Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon (Himssenyeoja Dobongsoon) (2017) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

Please help me.
Gyeong Sim was kidnapped.
Help me find Gyeong Sim.
You can find anyone, right? You're saying Gyeong Sim got kidnapped? If we inform the police, she will die! Just don't ask about anything, and please find out where that jerk and Gyeong Sim are.
If you find him, what are you going to do by yourself? That person's name is Kim Jang Hyun.
He manages that junkyard.
But I just came back from there and he wasn't there and there wasn't even a trace of Gyeong Sim.
Okay, I'll look for her.
But let's go together.
- Don't go alone, okay? - If something happens to Gyeong Sim, I'll - Bong Soon, look at me.
- Look at me, Bong Soon.
- Bong Soon! - Gyeong Sim is Gyeong Sim, Gyeong S Gyeong Sim is going to be okay.
Don't worry too much.
That asshole's gathering women so he can collect them.
He for sure won't kill them.
Okay? Don't cry.
It's okay.
*Episode 13: Nevertheless* At first, he only targeted petite and slender women.
But the case reached a turning point.
That guy ended up knowing the direction of our investigation since he kept eavesdropping on us.
Since we moved our focus to the fact that the suspect only targeted skinny women, just as that bastard had been waiting for, he changed to targeting randomly.
- That started with Gyeong Sim, right? - Right.
But, Bong But he met an unexpectedly tough opponent.
That threw a wrench in his plans.
- Unexpectedly tough opponent? - From then on, that guy's crime pattern changed to being all about a grudge and revenge.
It also became an obsession.
I overlooked that point.
We don't know what he will do next.
Jo Hee Ji was bait.
He threw the police bait and then went after the one he was really targeting, Gyeong Sim.
Gyeong Sim.
The problem is That bastard knows that you and Gyeong Sim are friends and, even more than that, he's definitely not going to stay still knowing that.
That is what I am most worried about.
Bong Soon.
Please don't try to do everything by yourself.
I hope you'll understand my heart that wants to protect you, even if it's just like this.
This will protect you from now on.
So please wear it on you always.
I will take you back.
Go home and get some sleep.
I'll see you at the company tomorrow.
I'll do what I can in the meantime.
Kim Jang Hyun junkyard Junkyard The junkyard employee's name is Jang Gwang Suk.
Born in 1976.
He lives with his elderly mother and has no criminal record.
But you know, this Kim Jang Hyun was actually exempted from military service due to a psychiatric history.
On top of that, he killed someone with fire when he was juvenile detention center.
You see.
I knew something was off about this rascal.
I figured it out early on.
I looked into Kim Jang Hyun's immigration records, and found out that the employee's story of him going to Sudan in Africa was all a lie.
- There's no evidence of departure.
- Then what? Are you saying that employee got deceived too or is the employee with him in the plan? Those rascals are on the same side.
How do you know? Sixth sense.
This punk's turning into me.
Since we can't get a search and seizure warrant anyway, let's start our guerilla war at that punk's house.
I will go to the junkyard first.
- But you saw that nothing was there.
- Yes, but something keeps bothering me.
It's possible there's more to it than what meets the eye.
Alright then go where your sixth sense leads you! - Then Brown Bear and Gi Soo, come with me to search his house.
- Yes, sir.
Dae Pyok, you get your hands on those psychological records and meet with the doctor that consulted him.
- Yes, sir.
- Klutz, what do you need to do? - Cover for you to the chief? - Genius.
Then Gook Doo, the junkyard and Jang Gwang Suk Hey! Where did Gook Doo go? Did he leave already? He's fast.
There's no one in Asia that can keep up with him.
Bong Soon, I am alright.
Don't come to me.
Don't come to me.
Don't come to me.
I have the materials for the meeting ready.
Do Bong Soon did not come to work? I told her to come to the development team right away though.
Do you think maybe she's late because she stayed up all night working on the Bongssuni Super Girl presentation for later today? - Wait one second.
- Should I call her? The ugly silkworm pupa.
The wrinkly silkworm pupa.
- The silkworm pupa with a small shell.
- You - seriously have suffered a lot, Hyung.
