Strike Back s01e01 Episode Script

Iraq - Part 1

- What's this? - It's the wanted cards, mate.
Nab one of those faces, the payout will set you up for life.
This one looks like you.
Cheers, mate.
Six month tour on a bloody ship, right? - Tell me about it.
- Yeah.
Gentlemen, do I have your attention? Kenneth Bratton, senior executive of the British armaments firm ATAT Systems was kidnapped from his Baghdad hotel room two weeks ago.
But we're not sure whether it's Republican Guard behind the kidnapping or militant Ba'athists.
So we don't know if we're dealing with military or terrorists.
- Correct.
- Understood? - Understood? - Yes, Sir.
So, when you go in, treat all and any contact as hostile, no exceptions.
Captain Collinson from Military Intelligence speaks Arabic and has embedded contacts in the vicinity.
So he will accompany you on the extraction and operate signals.
So what intel do we have on Bratton's current location? We've identified a safe house in an apartment block in Basra city.
Eyewitness saw a hostage we believe to be Bratton taken into the building two days ago.
How reliable is this intel? A local source.
I'd stake my life on him.
All our lives.
J'ohn, you'll command the operation.
Allied military bombardment will begin within the next 24 hours.
So let's get Bratton out before he becomes collateral damage.
Here, take mine.
Throw that shit away.
Mission window from drop to extraction is five minutes.
- Thanks.
- All otherhostage evacuation protocols as standard.
All right, come on then lads, let's move.
Good hunting, boys.
I'll see you back for breakfast.
Gentlemen, welcome to the Arab Socialist Republic of Iraq.
Land in 60 seconds.
Get in position.
Landing in six, five, four, three, two, one.
Go! Go! Go! Move.
He's calling for backup.
- Kenneth Bratton? - Yes.
Keep quiet, do what I say and you'll get out of here alive.
On your feet.
- Grenade! - Down! Go.
We've got this.
Shoot him.
Go! Shoot him! What's the hold-up? It's okay.
John, what's going on up there? John, for Christ's sake! Fuck! They're round the back.
Ah, fuck! Get Bratton out of here.
You've been hit, John.
Go! Go! - Steve, magazine.
- There you go, fella.
Can't let you have all the fun, now, can I? - Yeah, right.
- Grenade! En roof with hostage.
Get down.
Down! Down! Let's go.
John, need covering fire to assist our withdrawal.
Repeat, need covering fire.
Get him out, immediate evac.
On my way.
Fuck! Shit.
Need immediate evac assist.
Evac assist now! Cannot hold location.
Repeat, cannot hold location.
Collinson, we need your help here! On my way.
- I'm at one magazine.
- Me too.
- Let's get out of here, now.
- With you.
Fuck! Steve.
Steve! Porter! Where are the other men? Collinson, where's Mike and Keith? - Fuck.
- They're dead.
Porter! Porter! Go! Go! Two men dead? What the fuck went wrong, Sergeant? As we returned to the roof we were intercepted by two, maybe three units of Republican Guard.
- Mike, Steve - Porter, this was your command.
It was the kid, wasn't it? What fucking kid? There was a The men holding Bratton used this boy as a suicide bomber.
- Porter put him out of action.
- You shot him? He had a dead man's trigger.
I couldn't shoot him.
Couldn't? Or wouldn't? Porter disarmed the bomb, sir, and knocked the boy unconscious but But what? When I returned to the stairwell he was standing holding a weapon.
When he saw me, he ran.
But from where he was standing he had a perfect firing position on all three of the men.
Fuck! Steve.
Steve! I only had time to recover Steve before the Iraqi guards All right.
All right.
Thank you, Collinson.
A clean head shot would have stopped the reflex releasing the button.
You should have killed him, John.
- John, it wasn't your fault.
- What did he say to me? - What did - The kid.
The boy that I hit.
What exactly did he say to me? It's an Arabic saying.
"I lay my life for your sake.
" It's a debt of honour.
He owes you his life.
Thank you.
This was how the end of an era was heralded.
- The American Marines - This evening, after three weeks of war, scenes of jubilation have replaced fighting and bombing.
They used to chant for Saddam, now they're pledging their loyalty to George W Bush.
Seniorpoliticians are beginning to ask whether the danger was exaggerated, the intelligence flawed.
