Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon (Himssenyeoja Dobongsoon) (2017) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

Now I can sleep in peace.
) Do you remember? As we left the police station after I gave a statement, you said "Why did you lie?" "You should be ashamed.
" Looking directly at me.
Now I can say that.
You were really (FINAL EPISODE) Are you asleep? Who am I talking to? Fine, sleep.
Sleep deeply and well.
Were you that tired? You're snoring.
(INTERROGATION IN PROGRESS) Why'd you do it? For fun.
- What? - They all begged.
For their lives.
They were so obedient.
They starved when told to and crawled when I said so.
- You jerk.
- Hey, hey.
- Gook Doo! - Get off him.
You can't do that! No violence! You can't touch or harm him.
Why are you grinning? - Do you have a death wish? - Chief! No, don't.
- Why did you do it? - Say something.
- What was your reason? - What happened? (KIM JANG HYUN ARRESTED) We finally earned our keep.
This is what you call noblesse oblige.
- They got him at last.
- Finally.
He was bound to get caught one day.
- That's great.
- Now we can rest.
Good morning, everyone.
Good morning.
) Why does this character look so familiar? - Right? - He looks like a colleague.
Someone I've seen before.
I can't tell who it is.
- Good morning.
- Intern Do.
- It's time for our meeting.
- Yes, sir.
- You too.
- Sure.
The Strategy Department's full of nitpickers.
They'll ask some penetrating questions.
You must answer without getting flustered.
It'll be a tough obstacle to overcome but there's nothing I can do.
You have to overcome it on your own.
- Okay.
- I'll go like this.
Do, considering the current gaming trend, do you think a two-dimensional horizontal game stands a chance? Yes.
I believe trends are made.
I also think that casual games such as this one are easy to pick up by anyone who is interested.
- Meaning? - What I mean is, from kids to adults.
People who used to play similar games as kids are now adults.
If you make them reminisce about how they felt back then, that could also work as a plus.
It will help to compile a list of possible questions.
- That way you'll be prepared.
- Okay.
In the final stage of this game, what happens to the two main characters? The Super Girl Bbong Ssuni rescues the Prince Min Min, of course.
And they live happily ever after.
It's a happy ending.
Happy ever after.
Do they get married and have kids and Don't be silly.
That's reserved for version two.
Version two? Why are you so happy? It's an entertaining game.
I wish we could release it soon and work on version two.
Shall I leave? You can stay.
We'll leave.
- What? - Let's go, Intern Do.
Can you sign Why do you look so downcast? Did Bong Soon and Mr.
Ahn upset you again? I've been feeling so lonely lately.
The weather's getting warm and yet I feel so cold.
A crow squawks in my heart.
My goodness.
A crow in your heart? That's so poetic.
What? A crow laid an egg in my heart.
Your dad stayed out again last night? This is terrible.
Did you try calling? Of course I did.
He said he wanted to spend some time alone.
He's like a teenager who ran away from home.
He wants some time to think.
Did your mom try calling him? Wouldn't he just He doesn't pick up at all.
Okay, I'll deal with it.
- How? - How? I'll call and talk to him.
" I'll be all macho.
"It's me, Father.
" You're so cute.
Do it.
Gosh, you're making me all excited again.
- What? - We're at work.
- No one can see.
- It's all glass.
I only grabbed your cheeks.
I'm just saying.
- Just saying what? - You know - Shall I stop? - I'm embarrassed.
Don't be.
What if someone sees us? No one's here.
There are no classes.
- Really? - Really.
Why? Why should I do that? He may have left as he wished, but he can't just waltz back in.
Why should I apologize? What did I do wrong? I wasn't going to say this because it felt like interfering with another family's business.
Remember last time? You beat up your husband and bruised his whole face.
That was just wrong.
- I - Should a woman beat up a man? What are you talking about? Who beat whom up? The day your husband got a black eye and a bruised lip.
His hair was a mess too.
What do you take me for? I didn't do that to him.
I pushed him during a fight and he fell and bumped into the corner of the sewing machine.
Do you think I'm that violent? I never hit a man since I was 19.
Watch what you say.
I prefer to crush people with words.
