Strike Back s02e01 Episode Script

Project Dawn: Episode 1

"To the imperialist powers of the West, "I, "John Porter, "confess to the crime, of being a British spy, pos(192,230)"trespassing on the holy soil of Pakistan" I've been tracking lot, we have Porter's location.
Satellite telemetry in place.
- We have visual.
- Confirmed.
"The Pakistani people have tasted humiliation and contempt for decades.
" Re-scan.
Rooftop's clear.
No snipers visible.
"Her sons murdered, "her holy places desecrated.
" Latif demands the immediate release of all his oppressed brothers being held in British and American prisons.
In position.
Head cam's up.
- Stonebridge.
- Colonel? - Bring John home.
- With pleasure.
Stairs, going up.
"Unless his brothers are freed, "my life will be sacrificed "as just retribution.
"God is great.
- You ready for this? - Fuck yeah.
"Glory to Islam.
" Standby.
Clear! They've moved him.
John's not here.
Check for intel, anything you can find.
Kyle, come in.
Got something here, boss.
All right, Kyle.
Stay with me, buddy.
Stay with me.
fade(1000,200)A Cup of Team Baje, chiiz, kiry Tr: addic7ed fade(1000,100) Strike Back 2x01 LONDON UNITED KINGDOM pos(192,280) Captain, this was your operation.
What went wrong? We committed too fast, with inadequate surveillance of the target location, pos(192,220) and ineffective perimeter security.
Has the rash cooled, Captain? All due respect, when was the last time you stepped out? Stonebridge.
Sinclair's right.
It was rash.
Captain, anything else to add? Our intel was good.
Porter was there.
We had a small window of opportunity.
- If we'd waited any longer - Porter would still have been gone.
And maybe one of our best men would be alive.
We analyzed the map of Delhi and the mobile phone you recovered.
Several calls were logged on throwaway phones in India, but none of it is actionable intel.
If Latif's men are calling Delhi, they may be planning something there.
Possibly "Project Dawn.
" True, but we still don't know what "Project Dawn," is yet, do we? That's what Porter was supposed to find out.
All we know is that Latif has vowed to launch a devastating attack on British and American citizens.
And as of now, I have to report that we have nothing.
We cannot afford any more mistakes.
I cannot afford any more mistakes.
Understood? Thank you, Kate.
I need you to locate this man.
His name is Damien Scott, ex-Delta Force.
Colonel, Major.
What the fuck? Don't you knock? I own this place.
You own everything in this shit-hole, Ong.
Now, what do you want? I have a lot of money riding on this fight.
You tell Igor to lay off the nose.
All right.
Where's my ringgit? You'll be paid.
Fuckin' asshole.
You win for Treena, Scott? Not this time, honey.
Not this time.
Lay off the nose, huh? Yeah, fuck you too.
Lay off the fucking nose! Get some water.
What the fuck, Ong? I said, "Not the nose.
" Come on, Scott! Fight! Come on, Igor! Get up! Get up! - Hi, Scott! - Hey, honey.
Hey, sexy.
Not a bad fight back there.
Once you'd decided to fight, that is.
Really? So, who you with? SAS, or SBS? Section 20.
High-risk, priority targets.
You're such hot shit.
What are you doing here? John Porter.
What about him? He was undercover in Pakistan looking for a man named Latif.
He found Porter instead.
What's that got to do with me? You and Porter were the only soldiers ever to see Latif, back in 2002.
You must be really desperate.
A HERC's waiting to take us to London.
Since you're packing your bags anyway.
- Ong's looking for you.
- Yeah, I know.
- He's very angry! - I know.
- How much? - How much? You want my help finding Porter, I want cash.
A lot of it.
I thought you were mates.
We were.
But now, as you can see, I'm retired.
Dishonourably discharged, on the eve of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
- Not even the PMCs will touch you.
- That's right.
So, if you don't want to pay me, you can go fuck yourself.
You're not going to leave me.
Just for a couple of days, honey.
Thanks honey.
You'll get paid.
More than you're worth.
- What's your name? - Stonebridge.
Okay, Stonehenge.