- Yeah.
- Even so, you and I - Where are you going? - I am getting discharged! You shouldn't be discharged yet, though.
- The spicy pepper fell in love - Is this a prison? I can go whenever I want to.
- The warm and sweet silkworm pupa (snack food - (in Korea) - Ah, excuse me.
The name is *Ah Ga Ri* (TRAP AS IN "SHUT YOUR TRAP.
") Your name is really Ah Ga Ri? Yes.
My family is from Naju.
"Ah" for the Naju clan, "Ga" for "beauty," and "Ri" for "plum tree.
" Ah Ga Ri.
- The ugly silkworm pupa.
- The wrinkly silkworm pupa.
- Hyungnim, your real name was really "Trap"? - The silkworm pupa with a small shell - Gosh you button hole.
I told you it was! - Even so, you and I - If it weren't my real name, do you think I'd really use such a stupid name as my professional name? - The silkworm pupa and spicy pepper's eyes met, and - they fell in love - Ah Ga Ri Mr.
Ga Ri If you really want to be discharged, please go through the proper procedures and do it.
I'll prescribe you some medication.
- The ugly silkworm pupa - Alright.
- The wrinkly silkworm pupa - Aiyoo.
Hyungnim, what's wrong? *My butt is itchy* - -the spicy pepper's eyes met - Ah, he said his butt is itchy.
We can't undo his bandages yet.
*I think there is a bug on my butt* - Even so, you and I - Say it slower.
What did you say? - The silkworm pupa and spicy pepper'e eyes met *Bug, bug, on my butt.
* Bug! Bug! On his butt! - Motherfucker("SSI BAL SAE KKI").
- Xia Junsu (SINGER OF JYJ)? He's doing his military service.
- You fucker.
- Shinsegae (DEPARTMENT STORE CHAIN)? Shin Se Kyung (ACTRESS)? - and sweet - What is it? - silkworm pupa - Open it! Open it! Hurry! Open it, open it! He's talking about his butt! We can't! Why would we open his butt? Hyungnim.
- The ugly silkworm pu- - But what are you doing, reading that poetry? There's no fucking end! Is that even a poem? President gave me this to read to him.
He said we have to emotionally stabilize him.
Look at him! He's practically become trash.
Will reading that trash make him emotionally stable?! - There's nothing emotional about it, you bastard! - I was just doing my best * The Day a Silkworm Pupa Met a Spicy Pepper* Hey, but who is "Mrs Duck from Yang Jae neighborhood" Title: Try Thinking a Little (4) I am Yang Jae neighborhood's Mrs.
Duck Don't ask me why I am Mrs.
I cannot say that I am Mrs.
You think about it.
I was writing poetry, Master.
It has been three years now since I debuted as a faceless poet.
I have published more than five books of poems already.
Life is an inevitable and futile thing that we don't know where it comes from or where it will go.
Isn't that right? I'm thinking of cutting off ties with the world and spending my remaining days fostering myself.
- What do you think— - I need to go out to the world now.
I have to go to the market.
To be honest, I need your car keys.
I left my car behind in the real world.
What did you need to purchase? You stuffed your mouth with my curry and you got fat.
I need that rubber band for my hair.
I'm always using a chopstick.
And next, after I shampoo, I don't have conditioner.
I think the items you mentioned could be picked up from a convenient store or at the rest stop.
I got into a fight with the part-timer at the convenient store.
It's a secret.
He keeps asking me to show my ID card but I don't have one.
- Well, that - Namaste.
*Secretary Gong* *Your punctuality is desired for the Planning & Development Team's presentation on Friday at 10:00AM* She's not picking up.
I'm sorry, but let's postpone the presentation for another time.
- I see that you're here to find your friend.
- Where is Kim Jang Hyun? He's not here.
Not here.
That's why I'm asking where he is! I don't know.
He's probably with your friend.
Ahjussi, where is Kim Jang Hyun?! Why are you asking me? I don't know.
What should I do? Gyeong Sim? Gyeong Sim?! Gyeong Sim? What is this? Gyeong Sim! Ah! What is this? Gyeong Sim? Gyeong Sim! Mission Complete 100% Okay.
