Strike Back s04e01 Episode Script

Shadow Warfare: Episode 1

Section 20 requires new leadership.
Some of you already know Captain Dalton.
Michael Stonebridge, you must miss it, in the field? Tonight you'll be employing libe rounds.
Get down! What happened to your brother-- His name was Jake.
He was a fine soldier.
What's in the case? Nuclear triggers.
do you have any idea what possession of those triggers could mean in the wrong hands? Can we start again? Of course we can.
Kerry! Craig Hanson as the man who murdered your wife.
- Conrad Knox.
- That is our new target? He could certainly afford those triggers.
With thisWe can raise Africa to where its voice is not just heard, but listened to.
There are clear guidelines about the treatment of prisoners.
Craig Hanson, Mr.
Hire him.
If we deactivate this one without doing the other one at exactly the same time, it'll detonate.
I forgive you.
This isn't about Africa.
This is about you.
Fuck me.
No! Dalton has been shot.
Section 20 has a future after all.
It's a good thing there was two of you.
- Please - Shut up! You are making a mistake.
I have told you, I am a journalist.
You are making a mistake.
The woman you were with a journalist, too? I don't know who you mean.
Don't you know what we do with spies? You are making a mistake.
I am Associated Press.
Check my credentials! Where is the woman? Kamali.
You are making a mistake.
I am a journalist.
I know who you are, Sgt.
I know everything.
in Britain, we have a game called Snooker, which is similar in many ways; it just, uh, requires a more skillful and delicate touch.
It's also played on a larger table with much smaller pockets, so this is, um, easy.
You served? No, ma'am.
I'm an accountant.
You boys wear it like a badge.
I'm on holiday.
How far are you going? Until we run out of road.
May you find peace at the end of it.
Cheers to that.
Oh, fuck me.
I love American girls.
Where's that buddy of yours at? You should probably ask that pretty waitress of yours.
That's my daughter! "Let's have some fun," You said, "Let's get away from it all," You said, yeah.
Michael, you wanted to go for a fuckin' walk.
Mate, the Camino de Santiago's not a walk, it's a spiritual pilgrimage.
I told you that.
Hey, you boys, you know that California's a helmet state, right? No, sir, we weren't aware of that.
- I was.
- Really? And you got traffic violations in 6 other states from here to Alaska.
Only 6? You runnin' from somethin'? Uh, we're just on holiday, sir.
- Vacation.
- Vacation.
He means vacation.
License and registration.
Does that belong to you? Is that Richmond? Fucking Richmond.
They're definitely with us.
See ya, man.
Stand to, Sergeants.
Leave is over.
- What's going on? - What're you talking about? We just got here! Come on, Michael.
Back me up on this.
- Look, we're heading south.
We have plans.
- Not anymore! - Why? - What happened? Baxter's dead! - What? How? - Come on.
Briefing en route.
Wait! Transport waiting at Twentynine Palms airbase.
I got a situation here.
Not you, Sankara, you sack of shit! You betrayed me.
No! I swear! They murdered one of my men.
You give me Kamali, or Hezbollah finds out that you're working for me.
But I'm not-- You better hope they think so.
Colombia! They went to Colombia! Colombia's a big fucking place! Kamali's meeting the Gomez Cartel and the Russians! They're about to go to war! Put some fucking clothes on.
You're disgusting.
Ready, Sergeant.
What is that you're gonna put in my ass? Yellow fever, tetanus, typhoid.
You're going into Colombian jungle, Sergeant.
You're gonna be dodging more than bullets.
Seein' as you asked so nicely, Doc, here you go, man.
Here we go.
That wasn't gel.
Who's your daddy now? Major Dalton, they're ready for the briefing now.
Welcome back, Sergeants.
I presume you've heard about Baxter.
Yes, ma'am.
We will have time to mark his death, but as it stands, we only have a small window of time to catch the fuck who did it.
RichmondWhitehall online yet? Coming up now, Major.
They're ready for you, sir.
- Shit.
- Good evening, Colonel.
- That's Philip Locke.
- What, you know him? No.
I know of him.
- Never met.
- Headlines only.
While you two were away on your little soiree, an operation in Beirut went badly wrong.
Baxter's killer is this man-- Leo Kamali.
