Strike Back s08e02 Episode Script

Vendetta: Episode 2

1 This is a high priority mission and the clock is ticking.
Are you trying to tell me that the British military has been working on some sort of bioweapon? The worst sort.
We need to find the lab where this bioweapon is stored before the Albanians get their hands on it.
The weaponized virus will be worth millions on the black market.
What are we thinking; trying to sell it? Stop giving your mother shit about the wedding.
You're going to marry one of them, and our family will finally be free.
You clearly have your own ideas of how we should be operating.
How badly did Coltrane kick your ass? He's making me an officer.
ID the players, locate the virus.
I had hoped to meet the organ grinder, not a monkey.
I speak for Zayef.
Maybe he's the big enchilada behind all this.
Hey! - How much do we owe? - Come here, baby.
How much? What the fuck is wrong with you? 8 million.
Are they gonna take the house? Baby, they're gonna take everything.
But the wedding with the Vironis will clear our blood debt, and this job pays 10 million straight up.
So we are home free, baby.
You should have told me.
I tell you now.
I love my wife! Hey.
Wait, wait.
What, huh? What? What? This man attack my son in my own house.
Didn't he? Didn't he, Loric? Yeah.
Edon, don't! It's a fucking party! Enjoy! I can't see where you coming from But I know just what you runnin' from And what matters ain't the "who's baddest" But the ones who stop you falling from your ladder Come on, feelin' like you're feelin' now And doin' things just to please your crowd When I love you like the way I love you And I suffer, but I ain't gonna cut you 'Cause this ain't no place for no hero This ain't no place for no better man This ain't no place for no hero to call home This ain't no place for no hero This ain't no place for no better man This ain't no place for no hero to call home As you all know, it's been five years since ISIS proclaimed a caliphate in Syria.
Recently, however, jihadist numbers have been falling.
And then eight weeks ago, driven back by coalition bombardments and ground forces, a cornered ISIS lieutenant, Ismail Al-Bakur, tried to make the ultimate sacrifice.
It didn't quite go as planned.
During the subsequent interrogation, there is the first mention of Zayef, the man our suspect Mahir is supposedly working for.
Then last month, a Bosniak arms runner was taken down in Paris near Gare Du Nord.
His phone contained a propaganda video, a call to arms in the name of Zayef.
So what do we think? It's not exactly "Weekend at Bernie's," is it? Basically just a promo video to get us all pumped up for this Zayef guy.
So you're saying it's manufactured? No, more it's just your standard propaganda, you know? It's all style, no substance.
Kinda like people saying that Mac would make a great officer when there's no actual evidence for it.
Or like Wyatt saying he's a crack shot.
That's actually verifiable.
- Uh, would Idrisi verify that? - Ow.
So, Chetters, you're saying that's all we've got on this Zayef dude? - So far.
- What about the front man, Mahir? Mahir Hajdari, 32.
Grew up in the Wahabbist strongholds of Srebrenik, Bosnia.
CIA tried to recruit him in 2013 when he was studying political science at the University of Milan.
Tried and failed.
They felt he wasn't worth their resources.
Mahir is like a black hole at the moment, but I'm seeing what other files I can pull up.
So we go after the people selling the bioweapon.
And that means the Demachi family.
We may have a weak link.
My contacts in the Albanian police have said that there's some serious friction between Edon, the father, and his son, Loric.
Define friction.
Well, this man, Rudi Josa Loric's bodyguard.
Rumors are that they were very close in every sense of the word.
Apparently Edon had Rudi killed this morning.
All right, so we locate the son.
Let's see if he'll work with us.
Loric manages a few of his father's businesses downtown.
There's the meat-packers, and then there's Cheetah's next door where he's scheduled to be today.
Sorry, Cheetah's, what's that? Well, it's exactly what it sounds like, sir.
Oh, baby Oh, come to me Oh, come wrap your Arms around me Oh I'm your obsession I'm your addiction - Yes? - Hey.
Zero, security room is clear.
Patching you in now.
Copy that.
Have eyes on the interior.
Looks lovely.
I'll get you a souvenir T-shirt.
Bravo Two, sitrep.
All good.
On my way.
Where is Odise? Uh, Odise went for coffee.