With facts and sore sights.
That's what I go for.
You're mistaken.
Okay, then.
- It adds flavor.
- Right.
This is mugwort.
- Crown daisies.
- Crown daisies.
I only picked up because it was you who called.
I'm officially not in touch with anyone.
Isn't this a bit uncomfortable to sleep here? Did Bong Soon tell you I ran away from home? - Yes.
- What an embarrassment.
Don't say that.
I live alone, but I run away sometimes.
I just wanted to make you laugh.
Sorry if it wasn't funny.
- It wasn't.
- Sorry.
- Have a drink.
- Thanks.
Can't you just go back home? No way.
I'm going to find my identity through this time alone.
If it's not too urgent, could you find your identity some other time, and just go home? - Why? - I I want to marry Bong Soon.
- What? - I want to marry her.
I need your approval.
What are you saying? Are you being serious? I am.
I want to marry her quickly.
I can even get married tomorrow.
- That's surprising.
- But if you stay here like this, my wedding will be postponed too.
Please help me, sir.
I can't live without Bong Soon.
Days feel like years to me, especially at night.
You scum.
- I'm her dad.
- Yes, sir.
Think before you say something.
- I'm sorry.
- Especially at night? As you can see, I'm not on my right mind.
I can't live without her.
Please help me, sir.
- You can't live without her? - No.
- It's driving you crazy? - It's killing me.
It's driving me crazy.
I can even go into the water if you say so.
- Then go.
- Pardon? Go into the water.
- I will really do this.
- Then go.
- I am really going.
- Hey, stop.
It's all right.
Yes, sir.
Let's drink.
You won't cause any trouble for her, right? What would I get out of that? I will be beaten to death if I do.
Right, I won't.
Bong Soon is strong on the outside, but inside, she's fragile and weak.
Her feelings get hurt easily.
It's Yes, sir.
Why do you like her so much? Bong Soon? She is like me.
You know, the feeling that I exist only when she does and I don't if she doesn't.
I really like her, don't I? You do.
It seems like it.
Thank you for raising her up as a beautiful and lovely person.
Now I'll take the responsibility and make her happy.
All right.
Yes, sir.
You are really good at charming people.
You're a player, aren't you? Goodness.
Did you put the fish you caught in here? I bought it.
You can't catch that kind of fish here.
- All right.
- Thank you.
I am going to Vienna next month.
I might be able to get into an orchestra there.
Yes, I know.
- Who told you that? - I heard it from Gook Do.
I didn't know this before, but there's something I got to believe in.
It's fate.
It could be destiny too.
I think they exist.
It's the same for Gook Doo, you and me.
We are constantly attracted by someone.
Then we forget them, and meet a new person.
And if we are lucky enough, we can meet our destiny.
Then we must be not destined to be together.
Would something be different if we meet our destined love? They say so.
- Who says so? - My sister.
She said she feels like having him beside her is enough.
Do you know what's different about your destined love? You can see yourself in his eyes.
What? I see myself in his eyes, and my reflection looks so happy.
You need to look for that.
That's destiny.
It's difficult.
Anyway, I envy you so much.
By the way, don't you think our neighborhood looks so much cleaner and better? I really like it as it is.
- Do you? - Yes.
- Let's go home now.
- Let's.
- Dad.
- Bong Soon.
- Bong Soon.
- I told you she'd be here.
- I have something to tell you.
- Of course.
- Dad, your shoes.
- Right.
The shoes.
- See? Bong Soon does everything.
- Of course.
- I will do it in one go.
- Let's go.
- Is this real or not? - Dad, be careful.
- Mom, Dad's here.
- Bong Soon will do everything.
She will do everything.
Jin Yi, while I wasn't home - you did everything for me.
- Here, here.
- Dad.
- Jin Yi.
- I - Oh, my.
- Dad.
- Jin Yi.
While you weren't there, I Sorry for causing you so much trouble.
I must get going.
You shouldn't go like this.
You went to so much trouble.
You should at least drink something.
- No, it's all right.
- At least a tea.
- Now? - Go.
- In my room? - Go to your room and drink tea.
- Go now.
- All right.