He's a British national, Lebanese heritage.
Kamali is the money man of the Al-Zuhari terror network and the brains of the operation.
Thanks to Kamali, Al-Zuhari and his organization control the supply of most of the cocaine and heroin going into Europe.
Dalton and Baxter were tracking him, and, uh, well care to embellish, Major? Low-level surveillance, intelligence-gathering.
We got made somehow.
Can you turn that off? We get Kamali, we get Al-Zuhari himself.
He's the ultimate target of this mission, and we've never had a chance to get to him before, until now.
We have no current intelligence on Al-Zuhari's whereabouts, but thanks to Major Dalton, we know Kamali's currently in Bogota, but our chance to get him is limited.
Colombia is still its usual mess of corruption and violence.
Cartels still have politicians and police on the payroll, so there is no trusting anyone.
Except this woman.
That's Kim Martinez, a DEA agent running a small narco unit in the jungle near an area controlled by cartel boss Miguel Gomez.
He's the man Kamali's gonna meet.
I've worked with Martinez before.
She's good.
She's very good.
She'll take you to him.
Richmond'll set up the Mobile Crib at Bogota Air Force base.
Questions? Yeah.
You want him dead or alive? We want Kamali alive.
With his intel, we could cripple Al-Zuhari's entire network.
But if capture's not an option kill him.
- Roger that.
- Yes, sir.
The holiday's over, lads.
Good luck.
Oh, and, Major Dalton, you know I've been looking for an excuse to get some dust on my boots.
Don't give me one.
No, sir.
If they're bringing Locke into this, it's serious shit.
Yeah? What's his story? Philip Locke.
He's a Special Forces legend.
When I trained at Hereford, he was the man we all wanted to be.
He's served in every major theater for the last 3 decades.
Rumor has it he was one of the men who went after the IRA on Gibraltar.
Got it.
Do you think they're ready for this? The cartels don't screw around.
How are they looking? Better than you, ma'am.
We should be fuckin' slammin' tequilas in Baja right now.
Don't tell me that, Michael! Shit.
The plan was always to come back to Twenty, right? Mike? See you on the ground.
See ya round.
Go on.
Say something.
Zero, this is Bravo team.
On the ground finally.
Zero, this is Bravo team.
Do you read me? - You got anything? - Nothing.
- Cartel must be jamming the signal.
- Yeah.
Movin' out.
- Mike.
- Yeah? Corporal.
Are we up yet? Got comms online in 20 minutes.
- What's the problem? - Signal issues.
- Get it sorted.
- Yes, ma'am.
I need the Crib operational.
Scott and Stonebridge are in country and need support.
I want their location and I want radio contact.
Dropped into some shit hole like this.
Fuckin' God knows what diseases around.
Pick some bad-ass hombre, and for what? World's just gonna keep on turnin', and some asshole's just gonna replace him.
We're in the bad-ass hombre-making business, buddy.
Fuckin' job creators.
Ours is not to reason why.
Well, maybe it's time we start.
I'm gettin' sick of this shit.
I just want to fuckin' win, you know? There's no win.
You know that.
We still-- What the fuck was that? - Probably a candiru.
- What the fuck's that? The little fish that swims up your cock and drinks your blood.
You can't get it out.
It's got barbs.
You fuckin' kiddin' me? - No, mate.
- We get a vaccine for that? Nothin' to worry about, mate, 'cause it'll never find your tiny cock.
Fuck you.
I want to get out now.
Bravo, this is Zero.
Radio check, over.
On it.
Bravo, this is Zero.
Radio check, over.
Zero, this is Bravo Team.
Difficult radio check, over.
We can track you, but clear comms are gonna be hard.
You're two clicks south of the rendezvous with Martinez.
Good bearing.
Who betrayed us? Who betrayed us? Get up, you bitch! A name.
That's all I want from you.
A name.
Colonel, what does the name Sebastian Gray mean to you? Gray? Well, he was with MI6.
He worked out of the Beirut consulate in the eighties, but when they recalled him, he vanished.
Up until two years ago, he was selling intel to the highest bidder, but then went to ground when he pissed off the French.
They sent a team in to get him.
We thought he was dead.
Yeah, well, I have a pretty strong feeling he isn't.
Need to find him.
