Strike the Blood (2013) s01e08 Episode Script

Sennou no Shisha Hen Yon

1 Kirasaka My Koukarin has two powers.
One is the nullification of physical attacks.
And the second A barrier that blocks all attacks can also become a blade more solid than any other! What?! What's going on? It's a repulsive field barrier.
It appears her sword severs the spatial connections of whatever it touches.
So the barrier blocked it before contact was made.
It learns how its opponent attacks, and adapts.
I can see why they called it the weapon of the gods.
Kirasaka! Akatsuki Kojou You're wounded! These little scratches will heal in no time.
Strike it down, Regulus Aurum! You idiot! Don't you know the meaning of restraint? I didn't have a choice.
That stupid crab would've gotten away.
Where is Nalakuvera? Down below, I guess.
That probably wasn't enough damage to immobilize it.
Wha— What are you doing?! S-Sorry! Why are you apologizing? Guilty conscience? You really are evil at heart! That's not what I meant! Anyway, are you okay? You were just touched by a guy Himeragi told me on the phone earlier that you fear the touch of men.
N-Not really I just Just? Just Ow! What was that for?! Uh, nothing Ugh, that's cold Seawater? Crap.
This float is really showing its age now.
What now? Look! Is it using elemental conversion to repair itself? Are you kidding me? We've gotta find a way out of here.
Mogwai, that's enough analysis on its morphology elements.
Apply ER algorithm.
Conduct preliminary re-evaluation of all parameters.
Run speculative zeta analysis processes, then initiate sequential data cross-check.
You really know how to run an AI program ragged.
The system bus is reaching its limits.
You can dedicate all buffers if necessary.
Just keep it going! I just need 15 minutes.
Still, no wonder they call it the weapon of the gods A language that requires no logic operations for thought processes But once I figure out the mechanism, it'll be obsolete architecture! These are Ah, the Sword Shaman of the Lion King Organization There aren't many humans in Europe who can defeat a therianthrope bare-handed, even in a surprise attack.
I'm impressed.
Christoph Gardos! Even Vatler doesn't know about these.
Was this your real goal? Obtaining an army of Nalakuveras? Wars are not won by the power of individual weapons, but by the total strength of the entire force.
However powerful the First Progenitor may be, he cannot protect the Warlord's Domain alone.
Even if I don't defeat him, if I can destroy his dominion, he will no longer be capable of upholding the sacred treaty.
So you'll sacrifice not only the people of Itogami Island, but those of the Warlord's Domain, as well? That's exactly why they call us terrorists! Pulsation! A biological barrier? It's the art you people call Qigong.
Did you think a therianthrope wasn't capable of that? Resonant Thunder! Schneesturm Wolfin? Air current manipulation, eh? I'd expect as much from a Far East magic district.
You seem to have a lot of people with irregular abilities.
That's just how a battle should be! I, Sword Shaman of the High God, as a priestess of the Lion, beseech thee Dawn light of exorcism, spirit wolf of snowy mist, grant me the divine might of thy steel, that I may smite a hundred evil spirits! Well done, Sword Shaman.
This battle is over.
Yeah you're right.
And we've won.
He can control them now? Looks like the decipher is complete.
I no longer have time to waste toying with you.
Another dead end Probably not a good idea to blow it open with Regulus Aurum.
If you use an electrical attack like that in here, you'll fry everything.
Yeah, you're right.
Even with Koukarin, there's just too much debris Huh? Akatsuki Kojou! S-Sorry.
If I put on a jacket saturated with your perverted fluids, I'll end up pregnant.
No, you won't! Besides I couldn't do that to Yukina.
Himeragi has nothing to do with this.
We're in real trouble.
Let's hurry.
Would you be Regulus Aurum's medium? Akatsuki Kojou.
What? I'm, well pretty big, aren't I? Yeah, I guess But they say guys like them big.
Huh? Y-You idiot! Not those! I meant my height! Huh? Oh I think you're pretty average.
I'm tall for a girl.
And I was always the one who had to carry other girls So it kind of made me happy when you Yeah? I thought all I did was scare you.
So, don't tell Yukina.
To thank you I'll give you my blood, just this once.
Kirasaka Am I not good enough? No, it's not that But are you Strangely enough, I'm not afraid of you.
Even though you're the world's strongest vampire She's already deciphered the control commands? Damn it, Asagi, you're way too dedicated.
And here I am, expecting serious retribution for what I'm doing I see.
As an observer, it's taboo for you to intervene directly in the battle.
You've got it tougher than I realized.
Lay off.
What's that? Oh? So you did it, Kojou.
Whatever happens now, you can't blame me.
A Familiar of the Fourth Progenitor? Grigore, I'm going in with Maleka.
Keep them busy until then.
Understood, Major.
Wait! Thanks to you swinging that spear around, the barrier around this boat was shredded, and I finally made it aboard.
Looks like you've been taking care of my students.