Jin Yi.
We should drink some tea too.
Jin Yi.
Oh, my.
What did he do? Why are his nails so dirty? Oh, my.
I can't believe this.
My room is Gyeong Shim stays here, right? Where is she? She's staying at her aunt's tonight.
This is weird.
What is? The bed.
You sleep here.
And you used to say, "Goodnight, Min Min.
" here.
- Did I do well? - What do you mean? - I brought your dad back home.
- Yes.
You did well.
Well done.
Do you think - your mom - Yes? will bring fruits in this kind of situation? Mr.
Yes, ma'am.
We caused you so much trouble today.
- It was nothing.
- Eat this.
I will leave now.
Have a nice time.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
You know - you can sleep here if you want.
- Mom.
- Pardon? - Thank you for the fruits.
Go now.
She brought us strawberries.
- She's gone.
- Yes.
So strawberries? So, she's not coming back for sure.
Maybe, but why? - Why do you think? - Oh, my.
Bong Soon.
- You're home.
- Mr.
- You were here.
- I'm going now.
- Yes.
- Yes.
I dropped by after I brought your father back.
- You can continue.
- No, it's fine.
- I'll go now, Bong Soon.
- Okay, I'll take you.
I'm going now.
Let's go.
I mean What? I don't want to go home alone.
I don't.
Go home now.
Go home now.
I'll visit you in your dreams.
You should go to sleep before I do.
That way I can visit you.
You know that makes no sense, right? Yes, I am actually very embarrassed by what I'm saying.
Bong Soon.
Let's meet in our dreams.
All right.
By the way, I see Min Min in my dreams often.
- Really? - Yes, I dream often.
You dream of Min Min often? Oh my goodness.
Oh my goodness.
See you at the company.
All right.
Go now.
You go first.
- You should go.
- You go first.
- Go.
- You go.
- Go.
- Hurry up and go.
I'm telling you to go.
Why won't you go? - Go.
- I told you to go.
- Why aren't you leaving? - It's okay, you can go.
Hurry up and go.
I said I'm fine.
You can go in.
Seriously, go.
- Go.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Okay.
- What? - Bye.
- Go.
Hurry up and go.
How embarrassing! Boss, sit down.
Don't get your blood pressure up.
So you're saying Nizamuddin is Korean? Apparently, yes.
His real name is Cho Dal Bong.
Cho Dal Cho Dal Bong? How can this happen? How did he fool me? He fooled good people like us and accrued Then how did he heal me? I definitely got better.
The knife mark on my side really disappeared.
Maybe you're special.
Maybe your body heals better with folk religion or fake procedures than modern science.
- The feces wine worked like magic.
- Feces His wanted ads are out.
Cho Dal Bong.
No, not that.
That's not in our jurisdiction.
Did you not get what I said? - Gosh.
- No, no.
- Hey.
- I'm not trying to pick a fight.
The accused brutally murdered the first victim Jung Hyung Sook without any good reason.
A person's life has absolute value, and it cannot be traded for anything.
You violated that right.
It cannot be tolerated.
On top of that, the accused planned the kidnapping and confinement of four other women without any reason.
The accused has given irrecoverable pain to the victims and caused much fear to the neighbors and citizens.
Despite that, the accused has not shown any signs of regret.
Looking at the accused's motive for the crime as well as his disposition, it's highly likely for him to commit another crime.
The Department of Justice concluded after looking at the motive, means, result, and the situation after the fact and have decided to sentence the accused to life imprisonment.
I caught him with my own hands.
) Come close.
- Hurray.
- Hurray.
(HOPEFUL NEW PERIOD, HOPEFUL CHUNGWOON POLICE) It's an accomplishment made with a citizen.
We want to spread far and wide to induce citizen participation.
We will do our best for public welfare.
- Thank you.
- You won an award.
I can't believe I received an award from the police.
I only agreed to this because you can't be found out.
I can't explain how embarrassed I am right now.
What are we going to do? You'll have to win a lot of awards in my place from now on.
- Do you mean that? - Please.
Why? No.
What do I do? - Let's go.
I'm sick of this place.
- Thank you! - Good job, brave citizen.
