Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon (Himssenyeoja Dobongsoon) (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

(EPISODE FOUR, HER IDENTITY) All things considered, she isn't normal.
Here we go.
It should be bare fists.
That's because I got nuclear punches.
Hey, are you going to sleep at his place again? No, I'm home.
This is my advice as a friend.
You aren't a kid any more.
You're old enough to get married.
You should think like a grown woman and behave with discipline.
What did I do? I'm just saying.
All right.
Is that why you called? The culprit saw your face.
You'd better change your clothes and hair style.
Don't worry.
Can you say thanks to Bong Gi for me? - For what? - Hee Ji.
He helped my girlfriend get treated.
Tell him in person.
Hee Ji did it in person.
No need for me to do that again.
Then why should I? Did anything bad happened today? You sound upset.
I feel bad and get angry too.
I have a heart and my heart also aches.
- Bong Soon! - What? You and I are just friends.
What I said was for your own good.
I just Stop it.
I also know we're just friends.
I'm hanging up.
This is my first time to hang up on him.
Nowadays, it's getting more difficult for me to control my power and feelings.
- Hello.
- How is your headache? It got better, but your call made it worse.
- Poor you.
- Why did you call me? I was just curious Exactly how strong are you? - By any chance - What? By any chance, are you a man? Why is every one of my co-workers that I come across either abusive, perverted, or crazy? Tell me the truth.
I'll keep the secret.
And if I am, are you intending on seducing me? Did you really just violate my privacy to talk such nonsense? It's just that I was really curious.
How are you so strong? It doesn't make sense.
Did your toes get better? No, they didn't.
It's starting to hurt even more now.
I can only imagine how painful it must have been for Mr.
Once I get upset, I have no idea what I would do.
If you keep calling at night and talking rubbish, I have no idea which parts of you I would step on.
- Are you threatening me? - Of course not.
How dare I? How dare can the inferior threaten the superior? Hey.
By any chance, can you break rocks with your head? You can try head-butting me tomorrow to see if your head bursts or not.
I'm hanging up now.
- He's crazy.
- She's crazy.
Gook Doo.
No! No, no.
No! What? It was so dirty.
It was so dirty.
Disgusting! It was just disgusting.
Can you see something? Not yet.
Lieutenant In, did you check for missing reports in Dobong-dong? Yes, I checked all of them.
But most of them are runaways.
Episode 53 of "Chief Detective" is about a woman who hasn't been reported missing ten days after she was kidnapped.
It's because she lived alone and she behaved as she pleased.
So people thought she was wandering around somewhere.
However, one day, a woman selling milk to her reported her to the police thinking she was simply not paying her bills.
That one report was what provided the evidence to the serial kidnapping of women at that time.
The socially withdrawn people who live alone are a problem for us because we won't know if they are kidnapped or missing.
Jung Hyung Sook and Kim Ji Won both lived with their families.
Did they? I'm just saying it could be possible that a woman living alone can be kidnapped too.
Did you get the culprit's data from the National Forensics Service? Yes, they will give me the results this evening.
Is the rumor true? No.
What are you talking about? It's not true.
Is your brother the business owner for the redevelopment? He's not.
He's just an agent who sells building lots.
The business owner is someone else.
Ho Soon, get me something to drink.
So the reason why you wanted the four-story building to be constructed is because of your brother.
It's not that related to him.
That is really not right.
We could have been misunderstood too.
That's what I'm saying.
Don't say that.
If you keep this quiet, I'll give you the best lot without commission fees.
I promise.
Really? We shouldn't be discussing this without an expert.
- An expert? Who? - An expert? I see.
You will earn money.
But a man will ruin your perfect plan.
Oh, dear.
It's a man? It's not a woman? Who? Gook Doo's mom? The writer? It's not a writer.
It's a person with a knife.
If you build a shop after opposing redevelopment for four years, what would the former company think about this? They will probably send their men.
You don't have to be a fortuneteller to know this.
Will we win or lose? The one holding the blade of a knife can never win the other holding the handle.
It doesn't matter how many times you hold the blade.
The one with the handle at the top wins every time.
