Strike the Blood (2013) s01e18 Episode Script

Kansokusha-tachi no Utage Hen San

1 Huh? The Oceanus Grave II? That idiot Vatler intends to use Natsuki-chan as bait to lure the escaped inmates to him.
Don't you get it, Akatsuki Kojou? The inside of that boat is extraterritorial, which means Yukina and I can't board it! Why would you take the witch of the void to a place like that? Are you stupid? Do you want to get burned to ashes?! What choice did I have? I thought it'd be safer than just leaving her in town! Aiba-senpai and Minamiya-sensei are okay, right? Yeah.
They didn't seem badly hurt.
They're changing clothes now.
Anyway, Sayaka-san and I will get as close as we can, so please don't complicate things any further.
What do you mean, "complicate"? I mean, like getting turned on by Aiba-senpai and letting your vampiric urges take over I won't do that! Seriously, could she trust me any less? Like I could do that in front of Natsuki-chan— You are Akatsuki-sama, correct? Er, who are you? A blood relative of the Lost Warlord.
My name is Kira Lebedev Voltisvala.
I've prepared a change of clothes for you.
If you would, please take a lavation before changing.
Lavation? You mean a bath? Yes.
There is a large bathing facility on board.
Though you do have quite a wild, ferocious appeal covered in blood Uh, okay.
Could you show me the way? This boat's so huge, I'd probably get lost on my own Who's he? Lord Tobias Jagan.
He is also a noble of the Warlord's Domain.
Did I do something that offended him? No.
I believe he is only jealous.
Jealous? Yes.
Because Lord Ardeal is always concerned about you.
Just relax.
Pretend I never heard that.
What Vatler's into isn't important right now.
What's important is Yuuma, just wait.
I swear I'll get Natsuki-chan's magic power back and save you.
Is the water temperature to your liking, Fourth Progenitor? What the?! We are the maids who serve Lord Ardeal.
Allow us to rinse your back.
Uh, that's okay.
You don't have to.
Then, the front I don't need help with the front! That's not even a maid's job, is it?! I guess he figured us out.
We're not actually maids.
We're hostages.
Hostages? Yes.
We're daughters of royalty and statesmen from the nations surrounding the Warlord's Empire.
Of course, Lord Ardeal being the sort of man he is, we're allowed to do whatever we want, as well.
Since, you know, he seems to have no interest in women.
So, in revenge against our home nations that sold us off, we thought inverting the social order might not be a bad idea.
Inverting the social order? Yes Such as bearing the Fourth Progenitor's children, for example.
Huh?! A direct descendant of a Progenitor is likely to be a vampire powerful enough to surpass Lord Ardeal.
So, how about a quickie? How about nothing?! But this is our first time, so please be gentle.
I told you, I'm not doing anything! Did Vatler put you up to this, too? Did he tell you to seduce me? Well It wasn't an order or anything.
You might call it a mutual interest.
Anyway, that's how it is.
If you change your mind, let us know anytime.
We'll defer to your girlfriend for today.
Girlfriend? Wait, Sana-chan! It's dangerous to run! Did you see? N-No, not a thing.
It was only for an instant, anyway.
Okay, I'm gonna get out now.
This is perfect timing, so I want you to tell me what you've been hiding from me all this time.
Asagi Kojou, are you into men? Huh? Wait a minute.
Where do you get that? Well, I can't imagine any other reason you'd be on friendly terms with a lord of the Warlord's Domain.
He's really good-looking, too.
Quit joking around.
You're giving me goosebumps.
And you don't seem to be interested in my body, either.
Who ever said that?! Then do you want to see? W-Well you really think I'd say "no" to that? But I don't want you to end up hating me over something like that.
I mean, well you're a really important friend to me, you know Kojou, how'd you get that wound? Sorry, Asagi.
I can't take it anymore.
Huh?! Hey, Kojou! Are you okay? Hey! Speak to me! Hey, Kojou! Seriously, are you okay? Jeez Hey.
Are you all right? Don't worry.
I'm just a little short on blood.
Mama, I'm tired.
Oh, of course.
