Strike the Blood (2013) s01e16 Episode Script

Kansokusha-tachi no Utage Hen Ichi

1 So this is the end of Tokoyogi Aya's daughter? What a shame.
Still, I suppose there is the option of smashing the final prison barrier lock with my own hands But first Sagara! Who are you? It can't be That's Alrescha Glacies, Avrora's 12th Familiar But why— I see Now it makes sense So that's why! That's why Akatsuki Kojou consumed Avrora and acquired the powers of the Fourth Progenitor! You've been watching him all this time, haven't you? Do you feel better now, snake charmer? I do.
In fact, I'm in a splendid mood now.
I have one warning for you, Dimitrie Vatler.
What would that be, 12th? Nothing is over yet.
You were watching? Thanks for protecting her for me.
I only adhered to my contract.
I don't need your gratitude.
My, my We warped? Yuuma! Yuuma, why did you do this?! No, Kojou.
It wasn't just me.
The witch of the void helped.
Where's Natsuki-chan? Senpai This is the true prison barrier? I'm exhausted.
I just meant to take a little nap, but it's already so late And when the Halloween Festa is going on No, you really saved the day, little miss.
So why don't you stay in the office for a bit longer? What? Why? An unregistered subfloat has appeared in the waters of the north district.
And we still don't know what LCO, the Library, is after.
I've got a bad feeling.
You know, flawless or not, you're an AI program.
You shouldn't be trying to string me around on the grounds of a "feeling.
" That's— Really?! Yeah.
Yay! I really wanted to go there! Let's go check that out, too.
Let's go! Right now, Kojou and that girl are probably Damn it! And here I am working my butt off! Have some candy.
It's crowded, so be careful not to get separated from your daughter.
Huh? Daughter? Mama! What?! This is the prison barrier? Then what was that building we were just in? The same thing, Fourth Progenitor.
That empty church is how the prison barrier appears within Minamiya Natsuki's dream.
But when the witch of the void woke from her eternal dream, the prison barrier appeared in reality.
Mother You're Yuuma's mother? She looks like Yuuma-san Of course I do.
She is a copy of me created through parthenogenesis.
A mere key created for the sole purpose of breaking the seal on the prison barrier.
She and I are one and the same Which is why I can do this.
Yuuma! No! Stop! Mother! I'll be taking back the power I gave to you.
No! Yuuma! What have you done?! A witch's guardian is a part of her own body, acquired by abandoning her humanity! Taking it away means She is but a doll that I made.
What I do with her is my choice.
Cut the crap.
You put my friend through this, and that's all you have to say?! Are you sure about this, Fourth Progenitor? If you blow me away, the prison barrier will incur damage, as well.
And the repercussions to the user will be severe.
What have you done with Natsuki-chan? A grimoire? Yes.
Number 14, the Personal History Manipulation Grimoire.
I used this to put a curse on the witch of the void, and stole her memories.
No, not just her memories I stole the very time she has experienced.
What does that mean? It appears Minamiya Natsuki escaped before losing her magic powers completely, but as long as this text is in effect, she will never use magic again.
I see.
All we have to do now is find her and finish the job.
If that's the case, we're willing to lend you a hand.
We all share the desire to kill that woman.
Are they The inmates from the prison barrier? The most heinous magic criminals, who couldn't be neutralized by normal means This really sucks.
Tokoyogi Aya, the Witch of Notaria? Allow me to thank you for breaking open this detestable prison barrier.
Only six of you? Where are the others? Who cares about them?! What matters is this! Look! Shtra, you bastard! I see.
So the prison barrier system still lives.
Those whose magic or stamina are too weak are returned to the barrier.
The weakest ones can't even get out at all.
It seems, until we kill the witch of the void and destroy the prison barrier, we cannot be completely free.
Hold on.
I won't let you do that! Huh? What're you talking about, brat? You think a measly Progenitor's gonna stand in our way? Just shut the hell up! Himeragi?! She stopped my Storm Breaker Axe? Now you've gone and done it.