Attack the person at the top.
If the business works out well, the price will be four times as much in three years.
Four times? Goodness.
I get what you mean about that one.
Now about my daughter, Bong Soon, she's working at a company and would there be a way for her to charm the CEO of the company? Money, please.
When was your daughter born again? It was 2:30am, August 15, 1991.
I want them to sleep together first.
That's the best way for a relationship to start.
- My gosh.
- What are you saying? Hello, sir.
There is a "P" on the schedule.
What is that? Come here.
Aren't you going to the hospital? They're looking for you because you left without telling them.
- Come here.
- All right.
Come quick.
Stand there.
All right.
The "P" on my schedule stands for "Private".
Right, you have hard time understanding new words.
Here's the similar word.
- It means my personal time.
- Gosh.
Half of your schedule is "P".
Of course.
My dream is to do nothing.
I'm living to make my dream come true now.
Isn't it cool? I can't find my motorcycle.
The police will never find it.
That's why I sent people.
How? With money.
- Did you find it? - No, not yet.
I'm hungry.
Cook something for me.
I'm not your housekeeper.
Do you know how much pain I am in? Are you annoyed? How can the assailant be annoyed at the victim? No, sit down.
I'll make something up quickly.
I'm going.
I have one meal a day.
I eat a lot for breakfast.
- You have to prepare a lot.
- Okay.
It hurts.
Leave it.
Don't touch it.
There are abalone.
And - Drink this.
- Okay.
I wanted a meal.
Apple is good for you in the morning.
Drink up.
I want a meal.
Get me my meal.
Food! Give me something to eat.
Are you sure? I see a good career in your daughter's fortune.
And it is really strong.
It's related to her husband.
She will get married to a decent person.
But I hear he's gay.
What are you talking about? You want her to marry a doglike man? - She's your daughter.
- Not doglike.
He's gay.
Someone's going to be beaten up all her life.
Do you want her to be beaten up all her life? It won't be her who gets beaten up.
The fortuneteller is always like that.
He gets half right and half wrong.
What did he mean by person at the top? Maybe he means the Head of the District.
I think he means the police.
They are usually in the upper positions.
Couldn't they be gangsters? It sounds like the head of a gangster.
Gosh, why would you take it that way? Am I wrong? Anyway, is that handsome boy really gay? Apparently so.
He looked so appetizing like an apple on your neighbors lawn.
Too bad the apple is not edible.
- How unfortunate.
- I'm so sad.
Did you set the table? It looks just like my mom's table.
It's good.
I was so mad.
I left because I was annoyed.
If he hired me as his bodyguard, I should only be looking out for his safety.
Why is he treating me like his slave? Calm down, Bong Soon.
You stepped on his toe, so it's your fault.
No, no.
He looks down on police and he ignores the law.
The world revolves around him.
Even the universe turns for him.
If that's the case, why did he give me this walkie talkie? I didn't get this job to cook for this jerk.
I finished the food.
It was so good I had another bowl.
I have to go out now.
Come and help me up.
Yes, sir.
I'm coming.
No, no.
He looks down on police and he ignores the law.
The world revolves around him.
Gosh, what is this? "See? He's such a jerk.
" What is this? If you want to talk bad about me, get out of my territory.
I finished the food.
You breached the contract.
What? When did I do that? You are not allowed to say anything that could cause defamation.
How is this defamation? - See? He's such a jerk.
- Jerk? See what? This is definitely defamation.
Your leg looks fine.
- Well? - Also, it's not like I called you a punk, a pervert, or a crazy man.
I only called you a jerk.
How is it defamation? When you call someone a jerk, it means you want to defame someone but you are still trying to keep your class intact.
You only called me that to make it sound less harsh.
Not at all.
I just said things the way they are.
What's so wrong with it? - I see.
Is that so? - Yes.
Are you ready to get on with today's schedule? Let us go ahead.
Aren't you going to help me? I think you can walk by yourself.
It still hurts a lot.
Can't you run? I run 100m in 28 seconds.
No, 26 seconds.
What kind of jerk runs so slow? What's wrong? I'm calling a jerk, jerk.