Well, despite repeated assurances by the Prime Minister that WMDs will be found in Iraq, firm evidence of Saddam Hussein's supposed arsenal of chemical and biological weapons has yet to be found.
- Daddy.
- Lexie.
I missed you so much.
Oh, careful, I've got little pins in my shoulder.
We've been into RHQ every day.
They said they didn't know where you were.
Then they knew where you were but not how badly hurt.
Home now, though, aren't I? Sorry, love.
chemical or biological retaliation may not be as serious as we've been led to believe.
Katie Dartmouth, in southern Iraq.
Let's get some of this inside you.
I'm sorry, you are? Oh, I'm his best mate.
So, how's he doing, doc? He has bullet fragments lodged in his brain and if we try and remove them, we may do more harm than good.
Come in.
Sergeant, I've discussed the pertinent points of the operation with the CO.
Do you have anything to say in defence of your actions? No, sir.
No defence.
That's to your credit.
Hat off, Sergeant.
I'm sorry, mate, the blokes won't work with you.
I wouldn't work with me.
The boss wants to do this on medical grounds, have you returned to Unit.
Sir, I'd rather resign.
- The Army can still use you.
- As a bean-counter? You beat the clock, John.
Be grateful for that.
How is she? How do you think? She's worried she's going to have to leave all her friends.
But didn't you tell her we're staying local? She's ten years old.
You know this flat's only for a little while, don't you? Budge up.
I'm going to get another job.
And then we'll find somewhere really nice to live.
But you'll be gone again.
I'm not going anywhere.
I know you're a busy man, Mr Bratton, so I'll get straight to the point.
I'm no longer serving in the army as a result of injuries sustained in combat.
And for the past six years I've served in various John, John, please.
You don't need to sell yourself to me.
I am hearing about a number of lucrative opportunities in Iraq.
You know, private security contractors.
I was thinking of something closer to home.
- Hi, Sally.
- Hey.
Look, John, I mean no disrespect, but all of our recruits have academic qualifications.
Look, I may have some driving work.
Office security.
Two of my best mates died for you.
Another's crippled for life.
John, please.
Fuck! Come one step closer and I will take you down.
I'll get on the phone tomorrow.
There'll be something else.
There was something else, in the Army.
- I'm trying.
- What, today? That was trying, was it? Listen Listen.
Me mum said that she'll have me and Lexie for a bit.
But we've got the flat.
Just till you get yourself straight.
Yeah? It's easier that way, isn't it? I'll make this better.
For all of us.
I know you will.
Major combat operations in Iraq have ended.
In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.
Seven years after the invasion, seven years of bloody occupation, and the battle for Iraq is yet to be won.
Life in the streets appears, at least, to continue peacefully.
But an undercurrent of violence hides just beneath the surface.
With the US pull-out scheduled for the end of the year, many Iraqis I've spoken to are worried.
They believe that hard-line sectarian groups are preparing to take advantage of the void created by withdrawal.
Just last month, in this market in Al Haritha, a bomb attack Um - A bomb attack - Cut.
- Sorry.
- What's up? Did you lose your train? You okay? Do it again? We have an hour with him tomorrow.
Okay, bye.
- This doesn't feel right.
- What do you mean? I've seen this guy.
It's the boy from the market.
Oh, my god! No! No! No! Sir? A British TV journalist has just been abducted near Basra.
You know who this is, don't you? Yeah.
We're trying to establish if her kidnap is incidental or directly related to her father.
- Any contact? - Not yet.
All we know is that Katie was abducted near a town called Al Haritha.
- It's a Sunni district.
- Predominantly.
Her film crew were killed on site.
There were no witnesses.
Katie Dartmouth has been reported missing.
Any means of tracking her? No, her mobile was destroyed so we can't use that.
But she did have the presence of mind to take a photo with her phone and SMS it to her office.
Given the time the picture was taken, we're pretty certain it's one of her abductors.
Her producer wants to know if he can release it to the press.
Sir? Sir? Yes, um No, hold off.
At least until we send it to Iraqi intelligence and police.
- Okay.
- See if they can identify him - before we open it to the public.
- All right.
Sir Patrick Dartmouth, Katie's father, and former foreign minister.
This is very sudden and shocking news.
Katie always knew that Sir? Line one.
- Hugh? - Yes, sir.
Get over here.
Please excuse me.