- We'll do our best! Please continue to cooperate with the police.
I've been relocated to Gangnam station.
You won't be seeing me anymore.
Can we send him to Ulleungdo? Why is it Gangnam of all places? Come on, brave citizen.
Let's go.
Brave citizen? (SECONDARY GAME PREVIEW) Hello, I'm Do Bong Soon on standby for Strategy Department.
- What? - Standby? Is there such a thing? Standby? Gosh.
- What is that? - Really? All right.
The game I'll be introducing to you today is Super Girl Bbong Ssuni.
It's a side-scroll action game.
It's a mobile game anyone could play just with a simple touch.
She goes through hardships and obstacles in order to save Prince Min Min of the Walnut Kingdom.
In the process, she must beat nutcracker soldiers and their boss, Captain Tak.
She must exile them.
- It's good.
- He looks like him.
Within the game, Bbong Ssuni has an item.
It's a walnut hammer.
This hammer's characteristic is that the more she uses the hammer, the more upgrades it'll get.
Currently, my idea for the hammer's upgrade is Who is it that Bbong Ssuni is saving? A prince.
A prince that lives alone in a castle.
- A prince? - Yes.
The prince is very lonely.
That was you, right? The bus girl? I thought you were a guardian sent by my mom.
I can't believe that was you.
I feel like I became that female protagonist.
Are you saying I'm King Kong? You're a very special King Kong.
A peanut-size King Kong.
I'll protect you, Mr.
It's easy to become lovers from friends.
must take a step forward.
I missed you.
I think it's something we can adjust through a discussion.
Thank you.
Good job.
You broke it all.
We can't sell this.
It's okay, it's not much.
It's not okay.
By the way, I got Bong Soon and Mr.
Ahn's fortunes read, and they're meant for each other.
They say you don't need to check when they're the same age.
Do all couples with the same age get along? We're the same age too.
My goodness.
- Welcome.
- Welcome.
Please go inside.
- Hello.
- Hello.
The neighborhood is bustling.
It's so wonderful.
Our neighborhood is a great place to live.
Of course.
Do you know why I can't leave this neighborhood? I can't write in any other cities.
Are you sure that's the reason? Honey.
This area has such good energy.
Everyone said that it's bound to give birth to famous people.
That's right.
By the way, Gook Doo has been relocated to Gangnam station.
Bong Soon.
I remember.
When we went on a graduation trip during middle school, you went up on stage with Young Hoon from class five to do a hip hop dance.
Hey, why do you still remember that? Please forget about it.
I want to erase it from my history.
How can I forget it? It was hilarious.
You stood out then too.
Why would you have flower in your hair while dancing hip hop? That's enough.
Do you remember this then? What? It was during high school after gym near the water fountain.
Do you remember I said I like a girl who resembles cosmos? Of course I do.
How can I forget that? Because of what you said, I tried to pretend to be a fragile girl and hid the fact that I was strong.
You are really stupid.
You really don't know how people perceive you? The cosmos I was talking about was you.
You were delicate and small.
In my eyes, that's how you looked.
I said it so that you could hear it.
You did? I didn't even know that.
Bong Soon.
Yes? In whatever shape you were in, I would've liked you.
I liked that this odd, thoughtful, and considerate Bong Soon was my friend.
I just liked it.
We are friends who won't ever change, right? Right.
Bong Soon.
Yes? Be happy.
You too.
Be happy.
Synced & ripped by bozxphd The cosmos I was talking about was you.
I like girls who resemble cosmos.
It makes me want to protect her.
I was always reassured to have you as a friend.
We are friends who won't ever change, right? (GOOK DOO) (MY FRIEND, GOOK DOO) I'm sorry.
What? I'm sorry about Hee Ji.
I never felt at ease.
- Did you send her off well? - Yes.
Why did you stop dating her? Is it because of me? - You knew, right? - Know what? - What was between Bong Soon and me.
- I knew it.
Why didn't you tell me then? You knew it too.
My sister made it clear that she liked you.
You didn't know? I didn't know.
I liked Bong Soon too.
That's why I didn't know.
I couldn't see her feelings because I was overwhelmed with mine.