It's so uncomfortable with an injured toe.
Gosh, forget it.
I can't go.
I can't breathe.
I'm going to throw up.
She's really something.
What? What's going on? Gosh.
- Run.
- What is this? Mr.
Are you okay, Mr.
Ahn? You're bleeding.
Did you wake up? That hurts.
It hurts.
Are you okay? - Did you do that on purpose? - Of course not.
I'm so glad.
It was so loud that I thought something broke.
- Right, is your arm all right? - My head hurts more.
I think I'm going to die.
Am I alive? You're alive and well, so don't worry.
I'll take you to the hospital.
- Which department am I going? - Pardon? Orthopedics? The emergency? Or neurosurgery? We'll go to a general hospital.
- Forget it.
Go home.
- No, you hurt your arm.
- You got a gunshot.
- It was a metal ball.
Anyhow, you're bleeding.
We're going to the hospital.
Do you go to the hospital whenever you see blood? My arm isn't the problem.
I feel like my head split in half.
Your head? - How many am I holding? - Two.
From my experience, the skull doesn't crack that easily.
- What? - Here we go.
- Hey.
- We'll leave now.
We better hurry.
- Is my head bleeding? - Wear your seatbelt.
Gosh, that hurts.
In my opinion, I think you need fluids - Don't talk to me.
- Have some water.
We should disinfect it.
Does it hurt? Hold on.
How is it possible? It's ridiculous, right? How could they shoot metal balls at us? That's not what I meant.
How can a woman carry and run with a 70kg man in her arms? How strong are you? There are too many things that are strange.
You beat all those strong men when I first saw you.
Gong's tailbone got smashed while playing a game with you.
He won't let us visit because he's embarrassed.
The strangest of them all is your running with me in your arms.
Who are you? - Well - Are you taking pills? Maybe it's beyond my imagination.
Are you an alien? Maybe they tested a new drug on you.
Stop it.
Also, that's not important.
Thank goodness they were just metal balls today.
It would have been serious if they were real bullets.
- Are you worrying about me? - I'm your bodyguard.
That's why I told you to protect me.
You never listen! How does it feel to get shot? It was a joke today, but it will be real next time.
What's wrong with you? Tell me what you want, you jerk.
Give up the company.
Tell the chairman you won't take over Osung Group.
Or I will dismantle Ainsoft.
What gives you the right to dismantle Ainsoft? Try it if you want.
Are you all right, sir? Let's talk later.
You should go home.
I will stay with you.
I want to be alone.
Do you think you can be alone? Don't worry.
I just have some things to take care of on my own.
What's going on? He's such a capricious guy.
He acts as he pleases.
Before he didn't want to be alone and wanted me to stay with him.
I will leave this house.
I don't want to fight against my brothers anymore.
I will lead a life I want to live.
Please enjoy.
- Sell a lot.
- Thank you.
Bong Soon.
Did you get off work already? - Did you get laid off again? - No, I didn't.
Dad, do you think all I do is get laid off? - Did you have lunch? - How about you? I had a late breakfast.
I am not hungry.
Is that so? Dad, is there anything I can help you with? There's nothing.
Have this.
Where's Mom? Did she go out again? - She always does.
- Dad, thanks for your hard working.
You too.
Hey, when you get home, can you get the package for walnuts? At 4pm, a 30kg bag of walnuts will be delivered.
I'll get the package and crack them too.
All right.
Bong Soon.
What? What? Take this.
- Dad.
- Take it.
How can I let you give these to me? Here it goes.
- Here you go.
- Dad.
Do you have more? It's yours.
- Take this too.
- Dad.
I earned them risking my life.
If your mother finds out, I am dead meat.
Look at your clothes.
With this money, go and buy yourself some nice clothes.
- My dear daughter.
- Thank you.
- I'll get going.
- Go now.
Gook Doo didn't come with you? I came by myself.
I see.
Thanks to you, my fingers have gotten better.
The doctor is renowned in that field and will take good care of you.
I see.
Excuse me.
Why don't you order first? Spinach pasta is famous here.
Then I will have that dish.
