Strike Back s07e07 Episode Script

Revolution: Episode 7

1 [Wind whistling] [Gun cocking, then firing] MAN: Local police are taking two white females to a Myanmar prison.
What if we can't extract them? They've got the Intel with the nuke location.
I have a contingency.
- [Gun cocking] - [Grunting] Move! - Intel? - Destroyed.
Boss said there might be another way to find the nukes.
Bloody hope so! - [Gun cocking] - [Gunfire] Package location, Zaza's riverside compound.
WOMAN: I'm sorry, but this is work.
- [Gun cocking] - Ahh! Ms.
Gillespie, I need you to take me all the way to Zaza himself.
[Gun cocking then firing] Ahh! Sergeant Wyatt? Pavel, what the hell are you doing here? Trying to finish Katrina's job for her.
Contact! [Gunfire] [Explosion] I got the nukes! Mission priority, move them out.
Sergeant Wyatt, you did not need to help me.
[Gun cocking then firing] Listen, I don't think I'm gonna make it back home this time.
[Gun cocking then firing] When this call ends, you are going to tell me everything about this operation.
No, when this call ends, you will salute me.
[Gun firing] [engine revving] My heart don't believe me [mournful country music playing through speakers] When I tell it you've gone Cheers, bro.
[women giggling] [overlapping chatter] Please tell me you didn't just drop a shot into your beer.
[laughs] It's called a boilermaker.
It's called a cry for help.
I mean, we all like whiskey and beer, just maybe not at the same time.
- Samuel Wyatt.
- Madison Avary.
Nice to meet you.
A beer and a shot, please? On me.
Sure you can afford that on your soldier's salary? And what makes you think I'm military? The little things.
The way you carry yourself.
Your hair.
And the fact that you have your duffel at your feet.
[both laughing] Right.
And there is a silence No, this isn't right.
Comes around I didn't I didn't have a beard when I met you.
[brooding music] Not that first time.
Low midline penetration.
Nine millimeter Parabellum, straight through.
Avoiding all major organs, but you're losing blood.
Oh, baby.
I don't think you're gonna make it.
[blood spattering] [inhales sharply] [groaning, panting] There he is.
Need a drink? Yeah, I'll take a beer.
You'll take a water.
You almost bled out, mate.
We got you to a Myanmar military hospital.
Pavel? No trace.
- [groans] - Was Zarkova in on it? I don't know.
I was about to ask her.
[gulps] Then Pavel shot me in the stomach and kicked me out of a truck.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where do you think you're going? Back to work.
You nearly died.
Yeah, I let Pavel get away with the nukes.
Hell, I even saved his life.
And I trusted Zarkova.
We all screwed up on this.
[dramatic music] So I gotta get back to work.
You're not serious? Whatever Pavel does with those nukes, that's on us.
[The Heavy's "Short Change Hero"] I can't see where you coming from But I know just what you runnin' from And what matters ain't the "who's baddest" But the ones who stop you falling from your ladder Come on, feelin' like you're feelin' now And doin' things just to please your crowd When I love you like the way I love you And I suffer, but I ain't gonna cut you 'Cause this ain't no place for no hero This ain't no place for no better man This ain't no place for no hero to call home This ain't no place for no hero This ain't no place for no better man This ain't no place for no hero to call home [train horn blaring] [foreboding music] [phone line beeps] [line clicks] [phone line clicks] - Should you be up? - We already tried that, Ches'.
Do you know where Pavel is? Uh, I'm not even sure we know who he is.
None of his military records can be verified.
From the looks of it, the man known as "Pavel Kuragin" didn't even exist until three years ago.
So the guy's, what? A fake? - A cover story? - I believe so.
While searching for Intel on Pavel, I found this.
MI6 had surveillance on an FSB training camp in Borodino.
Every shot of Pavel has him training with the same man.
Facial recognition gives a 92% match to Roman Lesnitsky.
Low-level FSB analyst.
He could be the key to what Pavel is planning.
Do we know where Lesnitsky is now? Well, this is where it gets good.
Four weeks ago, he contacted Western intelligence agencies looking to defect.
The boss is on the phone to Whitehall as we speak.
[tense music] I understand.
No, believe me, I do, but, respectfully, there is more at stake here than I have every confidence we can Yes.
Yes, very well.