But he sent me to get him the coffee.
Well, I guess he got impatient.
You're not supposed to be here.
I'm going to speak to my manager.
Listen, I look, it's my buddy's bachelor party, and I just wanted to get some footage of him in the VIP room.
Please, please, please.
I never saw you.
You never saw me.
We are like ships in the wind.
We're shits in the wind? No, ships.
Ships with a with a P.
You know, you're almost kinda cute.
So, um, how long is Odise gone for? I would say he's gonna be gone a little while.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Oh, fuck.
Eyes on Alpha Two.
Bar area.
That woman there approaching, that's the wife, Arianna Demachi.
Drink it.
You're getting married in two days.
Drink it.
You're lucky.
I'm blessed.
You get to inherit it all.
What if I don't want it? What you want does not matter.
Monika is going to accompany you to the VIP room.
She's going to take care of you.
This isn't necessary.
Stare at the fucking ceiling if you want.
Or think about one of your boyfriends, I don't care.
But this club is full of your father's associates, and you're going to start acting like his son.
Alpha Two on the move.
Heading for VIP lounges with a dancer.
Copy that, following.
Bravo Two, you coming or what? Uh-huh.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just, uh just double-checking things back here.
Turning off cameras in the VIP room.
Bravo One, you're clear to engage.
Go and freshen up.
Give me and me mate here five minutes.
My name's Sergeant Thomas McAllister.
I'm with a covert anti-terrorism unit.
I need your help.
Bravo Two, are you still in the security room? Yeah, yeah, still here.
You have tangos inbound.
We don't have much time, so this is what I can promise you.
Nobody gets hurt, nobody gets harmed.
We just want the weapon.
Do you know who I am? Obviously.
Why else would I be here? I am a Demachi.
I fear nothing.
Not even clowns? - Clowns? - Yeah.
Massive shoes, painted face, big red nose.
Fucking hell, Loric.
We can do this the easy or the hard way.
I'm giving you a choice here, mate.
We gotta move.
There's people coming.
Uh, yes.
That would be the security.
I pressed the panic button while were finishing making the love.
I'm sorry.
You called them? Your story about bachelor party sounded like bullshit, and I don't want to lose my job.
But you are very cute.
On the house.
Appreciate it.
Thank you.
You're military.
No, ma'am.
I'm just here on vacation.
Of course.
Like your little friend in the VIP room.
Easy way, hard way.
It's not a choice; it's a demand.
Like I'm some fucking peasant.
All right, hard way it is.
Let's go.
What did you think was going to happen? The Albanian families control organized crime in London, New York.
You know, that is a shitty move offering someone a drink and then taking it back.
I'm glad you find this amusing.
You know, my ex-wife used to say I was an asshole.
The thing about assholes is, they always get your undivided attention.
Weapons down, compadres.
Weapons down.
Get down! You're making a big mistake.
Well, let's add it to the list, then, huh? Loric! Shit, Alpha Two's a runner.
Don't let anyone through.
Moving into the meat-packers.
Hey! Hey.
Whoa! Clear right! Bravo Two, we're coming to you.
Wyatt? Bloody hell.
Where's Loric? I was a little busy.
Sitting around on your ass.
Merry Christmas, dickhead.
Zero, talk to me.
Has the asset made a run for it? Negative, Alpha Two is still in the building.
You have three incoming hostiles, east side.
We're inbound for exfil.
More reinforcements will be coming.
You have two minutes.
Contact! Right.
Split up.
I'll hold these off.
Find the asset.
Bravo, sitrep.
Yeah, I got nothing.
I'm coming back your way.
Copy that.
Bravo Three? Still searching.
- Stay back.
- Bravo One, I found Loric.
I'm warning you.
Where is Loric? Where is he? I know how to use this.
Knowing and doing isn't the same thing.
Okay, easy, easy.
Just so you know, you've got the safety on.
You touch me and my father's gonna kill you.
Like he killed your boyfriend? Your friend said if I helped my father wouldn't be harmed.
You have my word on that.
What if I wanted him hurt? What about that? If that's what you want, it can be arranged if you know where the bioweapon is.
I don't.
I just know that there is a deal going down today and I'm meant to be part of it.