Well, I'll send you what we can, but it's past its sell-by date.
And if you do find him, approach from downwind.
He sees you first, you've lost him.
Get me on the next flight to Beirut.
Right away, sir.
Are you alone? Hands up.
- I take it that weapon's not for fishing.
- Protection.
Around here, you never know when some dumb gringo will come out of the jungle.
Perhaps I should introduce my friends, huh? Gentlemen.
You're late.
I thought there was two of you.
There is.
Kim Martinez.
Even lovelier in the flesh.
Don't try that charm shit on me.
This one talk? When I have something to say, yeah.
So you're Colonel Locke's team, huh? Well, we better get you briefed before you go stumbling into somebody else in the jungle.
Not everybody's as warm-hearted as me.
I like her.
You would.
Listen, if you boys want Kamali, you're going to have to take him from this guy-- Miguel Gomez, former Colombian police commander.
He changed sides? Money'll do that.
Now, Gomez was a brutal cop, but he is in a whole 'nother league now he's running his own cartel.
He calls himself "The Jaguar.
" All this is his.
It's heavily guarded and patrolled, but Colonel Locke tells me you guys get the job done, operating behind the lines.
Yep, that's us.
There's a line? Kamali's here only once or twice a year, and we know he's key to moving the cartel's money out of the country.
Now Gomez has called together all the cartel bosses to meet with a Russian arms dealer.
My guess--it was on Kamali's orders.
Gomez's place is two clicks southeast.
Find a suitable O.
, wait till dark.
Sounds like a plan.
Miguel, my friend.
It's good to see you.
It's been too long.
Seems like you only come to see me now when there are problems.
Are they all here? You're the last.
I have entertainment.
You didn't need to bring your own puta madre.
Her name is Celine, Miguel, and she is not for The Jaguar.
- Viktor? - Yeah, Viktor is here, not Arkady.
He can make it a problem.
We have a lot of unhappy people here, Leo.
We expected the organ grinder, not the monkey.
Sometimes the monkey is easier to control.
Viktor, you remember my friend Leo.
I do.
Do remember me to your father.
He is a great man.
It's a shame he couldn't be here.
I speak for my father in all things.
Is there a problem, soldier? Candiru.
You know, those little fish that swim up-- Not here.
It's the Amazon.
I shouldn't be here.
I shouldn't have to be here, and that I am must surely tell us that something is not as it should be.
Our activities are under more scrutiny than ever before.
Every agency, every police force bring their strength against us, and yet we prevail.
How? Because we are united in our efforts.
Division will destroy us.
Lack of trust will destroy us, and I will not tolerate it.
Al-Zuhari will not tolerate it.
Who says crime doesn't pay, huh? I got 4 on the towers.
I got at least 6 on the ground.
Am I right in believing that Samuel has paid you for the arms shipment which you agreed to deliver a week ago? You know where your fucking ship is and you know why it's not here.
Leo, you talk about respect? Two of my best men killed, huh?! Is this true? Samuel says that the russians raped and murdered one of his whores and he had them killed in return.
- Martinez.
- Hmm? Want to take out the guards, cover our exfil? Why don't I just go in and grab Kamali for you, too? A distraction for our exfil will be great.
You got it.
"You got it.
" He gets "You got it"? He's polite.
Besides, that British accent kills me.
There is a way for us to make a peace, but it is through sacrifice that we progress.
Of course, Viktor, you will deliver the shipment.
I'll ensure Arkady will hear of your diplomacy, and he'll be proud of his son.
Samuel Hey, I'm not going to do a fucking You will make redress for your actions, and we will all learn a new respect.
So let's go in soft, let's grab Kamali, and let's leave, try not to start a war here.
Copy that.
Stop it! Stop.
Hold on.
What the fuck are you doing here? What do you think I'm doing here? You said you were out.
You said no more Mossad, no more killing! I gave you that out! Did you really believe it was gonna be that easy? Jesus Christ.
This is what we do.
And you? I'm here for Leo Kamali.
" What's that mean? Gracias, brother, gracias.
Kamali's mine.
Do you have any idea what I had to do to get close to this guy? Yeah, I got a pretty fair idea, Rebecca.
Do you even know who he is? Yeah, of course I do.
He's Allah's banker.