You've hurt my pride! Guess I'll get a bit serious now! Senpai, I'll hold them off! No, Himeragi! I'll stay! No! I can't let you use your Familiars here! I'll just smash the both of you, then! The hell?! I, War Dancer of the High God, as a dancer of the Lion, beseech thee Enku of the Aurora, Qilin of radiant light, thou who doth rule thunder and the heavens, come clad in raging fire to pierce Hell's monstrous demons! Get on, Yukina! And you might as well, too, Akatsuki Kojou! Gonna fall! Gonna fall! Gonna fall! Where are you putting your hands?! I can't help it! Why a tank, anyway?! Because it was lying around! It's a Kettenkrad.
A half-track vehicle developed in Germany during World War II.
Made by NSU.
Type HK 101.
Equipped with a water-cooled four-cylinder OHV engine.
Himeragi? I'd guess it's a replica of that.
They probably intended to use it in the Halloween Fest parade.
Isn't that girl a criminal from the Library? She was just being used By her own mother The escaped inmates are looking for Minamiya-sensei so they can destroy the prison barrier.
We need to get her to safety before they find her, but we can't leave Yuuma-san like this Is there anything you can do, Kirasaka? Don't ask the impossible.
The repair of a torn spiritual pass is beyond my capabilities.
Only a powerful witch or a specialized doctor of magic can do that.
A doctor of magic, huh? Kirasaka, turn left here.
Huh? I know someone who might be able to treat Yuuma.
If she's not at home, she should be at the MAR lab.
"If she's not at home"? Who are you talking about? Akatsuki Mimori.
My mother.
You like it? Really? I'm glad.
How did this happen, anyway? Mama, are you mad? Oh, no, no! I was just thinking about something.
So, have you remembered anything? Then, what's your mother's name? Aiba Asagi! Where do you even get that? Is she my own child, sent back here from the future by some time travel phenomenon? Nah, that couldn't be.
She doesn't look like me or Kojou.
Wait, Kojou has nothing to do with anything! Oh, right.
I thought you looked familiar somehow.
Hey, do you recognize the name Minamiya Natsuki? She might be your real mother.
Minamiya Natsuki? Hey What's wrong? I don't know Okay, let's do this! From now on, your name is Sana-chan! Sana? Yeah.
It'll be your nickname until you remember your real name.
I've gotta call you something, right? Sana my name MAR You meant that MAR? Magna Ataraxia Research.
One of the world's leading magic industrial complexes.
Wh-Why would Akatsuki Kojou's mother be here? My mom is the head researcher of the MAR medical department.
She's a certified magic physician, too.
And she knows Yuuma.
I was hoping we wouldn't have to get her involved, though Wait a minute I'm not prepared for this What are you nervous about? I-I ain't nervous! You're even talking weird now.
Are you sure it's all right for us to go in with you? I'm still dressed like this I don't think you need to worry.
You'll see why when you meet her.
Yes, yes! Just a sec.
I'm opening the door now.
Boo! Were you surprised? Obviously! What the hell are you doing?! Today's the Halloween Festa, isn't it? I wanted to go, too! Trick or die! I think you've got several things wrong here That'd be a really scary festival! Oh? Who might you two be? You're both so cute! Which one? Which one is your girlfriend? Have you done it already? Oh, gosh! Don't tell me our family is growing?! Am I gonna be a grandma soon?! It's not, and you won't! Listen to me for a second! Kind of takes me back.
Come to think of it, Yuu-chan was a girl, wasn't she? So, what happened, Kojou-kun? I don't have time to explain in detail.
But Yuuma is actually A witch, right? You can tell, huh? Oh, Kojou-kun? Nagisa? Why are you here? Mimori-chan called me here early this morning to bring a change of clothes.
But what brings you here, Kojou-kun? Were Yukina-chan and Yuu-chan with you the whole time? G-Good evening.