It's all done.
The customer cannot come to the phone Gyeong Sim? Gyeong Sim? Where are you? Gyeong Sim? Gyeong Sim? Is there someone there? Please save me.
Over here! Please save me.
- Please save me.
- Are you alright?! It's dangerous, so step back.
I'll save you.
Ahh! Ah.
Please go out.
Are you alright? Move back.
I'm going to take this out.
Move back.
Just blow it all up! Your friend will die today.
When she dies, you're dead too! ♫ If you couldn’t say it and held it in.
Don’t hold it in anymore ♫ Gyeong Sim Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Please wake up! ♫ If they look down on you saying you're too small and tiny ♫ Wake up, please.
♫ Show your strength ♫ ♫ Ra-cha-cha a cute woman of great strength ♫ ♫ Nobody /i> ♫ ♫ can stop her ♫ Watch your step.
♫ Stay strong super power girl ♫ ♫ Don’t hesitate anymore ♫ We'll help.
You are fine now.
I'm here so don't worry.
Let's go out together.
Give me a minute.
Gyeong Sim?! Gyeong Sim?!! That guy probably took her out just now.
What? Ah! He can't! What is that? Be careful.
I'll do it.
It's fine.
I'm here.
Be careful.
Let's go over there.
Sit here.
Wait a moment.
Ahjussi, where is Kim Jang Hyun? Where is Kim Jang Hyun?! Ahjussi! My friend is the only one missing.
Please, I'm begging you, tell me.
- I don't know.
- Ahjussi! Ahjussi! - Stop right there! - I don't know! I don't know! Let go! I don't know! You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say may be used as evidence against you in court.
You can hire an attorney, but this is the end for you, bastard.
- Hey, is everyone alright? - Yes.
- Are you okay? I said that I'd help you.
I told you let's go together.
I'm sorry.
Did you save all those girls? What about Gyeong Sim? Ah, what is this? Ah, this perverted bastard made an utter mess out of this place.
Hey, hey, hurry up and clear that up.
- Yes, please take some pictures.
- Hyungnim, what is this? Why is the Special Investigations Unit here? We took over this place first so we'll handle it ourselves.
Please leave.
The police commissioner told us to work together with you guys.
How can that be?! Then someone catches him and someone else does all the searching? What is that?! Team Leader, come here! - Why? - Hurry and come here! Hey! Is there something? It's this way.
What is this? Hey, this bastard.
I knew it would be like this.
- He's not normal.
- Just how many CCTV cameras are there? He's a total psycho.
Breaking news.
The 3 females that went missing in the vicinity of Jungwon Intersection have all been safely rescued.
We are shocked to be informed that the 3 missing women - That's crazy.
spent the time being imprisoned in the basement of a nearby junkyard.
The police are currently investigating Mr.
Jang, an employee remaining at the scene, as an accomplice in the crime.
It's been revealed that the true criminal that kidnapped the girls and manages the junkyard, Mr.
Kim, has disappeared without a trace and is currently being tracked down.
As for how the girls were rescued, the police are still keeping quiet about the matter.
According to the testimonies of citizens nearby the area, they said that before the girls were rescued there was a huge explosion and a burst of flames could be seen coming from the junkyard.
*All 3 missing women rescued* *The 43 days of nightmare locked up in a junkyard basement.
* Our curiosity is aroused as to whether the police have opened a special operations mission.
A splendid investigative feat through the fighting spirit of Violent Crimes Team authority*Meanwhile, all three rescued girls have been moved to the hospital and are receiving medical attention.
According to a person associated with the hospital, seeing as how the rescued girls have all received great mental shock, together with psychological treatment - they are going to do their best to help them regain stability - Excuse me! - as soon as possible.
- No interviews are allowed with the victim today.
Please go.
We are very sorry.
Hey, hey.
Lie down.
Stay lying down.
Aigoo Being in that horrible place You have really endured it well.
Excuse me.