[phone beeps] [sighs] [overlapping chatter] [keypad beeping] Pavel? Pavel! [dramatic music] [both grunting] [coughing, gasping] [gasping] Are they up to speed? Okay.
Lesnitsky wouldn't offer any Intel up front, so he's been marked low priority.
Currently, he's holed up in an apartment complex in Saratov, Russia.
I told Whitehall we'd be happy to extract him.
Sorry, they've sanctioned a move into Russia? Usual caveats.
Covert, no weapons.
But, sir, if we're discovered, that's an international incident.
So we don't get discovered.
In and out in 24 hours.
Let's find out what Lesnitsky knows about Pavel and Kingfisher.
McAllister, Novin, on me.
- We leave in an hour.
- Copy that, boss.
Wyatt, you stay here with Chetri.
Is Russia cold? Russia's gonna be cold, innit? [foreboding music] Boss.
I'm good to go.
This was just a lucky shot.
The only luck shot's the one that misses, Sergeant.
Plus, we need you match fit for whatever Pavel's planning.
No Russian, not until all of this is over and we are out of the country.
[sighs] You are avoiding the question.
Yes, I am.
My name doesn't matter anymore.
I gave it up with almost everything else in my life.
"Almost everything"? My brother, Gregory.
[sighs] He was a pacifist.
He hated me for joining the army, hated everything I stood for.
He lost his job due to sanctions from the West.
Had to borrow money to buy the pills to end his own life.
Coward to the very end.
Refusing to fight back.
Our people deserve better.
[scoffs] Just not our team.
Did they not deserve to go home? I had my orders.
But maybe I could have done things differently.
Maybe I could have done it my own way.
Okay, just like Alpha group training.
Move fast, move hard.
[suspenseful music] [dramatic music] [both exclaiming] [both coughing] [radio chatter] Police inbound.
ETA 90 seconds.
[shouting indistinctly] [hollers] [gasping, gurgling] Katrina! Don't stop! [gasping] [groans] [alarm wailing] 30 seconds! [loud banging] [grunts] Move.
[engine turns over] [tires squealing] [distant sirens wailing] [suspenseful music] Hello, Zero.
This is Zero Alpha.
Radio check, over.
Yeah, this is Zero.
We got you.
[scoffs] Shit, I'm Zero.
I don't want to be Zero.
Rest up.
I've got this.
No, I'll rest up when the team get back safe.
It's no wonder you want to get out of here and get out and see some real action.
[pills rattling] [insects chirping] Heard you got a kill.
First one? You okay? Couldn't sleep.
Just Kept seeing it in my head, over and over.
Yeah, it's the one that stays with you.
[dark music] Target's on the third floor.
Apartment 303.
[suspenseful music] [shotgun cocks] Roman Lesnitsky? Colonel Alexander Coltrane.
Here to extract you as arranged.
How do I know you're not here to kill me? Because you're still alive.
- You are British? - Yep.
[sniffs, groans] What the hell is this? Stanikbrovska.
Very popular.
[shotgun cocking] It's not even loaded.
I don't believe in guns anymore.
Well, they definitely exist, mate, and they're definitely better with ammo.
You asked for extraction.
We're extracting you.
Grab some things and move out.
- Now! - [stammering] Now you're in a hurry, eh? Weeks.
Weeks I've been waiting.
Jumping at fucking shadows.
Every time I try to contact one of your agencies, I run the risk of Russia eavesdropping on me, finding me.
But no, none of you think my Intel will be worth it.
Well, we know otherwise.
We wanna hear all about Kingfisher.
[soft dramatic music] Kingfisher is why I am running.
You're scared of him? Kingfisher is a project, not a person.
And I am the grand designer.
"Project"? A project for what? After Crimea, Ukraine Russian economy hemorrhaged $600 billion thanks to your sanctions.
20 million people forced below poverty line.
Kingfisher was covert response to this act of terrorism by Europe and America.
We could no longer look to the West, so we looked east.
That's all very poetic.
What the fuck does it mean? You will get your defection debrief once I have been defected.
What about Pavel Kuragin? You know too much.
Pavel was tasked with carrying out my plan.
Pavel is the reason I am running.
So you're scared of him.
No, Colonel.
The man that he is and the lines he will not hesitate to cross.
Now, can I please have my fucking cigarettes? Excuse me? On the phone an hour ago.
I told you to bring me some.
[foreboding music] None of our people have contacted you within the last hour.
No, I told you.
Could have been a Russian fishing trip.