Time to go.
Scott, please, how will I find you? I'll friend you on Facebook, honey.
Dude, not that way.
Trust me.
Hold that, buddy.
Move over there.
Can we go now? I'm driving.
Nice hit.
Let's go, come on.
Come on.
- This is Damien.
- Damien Scott.
Colonel Grant, commanding officer of Section 20.
This is Major Oliver Sinclair, Captain Kate Marshall.
- Hello.
- Captain.
A pleasure.
This is very impressive.
But, I've never actually heard of Section 20.
Of course not.
Officially, we don't exist.
I understand you and Porter worked closely with Latif in Afghanistan.
It was taken 10 years ago in Peshawar.
It's the only photo we have.
This guy's former ISI.
You're telling me that no one can ID him? No one alive.
Latif made sure of that.
So, if you could take a look at the surveillance photos, help us identify what he looks like now, Then we have a chance to locate and rescue Porter.
Sure, but not until I get paid.
It's Porter.
Big screen.
Contact GCHQ.
I want this Website monitored now.
- They're transmitting live.
- Track IP now.
Tracking IP.
"No effort has been made to free the brothers "being held by the American and British dogs.
" You cowards.
You make me fucking laugh.
"Instead, the blood of other martyrs "has been spilled in a ridiculous attempt to rescue me.
" Why don't you just get on with it, you, sad fucking pricks.
Satellite lock in three minutes.
"Latif must speak in the only language the West understands: God, no.
" One more.
To John.
To John.
P, buddy.
Same again.
It's good of you to come, considering it's an unpaid gig.
Yeah, well.
He was a damn good soldier.
That, he was.
I just didn't expect him to die this way.
How do you mean? You knew John.
His mantra was, "Never give up.
" No matter what.
Sometimes, you don't have a choice.
I just thought, maybe he'd What? Put up more of a fight? Why don't you just get on with it? - The West understands - Blood.
Rescue me Why don't you just get on with it, you sad fucking pricks! No effort has been made to free the brothers.
Being held by the American and British dogs.
You cowards.
You make me fucking laugh! Holy shit.
All right, and then walks in, says, "What's the problem?" He looks.
Sees he's butt-naked from the waist down.
Hey, luv.
Have a nice run? Nice tights.
Can I have a word? Damien, why don't you stay for breakfast? I can make a full English, Mike's favorite.
No, thanks.
- I should break your fucking neck.
- Easy, buddy.
This is home.
My home.
I know.
It's a great one, too.
- Kerry's a great girl.
- How'd you find me? Trace my mobile? You're not so hard to find.
I got something to show you.
Where's your laptop? According to Scott, when they entered Afghanistan They used to work with a lot of locals they couldn't always trust.
To pass messages back and forth to each other They came with a simple numerical code, only they would know.
It's pretty basic.
You switch each sequential number of the alphabet With Scott and Porter's new number system.
And, "P-R-I-C-K-S" becomes.
" - Lotus H.
- You can't be serious.
What's "Lotus H?" - It could be one in a million things.
- Including this.
The Royal Lotus Hotel, in Delhi.
Shit, Mike.
You're clutching at straws.
That guy would do anything to get paid.
Bear with me.
There was one other coded word in Porter's first outburst.
British dogs Cowards, you make me fucking laugh! Deciphered it becomes P-Dawn.
- "Project Dawn".
- Right.
Now, "Lotus H" could have been a lucky guess.
There's no possible way, Scott could have known about "P.
Or, its significance to us.
Porter died trying to tell us what he'd found out about Latif.
All right, everyone go home, take ashower.
Kiss your partner, feed your dog.
All set, Sergeant.
Major, let's prepare the crib.
I want everyone assembled at RAF Lakenheath by 1900.
We're re-locating to Delhi.
Today's the 15th.
You know how much I want this baby.
Darling, I'm late as it is.
Are you going to walk out on this? We'll need to take him.
I know, but he was Delta Force once.
And, if Latif is in Delhi, then he'll be the one to recognize him.
Copy that.
The satellite should be coming up any second now.
Major Ashkani.
Major, please.
- Colonel Grant.