"Time to step up and be a fucking man.
" It's a tracker.
Press here to activate.
We'll do the rest.
Bravo One, Alpha Two objective confirmed.
Heading for exfil.
I mean it.
If something were to happen to him, I mean, that would be a pretty good day for Loric.
They wanted me to help them.
I wouldn't.
I'll handle this.
As beautiful as always.
We weren't expecting you.
Come inside.
Are there details of the wedding you wish to discuss? Uh I hear you had some trouble in Venice and then today in downtown.
Oh, it's nothing to be concerned about.
You don't get to decide that.
Your wife was so persuasive, and she convinced me this union was a good idea, but I changed my mind.
I will not let my daughter join your family.
We had an agreement.
And now the agreement is broken.
For years, we've been kept down my this blood feud.
Don't turn your back on me! Edon, Edon.
Vironi, I didn't mean no disrespect.
Edon you can try and hide it, but your family will always be mountain trash.
You have killed us.
He is the head of a family.
A krye.
There's no turning back from this.
He got what he deserved.
To lay hands on the head of our house? On my fucking husband? Arianna we're as good as dead.
Bodies disappear.
Money solves everything.
- Oh, my.
- So you make the deal happen.
And you save our family.
You're fucking crazy.
But was I wrong, Edon? Hmm.
Was I wrong? No.
He got what he deserved.
I'll do the deal.
This can be fixed.
Do you think the son will come through for us? Yeah.
I got a feeling he will, boss.
Well, let's hope you're right.
You given our discussion any more thought? I'm still thinking about it, boss.
He's gonna do it.
Boy's got officer written all over him.
You know, for what it's worth, if you were my CO, I'd be happy to follow you.
All right, fuck it.
I guess I'm in.
Good, now forget about it and concentrate on the op at hand.
We move as soon as Loric activates that tracker.
Solid copy on that, boss.
That was very mature of you, Wyatt.
Well, now he owes me all the beers, right? Sure you're okay about it? It's kinda like the family breaking up, you know? Ah, don't worry about me, short stuff.
I'll be fine.
Wait here.
Zero Alpha, Loric's activated the tracker.
Kid came through.
Game on.
Get out.
What is it? I said out.
My father was angry at everything.
Blood debt, life.
Even on his deathbed, he wouldn't let it go.
I told myself I'm gonna be different.
Everything I have done has been to protect you, so don't fucking expect me to apologize for that.
I don't trust these jihadi bastards, so I'm not gonna risk you.
He's gonna take you home.
Go fucking home, son.
They're about ten minutes ahead of us, heading towards Kashar station.
Eyes on.
Interior and exterior.
We know the deal's going down somewhere.
Possible sighting.
Moving to intercept.
This is you, yeah? You work for Mahir, yeah? - You don't need to hurt me.
- We'll see about that.
Details of the meet.
I'm not fucking around here, mate.
What are you, police? No.
Military, yes.
Always good when your kind come here.
Tell us what to do, how to live.
When you're trying to buy a bioweapon, you don't exactly get the moral high ground, mate.
15:05 Tirana-Shkoder train.
Yeah, moving.
Sit down, dickhead.
Tell me about Zayef.
People say he will change everything.
I'm not looking for a horoscope.
I want some hard facts.
Zayef is Mahir's brother.
Their parents died in the conflict.
In the massacres.
And the UN soldiers They just gave them candy bars as consolation.
Can you imagine that? The bodies the smell? And some pale pink candy.
That's all I know.
Bravos, sitrep.
Yeah boss, I'm right on your six.
Almost there.
I think you know more.
I'll be back.
No, you won't be back.
No no, please don't! No! Someone help! Please don't! Help me! Help! Train's on the move.
Zero Alpha on board.
- Well, let's get after it.
- It's gonna be tricky, though.
There's no road access for another 20 miles.
The train goes across bridges, ravines.
All right, Wyatt, track in the vehicle best you can.
Chetri, with me.
I've got an idea.
Eyes on Alpha Three and two associates.
If I see the package, will move to engage.
All right, we're doing our best to catch up.
Bravo One, sitrep.
One minute, Wyatt.
All right, mate.
Break's over.
We're gonna need a lift.
