a thingy, a logo on it.
These are two different people.
We can't see this guy's face, but look at his hands.
Leather gloves.
Guy Some dropped a hoodie and gloves off to the Deeby Macc flat.
So he could have used the clothes as a disguise.
I need to speak to Guy Some.
See if this second guy really is wearing his clobber.
Well, good luck with that.
You're coming with me.
I feel like a woolly mammoth that's wandered into the gazelle enclosure.
I was quite happy with this handbag five minutes ago.
Let's go.
No, it's here now.
- Excuse me - We're going with the feathers.
We're doing the Milan shoot.
You don't have an appointment.
So the mountain thought, fuck it, and came to Kevin.
That's your real name, right? All I need you to do is identify some items of clothing.
Get out of my studio.
I believe they may be yours, and it might have a bearing on Lula's death.
Surely you're interested in that? Come on.
Think he likes you.
That is your stuff, right? How did he get that? Those haven't been released yet.
These are definitely yours? Are you sure that's your nose? The doorman at Lula's flat said he took some stuff from you for Deeby Macc.
What did you send him? Tricia! Yes, Guy? Bring me a Deeby Macc hoodie and a pair of the new gloves.
What did Lula make of Deeby Macc? Nowhere near excited enough.
I kept saying to her, "Babes, if he'd written three tracks about me, "I'd be waiting behind that front door naked when he got in.
" What I don't get is why she chose Duffield, with all his white boy tortured poet act when she was meant to be looking for a lost black soul.
How far did she get with that? She was looking for her dad cos he was African.
The mum was just some redneck from Canning Town.
- Mrs Mephedrone, we called her.
- (HE CHUCKLES) For a while, Cuckoo was always in the library.
Got all excited cos apparently, the old man was some kind of big shot academic.
Which library? I don't know.
On Russell Square somewhere? (KNOCKING ON DOOR) I wasn't really paying attention, everyone switched off.
- Apart from Rochelle.
- Yeah, well, she knew how to play Lula.
I think they might be a bit tight on your big, hairy mitts.
Though Ciara certainly wasn't complaining about them.
Oh, no, you got quite the five-star review, darling.
And she's had plenty to compare you with.
(HE SIGHS) (DOORBELL RINGS) And they're in.
So the argument starts, voices rise.
How did they get out onto the balcony? She might have had the door open already.
Yeah, but it's snowing.
Well, Lula often felt trapped, she liked having them open.
Or, as the argument escalates, she turns around to get away from him, which is what I might do if I wanted someone to just leave.
Without realising Tansy Bestigui was shivering underneath.
I think it was very sudden and brutal.
Tansy heard no cries for help.
Well, I hope so.
That it was quick, at least.
Now, I've very little time, so I make one big mistake.
- I leave the flowers here.
- Mm-hm.
So they appear in a police shot immediately after the fall.
Well, I'm not leaving them here to die.
Walk down this road .
head bowed.
And off I go, hoodied up and hands gloved, having completely got away with it.
Oh, I found this, by the way.
- It's a library card for - Soas.
Russell Square.
We could go there tomorrow, find out what she was looking up.
I've got to meet Bristow in the morning.
I could go on my own.
Good work today.
What are they? Skateboards.
I mean We used them in a crime re-enactment today.
Look, I'm sorry I was late last night.
- To be fair, I should have called.
- That's all I was saying.
I'm not a control freak.
I'm just worried.
I know.
It's not like you.
Friends? - Spoke to the mortgage advisor today.
- Oh, yeah? We do need to get a joint income if we want to get a proper place near a Tube station and some decent schools.
Have you told them you're taking the job yet? Not yet.
And a pint.
This is Charley before he died.
- Playing cricket, he was very good.
- I remember.
Alec said he'd bowl for England one day.
And this is Lula, the day she came to us.
She loved those red mittens.
I still have them.
John says you collected some items from her flat.