I will have the same dish.
I've heard a lot about you.
You and Gook Doo were rivals in high school.
Did he say that? Gosh, he's unbelievable.
I can't tell the truth in front of his girlfriend.
It's fine by me.
Please tell me.
How could we be rivals? I raised him.
He was no match for me.
He couldn't even sit at the same table.
Bong Gi.
You are so funny.
You think I am joking? I am not.
- Is it really true? - It is true indeed.
Synced & ripped by bozxphd Goodbye.
Hello? Where are you? - You.
- Yes.
Did you pick up all the trash? - Yes.
- Yes.
Please accept us.
- Please accept us.
- Please accept us.
We will treat you like our boss.
Please teach us.
- Teach us.
- Teach us.
- Goodness.
- We have been looking for our true master.
- True master.
- True master.
By the way, why are the streets so clean today? I don't see even a single cigarette butt.
Maybe a lot of people didn't walk around here.
It's not that.
"Dobong-dong without crimes".
"Clean Dobong-dong".
We filed so many reports regarding this matter.
The public officials are now taking the complaints seriously.
This is the bakery.
- Welcome.
- Hello.
I'd like to order two walnut pies, two egg tarts, and some beverages.
Oh, right.
Please add in ten bags of small walnut bread.
- You want ten bags? - Yes.
How much is it? It's 84 dollars.
I received 100 dollars.
He's the father of Do Bong Soon.
Let's eat some walnut bread and go.
Hey, don't push me.
- Please enjoy.
- Thank you.
- Who is he? - Is he a police officer? He's only a customer.
Excuse me.
You should slice it into pieces and eat.
Can I get some tools? Tools? I see.
I should have done this earlier.
It's a harsh world out there.
You're the only light That's what we mean.
- Please take us in.
- Take us in.
Pass the ball.
- This? - Yes.
- My goodness.
- Unbelievable.
We should take care of it.
- It's a UFO.
- There's no doubt.
Dobong-dong is really something.
I must bring up a building here.
You're the best.
- Boss! - Take care.
- Take care.
- Take care.
- Boss! - Take care.
- We love you.
- We love you.
- You're the best.
- You're so awesome.
- Take care.
- We love you.
You're the best.
- Take care.
- I love you.
Boss! High school.
Years of stormy turbulence.
It's a time when you're so crazy you doubt that the Earth revolves around the Sun.
I was one of them once.
- Now that I think about it, - What are you doing? - It was truly full of turbulence.
- Let's go.
Do you think it was because of my studies? Of course not.
The stone you're seeing now is a very famous stone called "Rocking Stone".
No matter how hard you push, it will never move.
It won't matter who pushes it.
It won't matter if there are ten or 100 people.
I was a nuisance to the country.
What happened? - Hey, Bong Soon.
- What do I do? - Hurry up.
- Look.
Is this wrong? My goodness.
- What are you doing? - Nothing.
What was that? I unwillingly damaged countless objects.
Also, it was also during high school that I decided - It's bent? - To hide my power.
I like fragile girls.
Then I'd want to protect them.
That's cold.
More than the curse I will get if I use my power for something unjust, I got scared and hid my power because of what Gook Doo said.
I applied for the knitting club for my extracurricular activity.
Unfortunately, they got rid of the club before I could finish a scarf due to the lack of applicants.
College entrance exams were just around the corner.
I had no interest in studying and was only knitting until I had to face reality.
Please help Bong Gi get into Hanse Medical University.
As for Bong Soon, please help her get in any university.
It doesn't matter where as long as it's called a university.
You must be sincere when asking for a wish.
If you didn't study, the least you can do is pray.
You can do whatever you wish with my university.
Please help me date Gook Doo.
Buddha is someone I read about in a book when I was nine.
I was very moved by him.
I thought that I should ask for a wish knowing his reputation and abilities.
However, I didn't have trust in Buddha that day.
He was laughing down at me.
Wow, Gook Doo.
I heard you're dating Joo Young.
It turned out that way.
You got into police school just as you hoped.
You're even dating the queen bee, Joo Young.
I'm so jealous.