If I told you, would it have been different? Let's play another round.
Did Mr.
Oh approve of this? No, not yet.
It will be decided soon.
I think Mr.
Oh will reject my proposal.
That's unlike him.
He can put aside his personal feelings.
Come in.
It's decided that Do Bong Soon will be accepted to Strategy Department.
It was a unanimous decision.
Your project about the game will be developed under my guidance since I am the team manager.
There are some parts we need to improve.
I think it's a good project.
The unique character which has never been seen in other games is a great advantage.
I'll put together feedbacks during QnA and the focus group test.
I will make revisions and improve it.
That's it.
Please do so.
Thank you for your work.
Not bad.
If Mr.
Oh approved of this project, this will be a definite success.
- Exactly.
- His accuracy is 80 percent.
He's known to be the best in this industry.
- Is that so? - Yes! Congratulations, Bong Soon.
This is just the beginning.
Thank you.
Should I Never mind.
Thank you.
Oh, yes! This is frustrating.
I'm a busy man.
Until when do I have to wait? Why can't you do that? It has to be done by a dental hygienist.
A dental hygienist? Are they doctors? - No.
- Are they nurses? - No.
- Then who are they? They're like nurses in the hospital, but here they are dental hygienists.
You are smart, aren't you? Fine.
Let me see a dental hygienist.
Get me a dental hygienist.
(BONG SOON LEE, DENTAL HYGIENIST) I am the dental hygienist.
The next patient can come in.
Please open your mouth.
All right.
Please lean back.
- Gosh! - Oh, my! - Goodness.
- Hey.
We almost died.
What are you doing? He's good-looking.
- Look.
- Hey, look at that.
- What is that? - Goodness.
- This is amazing.
- What is that? - What can that be? - It drives by itself.
- That's so cool.
- What is that? - Did you see that? - Technology has advanced so much.
What is that? Excuse me.
Are you here to fight me? Or is it going to be 1 on 1? You dorks.
I heard you are our boss, Bong Soon's boyfriend.
Is it true? "Our boss, Bong Soon"? - You are rich.
- You won her heart with money.
- He definitely did.
- She is not rich.
- If she had the money - We should - Shut it.
- Isn't that right? What is your relationship with your boss, Bong Soon? We are at her service.
She's our mentor.
A mentor? She is our hope, our light, our heroine, and our ever-lasting shelter.
Anyway, you are not going to play with her and break up with her, right? Do you even go to school? School isn't of importance right now.
- That's right.
- Exactly.
What is important to you then? It is Why can't I think of anything? Go study.
Bong Soon's date is none of your business.
And don't play games too much.
Your mothers hate me because you play games instead of studying.
Do you really own Ainsoft? Aren't you a puppet boss? Do not ever hurt Bong Soon.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Answer me.
Do not ever hurt Bong Soon.
She's not someone I can hurt.
You don't know anything.
Eat up.
I need a spoon.
Eat slowly.
You can order more if you want.
It's so delicious.
(CHIEF, STRATEGY DEPARTMENT WAITING LIST, INTERN) What is this? - Chief, - Chief, I tried to wait, but I need to go to the Strategy Department now.
I won't ever forget what you've done to look after me.
Intern Do.
She must be the cutest weirdo in the world.
Intern Do.
She being sarcastic, right? She's so cute.
Don't compare the bodies and just try to exaggerate them.
How dare he? My darling.
- The loading time has lessened.
- Yes.
The offense-oriented characters will now have been upgraded.
Characters have different How's the next week's update going? Yes, without any problems.
(GOOK DOO) What? We need to talk.
Why did he have to call me when I'm busy? - I'll be back soon.
- Yes, sir.
I'm a busy person, you know.
That's why I came here.
What did you want to say to me? I will be watching you.
What? If you ever hurt Bong Soon, I will kill you myself.
I can't even laugh right now.
Your rude way of talking really irritates me.
Be quiet.
Bong Soon is my friend.
So make her happy.
I really don't like you.
But I'll see how well you do this.
You'll only get angry if you keep watching us.
So leave us alone.
I can't believe this.
Bong Soon likes spicy food.