Wait, Yuu-chan is hurt?! Did something happen?! Oh Aren't you Did you come here to meddle with my Kojou-kun again? P-Please, don't say mean things like that.
What, then? What's your relationship with Kojou-kun? What? M-Me? Sorry, Kirasaka.
Keep Nagisa busy for a while, okay? Huh? What?! I'm not letting you get away.
Wait! D-Don't think I'll forget this, Akatsuki Kojou! Well, why don't I take a look at her? Her wound doesn't look that deep, given all the blood loss.
It's hard to say what'll happen at this rate.
Here we go Hold this for a sec.
What are you doing all of a sudden?! It was impeding my palpitations, so I took it off.
Goodness, Yuu-chan, you certainly grew splendidly since I last saw you Hey, hey Um, ma'am She is, well injured, you know Don't worry.
I'm a medical psychometrician.
I can see essentially everything just by touching a patient's skin.
But if touching her skin is all it takes, then fondling her breasts isn't necessary, is it? My powers are activated by fondling the breasts of cute girls! R-Really?! She's obviously lying! As if a psychometrician that vulgar exists anywhere! Sorry this was the only doctor I could think of.
No, I understand now.
You really are your mother's son.
So Yuu-chan's guardian was stolen from her If her magic power continues to escape from her severed spiritual pass, her magic power will eventually run out, and she'll die.
Can you save her? Let's take her to the lab.
Would you help me, Yukina-chan? Wait.
If you need to carry Yuuma, I'll You can't.
Men aren't allowed in my lab.
Besides Yuu-chan isn't the only one who needs treatment, is she? The first aid kit's in the closet.
Senpai? It's nothing, Yukina-chan.
Also, you can call me "Mom.
" If you know I'm injured, then don't hit me.
Ow! Damn The escaped inmates are after Natsuki-chan, and here I am I can't believe you did that to me, Akatsuki Kojou.
I'm more exhausted than when I was guarding the princess.
Where's Nagisa? I used a hypnotic spell on her.
She'll probably be out until morning.
A spell? You really like to go overboard Like I had a choice! What was I supposed to tell her when she doesn't know what you really are? Oh, yeah sorry.
You're a big help.
B-Being thanked by you doesn't make me all that happy.
Besides, I did it for Yukina and Nagisa-chan, not you.
More importantly, where are Yukina and your mother? They took Yuuma to the lab.
So they probably won't be back for a while, right? That's perfect.
Let me see your cut.
You knew? D-Does your mother know you're a vampire? No.
I'm trying hard to hide it.
If she finds out, she'll want to dissect me and then some.
Why isn't that cut healing? Shouldn't your vampiric healing powers have been enough to heal it by now? Probably because it came from Himeragi's spear.
I don't think Schneesturm Wolfin has the ability to negate one's healing ability.
Besides, this looks less like a cut, and more like your flesh itself is unstable Ow! S-Sorry, Akatsuki Kojou! L-Listen This isn't what I want at all, but Fine.
I'll help you.
Help me? I'm saying I'll let you take my blood just this once! If your wound doesn't heal, Yukina will feel bad, too And I don't want her to worry over that.
You really like Himeragi, don't you? Wha— I-It's okay.
Huh?! Well, your vampiric urges are triggered by sexual stimulation, right? I-I thought guys were into stuff like this I'm saying I'll s-step on you as a reward! Only a certain percentage of the male population likes that! It's way too fanatical! Senpai? Y-Yukina?! Wh-Why are you I came back to fill you in on Yuuma-san's condition.
What are you two doing? It's not like that, Yukina! We were just Yeah, see, this is, well Senpai?! Akatsuki Kojou?! You can't be serious! Don't joke at a time like this! Senpai, please hang in there! Senpai! I'm okay Senpai?! Senpai! Mama, over there! Hey! Hold on! You're gonna get lost again! Found you.
Next Time D-Don't stare like that.
Your mother made me wear this nurse uniform More importantly, that little girl! She must be Fiesta for the Observers II "Fiesta for the Observers II.