- Welcome to "The Crib.
" This is Captain Kate Marshall, our chief Intel Analyst.
And Major Oliver Sinclair, my second.
This is Major Ashkani, Pakistani's ISI's Delhi agent.
Please accept my condolences for the loss of your soldier.
Porter was a valiant man.
Thank you.
I better run.
Excuse me.
Thank you for coming on such short notice.
We have reason to believe that Latif is here in Delhi.
Latif here? But why? We don't know.
That's why we'd like the assistance from Pakistani intelligence.
Of course, but I must ask does the Indian government know you're here? As you can see, Major, we like to keep a low profile.
Thank you, Mr.
Your credit card.
Enjoy your stay.
Rooms are that way.
I know.
The bar is this way.
Life's just one long pussy prowl for you, isn't it? I'm on the case, Mr.
The bar is the first place a good Muslim would go to blend in.
It's really great to have you on the team.
Michael, you in? Yes, I'm in.
What do you see? Six cameras in total.
Four in the lobby, one in each corner, two at the entrance.
I think I found where to tap into their feed.
I'll be there in about - About five minutes.
- Make it 10! Make it 10.
Excuse me.
Can I get a Laphroaig on the rocks, please? A single or double? It depends.
How soon you get off? Are you hitting on me? Is it working? I'll make it a double.
This is the Royal Lotus, isn't it? Sorry? This hotel.
Is it the Royal Lotus? You don't know where you are? Not most of the time.
Another lost American.
How about you? Just a very tired Brit.
Here alone.
Traveling for business.
You're psychic.
Thank you.
Why don't you let me, buy you another drink, and, I'll amaze you some more.
No thanks.
I'm just leaving.
That's a really pretty ring.
Why me? I like you.
You don't know me.
I can tell that we'd hit it off.
Too bad we'll never find out.
- Going down? - Up.
Do you have a picture? Hang on a sec.
Roger that.
Standing by.
Got it.
- Start official scans.
- Roger.
Surely, you can't expect to recognize Latif, based on CCTV feeds and a 10-year-old photograph? Major, we need your help to identify known associates.
We have a man on the inside that can identify Latif.
Room Service.
You alone? You know, I don't remember telling you my room number.
You wrote it on the bill.
You off work already? I'm on a break.
Thank you.
Yeah, I'm here.
Just outside the entrance.
I think we have trouble.
Coming in now.
- It's just a PC.
- Thank you, Ma'am.
There, only 10.
Got it? Got it.
May I check your bag, please? Get down, now! Stay down! I need up-res re-scans now! - Scanning now.
- Re-scanning - Losing feed, repeat, losing feed! - Shit.
Michael, come in.
Michael, can you hear me? What? Be quiet.
Get in the bathroom.
What? Get in the bathroom.
Be quiet.
Get dressed.
- Pressure on that.
- Thank you very much.
Sorry! - Michael, can you hear me? - I'm here.
Thank Christ.
- Give me a sit rep? - Sixteen young men.
In total, Pakistani.
Late 20's, early 30's.
All armed with AK's.
- How'd they get past security? - Bags were already in the lobby.
They're rounding up civilians.
Six or seven dead.
Three or four wounded.
It's Mumbai all over again.
Stonebridge, is Scott with you? He's not among the hostages.
- What are you doing? - You got a phone in here? It's downstairs.
- We could someone call for help.
- Yeah.
We will.
But right now I need you to do exactly what I tell you, okay? It's okay.
I just want to go home.
I know, and I'll get you there.
If you do exactly what I tell you.
All right? Listening to me? Come with me.
Don't look down, don't look at them.
Just come with me.
Passport or cell phone! Easy.
- Keep your hand on my back.
- Sorry.
Come on.
I saw what you did.
I'm sorry? When the shooting started.
Those people you helped.
- Are you a policeman? - No.
A tourist.
You? A tourist, yes.
Come on.
Back! Back! Fuck.
I've arrived outside the Royal Lotus Hotel in downtown Delhi where we have received reports of gunfire.
- Kate.
Are you there? - Michael, I'm here.