Yeah, well, if it was, they'll know where he is and they'll be after him.
Mac, you take point.
Novin, rear.
Lesnitsky, on me.
Let's move.
[computer whirring] What was that? Bravo? Zero, we seem to have lost power.
See if you can't find out why.
Copy that.
[tense music] [distant glass clatters] Novin, on me.
Get back.
Got eyes, Mac.
Mac, your 1:00.
Dead on.
[suspenseful music] Target down.
Any more? Lower stairs on your 6:00.
Lower stairs.
Target down.
Going to you.
- Target down.
- We clear? This was a mistake.
They will kill anyone who knows about Kingfisher.
[radio chatter in Russian] More tangos incoming.
- Where? - Hold on.
Shit, they're on our floor.
[neck cracks] Boss? We need to get moving.
Zero, we need tango locations now.
Not picking up anything.
Working to get the main power grid back online.
Mac, here.
Zero, moving out now.
[radio chatter in Russian] Come on.
Come on.
[radio chatter] Mains power back online now.
Nods up.
[power mains clunking] [silenced gunfire] - Clear! - Clear.
[dramatic music] Drop it! You brought these people down upon me.
If I go with you, I spend my life in fear.
- We can protect you.
- [laughs] They've got backup incoming.
I am not leaving without the Intel.
Boss, we get caught in Russia, situation like this I'm aware of the fucking situation, Sergeant! Kingfisher.
Hassan Ahmed.
The final piece of the puzzle.
Pavel will be looking for him.
No, no, I need more! Then you will have to shoot me.
They're gonna be on us, boss.
We gotta get moving.
[tense music] Op's done.
Move out.
Bravo, sit-rep.
Alpha One ran, but we have a name.
"Hassan Ahmed.
" Find out everything about him as quick as you can.
Copy that.
This is the man Lesnitsky mentioned.
Hassan Ahmed.
Founder of a radical Jihadist group, "Alssayf Alddima.
" Believed to be behind a number of bombings across Indonesia in the early 2000s.
And where is he now? Prison? He was, for ten years.
Released eight months ago under a controversial deradicalization program.
[distant shouting, chanting] [sinister music] His case was a political hot potato between the government and military hard-liners, who'd rather he never saw the light of day.
What's he been doing since? - Gardening.
- [laughs] Is that some new military slang? No, it's exactly what it sounds like.
Flowers and shit? Flowers and shit, yes.
Planting and tending alongside his nephew, Taufik.
It seems that Hassan has embraced the peaceful life.
Indonesian intelligence barely bother with surveillance on him anymore.
And yet, according to Lesnitsky, he's the final piece of this plan.
A Russian black op, downing their own plane, steal their own warhead, to, what? Make a suitcase nuke and arm some washed-up green-fingered terrorist? That's if Lesnitsky's telling the truth.
I mean, last time I trusted a Russian, it didn't work out so well.
How the hell did it work out for you, Novin? Okay, sure.
I thought Zarkova was on the level.
I mean, she even had my back a few times, right? But I'm over it.
She'll pay.
- Oh, you're over it.
- We all got fucked, Wyatt.
And it wasn't enjoyable.
We're all on the same side here.
Just so happens that I got fucked by a nine mil to the stomach, though.
Yeah, and we dragged you out of the riverside.
Blood everywhere.
You nearly died on us.
Yeah, I nearly died.
Yeah, and if they go after one of us, they come after all of us.
Mac sat by your bedside all night hoping you'd pull through.
It wasn't all night.
I popped in, popped out.
- Popped back in again.
- We took a risk.
It backfired.
That buck stops with me.
So we got to Hassan before Pavel.
He's the thread that can unravel this whole thing.
We get a hit on his phone, Chetters? - Hassan doesn't own a phone.
- Of course he doesn't.
His nephew, Taufik, however I have his number.
And the moment he makes a call, I can triangulate his location.
Wherever Hassan goes, Taufik isn't far behind.
I need you all mobile.
I want you reacting as soon as that phone call comes through.
[gun clicks] I'm good to go, boss.
Hassan is a hall-of-famer.
You need boots on the ground.
I'm good.
[suspenseful music] Let's go.
Keep an eye on him.
You are nervous.
We are two days late, and Hassan did stress a cash payment.
But you still think this will work? This is the part of Lesnitsky's grand scheme I had issues with.
Don't be fooled by appearances.