Let's go to the store.
Thank you so much.
Thanks to you, Bong Gi was accepted to Hanse Medical University.
Also, please take pity on Bong Soon.
Please help her get accepted next year.
It doesn't have to be a university.
It can be a two-year college.
I don't mind if the college is full of bad rumors.
It doesn't matter at all.
Please, I'm begging you.
Help us.
Help us.
Let's go.
Come on.
Monk! Monk! - What happened? - What is it? How can this be? What happened? How could this happen? It was him who turned his back on me first.
I bought this with the money Dad gave me.
- Hello? - It's me.
Where are you? - Home.
- Let's meet.
I'll come over.
- Who is it? - Gook Doo.
He's coming over now.
It's true we had a fight, but it was my mother who wasn't fond of Ji Won.
However, my father was ill.
That's why the marriage was rushed.
This is the voice of the kidnapped Kim Ji Won's fiance.
Is it the same voice you heard before? Call the detective.
She needs surgery right away.
We're moving her for the operation.
It's not him.
I didn't think so.
I hope we catch the criminal.
Watch out for yourself.
There are a lot of men that target weak girls like you.
Make sure you catch him.
Yes, I will.
How is it going with Hee Ji? She went to perform at another city.
At another city? It turns out that the members of an orchestra perform elsewhere too.
- What about you? - What? What do you mean? I mean work.
- It's the same.
- All right.
Go back in.
- Are you going back to the station? - Yes.
Gook Doo.
Cheer up, and don't skip meals.
You're my friend.
Don't worry about me and go inside.
Gyeong Shim.
Whenever you see him, you're always drained out of your energy.
Hey, do you want to go watch a late night movie? I'm feeling down.
I'd love to.
There are always a lot of seats at this time.
- I'm home.
- Hey.
- Give me water.
- Okay.
Bong Gi.
Did you meet with Gook Doo's girlfriend? Yes, during the day.
She told him she went out of the city to perform.
That brat.
Bong Gi.
We are going to catch a late-night movie.
Do you want to join? Come on.
How did you figure out I got off from my night duty? Which film? - Which theater are we going to? - What was that? We haven't decided it.
- Stop feeling upset about it.
- What's wrong? Dong Seok.
This is Min Hyuk.
Min Hyuk.
You've been well, right? I've been well more or less.
I don't get to see you often since you don't golf.
Dong Seok.
Help me.
What is it? Is there something wrong? I've recently been blackmailed.
The culprit even shot at me with a slingshot today.
Isn't that hilarious? He's like a kid.
What? Who on earth are doing that to you? That's what I have to find out.
But I think it's one of you.
It can't be.
Do you know what that jerk told me? He told me to forfeit Father's company.
Who could want me to give up inheriting the company? Are you certain? The way he blackmails me is just so childish.
It seems like he's not trying to blackmail the CEO of Ainsoft.
The way he blackmails me is how one would threaten a seven-year-old boy who would get scared and do nothing about it.
I'm sorry about that, Min Hyuk.
I can't be of help much.
I'm not asking for an apology.
I'm asking you to find out who it is.
It must be either Dong Ha or Gyeong Hwan.
How can I help you? Tell them.
If they get caught, I am going to kill them.
I am not that seven-year-old boy anymore.
Hey! I told you not to come into my room.
- Hey.
- You came into my room too, right? You even touched my stuff.
- You are such a pauper.
- Hey, go inside it.
- Go in.
- Go in now.
- Hurry.
- Go in.
- Get inside.
- All you do is mess up.
- Hurry inside.
- Get in.
- Don't cry.
- Don't cry and go in.
Let me out.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Stop it, Dong Ha.
You too, Gyeong Hwan.
Min Hyuk will suffocate in there.
- Dong Seok.
- Don't do this to him.
Min Hyuk.
Are you all right? Come down now.
You'll be okay.
The showing is at 9:40pm, 10:40pm, or 11pm.
- Which one do you want? - I don't care.
When is this one showing? Is it ten? What are you doing? I am going to see a movie.
With whom? With my friend.
Let me join you.
My goodness.