We set up Section 20 for exactly for exactly this kind of politically delicate incident.
Thanks, Hugh.
- Major Collinson heads up the unit.
- Sir Patrick.
With Hugh's experience in the field and his specialist Arabic knowledge, he's uniquely placed to resolve this situation.
If you find Katie, what can you do? Section 20 works closely with UK Special Forces.
Once we have her location, we can start implementing a rescue.
We've got a team on standby.
They can be in Iraq within eight hours.
It's a last resort, sir.
Would an offer of money help? Not until they make contact, no, sir.
But we do have a promising lead.
A photograph your daughter took of one of her abductors.
Clever girl.
So far, Iraqi intelligence haven't been able to identify him.
I suggest we let the networks broadcast this image.
Might throw up a local witness.
Offer a reward, that kind of thing.
- I'm not sure that's the best - Just do it.
Of course, sir.
Hello? It's me.
- I promised I'd call.
Is she there? - Hold on, John.
It's your dad.
You hardly see him.
- Hello.
- How are you, Lexie? It's Alex.
Listen, I'm going to change my shifts, see if I can come up next weekend.
I'm kind of busy next weekend.
All right, then.
Well, another weekend.
We can do something together, just you and me This image of a policeman approaching what investigators believe to be the vehicle she was in.
British Intelligence authorities have confirmed that this is likely to be the face of one of her abductors, disguised in an Iraqi police uniform British security forces believe this photograph, taken on Miss Dartmouth's mobile phone, could be one of her abductors.
It's thought that Katie herself must have managed to forward the image to her London office at the time of the abduction.
Police and Intelligence authorities are asking anyone who thinks they might have information to contact the relevant services.
I hope you're here for only a short time, and then you'll go home.
- May I have some water, please? - Of course.
You are our guest.
After you've quenched your thirst, there is something you must do for us.
Sir, we've just picked up a webcast.
It was uploaded less than 10 minutes ago.
Put it up on the big screen.
"We demand the release of our brother, Mohammed Jassim Ali.
" "Unless this holy warrior is freed, "the hostage will be executed "at one minute after midnight on jumma.
" That's their Sabbath.
Rewind the tape.
Get me a profile on Mohammed Jassim Ali.
- Stop.
- Yeah, I'm on it.
Check the date on the paper.
Mohammed Jassim Ali is currently being held in Belmarsh Prison under anti-terrorism laws.
They're calling themselves Sword of Islam.
- What do we know about them? - I'll get a full history.
Start tracing that IP address.
Find out where they're sending from.
Yeah, already tracing, sir.
We've got till midnight Friday.
Seven days.
I don't care who you say you are, you're not coming beyond this point.
- Just tell him I'm here.
- Layla.
I'm sorry, sir.
This security guard seems to think he knows you.
It's okay, Layla.
We're old comrades.
It's just here.
It's him, isn't it? - It looks like him, I grant you.
- Come on, the age fits.
He'd be, what, 17, 18 by now.
Living in that area.
It can't be 10 miles from the Bratton location.
John, there's been years of war.
Thousands of young men have scars.
- He is proof of a connection.
- With what? Between Katie's kidnapping and Bratton's.
All right, look.
Remember him? Colonel Hakim Al Nazeri.
Former head of security in Saddam's secret police.
I saw him that night commanding the attack.
- You saw him, John.
No one else.
- He was there.
Nazeri was never picked up after the invasion.
He's suspected of masterminding a whole series of attacks on British forces, not to mention financing Ba'athist, Sunni groups, including the one this man belongs to.
The man these people are demanding is released from Belmarsh.
John, where are you going with all this? If Nazeri is Sword of Islam, they might still be using the original safe house in Basra.
- It's been seven years, John.
- Just get me to the safe house.
I can infiltrate the group.
Maybe even get to Scarface.
- John - Look! Just let me find him.
Let me find him.
And then you can send in the lads.
You remember what he said to me that night, don't you? "I lay my life for your sake.
" He owes me.
No matter what he did to Mike and Keith and Steve, he owes me a debt of honour.
John, you can't seriously expect me to entertain this half-baked notion to satisfy your need for some kind of I'm not talking about revenge! I was going to say atonement.
This won't bring them back, John.
But it could get you killed.
Or is that exactly what you want? Why are you doing this to me? You are your father's daughter.
He isn't even a minister any more.