You must be feeling very hectic, but if you don't mind me asking, during the explosion How did you get out? Kim Jang Hyun, who has been revealed as the real culprit behind the serial missing women cases near Jungwon Intersection, had made a secret underground lair in the basement of the junkyard that he works at - where he was keeping the woman - President in an unprecedentedly grotesque crime.
The culprit is a fanatic of the play, "The Blue Beard and the Seven Brides" which could be the motive behind the crime.
The culprit, Kim Jang Hyun, is currently on the run and is being openly searched for throughout the entire country.
The female victims are now in the hospital - with police protection.
- Hey, for now tell Gyeong Sim not to come up to Seoul.
- The culprit is a fanatic of the play "The Blue Beard and the Seven Brides," - We don't even know where the culprit is going around.
- which could be the motive behind this crime, - We have to be extra careful.
and is being tracked down.
Try finding her using your own strength.
Or else— You should've told me.
You went in there alone? Kim Jang Hyun and I need to settle this ourselves.
Why is this something that you two need to settle? That bastard has already been declared as wanted.
- I need to do it alone.
- I'll catch him.
You stay out of this.
I'm the one he sent this video to.
What that punk wants is me.
That's an even more reason you can't! No If the police get involved, Gyeong Sim will be in more danger.
The police have already gotten involved with this case.
Still, this can't be made public.
I'm requesting this of you, Gook Doo.
Bong Soon He said he'll kill Gyeong Sim if I tell the police.
We will do a closed investigation.
Thank you.
Also, please keep it a secret that I saved those girls.
Okay, don't worry.
Let's go.
- I'll go.
- Okay, go.
Ah, this Just what am I to you? - President.
- Okay I know, I'm not first priority to you.
Also, I know you're unique.
So I also know I shouldn't be like this.
And what else do I know? That's right, I know that in order to love you I need to become different from another man.
You go into danger alone and I can't stop you even though I try.
Don't I know enough already? Just how much more do I need to know? That's why I told you from the beginning, I am different from others.
I know you're different! I know it very well.
But it drives me crazy, and I'm worried to death.
It drives me crazy thinking about how you went there alone to confront that punk.
Then why did you train me? Didn't you know this will happen? I didn't know.
I didn't know I would love you like this.
We cannot be together.
What? Dating is a luxury to me.
I'm just going to live as a monster like this, so just go back to living the comfortable life you were living before.
Since we're not fit for one another anyway.
What did you just say? We can just stop right here.
Then things will be fine.
Wow, you really know how to piss a person off.
Do you think I'm easy because I like you like crazy? Hey, Do Bong Soon.
Hey! I want to live like a normal person too.
However, I cannot live like that.
The person who I love, I don't want to lose for the second time.
If you are beside me, you will be in danger.
Can't you just stay by my side? Gosh, then you're saying that the Avengers' lady is really strong in real life.
And you're saying the truth is that, the girl beat up those gangsters last time by herself? - Yes.
- Unbelievable.
Now I've seen it all.
I mean that tiny girl I'm saying this because the victims' testimonies were so absurd.
What the ladies are saying is as preposterous as those preschoolers' testimonies from before! They said that the girl ripped off the iron prison doors and then threw them aside! Ha! Are you telling me to believe it? What? Really? Are you telling me the truth? But Team Leader, I would like it if you kept this a secret.
Hey punk, this isn't a secret! Even if it's just an old grandpa, someone has to be able to believe it for me to tell people.
And plus, even though this story is unrealistic nothing bad would come out of people finding out about this.
Well she wants to live normally-my friend.
And plus, the fact that my friend is strong- - Kim Jang Hyun found out.
- What? Last time, when Gyeong Sim was almost kidnapped the story that Bong Soon screamed so the kidnapper ran away-it's actually a lie.
Right? I thought that part was really strange.
This time, that asshole kidnapped Gyeong Sim and sent a video to Bong Soon.
What!? Team Leader, so this fact can't ever be formally disclosed.
Even when we investigate, this needs to be completely private.
So please keep this between us.
- They said I gained weight.
- You eat so much but you don't gain weight? Myeong Soo's mom is really something.
I loved that scene.