In his day, he was as brutal as they come.
Hassan is not happy.
This is not what Hassan has asked for.
It is what we have.
Well, Hassan feels like you do not respect him.
Has he had an accident? Just something that means he is unable to speak for himself? Katrina.
I apologize.
I've considered your proposal, and I reject it.
But we already had an agreement.
Well, Hassan has changed his mind.
And he does not believe that Russia truly supports his cause.
[tense music] Well, of course we do not support his cause.
We are using him.
There are things we wish to do, but we cannot for fear of reprisals against our nation.
But you? Well, we have an expression.
"Blame it on the wolf.
It can bear anything.
" And why would I want to be your wolf? Because you are Hassan Ahmed.
Your name struck fear into the hearts of the infidel mm, ten years ago before you got soft and weak in prison.
[grunts] Is that all you have? Look at the complete lack of fear in my eyes.
[pistol cocks] You do this for us, and your name will be carved into history.
A hundred years from now, they will still talk of Hassan Ahmed and all that he did.
We are what you have been waiting for.
[pistol clicks] Maybe you are a gift sent to me.
Maybe I can be the wolf.
Then we still have much to discuss.
[phone beeps] Got a hit on Taufik's phone.
It'll be an approximate location.
On arrival, you'll need to track them down on foot.
Copy that, Zero.
Get on it as quick as you can.
[suspenseful music] Oh, man.
Signal's dead as.
Any landmarks on there? Well, there's an old farm settlement 2 miles due south.
Buildings, road access.
All right, let's have a butcher's.
Zero, we're heading due south.
Looking for target location.
Copy that.
You good? Oh, yeah, I'm good.
So, what, operating at 20%, 30% efficiency? Hey, an American 30 is, like, what? British 90? Not even gonna dignify that with a comeback, dickhead.
The device is in the Odyssey Future Mall.
Once armed, give yourself 30 minutes to clear.
And while I doubt you will meet with any opposition, it might be wise to post men here and here.
I can organize my own men.
Of course.
You are Hassan Ahmed.
I meant no disrespect.
[birds chirping] Zero, have eyes on tango, one sentry.
Alpha Two must be inside.
Extract him.
The Indonesian authorities all right with us doing this? Eyes on Hassan.
Bravo Three's caught in the open.
Sorry, Zero.
Gotta go loud.
Copy that.
[dramatic music] [men hollering] Bravo One, they're heading to you.
[bullets whizzing, pinging] This is a setup! No, no, no.
They are here for me.
Stick to the plan.
I'll cover.
Guess we're on a first-name basis now, huh? Lower your weapon.
You are in no condition to fight.
That's 'cause some asshole shot me.
I had orders.
You were in the way.
Oh, this? This wasn't about orders.
This was about all those times that we came to your hotel, or your apartment, made you do our work.
We humiliated you.
You humiliated Pavel.
Still you.
[tense music rising] Yeah, you shot me.
And you left me there for dead.
[coughs] But I want you to know that I can still kick your ass any day of the week.
You don't know me at all, Sergeant.
[dramatic music] Eyes on Zarkova! Where the hell is Wyatt? [both grunting] [wound squelching] [grunts] Go! Go, go, go! Go, go! Fuck me! We're pinned down! Alpha Two going mobile! [tires squealing] Move, kid! [panting] [growling] [hollers] [both grunting] [hollers] [growling, panting] - Moving! - Covering! Pushing! [tense music] Zarkova! Hello.
Did you miss us? It is hard to miss you when you will not go away! [groaning] [panting] Gotcha.
[men yelling in foreign language] Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the fuck have you lot come as? Okay, okay! What's it like, Sergeant? [grunts] Lying there by the road.
Death coming for you.
Fuck you.
[men chattering in foreign language] Zero, we're being grabbed by local military.
[men chattering in foreign language] [chair crashing] How the hell did we not know that the Indonesian Military was in the area? I don't know, sir.
Why didn't you carry weapons into Russia? Because we only had certain permissions! We never had permission to go there.
There's no way Whitehall would have sanctioned a move onto Russian soil that quickly.
Do the Indonesian authorities know we're here? Look, I had to make a decision.
[tense music] You've taken the team rogue.
You've not even told them.
When was the last time we had permission to do anything? Section was shuttered after Myanmar, the raid on Zaza's compound.
We're closed down? Technically.
Do you have any idea what you've done? To their careers? To their lives? To me? You gonna report this in? I have to.