This jerk doesn't know when to butt in or out.
- Who is it? - My boss.
- What did he say? - He wants to join us.
- That's amazing.
Let him come.
- No.
- Why? - He's crazy.
Let me see that crazy guy too.
- No way.
- What? I will book the tickets.
How many tickets do we need? This is incredible.
Please Bong Soon.
Let him join.
Let's watch it together.
They are going somewhere.
Where are they going? I don't know.
Let's follow them smoothly.
This is not okay.
Is this a sad scene? This is the saddest super hero film in the world.
Darn it.
I hope they stop making a super hero film.
Here she comes.
Oh, right.
My sister cries when she sees super hero films like "Hulk", "Avengers", or "Spider-Man".
Why? Why? Do Hulk's ripped pants make you sad? Is it because Spider Man's mask is stuffy? You are quite unique.
As I get to know you more, I am in awe.
Hey, you've got the blues.
Shall we go clubbing? Let's go.
It's on me.
- Let's go.
- All right.
Let's go.
This is nice.
They're going into a club.
She seems excited.
I guess she has a cheerful personality.
But she was sobbing during the film.
Well, she is also a bit emotional.
She and her friend are going to have fun with those two guys.
She pursues a normal method of dating.
She went in, holding hands with a girl.
Let's go.
I'm hungry.
Go where? To the club? When you are hungry, do you go to clubs? You stupid idiot.
By the way, one of the guys was Ahn Min Hyuk of Ainsoft.
Let's go in.
Is your glass full? Drink it then.
- Don't pour her drink.
- She's fine.
- Stop it.
- This is the time for her to drink.
You should drink too.
Bottoms up.
Let's drink.
Don't drink too much, Bong Soon.
You too, sir.
Should we clink glasses? Everyone, raise your glass.
In one, two, 3.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Bong Soon.
- Let's drink in moderation.
Bong Soon.
Let's go to the stage.
We should dance.
Come on out.
Should we? Here I go.
I'm going.
Do Bong Soon.
Bong Soon.
Let's do it! Dance, Bong Soon.
Let's dance.
I think your sister is completely drunk.
I think so too.
She shouldn't get drunk.
She's weird enough when she's sober.
What will happen when she's drunk? Darn it.
Where is she going? - What happened? - What was that? - I can't believe it.
- Hey, look.
- Look at this.
- Who is she? What? What is the matter? What is going on? What? What is happening? Excuse me.
Bong Soon! I'm sorry.
- Bong Soon.
- Gosh.
My bad.
Keep going.
Let me put this away.
- Bong Soon.
- Don't stop.
I'm going crazy.
Gosh, you jerk.
You are driving me nuts.
Why do you have to hit me in the morning? Do you remember what you did yesterday? What did I do? Yesterday, I watched a movie and went to the club.
In the club, I danced.
The handsome CEO brought you home yesterday.
- Really? - Do you know what you did? What did I do? - Did I puke on him? - That would have been better.
- Did I hit him? - That would have been better.
Then what did I do? - Mom.
- We're here.
- I want to sleep at home.
- Oh my goodness.
- It's Mom.
- Your shoes.
- It's my mom.
- I don't care.
You have to take your shoes off when you go inside.
- Oh my goodness.
- Oh my goodness.
- Bong Soon.
- The ground is shaking, Mom.
Oh my goodness.
You are Bong Soon's boss, right? Yes.
He is a total jerk.
What are you saying? She doesn't normally act like this.
- She must be really drunk.
- Yes, she drank too much.
Mom, he is gay.
Be quiet.
You have to logout the fact that you are gay.
Hey, what do you mean logout? It's login.
- Please stop this.
- Hey.
If you keep trying to charm Gook Doo, I will - really kill you.
- You won't kill anyone.
- Let's go to your room.
- You should.
Hey, stop staring at Gook Doo's hips.
If you touch his hips, I will tear your hips off from your body.
You won't tear anything off.
He is a total jerk.
I will knock all his teeth out and I will go back to being unemployed.
- Let's go back to your room.
- Let's go back to your room.
- Leave me alone.
- One, two - Hey.