Directly behind the entrance doors, they've rigged a necklace of IEDs.
The Army so much as kick them, it'll detonate it.
Can you defuse it? Not right now.
Go ahead.
It's time we made our presence known.
Some of the terrorists have been killed.
He's saying someone shot at them.
Good man.
Come in here.
Come in here.
- Come here.
- I'm not going in! I need you to stay here, okay? They're not gonna search the same room.
You understand? Stay there.
What's going on? Hang on, buddy.
- I'll get help - Get me some towels.
- I'll get help.
- No, you stay here.
Fuck! Hang on, two seconds.
Be right back.
Hang on, buddy.
Don't talk.
Don't Fuck! Just what I need.
It's okay.
It's okay, honey.
You all right? You gotta come with me.
Come on.
Come on.
I'm not a bad man.
Come on.
There we go.
We go for a ride.
There we go.
You okay? Put your head down there.
And don't you look up.
All right? Keep your head down.
This man is definitely Shabbir.
One of Latif's lieutenants.
Do you recognize any of the other men? This is the crib.
All right.
Everyone out, now.
Major General's here.
Major General Kohli, I'm Colonel Grant.
You are on Indian soil, Colonel Grant.
Indian soil.
Without prior permission or consent.
I appreciate that, Sir.
But we are here pursuing the Pakistani terrorist, Latif.
I see.
Yet, you choose to involve the very same intelligence agency that turns a blind eye to Latif's activities.
Latif is as much an enemy of our government as yours, Sir.
- Countless Pakistanis have died - The government of Pakistan is weak, corrupt, and riddled with traitors.
Why I shouldn't impound this facility and place you under arrest? Because, General, I am willing to give you full access to our resources here.
I can take that.
And we have two operatives inside the hotel.
I'm here.
Colonel Grant wants you to be eyes and ears of the Indian Army.
- I need to find Scott first.
- And then, what? The two of you take out 16 armed men? That's the general idea.
Hey, tourist.
Who are you talking to? He says: "Mahmood must come forward.
" Please.
If you are Mahmood, step forward now, or blood will be shed.
You have 10 seconds to identify yourself or the old man dies.
They're going to execute a man.
Do nothing to give yourself away.
I'm so sorry.
Do not intervene.
Let me go! Thank you.
Please, take us with you.
I know a way out! Through the laundry, in the basement.
Show me.
Thank you so much.
Come on.
It's okay.
It's the guy from the bar.
I'm here to help.
Get out! Get the fuck out now! - Don't shoot! - Fuck me.
You all right? You're gonna come with me.
You're gonna go across that hall.
Go across.
In the bathroom.
In there.
- Can you get me out of here? - I'm working on that.
I need to hide here.
I gotta find a safe exit.
You look after her.
I'll be back.
- Report.
- Colonel.
I know what Fuck me! Fuck.
" Where the fuck you been? You know, saving lives, shooting bad guys.
- How many numbnuts you taken out? - Two.
- You? - Three.
That leaves 11.
You wanna shoot some more? If I have to.
- I've located Scott.
- I told you not to break cover.
I know.
But I've doubled our chances of defusing that IED.
First things first, though.
I have two hostages to get safety.
You two know a way outta here? Yes, downstairs.
Buddy, I gotta go back upstairs, though.
- Why? - A girl I met in the bar.
- You gotta be kidding me? - Not like that.
Okay, wait.
We've all gotta stick together here.
Copy that.
I know why Latif's men are in the building.
They're looking for "Mahmood.
" The gunmen are going through passports, trying to locate him.
Which means Latif can't know what Mahmood looks like.
Why take an entire hotel hostage for one man? It wasn't supposed to happen that way.
From what I saw those boys panicked.
I don't know, these men were prepared.
They had weapons, explosives.
Maybe the gun men and the hostages were a smokescreen.
A way of hiding his true target.
But the gun men, they were intercepted by security.
They drew their weapons too quickly and the siege started before they locate Mahmood.
We're missing the point.
Latif has no intention of letting anyone in or out of that building until he's got what he needs.
Which means only one thing.
Latif is still inside the hotel.
You! You can stop looking.