Two hundred thousand Iraqis died since the invasion.
And I've always reported the truth.
- Always.
- Yes.
But your father helped spread British and American lies.
Sword of Islam is a Sunni militant group responsible for a string of bombings in the Basra area.
Given what we know about their modus operandi, the time of the webcast and the location of the kidnap, we believe Katie is being held somewhere within this region in southern Iraq.
Oh, this must be an area the size of Wales.
Well, we're trying to pinpoint her, or at least narrow the window, by locating the IP address of the webcast.
Well, shouldn't you have that traced by now? Yes, but the webcast was routed via dozens of servers.
And unfortunately, because we only have one upload, we can't analyse the backscatter.
- So they've been clever.
- Very.
Anything else? Anything at all? - There is one possibility.
- Go on.
A former Special Forces operative believes there's a connection between the man Katie Dartmouth photographed during her abduction and the Bratton extraction in 2003.
He thinks he may be able to utilise Scarface as an asset.
But it's a very long shot.
Well, long shot or not, use him.
Thank you.
- Morning, Peter.
- Morning, sir.
You didn't think it worth mentioning that Porter's been off active duty for nearly eight years, had borderline post-traumatic stress disorder, a 10% weakness in one arm, and what effectively amounts to a dishonourable discharge? Layla, we have nothing.
Tell Porter he's been reactivated.
Jesus Christ.
Have a look at the cards and tell me what they remind you of.
A vagina.
Uh A vagina.
I'll work harder.
I'm not going to blow this.
Look, chances are this is all academic.
Katie's dad's kicked up enough of a fuss in Westminster for the Prime Minister to authorise an offer via the Swiss.
They have a go-between, apparently.
- A ransom? - Yeah.
It's all deniable, of course, but Katie goes free and Ali stays inside.
Hakim is not just some insurgent.
He's a strategist.
Hakim Al Nazeri, your pet theory, for which there's absolutely zero evidence.
But if I'm right, and Hakim has joined the zealots, that ransom could be a provocation.
Oh, thank you, Porter.
I'll put that in a memo.
How are you feeling this evening, Sergeant? Absolutely bloody knackered, Sergeant.
Yeah, well, getting a body into shape in a matter of days is going to hurt.
- You saying I'm not in shape? - No, no.
- Um, how's your tooth? - Sore.
I know.
The tracker is like having a very uncomfortable filling, but we need to know where you are at all times.
Well, you could have just asked for my mobile number.
Here's something for the pain.
- There's a good boy.
- Oh, I'm a very good boy.
Well, then I think you probably deserve a bit of a treat, don't you? Hmm? If only there was another way.
Forgive me.
No, no.
No! No! No! No, please.
Sir, they're responding to the ransom offer.
- No, no, no, please! - Oh, fuck.
No, please.
"The British do not believe we are committed to our cause.
"They think we crave their blood money.
" No! Oh, God, no! Jesus Christ! Yes? I'll tell him right away.
They fucked up 'cause it was live webcast.
- So we can track their IP address? - Yes.
- Pinpoint the location? - Yeah, 24 hours max.
Get yourself back to Hereford.
I want the team airborne to Basra and ready to move the moment we get a location.
On it.
Got the bastards.
We'll take a C-130 to Basra Air Station.
Ferguson's group will be designated Alpha Team.
You'll be deployed in a stand-by role at the US base in Basra, to be used only in the event of contact between Alpha Team and Scarface.
So, I get to be B Team.
I think you're lucky to be that far up the alphabet.
Listen, I'll settle for an R and you can call me Romeo.
Oh, yes.
The nurse.
Danni's a special operative for Section 20.
Her remit includes honey traps and so forth.
She was assigned to you after the psychologist diagnosed "mission-limiting self-esteem issues "compounded by a fixation on physical and sexual inadequacy".
In layman's terms, you needed a shag.
You're driving.
possibly up to the northwest.
And once we've Do you need something, Porter? No, no.
I was just wondering if you might need my services.
We're kind of having a private operational discussion here, pal.
Sorry, mate.
All right, Nev Listen, I need a favour from someone in the motor pool.
- Anybody got any connections? - Yeah, this way.
Oh, thanks.
Sir, we have a location.
Kut Al Kalifah.
Put it on the screen, Sergeant.
Coordinates 30 degrees, Call Layla.
Prepare Alpha team.