It's late, isn't it? When you're doing that, you kinda look like her real mother.
Would you stop that? If I'm her mother, that would make you her father.
Huh? I-I mean in this situation! I just meant it looks that way in this situation.
Oh Yeah, you're right.
By the way, you look surprisingly good in a yukata.
What do you mean, "surprisingly"? That should be obvious.
I bet guys would be all over you if you wore modest stuff like that more often.
Why do you always dress so flashy? What? That hurt! What was that for?! You're the one who told me ages ago that I was too plain, so I should give more thought to my appearance! Oh, sorry, Sana-chan.
Did I wake y— Natsu-kyun! S-Sana-chan? Main personality transition to sleep mode confirmed.
Locked in non-REM sleep.
Connecting subconsciously to backup memory domain.
Initiating restore.
Restore complete in one hour and 59 minutes.
Did Natsuki-chan's memories just come back? Sorry! The correct answer is: I am Minamiya Natsu-kyun's backup avatar! Kyun! Um, this is no time to be saying "kyun.
" What is Akatsuki Kojou thinking? Staying in a room with his female classmate And with a double bed But they're not alone.
Sana-san is with them, right? Still, the two of them seemed really close! Earlier, Aiba Asagi even threw a geta at Akatsuki Kojou! That proves they're close? Anyway Are you the one who's trying to force Aiba-senpai and Kojou-senpai to get closer? Lord Ardeal! Why would you go to such lengths as to offer the Fourth Progenitor a sacrifice? Because I thought that would make things more interesting.
Have you figured out the real reason why you were chosen to be Kojou's observer? What does that mean? No, let me change my question.
What exactly is the Fourth Progenitor you are observing? If Kojou were to become the complete Fourth Progenitor, you might find out then.
I bet it would be fun to fight and devour him when he's in that state.
Lord Ardeal, are you You don't have to make such a scary face.
That won't happen for a long time.
Besides, Kojou isn't my main guest tonight.
An inmate from the prison barrier?! So it's true that Natsuki-chan is the key to the prison barrier? If she's restoring from a backup, does this mean she'll go back to the old Natsuki-chan? Sorry! Her memories aside, I don't think this body could withstand the use of her magic.
She doesn't have enough magic power now, anyway.
So destroying Tokoyogi Aya's grimoire is the only way, then? If you wait ten years, I'll grow back to my original size, so you could always wait until then, kyun! I can't wait that long.
I finally got through to you, little miss! Mogwai? Why are you contacting me from there? I hacked in through the broadcast airwaves.
We've got another nasty problem.
I could really use your help Nope.
Please! I'm begging you! Absolutely not! How hard do you want to make a student part-timer work? But this isn't exactly a problem with no connection to you.
Huh? What do you mean? A weird space of some kind has appeared around Saikai Academy.
Looks like it negates the use of magic.
What's wrong with that? It sounds peaceful.
Yeah, if this weren't a manmade island.
You mean it negates the magic that reinforces the main structure of the gigafloat, too? Yeah.
If the range of negation continues to spread, things could get ugly.
So you'll get a nice, big paycheck for this.
The monorail is still out, so I'm arranging a ride for y— An inmate from the prison barrier, meow! Looks like he's trying to break into the boat head-on, meow! Not that it matters, but your character's all mixed up.
Well, Vatler should do something abou— Vatler! This could be bad! Kyun! Oh, for goodness' sake, Yuu-chan The Dark Oath Grimoire? I see.
So that's what's going on, eh, Yuu-chan? Who is that guy?! Broodt Dumblegraff.
A former mercenary hired by the West European Church, kyun.
I found you, witch of the void.
Asagi is right here, but I have no choice.
I don't know if I can control a Familiar very well in this condition, but Utpalaka! Vatler! Sorry, Kojou, but could you not take away the playmate I've waited for all this time? An ordinary human cut through a Familiar?! He's descendant of a clan of dragon slayers.
A powerful opponent you don't see often! Very nice! The best! Senpai! We should go, too! What's this? An attack mage working in the demon district as a nurse? Whatever.
I owe you one for wounding my pride, nurse girl! I'll hold him off.