- Like what? - Some bits and pieces.
Do you want me to put the film on for you, Lady B? Mm! - Can you read me the password? - Sure.
Leopard, dear old baby.
Underscore, 1942.
1942, the year I was born.
Good morning.
Oh, macaroons? (FILM PLAYS ON TV) You are lucky.
- Mr Bone bought them for me.
- Really? Thank you.
That's that's very kind.
Just a few quick things to ask.
Did you know Lula was looking for her biological family? Yes, I knew something about it.
I tried to steer clear of the topic.
For obvious reasons.
You don't know who the father is? Well, I still like to think it was the man who actually brought up but - I'm sorry, no.
- He was an African student.
Nigerian, I think.
Alec told me.
He had to get another lawyer to deal with the papers - because Tony refused.
- How come? - Didn't want us to have her.
- Why? Because of Charley.
Tony said something to Alec that made my husband very angry, and there was a fearful row, and Alec said Tony shouldn't come to the house any more.
But he was my brother, so Oh, hush, this is a good bit.
TV: Well, they're in for a big surprise.
Last time we met, you told me Tony was here the evening Lulu died.
You have a good memory.
I was in the flat upstairs while he was down with Mum.
But I passed him on the stairs certainly.
- He didn't watch the film with you? - No, he left just before that.
- For Oxford.
- Yeah.
I will see what I can find out regarding the adoption papers.
That would be very helpful.
She loved those mittens.
(CLOCK CHIMES) Oh, hi! Back for the dress? No.
Is Mel about? Down in the changing rooms.
- You Mel? - Mm-hm.
My name is Cormoran Strike, I work for Lula Landry's family.
I'm here to explain to you the legal hazards of recording private conversations and sharing them with third parties without obtaining consent.
But first of all, you're going to give me the audio file you've got on your mobile.
- RECORDING: Just sign it there.
- Are you sure about this? Never been surer, babe.
They don't need it, do they? I can't believe it, I'm going to see him tonight, Roch, after all this time.
And that was the point she leaned out to see if anybody was listening.
So paranoid, these celebrities.
"I'm going to see him tonight.
" - What, Deeby Macc? - Well, that's the obvious conclusion.
- How did you get on at Soas? - OK (SHE CLEARS THROAT) .
so, Lula's search record shows that she was looking up books on Ghanaian history.
More specifically, though, she several times took out a PhD thesis by a guy called Josiah Agyeman, who was a student there.
- Not Nigerian? - No, it's Ghanaian.
The dedication to his PhD looks interesting, though.
"For my beloved wife, Ami, and our baby, Jonah, "with grateful thanks to pastor Jorge Duran of "the Church of Holy Light, "for teaching humility and faith to one who had so often strayed.
" "One who had so often strayed.
" My guess would be that he might be Lula's biological father.
Right, I've got to go and meet a Professor Enright, his PhD supervisor.
He's still at Soas, but he was teaching this morning.
See you.
Ghanaian political economy.
Especially around the time of Nkrumah.
Um, actually, I was keen to talk to Josiah Agyeman.
I'm afraid Dr Agyeman's no longer with us.
Oh, well, could you, um, tell me where I might be able to get in touch with him? He died, just over a year ago.
You're not the first young lady who's come asking about him.
So Lula must have found out exactly the same thing as you.
Professor Enright said she was very upset.
He didn't know who she was? He's a specialist in post-colonial administrative divisions in sub-Saharan Africa.
I think the world of celebrity fashion might have passed him by.
So Agyeman's a complete dead-end.
Because then I tracked down Pastor Duran, the Pentecostalist he mentions in his PhD dedication.
The church is out in Tooting, and he had a lot of pictures of the Agyeman family, including Oh, not that one.
- Wow.
- Mm-hm.
That's Agyeman with his son, Jonah.
No doubting where she got her looks from.
Blue, red, blue.
It's TRF, it's Coldstream Guards.