She has peach allergies.
She likes baseball.
And she prefers mountains to oceans.
And if she can't sleep, make her read a book.
It works every time.
That scum.
He is so rude until the end.
I will never get to like him.
I know all of that.
Spicy food, spicy chicken feet, baseball, and mountains.
And I'll help her go to sleep.
I finally achieved my dream to develop a game based on myself.
I began to dream of this because I had to hide my powers and I could only use my strength in games.
A lot of things happened, and a lot of things changed.
- Oh, my.
- Gosh.
- Move over.
- Oh, my.
- Oh, my.
- Gosh.
I can't live as Bong Soon in the game forever.
- Oh, my.
- Gosh.
Hey, can you help me? Help me move this.
Let's do this.
One, two, three.
- Isn't that Bong Soon? - Oh, my.
- Oh, my.
- Oh, my.
- Go.
- Lift it.
That's so cool.
- Go super power girl - Go super power girl - Don't hesitate - Don't hesitate - Hey! - What? Why? Chief.
Do you know what I hate the most? Being late to work.
We do encourage flexible and free work environment.
That way we can work more creatively.
But in no time, there will be no principles nor order.
That's why I think being on time is the most important thing.
But you were late by an hour.
I'm sorry.
I had a reason.
That doesn't work for me.
Go back to your seat.
Let's go.
- Oh, my.
- Here you go.
- Oh, my.
- Oh, my.
- It's all finished.
- Oh, my.
- It's a proper barbecue.
- It is.
You worked so hard.
Here, have a drink.
- Mr.
Ahn can even cook meat well.
- Here, have a drink.
- You are really perfect.
- Here.
- Thank you.
- Drink up.
- Drink up.
- Well done.
- You are so perfect.
- Yes.
Here you go.
- Oh, my.
- Oh, my.
Sorry, Mom.
- Sorry, Dad.
- Mom.
- Yes, Bong Gi.
- I made yours for you.
That looks delicious.
Your son is the best.
Why? Why are you looking at me? - You are making one.
- She's making one.
Do you want it? - That's harsh.
- Gosh.
- Mr.
Ahn, eat up.
- Yes, you too.
- Yes.
Eat up.
- We can't leave Gyeong Shim out.
- Right.
- Of course not.
I really like seeing them laugh happily like that.
Pardon? I want to protect the people I love and their happy laughter.
I know how you feel.
But you can't protect everyone.
I know.
I can't save the world by myself.
But now that I have my power back, I want to use it properly.
How did I end up with such a great woman? You know me.
I'm femme fatale and homme fatale.
Femme fatale and homme fatale.
You are a fatal femme fatale and homme fatale.
Of course I am.
Bong Soon, I am always on your side.
I know.
I will protect you too.
Just like the girl in front of the dungeon door.
- Who am I? - You? You are strong girl Bong Soon.
You are very strong.
I told you not to do this.
- It's okay if I do it like this.
- You I knew it when you hit the go stone.
No, but I do it like this.
After I decided to use my power for a good cause, Park your car somewhere else! I have to go now! What are you doing? Move your car! What is that? Who is she? ("AN ELEPHANT ESCAPES FROM A ZOO AND ROAMS AROUND THE CITY.
") Something was floating toward the zoo.
The elephant was floating in the air.
I thought I saw it wrong since my eyesight is bad.
It was our elephant that escaped.
When I saw it, someone was carrying it.
It was a girl.
The girl lifted the elephant and walked to the zoo.
This is true.
I saw it with my own eyes.
I saw it again with my glasses.
Where did you go during your work hours? Is this company a joke to you? Or do you not take me seriously? Goodness.
Hey! Do you think you can walk all over me? The number of people in need of my power has increased.
Shall we look through the requests today? (A PERVERT KEEPS SHOWING UP AT SCHOOL.
CAN YOU HELP?) Hey, this is good.
All right.
Let's take this case.
- You are so cool! - You are amazing! - She's so cool.
- Unbelievable.
- Did you see that? - Gosh.
I don't know why she's always late.
Does she think her job is a joke? I don't know where she is at this moment after she came to work.
She doesn't respect me.