I have a responsibility.
In the meantime, keep tracking Hassan.
The stakes are too high.
I need to get to the team.
Okay? Thank you.
[grunts] [radio chatter in foreign language] Well, this is awkward.
Nah, I think it's great.
Spend some quality time together.
Clear the air.
[fly buzzing] You all right, mate? That fucker kept targeting the wound.
Oh, you would have done the same.
Every step of the way, you would have done the same as us.
Hey, we don't care that you got the nukes, that you're arming Hassan, carrying out Lesnitsky's plan.
We knew about all that.
But Wyatt made sure you got out alive.
Soldier to soldier.
And you shot him.
So, yeah, mission comes first.
But that's the part we won't forgive.
Thank you, Sergeant for making me almost throw up inside of my mouth.
- You fucking prick.
- No, no, go on, please.
Give me more sentimental bullshit about how valuable some military industrial pawn is.
Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan.
Yet you punish us for going into a country that was our own.
How about you? How do you feel about all this? I told you, you are not my army.
No, we're not.
Sorry, mate, I don't think we've got introduced properly with all that gun-pointing-in-the-face shit.
Colonel Aldo.
Indonesian Armed Forces.
And you, you still maintain you're private military? It's not us you should be worried about, mate.
Hassan Ahmed.
We think he's planning some kind of attack.
I'm aware of Hassan.
That's why we're in the area.
Well, these two are working with him.
Pavel Kuragin, Katrina Zarkova.
Russian Alpha group, assholes.
[speaking foreign language] Oh.
[grunts] Good-bye, old friends.
[speaking foreign language] Colonel, we're willing to share all the Intel we have.
[speaking foreign language] [foreboding music] [men chattering in foreign language] [grunts] It's all right.
Military compound processing.
We'll get this sorted.
No, man.
It's not an arrest.
I understand what they're saying.
They're taking us to get executed.
Zero Alpha, I'm going mobile.
Tracking Hassan.
[gun cocks] [suspenseful music] [speaking foreign language] I did a bit of training in these parts a few years back.
Picked up some of the language, you know? Mostly the bad words.
[speaking foreign language] Isn't that "son of a" [all hollering] [dramatic music] Incoming! Brace! [metal crashing] [all grunting] [all breathing heavily] - Yeah? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
[gunshots] - [blade flicks] - Let's go.
- [gunshots] - [grunts] - Fucking hell, boss.
- Sorry about that.
I was going for a PI maneuver.
Little rusty.
I should have stayed in the fucking hospital.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Now, I'm not really up on Indonesian Military, but I'm pretty sure summary execution isn't part of normal policy.
- Who was the CO? - Uh, Colonel Aldo.
Squad Komodo, anti-terror team.
Disbanded three years ago.
They look pretty fucking active to me.
All right? [groans] Yeah.
So is Colonel Aldo working with Pavel? I don't know, but Chetri's gone mobile.
She's tracking Hassan.
Wyatt, Novin, you back her up.
McAllister, you're with me.
We're going to be asking the Indonesian Commander, a General Duanto, about Aldo and his men.
What do you need me for? Duanto might be a little resistant to our presence here.
I may have misled you about how solid our permissions have been.
- Cool.
- I always just assume we're in the wrong place at the wrong time, anyway.
You understand what I'm saying? - Uh-huh.
- I've taken us off-books.
Illegal ops.
Yeah, we understand, boss.
If you think it's the right thing to do, we're good.
[foreboding music] Vehicle incoming.
Hostile, tactical support onboard.
That thing will tear us apart! [dramatic music] Down! Boss, throw us a grenade! The hell's he doing? [grunts] [panting] [groaning] - [laughing] - Bloody showoff.
It's all right! I'm good! I meant that to happen! Son of a bitch.
Bravo? Zero, copy.
I'm in central Jakarta.
I have eyes on Alpha Two.
Ground floor, Odyssey Future Mall.
[radio static clicking] Zero, come in.
[gate clattering] [sinister music] Zero Alpha, I don't know if you can hear me, but I have eyes on a suitcase nuke.
If I get a shot at Hassan I'm gonna take it.
[inaudible] [grunts] I can't see where you coming from But I know just what you runnin' from And what matters ain't the "who's baddest" But the ones who stop you falling from your ladder 'Cause this ain't no place for no hero This ain't no place for no better man This ain't no place for no hero to call home