Lula said, "I can't believe I'm going to see him tonight.
" And in the changing room at Vashti, "I'm going to see him after all this time.
" She was expecting him.
Not Deeby Macc.
She thought she was going to see her brother for the first time.
- You don't think that - I'll make some calls.
I was so excited about finding him and There's usually something quite sad, at the back of it all.
Where are you going? To tell John about Lula's brother.
A brother? You know, that makes me feel really strange.
Of course it does.
I hate the term "real brother".
Or "real parent".
My real parents were the ones who raised me.
- Definitely go along with that.
- Your-Your-Your Your own father? As far as Jonny Rokeby was concerned, I was just a shudder in the loins.
So, this brother, this soldier is the one in the CCTV footage? Keeping an open mind for now.
So, do you think we should tell the police about Agyeman? (PHONE BUZZES) Sorry, John, I've got to go and meet somebody pretty urgently.
Oh, no, don't worry.
Morning, sir.
If you'd like to follow me, please.
They told me you were once a suit.
Helmand, right? (HE SIGHS) It's my fault she killed herself.
All of this? It's my fault.
How's that? She wanted to see me the night she died.
In the end, I couldn't.
That's you, right? Tell me what happened.
Dad told me about it when he was dying, said he didn't know if she had the baby.
The woman he lodged with in London? He was a student at the time, and mum was in Accra.
Then Lula calls you out of the blue.
- She didn't want the press to find out.
- She used her mate's phone.
Yes, some Rochelle bird, yeah.
So, suddenly, you find out you've got a half-sister who's a world famous supermodel.
It was all too much for me, you know, doing my head in.
Lula, all them posh cars and flats.
- And Mum.
- I understand.
(HE SCOFFS) Do you? Would have broken my mum's heart.
Her health's not so good.
I said no to Lula at first but then she-she kept on, you know, kept on - Did you know her? - No.
She was you know, she was full-on, you know? At one point, she was going on, "You can have all my money.
" And I-I said, "I don't care about your money.
" But she was even going on about leaving everything to me in her will, just to piss her uncle off.
Afterwards, I felt so guilty.
If I'd gone in, she'd still be alive.
Wanting to protect your mum was a good instinct.
She said she understood about Mum.
She didn't want to hurt anyone.
(HE LAUGHS) That's it.
I mean, she was looking for something, you know? She sounded all right.
I think she was.
(HE SNIFFS) (HE GULPS) - I'll call.
- OK.
I think I'll add stalking to harassment.
Your nephew said you were at your sister's house in Chelsea the night of Lula's death.
Is that correct? It's your alibi.
What on earth would I need an alibi for? You tell me.
Can you prove that I wasn't there? You used your credit card to pay a bar bill in your favourite hotel around about the same time you were supposed to be with your sick sister.
Why didn't you want the Bristows to adopt Lula? That's not It wasn't Yvette told me you didn't want Lula around in the first place.
Didn't stop you becoming very interested in protecting her wealth.
I always had Lula's best interests at heart, always.
From day one.
How's it going, Shanker? I put some flowers on your ma's grave the other day.
I appreciate it.
Something you want? This is a car registration in its normal location.
- Oh, right, want us to nick it? - No.
Well, come on.
Leave the car where it is, don't nick anything.
If you were to get inside and check something for me - Checking what? - The sat nav.
I want you to enter this address, see if it comes up in previous destinations.
Hi, it's Robin Ellacott, I came in Yes, Human Resources.
Well, I was just calling to say that my circumstances have changed, so I won't be able to accept the position, but if you could pass on my appreciation.
Yes, thank you.
Thank you.
(SHE SIGHS) - We didn't even discuss it.
- We DID discuss it.
OK, but we didn't decide anything.
- This affects us both.
- Yeah, but primarily me.
Look, I I've I just, I like the work I'm doing now.
I've always dreamt about a career like this.