You have my thanks, Himeragi Yukina.
Minamiya-sensei I'll take these two somewhere safe.
What's your next move? I'm going to join Akatsuki-senpai.
I'm his observer, after all.
You're rather dedicated to your work.
But he might not even need your help.
So it is a new Familiar Yes? Hey, is that you, little lady? Who is this? Oh, are you that rival transfer student of hers? Where's Asagi? Rival? Aiba-senpai is asleep right now Hmm, what to do She told me to contact her cell so the terrorists wouldn't find out, but Find out what? The ancient weapon's control commands.
The 55th You really are reckless.
Sure, we made it above ground, but was it really necessary to leave a crater like this? If not for Koukarin's barrier, we'd be buried alive.
Direct your complaints to that thing.
I just wanted it to do something about the debris blocking our path.
Yukina really will be in danger if she stays with you.
So, just this once, I'll take care of you.
Let's get rid of that thing now.
Come, ninth Familiar, Al-Nasl Minium! What was that?! What's going on? Hmm Looks like that's the queen.
The commander unit gives orders, and its unmanned drones obey.
That's their true power.
You've really done it now, Gardos.
Who knew you still held a trump card like this? What will you do, Kojou? Shall I take care of this for you, after all? I told you to stay out of this! Everyone thinks they can do whatever the hell they want It's starting to piss me off.
I don't care if we're up against a terrorist from the Warlord's Domain or some ancient weapon.
From now on, this is my fight! No, Senpai.
It's our fight! Himeragi So you've acquired a new Familiar.
Y-Yeah But it was sort of an unforeseen accident.
Some uncontrollable force was at work We can talk about that later.
Senpai! Gardos is inside the commander unit! Come, Regulus Aurum! This smell this sensation Now this is a battlefield.
Now this is war! Did that get him? I've already learned the nature of Regulus Aurum's attack from Nalakuvera's data.
It won't work again, Fourth Progenitor.
Then take this one! Al-Nasl Minium! What?! They've repaired themselves already? They grow stronger every time they're attacked How do we beat something like that? Don't worry.
We can win.
While Aiba-senpai was deciphering the control commands, she secretly created a new command.
Right, Mogwai-san? Yep! A sort of computer virus that causes them to self-destruct whenever they use their self-repair function.
You might call it "Last Words.
" She made something like that in such a short time? Nalakuvera recognizes voice commands.
If we can get into the commander unit and play this voice file Get into the commander unit? How? We'd have to stop all of them from moving, at least.
Leave that to me.
I'll stop the Nalakuvera.
One of the six demon-conquering bows, Der Freischütz This is the true form of Koukarin.
I, War Dancer of the High God, as a dancer of the Lion, beseech thee Enku of the Aurora, Qilin of radiant light, thou who doth rule thunder and the heavens, come clad in raging fire to pierce Hell's monstrous demons! What is this? Have they jammed Nalakuvera's functions? Now! Come, Regulus Aurum! I told you, that won't work! Al-Nasl Minium! Isn't war fun, Sword Shaman?! You, a man with no nation or people to protect, have no right to speak of war! Enough babbling! It's over, old man! Break down, Nalakuvera! Yukina! He drank your blood? Did he? W-Well, yes, but There was no other choice.
The water was rising higher and higher Yeah So it was the only way I see.
That's good.
I thought you might have tried to resist, and he overpowered you.
So, you're not mad? Of course not.
"But when you took my blood, you said I looked cute" I'm not thinking that at all.
You certainly showed me a good time, Fourth Progenitor.
Paper Noise? I never expected the third leader of the Lion King Organization to come see me.
I've come to inform you that your request has been accepted.
And, I'd like to ask one question.
Was the work of the Black Death Emperor Faction carried out at his direction? I stirred up this little ruckus for my own amusement.
Let's just leave it at that.
"to establish a Warlord's Domain embassy in the demon district" "Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary" "Lord Dimitrie Vatler of Ardeal appointed to position.
" Looks like I won't have to be bored for a while.
Oh, you're awake? Kojou? Where are we? What happened to Nalakuvera? Where's everyone? You just woke up.
Easy on the questions.
We're in the hospital.
Nalakuvera was destroyed.
Everyone's fine.
They're all out, getting dinner.
Oh And Why are you dressed like that? You smell like fish.
This? When I heard you were kidnapped, I ran out and fell in the ocean? Why would you do that? Well, a lot happened Want some water? Kojou Look at my earrings.
Hm? What about them? Now you know.
K-Kojou! Are you okay?! Asagi-chan, you're awake? Kojou-kun! What's with you? What were you doing? Er, um this isn't We were just practicing for the ball sports tournament.
Oh? You're acting suspicious.
There's nothing suspicious about it I don't care anymore! Senpai, you jerk! Next Time Senpai! Look, cats! Hey, don't lick me there Angel in Flames I "Angel in Flames I.