- See you later.
- We've found her.
Thirty-five klicks from Basra.
This is QA to Alpha, crossing XXX right now, over.
Time to target, 17 seconds.
Final report line crossed at 19:17.
We're on the start line.
Good to go at your command.
They're in position, sir.
It's your call.
I have done a terrible thing to you.
But consider the blood of ours that has been spilled.
Is it worth less than yours? We're good to go, sir.
Let's do it.
- Go, go, go.
- Roger that.
Moving now.
On target.
Alpha landing now.
Go, go, go! - Get out.
- Stay safe, hey.
Troops disembarking.
Let's keep it tight, guys.
Alpha team entering building now.
We will change your dressing.
We will treat you with respect.
But if your government does not set our brother free, we will kill you.
Steady, lads.
There's a door ahead.
Approaching door now.
Go in.
Go, go, go! There's someone here.
Katie? Miss Dartmouth? Katie? Shit! Coms.
Repeat, lost coms, sir.
- Alpha Team, come in.
- Layla, we just lost signal.
- Alpha Team, please respond.
- Layla, what just happened? Two-eight Alpha, this is - Alpha Team, this is Section 20 - Lieutenant, report! Motherfucking The entire building's just gone up, sir.
I can't see them.
I can't see Alpha Team.
John, where are you going with all this? If Nazeri is Sword of Islam, they might still be using the original safe house in Basra.
Just get me to the safe house.
I can infiltrate the group.
Maybe even get to Scarface.
Porter's gone AWOL, sir.
Have you any idea where he might be headed? The tracker on his tooth has him 35 klicks east of here.
At 30 degrees, 30.
24 minutes north, We've identified a safe house in an apartment block in Basra city.
Go! Go! Go! It's a southern suburb of Basra city Yes.
I know it.
Porter's chasing the only lead he has.
He's outside the safe house that was used to hold Kenneth Bratton.
Do you want me to contact Basra police, have them intercept Porter? No.
He's waited seven years for a second chance.
Let him have it.
- Shoot him! John.
- Shoot him! It's okay.
Massoud? Massoud Hakim Al Nazeri.
- Massoud - Hakim Al Nazeri.
Hakim Al Nazeri.
We're both going to have a much easier timer if you can speak English.
- I speak English.
- Good.
So where is Hakim Al Nazeri? I don't know what you're talking about.
All right.
Let's try that again, shall we? Point number one, our friends over there came running at just the mention of his name.
Point number two, before the invasion, this place was used as a safe house for a hostage.
I know that 'cause I was one of the buggers sent to get him out.
Point number three, I'm going to start using this knife in more inventive ways unless you tell me where they're holding the remaining They will kill you, my friend.
Or maybe they'll hear what I've got to trade.
You need to ask yourself how much Hakim wants Jassim out of Belmarsh.
Who is this? - Did you miss me? - Porter.
I've made contact with Sword of Islam.
En route for a rendezvous with my pet theory.
Hakim? Could be a trap.
Could be a wild goose chase.
I'm going to have to hang up now.
Do you understand? Porter, keep this line open.
Port Porter? Shit.
So now we can't be traced, okay? Take the next left.
What are you doing? Call of nature.
This road better be flat.
- Is this it? - You'll soon find out.
We really can't go on like this.
All yours, hero.
Who are you? I'm sorry, sir, I can't answer that question.
- We've just lost Porter.
- We've lost him too.
Katie We lost contact with Bravo team at 15:21 GMT.
In our last communication with Bravo, he claimed to be heading to a rendezvous with a former Mukhabarat Colonel, Hakim Al Nazeri, a man we believe might be the commander of Sword of Islam.
This satellite image of Al Qurnah was Porter's last known position.
It was taken at 18:36 local time and shows four vehicles outside the building.
Were you able to track the vehicles? No, and by the time we got a second satellite image an hour ago, - all the vehicles were gone.
- And Porter.
We have Charlie team on standby at LYneham.
We can have them on the ground, in Basra, in just over five hours.
And a helicopter to Al Qurnah, where they might be able to find clues of Katie's whereabouts.
Or a booby trap.
Sir, we have less than 50 hours before they execute Katie.
- If we delay - Hugh.
Count yourself lucky the Sword of Islam haven't already posted pictures of dead British soldiers on their website.
Authorisation denied.
We've lost five men in 24 hours.