Okay, team, we are mobile.
Zero Alpha, hang on.
We've got a bit of catching up to do.
Copy that.
May have to go it alone.
Okay, okay.
Your people shouldn't have come after my son.
We didn't harm him.
Now let's talk about the weapon.
You're not an idiot, despite appearances.
You don't trust the buyers, so you arrange a meet on a train to avoid an ambush.
I presume you put a tracker on the weapon in case of a double-cross.
Like you said, despite appearances.
I'm willing to make you a deal, even back you up.
You can keep their money.
We just want the weapon.
It was my family.
No deal and no mercy.
So let's get this done.
No more tests, no more talk.
Show me the money.
The product? Zero Alpha, hang on.
We're coming to you.
Zero Alpha, we've got a visual on the train.
Closing in.
Last carriage.
Could use a hand.
Feel free to take a shot.
Any shot.
Fuck, Wyatt! Swerve a bit more, why don't you? I'm chasing a moving train.
What do you expect? Come on! Oh, shit.
Uh, boss? Sergeant, how did you Caught a train, boss.
Principals are in the central carriage compartment.
ROE? Shoot to kill.
The package is the priority.
You have been most honorable about this.
Zayef appreciates it.
There's no honor about it.
It's business, nothing else.
What the fuck? Boss, cavalry has arrived! Demachi and Mahir are on the train, but the weapon is our priority.
Shoot to kill.
Retrieve the package.
Demachi's put a tracker on the virus.
All right, I'm on it.
Move, move.
Come on, move.
I'll extract the civilians.
You secure the tracker.
- You good? - Yeah.
Go, go, go! Did you guys steal a fucking train? That old thing? Yeah.
Shit, Mahir is taking off with the package.
Go mobile! Come on! We're losing them, damn it! Get it going! Fuck's sake! Fuck! Bravo One, sitrep! Bravo One.
Mac, come in, buddy.
Bravo One, do you copy? Mac, sitrep! - Get in! - Mac, come on! Go, go, go, go.
Mac, come in.
Do you copy? Mac, come in.
Do you copy? I'm up, I'm up.
It's good to hear your voice.
Alpha One is on the run.
Going foxtrot.
I'm in pursuit.
We need Demachi's tracker.
Repeat, we need Demachi's tracker.
It's our only way to locate the weapon.
Right, fucking tracker.
I'm on it.
Baba? Loric, Loric.
I was right to send you home.
The British are after me.
Listen tell your mom I love her and Loric I I'm sorry for everything.
Baba? Drop it.
You can walk away from this.
We just want the tracker.
No can do.
You went after my family.
Yeah, and you went after mine.
Zero, I have a fix on the package.
Grid reference two-four-seven-nine five-eight-eight-one.
Copy that.
Good work.
I was worried about you.
It is not my time.
Not yet.
We leave now.
Be sure to leave no trace.
It's too dangerous.
We have to go.
- No, we need it - I'm not asking you.
We have sacrificed too much already.
If the men can bring it back, they will bring it back.
This changes nothing.
We got Mahir on the move.
Fuck! Bioweapon is the priority.
Oh, shit, the virus is live! the virus is live! We have to incinerate it! I've got this.
Did that work? Or are we still breathing that shit in? Incineration wipes out all microbial pathogens.
I think what the lance corporal's saying you might've just done it, short stuff.
Well, I'd never call you short stuff.
Fucking better not.
Additional CIA Intel's just come through on Mahir.
Wait, wait.
What's it say about him there on the left? Apparently that's Mahir's younger brother, Zed.
Also known as Zayef.
But that's him? That's the leader? I had him at the station.
I had him.
At least you had him.
None of us got that close.
Well, he had him and let him go.
I wasn't gonna be an asshole about it.
- I take your point.
- Mm-hmm.
There's something about this that doesn't scan.
Their records, their history nothing stands out, and yet they had the money for this operation.
Men, arms, funding.
Then they got the bioweapon and they just threw it away as if it were nothing.
And that worries me.
Because if they can leave something that dangerous behind, it means something far worse is coming down the line.
It is the Kanun.
The blood feud.
We shall not rest, not until our dying breath, until each and every single one of them is dead.

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