Do you think I got this far without effort? Mr.
You should be the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.
So where did Bong Soon go? Would I be here if I have known? This is annoying.
I guess she ate some kind of dirt on the way.
Yesterday, her hands were covered with dirt.
That's the day when she planted trees.
Ahn! - You startled me.
- Bong Soon really drives me crazy.
I think she must be an alien, but she eats the food just like us.
She eats a lot too.
When she eats, her mouth is full of food.
She's like a monkfish.
She's not Hong Gil Dong or someone.
She's all over the place.
I can't let her stay in my team anymore.
My soul won't last.
I won't work with her because I am precious.
Can you listen I will transfer her out of Strategy Department.
The interview I mentioned previously Hey.
You got transferred out.
I did.
I am ashamed.
I didn't know I would be back here.
- Manager Do.
- Yes.
No, you are an intern again.
- Right.
- Are you happy? Yes.
I am happy.
Drink this and pull yourself together.
Do I have to welcome you or comfort you at this moment? I am so comfortable in this office.
I think I was meant to be an intern.
You know the thing we were supposed to have? The welcoming party for the new employee.
Let's have it today.
- No.
- Just the two of us? You have to come.
If you don't, it will be noticeable.
- Mr.
You should come too.
- I I am not in the mood to welcome you.
What is wrong? Watch yourself before you lose your job as an intern too.
What will happen if I do get fired? Should I start again as a body guard? What should I do? Goodness.
I can't even fire you.
What should I do? What should we do? Are you going to fire me? How can you fire me? Why do you smile like that? Then shall I cry? Should I cry like this? What's going on with you? What am I going to do with you? Should I start again as a body guard? What am I going to do with you today? - Just tell me to get out.
- Goodness.
Why did you dress up today? I'm going.
Even your hair looks great.
Why are you so pretty today? Please don't go overboard.
- Did you do it? - It's nice out today.
Really? Then what should we do? I already told them.
I told them I might be fired.
Get home safe.
All right.
Intern Do.
Good work.
- I will see you tomorrow.
- Get home safe.
All right.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
- Goodness.
- See? I want to eat fried chicken.
- Fried chicken? - Let's eat fried chicken! - Let's watch a movie too.
- Which one? Ms.
Do talks to Mr.
Ahn with honorific at work, but talks casually outside work.
That's the fun part of dating.
It's a sweet time for them.
I envy them.
I do.
Date someone nice.
I don't date my colleagues.
I feel like I'm dating a family member.
You're funny.
Don't be interested in me.
What are you talking about? I really like women.
Don't overact.
Why are you pretentious? Even your face is pretentious too.
What? Do you want me to talk to you casually at work too? Why are you mean to me? Mr.
Oh and Mr.
Gong are dating! - We're dating.
Catch me! - Stop it.
- What are you doing, Bong Soon? - Dad.
Are you writing a journal? - Yes.
That's my job.
- Don't work too hard.
You write it everyday.
Don't put too much effort into it.
- Okay.
- Always be careful.
- Okay.
- Bong Soon.
Yes? I like Mr.
I don't like the fact that there's another man who cherishes my daughter as much as I do.
What can I do? If it's Mr.
Ahn, I can allow that.
All right.
My baby.
When did you grow up? - Bong Soon.
- Yes? Now, I can feel at ease.
Flutter away.
Be confident.
Do whatever you want to do.
Thank you, Dad.
Thank you too.
Thank you, my daughter.
Synced & ripped by bozxphd I want to go on a date with you.
It's from Prince Min Min.
Shall we go on a date then, Prince Min Min? Isn't it weird to call himself a prince even if he might be one or his specialty is bragging about himself? I will let this slide because I am pretty.
If they saw you, - they might think you're her.
- No, they won't.
There's no such thing.
What is this? - I'm sorry.
- Okay.
My goodness.
Are you okay? - Are you okay? - Yes.
It looks like snow.
You're right.
It drops at 5cm per second.
That's the speed of flower petals falling.
I saw it in a movie.
I wonder how fast my heart ran towards you.
Since when was it? When did you start liking me? From the moment I saw you.
At the police station.
You're really rare, you know.