- What did you expect? - Sir, Porter has given us this location.
We can't let these men's deaths be in vain.
Oh, I have no intention of doing that.
You find me another mission as cover, Major, and you've got Charlie team.
Hi, Alexandra.
Is your mother here? Mum! This is about my dad, isn't it? - Hugh.
- Diane.
GCHQ monitoring recorded John as a lost signal.
Please speak English.
Your father volunteered for a dangerous mission in Southern Iraq.
Who sent him? You know I can't tell you that.
You sent him, didn't you? I can't go into detail, but the manner in which we lost contact with John makes us fear the worst Don't you dare! Don't you dare say my dad's dead.
- Help me! - I'm so sorry.
No! Get off me! You're lying! Alex.
Listen, um I know how much you've done forJohn and thank you but the truth is we're all better off without him.
- Diane, he was - No, you're better off, too.
Whatever it was that made you look out for him, it's gone.
You're free.
Who are you? Katie My name is John.
I'm SAS.
It's all right.
Don't be frightened.
Katie, I'm going to get you out of here.
Okay? You've been a brave girl.
Brave girl.
Brave girl.
Shh, it's okay.
It's okay.
No! No, no, no! Katie, look at me.
Look at me! Whatever happens, you have to trust me.
You trust me! You said you were here to negotiate.
Is that true? I'm sorry, sir, I can't answer that question.
What is your mission? I'm sorry, sir, I can't answer that question.
By what means the British plan to rescue the hostage? I'm sorry, sir, I can't answer that question.
No! No! No! No! No! Tell me.
Let me talk to her.
It's her life.
If she wants me to talk, she can tell me.
Katie, look at me.
Look at me.
Trust me.
Just so you know, I'm going to kill every single one of these bastards.
Tell me.
I'm sorry, sir, I can't answer that question.
- Tell me.
- I'm sorry, sir, I can't answer that question.
Leave her alone, you fucker! Leave her alone! You let her suffer.
To resist me.
You're not going to kill her.
Not while you still have her to bargain with.
Katie Dartmouth's death was inevitable the moment I took her.
But because of you, I'm forced to bring forward the deadline for her execution.
We will kill her tomorrow at dawn.
And you will be first.
Sir, Charlie team have been deployed under cover of a joint operation with our American friends here in Basra.
How quickly can you be at Al Qurnah where we lost Porter's signal? We can be airborne immediately.
Good work.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's only me.
It's John.
We're going to get through this.
You and me.
You know that, don't you? Yes.
Good girl.
Just going to loosen these ropes.
Make you more comfortable.
- Feel better? - Yeah.
How does that arm feel? It's just numb.
I need to have a look at it.
Is that okay? Yeah.
Clear! How did you find me? The photo you took of the young man with the scar led me here.
Really, I just wanted an autograph.
That's good.
There's no infection.
Now, listen.
They're going to come for me first.
That's our chance.
I'll overpower them.
Then I'll come back for you.
Going to get you home, Katie.
I'll need to put this hood back on.
I'm sorry.
I understand.
Okay? Oh, please don't go.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm right here.
I'm right here.
Okay? I think Porter might still be alive.
They've cleaned out.
Left the body of one of their soldiers.
My guess is he's the man who led Porter to them.
And you think if they left his body, Porter's would be there, too? Well, it stands to reason.
So, there's a slight chance he's alive and can effect a rescue.
- Sir.
- One moment.
All Sword of Islam locations are within 30 kilometres of each other, and all are in Sunni districts.
Now, if we centre a radius from the point of abduction, the chances are we can narrow our search to more specific sites.
- Good.
You know the car he was driving? - Yeah.
A shitty Range Rover.
Get back to base, but be airborne by dawn.
We'll give you new coordinates for an aerial search.
We've got 25 hours, Layla.
There's still time.
Resuming search.
Don't move.
What? Where are you taking me? John! John! Where are they taking me? Oh, John! I'll talk.
Don't take her! I'll talk! - Katie, don't be frightened.
Trust me.
- Please help me! Hakim, you bastard! You said you'd take me first! I lied.
Hakim! It's coming up now, sir.
"Our demand for the release of our brother, Mohammed Jassim Ali, "has gone unheeded.
"They have shown no intention of negotiating in good faith.
"That is why we shall execute Katie Dartmouth in a few short minutes.