Yukina, you take care of Akatsuki Kojou! Damn that Vatler! He's going way overboard! If we stay on this boat, we're going to be the first ones killed! This way, Kojou-sama! Kira-kun! If you wish to disembark, please come this way.
But are you sure it's okay to just let Vatler do whatever he wants? Yes.
This is how he always is.
I have companions out to ensure the safety of the town.
You guys have it rough, don't you? Not at all.
I'm glad to be of use.
See ya.
Kojou, are you sure you don't swing "that" way? What's up with that sword? You think you're trying to sever dimensions? Sounds like fun, bitch! Who are you calling a bitch, you frizzball?! This is why I hate men! You stink, you're uncivilized, you lack manners, you're rude, and you stink! I don't stink! Bitch You're pissing me off! That power He couldn't be A deva?! You guessed it, dumbass! Senpai! Are you all right? Himeragi! Aiba-senpai Why are you dressed like a nurse? That's your question? Huh? This? Mimori-san gave it to me Mimori-san? You mean Kojou's mom? Crap! That was a close call, Empress! The way you talk Are you Tank?! I am.
This would be our first time meeting in reality.
I am called Lydianne Didier.
I have come to collect you at the request of Mogwai-dono.
It can't be Why? You dragon slayers acquired strength that allowed you to surpass humans and become heroes.
But in exchange, you lost a valuable power you once possessed as humans.
You feared enemies larger than yourselves, so you obtained the intelligence and cunning to deceive, cheat, and betray your foes.
I thank you for showing me a good time.
Now, it's time for you to go back where you belong! Looks like the battle's over.
Then let us hurry, as well! Empress, get on board, quickly! Wait a minute! Wouldn't you alone be enough to handle the work at the office? Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.
The damage caused by the loss of magic power is spreading.
We are seeing the same phenomenon that was observed in the incident ten years ago! Ten years ago? This doesn't have something to do with that witch, Tokoyogi Aya, does it? You are familiar with it, Boyfriend-dono? It has been called the Dark Oath Grimoire Incident.
Go on, Asagi.
I'll take Sana with me.
You take care of the island.
All right.
But in exchange, promise me.
When all this is over, for the rest of the festival Come with me, for at least a little while.
Let's go out and have a blast.
All of us.
Not gonna happen! Serves you right, bitch! What do you say we end this? I have to do something about that windstorm Windstorm Wind? Storm Breaker Axe! I, War Dancer of the High God, as a dancer of the Lion, beseech thee! My magic bullet is a signal arrow.
I used your wind to make it work! Damn it! No! Ow You okay, Kirasaka? Akatsuki Kojou Don't talk.
Just keep still.
You're hurt.
You're sweaty Caught up in a mess like this, of course I'm gonna sweat.
Just deal with the smell.
I don't mind it.
I don't mind your smell.
Kirasaka Yukina! I-I'm fine! This injury is no big deal! I see you secured the witch of the void.
Thanks to you and Vatler, it looks like we took care of the escaped inmates.
Once her memory comes back, she might save Yuuma for us.
Save that disposable doll, eh? Your consideration is unnecessary.
Tokoyogi Aya! Don't lose your temper.
I haven't come to kill the witch of the void.
In fact, I'm grateful.
Since you all took care of the escaped inmates for me, the preparations for the fiesta are in place.
Koukarin lost its magic power? No! Le Ombre.
Akatsuki Kojou Impressive, Fourth Progenitor.
You still had that much power left in you? But that's over now.
Senpai's power is It can't be! This is the Dark Oath Grimoire.
Itogami Island has already become my own world.
Here, all superhuman powers besides my own are lost Even the power of the Fourth Progenitor.
Akatsuki Kojou! Yukina hasn't lost her power?! As I thought This makes her an ideal guest for my experiment.
It was worth going out of my way to come for her.
Don't tell me Her target isn't Natsuki-chan It's Himeragi?! Next Time Senpai, you're too unguarded! Your body has been possessed, you've nearly died several times Please, just stay beside me! From now on, always Fiesta for the Observers IV "Fiesta for the Observers IV.