How did you wait so long for me? I waited until your heart would completely turn to me.
But I was more than happy while waiting.
Also, I was confident because I knew we were meant to be together.
- Let's come back next year.
- Okay.
- And the year after.
- Okay.
And 10 years from now.
Let's come here together.
Back on the rooftop when I told you to leave, you said you wouldn't leave me by myself and told me that you have something to say.
What was it? I don't think I can live a moment without you.
Let's stay together forever.
What do I do? You're so pretty.
I almost went blind.
- I'm not going in.
- Dad.
- Hello.
- My goodness.
You look so beautiful.
- Come in.
- Congratulations.
You're so handsome.
- Are you happy? - Congratulations.
Why are you so skinny when you're not married yet? Let's hurry up and take one.
What is this? You're too beautiful.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations.
- It's clean money.
Boss, do this later.
Is it for later? Bong Soon.
Are you here? - You look beautiful today.
- "You look beautiful today"? Congratulations.
Be good to her.
You're so skinny.
Hey, what are you doing? What do you think you're doing? No! Stop it! - No.
- Come down.
Dear Buddha, you're so cool and you're a good listener.
Thank you so much for your help thus far.
Let me ask you for one last thing.
Please help Bong Soon have a son so that my dear son-in-law can sleep in peace at night.
I'm not too set on carrying on the family line.
I just want them to have a son and to live in peace.
Please help.
- Gosh.
- My goodness.
What do we do.
- Min Hyuk.
- Any news yet? You're here.
Nothing yet.
I hope she's safe.
Why isn't there any news? Ms.
Hwang, are you sure it's a son? I'm sure.
It's here! Bong Soon! By the way, what's so wrong with having twin girls? Two daughters? I'd love that.
I'm just overly excited, that's all.
This is no time for this.
What was that thing called? Nanny? - Yes, a nanny.
That's it.
- I'm right.
Baby Babysitter.
Yes, a babysitter.
I'm in trouble.
The odd numbers should be this side, and even numbers on that side.
Is that the case? Okay.
- Really? - Hey.
- Mr.
Ahn, what is it? - What about the door? - Which way? This way? - It should go in this way.
What? It's going well for me.
What? Baby? Twins? What? They're Bong Soon's babies? Peekaboo.
- Peekaboo.
- Come on.
Please take a nap.
You don't want your milk? Milk.
Hold on, I'll give you milk.
- What is it? - She hit me.
Ahn, I can't do this anymore.
They keep hitting us and it hurts so much.
I want to quit too.
I'd rather have a fight with another gang group.
Rest well.
I guess you can't rest.
- Wait.
- I just gave her 2l of baby formula.
Wait My princesses.
Do you want to eat? I'll feed you.
Open wide.
My sweetie.
That hurt.
What's happening? It's floating.
What's going on? How is that happening? Are you okay? I told you not to call me at work.
The babysitters quit again.
What else can I do? What? What should I do? Oh, no.
The world still needs someone to fight evil.
I want to make the world a little better for our children.
An anti-nuclear conference is being held at COEX where a terrorist took people hostage.
The police are trying to negotiate with him.
I'm coming.
I'm strong girl Do Bong Soon.
) (STRONG GIRL BONG SOON) Who is she? She's so sexy.
Does it have stop-motion? (DOES IT HAVE STOP-MOTION?) I will get rid of your bottom for you.
What is she? An alien? - Bong Soon.
- Yes? Let's go.
) Am I King Kong? You're a very special King Kong.
A Kong like a peanut.
(A KONG LIKE A PEANUT) Why are we friends? I think first loves have an expiration date.
That day, that man took one step closer towards me.
) Marry that man.
Topple him.
Get him drunk.
He's in such great condition.
Reveal yourself.
Show your identity! (SHOW YOUR IDENTITY.
) You're like a peanut that I can keep close.
But I'm not in your heart.
You are.
) I'll be with you.
Don't be scared.
I missed you.
I thought it was an angel my mom had sent.
I can't believe it was you.
Then this is The super girl Bong Soon saves Prince Min.
And they live happily ever after.
It's a happy ending.
Happy ever after.