The main character says to a cockroach that suddenly appears in the room, he said What are you doing in broad daylight with someone else's husband, mother of Gook Doo? Bong Gi's mother, don't you know that there was a Do Bong charity bazaar event today? T-that's right.
I was commissioned to be there so I had an autograph session and I did volunteer work as well.
Bong Gi's father also helped by assisting the children with a cookie making event.
It's a thankful deed.
Yeah, Honey when we get home I'll t-t-t-tell y-you a-about it Shut up! I mean, why am I the only one who didn't know about this event? - Did you guys know about it? - Not me.
Not at all.
Well, I guess it's a lack of information.
I mean, people who click on the internet to read articles about celebrity scandals only, would they know about such good news? I read it every once in a while.
Visit the district homepage every now and then.
It's filled with never-ending constructive news.
Then I'll get going.
Yes, yes.
Go ahead.
You did great today.
What great deed did she do? This man-what are you! - Oh my— - Aigoo, why are you- What is the meaning of this? Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! What are you two doing? Are you trying to protect my husband? Are you protecting him? I'm not protecting your husband.
I'm mediating a dispute.
Ha! Dispute? What the- what are you, a judge? Hey, then why don't you get hit instead! - Bong Gi's mother! - What!? Bong Gi's father has done nothing to get beaten up.
Why are you doing this? What's wrong with you? And your words are too vulgar.
You didn't know! You didn't know! You naughty bitch! You! Get over here! Ack! Stop.
You better come get this! 1! 2! Your eyes! Hey, your eyes.
Yes, come in! This is our station's Violent Crimes Team 3.
Gosh, you've all done such a great job! The case got passed on to the Special Investigations Unit, but they still investigated privately and went through a huge ordeal! Our Violent Crimes Team 3.
- Team Leader Yook! Come here! - No! - Come here! - No, no.
Our Team Leader Yook has worked very hard.
Here say a few words.
What-we haven't even finished the case.
You've worked hard Team Leader Yook.
Did we catch the criminal? No, we haven't yet.
So turn off the cameras! If you keep acting like this, you're going to negate all the good we've done.
Get out! Get out! Quickly, get out! Chief, you too, leave.
Should I bring out some rice wine? Should I slice off a pig's head? (TRADITIONAL KOREAN FESTIVAL FOOD AND DRINK) A-a-alright, Reporter Gi, let's go outside.
Out out out! What are you guys doing? Work's not over yet! Get back to work! Yes, sir.
Gosh, there's nothing going on between them so that's why they're walking outside.
If they were in a special relationship, they wouldn't be able to walk outside.
She's right! Don't be suspicious! She's right! They're not dating-I mean, they're not in any special relationship.
Seriously, living with a good-looking husband isn't just a regular headache.
These good-looking people always cost something.
I-I mean, honestly is Bong Gi's father good looking enough to cause a headache? Oh my, if you see my husband in a wrestling uniform do you know how good looking he is? I haven't seen it so I don't know, but I don't think it's worth causing a headache.
- Do you want to see? - No! I'm going to go home.
I'm busy right now too so What do mean busy-? Later Abduction Suspect Public Announcement Name: Kim Jang Hyun (30 YEARS OLD).
Description: 185cm tall, slim figure, high nose bridge, no accentReport to 112, or go to your nearest police station.
Abduction Suspect Public Announcement Name: Kim Jang Hyun (30 YEARS OLD).
Description: 185cm tall, slim figure, high nose bridge, no accentReport to 112, or go to your nearest police station.
Cheer up.
By any chance, did you hear him say where he was taking the last victim? Did he say anything like that? I understand that you're tired.
Can you tell me anything that you remember about him? I don't know.
I don't remember anything.
Okay, thank you.
But whenever that person came in the chamber I heard a sound like a music box there.
Music box sounds? Yes.
- Where did that woman go? - Pardon me? The woman who saved us.
She disappeared like vapor after she rescued us.
She was like a pretty angel.
If what I saw wasn't a dream.
You said it was a woman? See, what did I tell you.
Didn't I tell you to hold interviews about the new game launch? Yes, but the reporters at the time said they weren't interested so Even if they're not interested, you need to do what you need to do.
Are you not going to work?! Why are you so simple, can't you think outside of the box? Get out.