Like this? As I recall, it was psychology, not doing the filing for a one-legged investigator in Soho.
(SHE CACKLES) I like the way you've made it all sound equally sleazy there! You know, he lost his leg fighting a war.
And what a bloody waste of time and effort that was.
What an awful thing to say.
Well Maybe if you met him.
- Met him.
- Yeah.
We could go for a drink or something after work.
And would I walk home on my own while you took him up in bed? - Forget it, then.
- I'm joking.
I'm joking! You think she was killed because she made a will? No.
I don't, but Rochelle definitely was.
I'm not with you.
I think Rochelle was blackmailing the killer because she was the only other person who knew about the will.
- And where is it? - I don't know.
(HE SIGHS) He'll kill again if he has to.
(PHONE RINGS) - Cormoran Strike's office.
- Did you make that call? Disputed estate to Richmond.
- That's it.
- All booked in.
There's actually something I wanted to talk to you about.
(DIAL TONE SOUNDS) Oh I'd never sign up to be castaway on a desert island with that one.
Do you remember Tony being here the night Lula died? Oh, it's all so blurry now.
My long-term memory's good enough, but the drugs make everything so muddled.
I understand.
I remember you and Charlie, though.
Thick as thieves.
Your mother was a model or something.
That's right.
Such a glamourpuss.
You don't look anything like her.
Johnny's not much to look at, either.
My husband, Alec, had a lot of homosexual friends House of Lords and he used to say he didn't in the least mind them being around young Johnny.
"Just because they're queer, Yvette, "doesn't mean to say they have poor taste.
" (SHE CHUCKLES) Lunchtime, Lady B! Mind if I use the bathroom? Mm-hm.
There you go.
(HANDLE SQUEAKS) (TOILET FLUSHES) I wouldn't go in there for a bit.
(HE EXHALES) The SatNav remembered the address.
- Right.
- And we found this.
I told you not to (BELL RINGS) (HE MUTTERS) Now, that's free .
but my boy was heartbroken once he got in the car and he couldn't take it.
Hopefully this will soothe the pain.
I've got him, Wardle.
(BELL RINGS) Have you heard anything? Has there been an arrest? Go home.
Honestly, I'm not expecting anybody now.
Go on.
Nothing's going to happen tonight.
I, um I didn't take the job in HR.
I'm not going to be able to afford you much longer, once this job I know.
I'm going to be a bit late tonight.
(FLASHBULBS CLICK) The chap they picked up on the CCTV.
They never traced him.
That's you, right? (AMPLIFIED SOUND EFFECTS BUILDING) (WATER SPLASHES) She said she was frightened of him.
It's only you, John.
Oh, were you expecting someone else? Maybe, yeah.
But I'm glad.
You want some pizza? There's a slice left, although I picked off the pepperoni.
Uh, no, thank you! Take a seat.
Just for all the hard work.
Tracking down Jonah Agyeman was quite a result.
That's really generous.
Um Marsha told me you visited today.
I was a little surprised, to be honest.
- More? - No, thank you.
Yeah, I-I got called out to visit a potential client in Richmond but it turned out they didn't exist.
I got my secretary to do that.
I'm sorry, John, I needed you out of the way for a bit.
(JOHN SCOFFS) I have some distressing news regarding Tony Landry.
He knows you killed Lula.
- I'm sorry? - He knows you killed Lula.
He might not admit it to himself, but deep down, he knows.
It's impossible to know something that isn't true.
On the day Lula died .
you visited her flat.
You were furious she'd found Jonah.
You left.
You went downstairs but you didn't leave the building.
(SHE SPEAKS FAINTLY) They were preparing the flat for Deeby Macc's arrival.
That helped you with a few props (FAINT CONVERSATION) (CONVERSATION GETS LOUDER) .
the flowers and the clothes for your getaway.
I don't know when you decided to kill you sister.