So why do you think I'm here? What? So Mossad can disappear him? Fuck that.
He killed one of ours.
I'm taking him.
Damien, do not fuck this up.
I am this close to getting somethi - Celine? - Fuck.
Celine? Celine? You locked the door? I don't like how these bodyguards look at me.
They make me feel like one of those cheap hookers.
I don't like these people any more than you.
It's necessary.
I will make it up to you.
I promise.
I love it when you speak Arabic.
Buenas noches.
What is this, a fuckin' family reunion? Pretty harsh.
Not really.
Want to get dressed? - You're making a big mistake.
- Shut him up.
You don't know what you're doing.
No, he just makes it look that way.
You have to listen to me.
You have-- No, I don't.
Oh, shit.
No, no, no, no, no.
The fuck you wearing? You think I brought my fatigues? This the exit.
As long as Locke's little buddy's done her job.
Delta, need that distraction.
You can't do this.
Kamali's mine.
Unless you got a Mossad team out there disguised as tree frogs, he's ours.
Oh, yeah.
It's always the little things they don't tell you, huh? Like she's an Israeli agent? Delta, come in, Delta.
Delta, how about that distraction? Delta, come in.
Do you copy? Delta, respond.
Scott, moving.
Oy, come here! What the fuck?! - Come here.
- Do you know who the fuck I am?! I don't care who you are.
Come here, mate.
Don't! Moving.
Follow me, follow me! Move! Just follow me, just follow me! Viktor! Viktor! Viktor.
You remember whose side you're on, huh? All right, you guys got to start moving! Move! Go! - Who the hell is that? - It's a long story.
Move! Moving.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Damn it! The only way you leave here is with a bullet in your head.
Now fucking move.
Move! Don't shoot.
They haven't made us yet.
Oh, God.
Come here! Martinez! Martinez! -Move! -Fuck! Rebecca! Down there! - Oh, God.
- Halt! Martinez! Come here! Come here! Come here! Follow me! Martinez! Get back here! - Moving! - Fuck! Mikey! 9 o'clock Fuck! Scott, moving! Grenade! Good work.
Bravo One.
Do you copy? This is Brave One.
Come in.
Zero, we need an exfil now.
- Fuck.
- We're on our own.
Stay down.
Mike! More coming on the ridge! Catch it! Fuck! Told you I couldn't cover 'em! Move! Move! Move! Down! Oh! Michael! Yeah? You Navy boys like to swim, right? Yeah.
You want to go get that boat? Yeah, let's do it! What the hell? Why not? Rebecca! You cover us back there! What the hell is he doing? Something brave or something stupid.
Can't tell yet.
Go! Move! Michael! I'm coming to you! We'll go around! Rebecca! To the river! Rebecca! The river! Fuck! Well, go or don't go! Your choice! Move! Come on! Go! Move! Let's go! Run! Mike! Fuck! All right! Get on the 30-cal! Help him in! Come on, go, go! Fuckin' eat shit! Nice work, Aquaman! Now take us home! Oh, come on! Are you fuckin' kiddin' me?! Oh, shit! - Ready, Martinez? - You got it.
Now! Now! Fuckin' fire up that 30-cal, Scott! I'm on it! Fuckin' piece of shit! Fuck! 30-cal's out.
- Mikey! - Yeah? I'm down to my sidearm.
How are you doing? Fuck! I'm losing power, Scott! Losing power! The engine's hit! We need a Plan B, mates! Fuckin' awesome! You got any C4 left? - Get going on that next one.
- OK.
- Michael! - Yeah? Get down here! Martinez, throw me another mag! Take the wheel.
Got it.
All right! I throw, you shoot! On one or zero? Shut the fuck up and shoot it! Shit! Fuck! You missed! I can't believe you fuckin' missed! You fuckin' throw it right, I'll fuckin' hit it! Go! - Fuck you! - Fuck, yeah! Nice work, Michael.
Nice shooting.
Whoo! Nice bomb-making.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Zero, this is Bravo Team.
Do you read me? Bravo, from Zero, good check, over.
Sit-rep? It's a little hairy.
We got the package.
Good work.
Bring him in.
Get down! Get down! Get down! Shit! Get us out of here! Oh, shit! Incoming! Down! Bravo, come in.
Bravo Team, respond.

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