Secretary Gong.
Find out where Do Bong Soon is? Yes, sir.
Do Bong Soon? - Do Bong Soon? - Yes? The President is looking for you.
Oh, okay.
Have you eaten yet? Oh, I'm not very hungry.
You should go ahead and eat.
B-but why did you miss your presentation yesterday? I'm sorry.
The entire development team waited yesterday.
We were a little flustered.
You didn't even answer your phone.
By any chance, did you two fight? President, Miss Do Bong Soon is in the secretary office.
What is this? Did they fight or something? She hasn't even eaten.
Seriously Go and eat.
I'm not hungry.
Even if you're not hungry, eat.
Gyeong Sim can't eat right now.
Therefore, I cannot eat by myself.
Don't worry about me.
Hey, Do Bong Soon.
You have to eat so that you can gain the strength to save your friend.
I'm still strong even if I don't eat.
Don't worry about Just try saying that one more time.
If you starve, I'll starve too.
I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
You have nothing to be sorry about, and you haven't done anything wrong.
Do whatever you want.
Starve away! Is anyone going to stop you? I'm going to stop caring.
Why do you buy spicy chicken feet? yo yo yo Spicy Chicken Feet Order Therefore, up until now all you have done was follow the orders of Kim Jang, right? Why do you think that happens? It's because whenever you don't listen, he'll give you this.
He gave you drugs.
Correct?! I don't know.
Hey, Jang Geun Seok, the Kim Jang Hyun that went missing.
Where did he go after leaving the junkyard? You people will never be able to catch him.
Hey! You're starting again and I'm also losing my patience.
You-! What is this? Why are there so many stairs? Is it the stairway to heaven? Ah, this place is too steep.
Hey, isn't that the Indian immigrant? What is that monk doing up there? It's a yoga move that even I don't even know about.
What is that? Do you think that's a real monk? He's already like this endlessly.
I saw him.
Hey, rascal.
Watch your words.
Let me lea-.
Hyungnim, are you sleeping? I'm meditating.
What do you need? We came because we don't know what we should do now.
What should we do to earn a living from now on? - Let's live a kind life.
- Yes, Hyungnim.
Hwang Ga! Yes, Boss.
What do you think life is? Life is a fist of poop.
Hyungnim, I know we already left you, but how could you talk about poop? It's dirty.
In result, poop is nasty! Anyway, when we die, people like us will return back to the grounds.
We are useless.
Life is very short.
Money, power, and rankings! All of those mean nothing.
Excuse me.
Hello? Seriously? I got it.
Boss, the redevelopment has just been approved by the district.
What?! Let's leave quickly.
Do you know how much the construction project was?! If we add the price and land value, we are just left with 2.
5 million dollars! Hey, hey.
Hurry up.
Let's leave quickly.
You stay here and pack my things.
Pack it neatly.
I'm going first.
I'll go meet the lead.
We're talking three thousand here.
I can't believe this is happening.
It keeps going up.
Woah, it's increasing in view.
Hey, should we try some of this? I heard that was marijuana water.
Ah, seriously.
It's fine.
Doesn't that smell like poop? Who left the bathroom door open? Title, "Counting Stars in the Night".
"I count the stars.
There's a lot of stars".
"Still, I did it".
"I counted everything in the sky until all my embarrassment was gone".
"I counted for 8 nights, Nine days.
Now there's are still four stars left".
What is he saying? 4 stars Four stars Reincarnated 4 times? Is that all? He wanted to live nicely.
- Namaste.
- Namaste.
You want to go and shower with me? If you go on Hwy 420 for 30 minutes, there is a new sauna there, I have two shower coupons.
I have to scrub my back, come with me.
I how should I say this? I don't shower.
Let's go together.
I went for Chuseok already [KOREAN THANKSGIVING.]
Then go with me next week, this is until next week anyway.
Okay, then leave.
Give me your business card.
Since we might not see each other again, give me your business card.
I'll use it well.
He's not normal.
Synced & ripped by bozxphd Unknown Caller Hey, you must be really strong.