- Oh, my.
- Two.
- Go to your room.
Well Marriage is not the problem now.
You should beg for forgiveness so that you won't get fired.
Oh my goodness.
I can't believe this is actually happening.
Oh, my.
My shameless life has been scarred.
My ability to take in alcohol must have failed me along with the ability to detoxify.
I must have been crazy last night.
Change into your mourning clothes, let down your hair, go to your boss' house, sit on a straw mat, and beg for forgiveness.
Sir, there has been a report for missing person.
I think there's something strange.
It's a 32-year-old director of a ballet school.
- Director of a ballet school? - Yes, sir.
A director of a ballet school must be thin.
She won't weigh much.
I think we're on the same page.
This feels strange.
- Dig deeper.
- Yes, sir.
Start from her last location.
We have the footprint analysis from the National Forensics Service.
According to the analysis, the sole is that of a limited edition shoes which came out last year.
- Designer shoes.
- Yes, designer shoes.
It's getting easier.
In that case, let's seek our breakthrough.
Yes, sir.
Police! Is anyone here? Please don't kill me.
You need to get better quickly.
You are my second bride.
I like thin women.
That way, they can wear wedding dresses.
- There will be only one meal a day.
- Please don't kill me.
Of course.
Have you seen a groom that hurts his bride? Please don't kill me.
Be quiet.
I hate talkative people.
Please don't kill me.
Please don't kill me.
Please don't kill me.
The director of ballet school, Lee Joo Young.
Her last location was a nearby bar at 11pm.
She called chauffeur service.
I tracked the driver's number and it's a burner phone.
You can still track down.
Did you check her car's license plate? I didn't find anything special.
I think we'll have to track her from her last location.
You will have to - investigate quietly.
- Yes, sir.
First, give him a psychiatric clinic treatment paper.
I could say, "Actually, I have a serious mental illness.
" "I go crazy once in a while.
" I could appeal to pity.
Second, never see him again.
Third, argue that his memory is wrong as he was drunk too.
I think your boss is not a gay for certain.
Fourth, introduce him to a nice man.
Maybe this is the best way.
You have to logout the fact that you are gay.
I will go back to being unemployed.
I will tear your hips off from your body.
Do Bong Soon.
Hello, sir.
Did you sleep well? I did.
Did you? Yes.
My having a good sleep is only a mere thing.
What do you mean? Mr.
Ahn, if you give me one more chance Did you have breakfast? Pardon? No, not yet.
Bong Soon.
You do know that I go to work today, right? Yes.
See you at the company.
Have breakfast and don't hurry.
I'll go to work after my exercise.
You don't need to hurry.
Yes, sir.
See you.
It feels as if I haven't done my homework but the teacher is sick and absent.
Why is his voice so soft? He sounds so kind and generous.
He's not too bad.
She's so cute.
I can't believe her saying she'd remove my bottom.
That's so brilliant, sassy, and sexy.
Oh, my.
This cutie pie.
I can't bite her though.
Bong Soon! I think he's not a gay at all.
Gyeong Shim! That's not important.
But the personality is what's important.
In that aspect, my boss is good-natured.
Don't you remember your calling him crazy dog? Since he runs such a big company, he could be crazy sometimes.
Don't you think? Didn't you badmouth him saying he has useless thoughts in his head and he is crazy about clothes like girls? No, no.
He just got a great fashion sense.
I'm going to work now.
See you.
She must be crazy.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Synced & ripped by bozxphd [STRONG GIRL BONG SOON.]
Why is he taking so long to buy tofu? Is Dobong-dong his playground? He might be after my friend.
How dare you do this to my friend? Don't even think about touching her.
- I'll take her home.
- I'll come to pick her up.
I said I'll.
Unutterable rumors are spreading.
They say he's a trained spy from North Korea or an alien.
Does she really have no idea? I have something I'm good at.
I never showed my power.
Being strong is not my fault.
- Bong Soon.
- Yes? Let's go now.
I think he is not a gay at all.
Bong Soon is your friend, right? Go on in! It doesn't seem like one-sided love.
Don't do anything and stay beside me.