" - Layla, they've brought it forward.
- That's a new location.
They're going to execute Katie this morning.
Katie! No, don't.
Don't shoot him.
You know why I have to kill you, don't you? No, please! I want to hear you say it.
John, think.
He could have shot you.
This is for killing Mike and Keith, and for Steve.
Do you understand? He says it wasn't him.
He says it wasn't him! No shit, he's got a gun in his face.
John, think! Does he look like a killer? He swears.
He swears he didn't kill your friends.
Well, then who did? You tell me that.
We have to go.
Move! Go! Move, move! Get inside.
Cruising Tigris river, heading north.
Continuing to our search radius.
Any development, sir? They haven't uploaded the execution yet.
Until we hear otherwise, assume Katie and Porter are still alive.
Hold on! John.
Give me a shout if you see a phone box.
He say "telephone"? Fuck.
Come on, Layla.
Pick up.
This is Lieutenant Thomson.
Please leave a message.
- Shit.
- Okay.
Hold on! We need to get off this road.
- Hello? - Hello? John, John, somebody! Layla? - Layla, it's Porter.
- Porter! Thank God! Sir, we have contact from Bravo team.
Hold on, Layla.
Right, get out, get down behind the wheels.
We have to make a stand.
I have the hostage.
You know I have the hostage.
Bravo has Dartmouth, sir.
She's alive.
What's your position? Hey, what's your position, Bravo? Just turned off a desert highway heading southwest, at an intersection of high voltage pylons running north-south.
Two vehicles in pursuit.
Found you.
On our way.
ETA four minutes.
Repeat, four minutes.
Fuck! Pass me that.
I also have Scarface.
Repeat, I - Layla? - Porter? - Layla! - Porter, can you hear me? Oh, shit.
We have a visual of pylons ETA, three minutes.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't be.
Hostile suppressed.
Do we land? No! Hold position! There's someone else with Bravo, sir.
It's Scarface, sir.
I'll put you on head cam.
Bravo has the SOI soldier, designation Scarface.
Do we extract new contact? Sir, do you copy? Do we extract new contact with Bravo and hostage? Extraction denied.
Repeat, do not extract Scarface.
Landing now.
Stay low.
Come on.
Head down.
Not you.
On your knees.
Katie, sit here.
Zero, this is two-eight Alpha.
Hostage secure.
Moving now.
- What? - Don't move.
What are you doing? Wait! As'ad! John! They're leaving him! Layla, we need to go back now! Orders from Collinson! They'll kill him.
No! Collinson! We need to go back! Now! Collinson, just give the order! Zero, this is two-eight Alpha.
Do we return? Repeat, do we return? Over.
Collinson, don't do this! Collinson, you're busted! Collinson! Collinson! The abducted television journalist Katie Dartmouth is recovering in a US airbase after a daring rescue by British Special Forces.
Although no details have been released by the Ministry of Defence, sources have told us that the rescue came just moments before the deadline was announced for her execution.
Ms Dartmouth is expected to be able to fly home tomorrow morning.
- We have this report from our - Oh, my God! Dad! Dad! Dad.
Come here.
Yeah? John! So kind.
I'm one of the lucky ones, I came home.
My father supported the invasion and the war that followed, an extension of which is still going on in Afghanistan.
My family have had a taste of what British Forces and Iraqi families have gone through these past few years, and we are humbled by it.
My heart goes out to those families on both sides, whose loved ones will never come home.
I owe you an apology.
Oh? You did an extraordinary thing out there.
- You're not going to kiss me, are you? - No.
Getting all sentimental on me like that.
I think I preferred you with low self-esteem.
What will you do now? I'm going to see a man about a job.
Glad you came in.
As a friend, I owe you an explanation about Scarface.
- As'ad.
- Yes.
I was forced to weigh the intelligence value he might've been able to provide against the risk he posed as a known terrorist.
Suppose he'd had a change of heart and tried to bring down the helicopter? We could've lost Katie on the very brink of getting her to safety.
I need you to tell me everything As'ad said to you.
About what happened the night you saved his life? Yeah.
He said He said that the man who killed your friends was another soldier.
An Iraqi soldier? Or a British soldier? You do understand, don't you, John? Of course.
I would've done exactly the same thing if I was in your shoes.
So, have you come to a decision? About our offer to join Section 20? Yeah.

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