How did you manage to get out of there? Where is my friend? Gyeong Sim is safe, right? Hey, because of you I don't think I can get married now.
Do it with me.
Don't cowardly harm others, instead start with me.
Let my friend go! Gyeong Sim Gyeong Sim is safe, right? If I give you back your friend, will you marry me? Yeah, whatever you want.
Let's meet right now.
Let's just meet tonight.
I'll text you the address tonight.
You have to come dressed up.
Kim Jang this bastard.
He isn't normal.
He kept giving him drugs.
When we traced the drugs, it went back all the way from powerful dealer in Hong Kong.
He kept giving him drugs to make him worse as time goes on and play with him like a doll.
Okay, first off, Klutz and Magnifying Glasses, Yes.
Make sure you get a warrant for him.
I understand.
Why is that? I feel like that bastard, Kim Jang, is going to come out tonight.
Spicy Chicken Feet Where did she go again? If I give you back your friend, will you marry me? Spicy Chicken Feet Be quiet.
Gyeong Sim, don't worry.
I'll definitely rescue you.
Until then, stay safe.
Okay? I'm sorry.
Please process my absence today.
♫ It’s so high, ♫ No matter what you say or what you do, ♫ it could reach the sky ♫ my heart does not change.
♫ It’s so wide, it could hold the sea ♫ ♫ Like this, my heart is being colored ♫ ♫ With your scent ♫ *Bong Soon ♥* ♫ Like this, Love U Love U Love U, I love you ♫ ♫ It’s warm, whenever I think of you, I’m happy ♫ ♫ Just thinking about holding you ♫ ♫ Makes a smile spread on my face ♫ ♫ You color my world ♫ *Do Bong Soon* The number you've dialed cannot be connected.
Come to the construction site of Jay Tower at 217 Dowon intersection.
And look pretty.
*Suspect of Kidnapping Wanted* *Do Bong Soon's House* *President Ah Min Hyuk* I think something must've happened to Bong Soon.
- Huh? - I think you need to come.
Since you're the only police I could trust.
Where is Bong Soon right now? Gyeong Sim? Gyeong Sim? Gyeong Sim? Gyeong Sim? You came looking pretty.
No need to be in a rush, since I'll come over to you.
I'm going down! Ah, Gyeong Sim! Here, try rescuing your friend! Get up, Gyeong Sim.
It's okay.
Bong Soon.
Bong Soon, that person isn't the culprit.
- Huh? - He isn't the culprit.
Hold on.
Ahjusshi! Are you okay? Ahjussi! Gyeong Sim Don't come! Don't come here! Don't come! Don't come! Don't come! Hey! I thought you wanted to save your friend.
Do it again like last time.
Of course, because of the jinx that I would lose my strength if I hurt an innocent person, I did think at times that might be better to do that Why? Do you have no strength? If you're like this, it's no fun.
I prepared so much so show me.
Why are you so weak? Do that again.
Hey, Kim Jang Hyun.
You won't take your hand off? If you lay one more finger on her, then you are really dead.
Kim Jang Hyun, stop right there! Get out of the car, you bastard! Bong Soon! I'm here.
It's okay.
I'm here.
Synced & ripped by bozxphd Bong Soon.
Bong Soon! Hey.
♫ There is a tremble in my heart ♫ ♫ Even I myself did not know this unfamiliarity ♫ ♫ Every time I breathe, the feelings that I hide ♫ ♫ Wakes up bit by bit.
It keeps on coming up ♫ ♫ You shine inside me ♫ Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Preview Bong Soon is always hurting in her heart I'm not unique at all.
It doesn't matter to me whether you are unique or not.
He seems like a good person To us, he's a savior.
Hey, Ahn Min Hyuk! Min Hyuk~ What I want is for you to be happy, and if you're happy, that's enough.
Could our Bong Soon live normally? How high was it? He fell into the water from 50 meters high, so there's no chance of survival.
But why isn't the body showing up? - You have to be careful.
- Don't worry.
Don't ever leave Bong Soon alone.
Bong Soon! You're peanut-sized so I could carry you around in here, but I don't think I'm in your heart.
You are there.
♫ When I see you ♫