Just as I'll never know the exact moment you decided to push your brother over the edge of a quarry all those years before but you did decide and then you went back.
(SHE SIGHS) I-I-I'm very sorry, I'm not awfully good at the kind of scornful denial which I assume is my job here.
I-I'm just I I-I-I'm really disappointed.
Open it.
That's what you've been looking for, isn't it? It was in the Some handbag that your mother took from Lula's flat.
You didn't know about the detachable linings, though, did you? Been under your nose all this time.
Rochelle knew of its existence, obviously.
- That's why you killed her.
- I've never met her! Then why did your SatNav prompt her address when we entered it? Rochelle wasn't such a good friend to Lula.
She decided to blackmail you over the will.
Of course, she had no idea what you were capable of.
What you'd already done.
(FAINT ARGUING) Lula told you all about the will in your second argument and that sealed her fate.
It all went to Mum.
Lula died intestate.
I inherited nothing! Yeah, but you will when your mother dies, which won't be long (HE GASPS) .
but I think money was always a secondary motive.
To envy.
This is the bell from Charlie's bike, isn't it? The one he was riding when he fell into the quarry.
First your brother, Charlie, then Lula and you hired me to help you frame Jonah.
I have some sympathy for you here, with your mother's endless categorising.
The handsome one, the clever one, the funny one.
You were always just the second one.
- (HE SCOFFS) - Oh, please! Anything but the cod psychology.
No, fine, sure.
I'm not a big one for motive, actually.
Although juries are suckers for it.
Let's stick with what we actually know.
Tony always suspected you of involvement in Charlie's death, and tried to stop your parents adopting again - because he was frightened for Lula.
- And he told you that, did he? He was nowhere near your house that night.
First, that made me suspicious, but then I realised that you giving him an alibi meant that he was effectively giving one to you.
Tony Landry is a weak-willed coward .
but he's not a murderer.
You are.
We're done here.
Your mother's a dead junkie.
Your father doesn't even want to know you exist.
You're in debt up to your eyeballs.
And you live in your office eating junk food.
- Good luck taking that the police.
- I already have.
You should know, by the way, that leather is porous.
It doesn't prevent the transmission of forensic evidence it's a common mistake but it actually just causes criminals to sweat.
Especially when they're as hyped up as you were that night.
You're going to prison for two murders, John.
Should be three, of course.
You know it's over.
You're really bleeding.
I'll call an ambulance.
And a taxi.
I'm not travelling with that bastard.
(MUMBLED GREETINGS) I was sorry to hear about Lady Bristow.
It was time.
It was very peaceful.
So, why did you want to see me? Before she died, my sister and I agreed that we would respect Lula's wishes with regard to Jonah Agyeman OK.
and we'll also pay any outstanding fees or expenses due to you.
Thank you.
I fear you have a low opinion of me, Mr Strike.
I never knew for certain what happened with John and Charlie when they were at the quarry that day.
You were anxious enough to try and stop them adopting Lula.
So, imagine what would have happened if I'd told Yvette that he might also have killed Lula.
Imagine what that would have done to her.
She never really got over Charlie's death, and she was dying herself.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yes, of course, I'll make sure I pass that on.
Thank you very much.
- (SHE SIGHS) - Phone hasn't stopped ringing.
Thank you.
I know what it cost, remember? Think of it as a bonus.
I never did tell you.
Tell me what? What it was that I wanted to say.
The night that John Bristow attacked you.
I'm tired of pointless interviews.
I like it here.
Well, Tony Landry kept his promise and paid up.
I've cleared my debts.
So - Can we make this permanent? - Yeah.
You might be waiting a while for a pay rise.
That's fine! All right, then.
Cormoran Strike's office.
Well, we're pretty busy, at the moment, but if you give me your contact details, then I'll Uh-huh.
(HE SIGHS) OK, thank you very much.
(HANGS UP PHONE) (MUSIC: Ooh La La by The Faces)